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Worst Idea Ever is a book I couldn’t put down and was excited to get stuck into this as I’ve read all of Jane Fallons previous books and knew it would be a fab read.
Georgia is a published author who illustrates her own books for children about a wallaby! Georgia has a lovely house, a supportive husband, Nick and two beautiful teenage children that are at university. Georgia also has a best friend, Lydia. They have been best friends for years and make contact every day. Lydia though is the opposite of Georgia is trying to get her children’s book published to no avail, she has a dull job, no partner, no children. Georgia knows she is successful and does feel guilty about it around Lydia so to boost Lydia up Georgia invents Patricia who follows Lydia on Twitter and gushes about her work until Lydia lets slip a secret that blows Georgia’s world apart.
This was the best book I’ve read this year, I did think it would be as I love Jane’s writing style with the ability to make her characters seem so life like and the way her books seem to scheme and twist so well.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Penguin Michael Joseph UK for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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Another superbly dark look at friendship and betrayal. I love the sharply observed humour and the credibility, one of the best writers in this genre.
Best friends since they were 19; Georgia and Lydia and like sisters, you'd think that would be a good thing. But resentment and insecurities cause cracks in the foundations of their friendship. Bitterness and down right bitchy behaviour, coupled with utter selfishness make this a highly entertaining and guilty read. I loved it.
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This book follows Georgia, a happily married successful illustrator and her best friend, single and not successful, Lydia. Georgia attempts to cheer up her friend by creating Patricia, a fake Twitter persona who showers Lydia with praise. They then begin chatting online  and Lydia soon drops a bombshell.... a 
I chose this as I am a big Jane Fallon fan-her characters are always relatable and her books are hard to put down, but this story was a bit too predictable. 

An enjoyable escapist read perfect for summer! 
Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book and it was a joy to read, I loved the relationship Georgia and Nick had together and with their teenage children. However things start to sour as we find out the flaws in their relationship. It was very interesting reading the messages between Lydia and Patricia with Georgia reeling as she finds out what is going on. However, I found the reasons behind the betrayal that was going on to be a bit unbelievable and ultimately quite sad I guess. Would someone really go to these lengths? But all in all I really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.
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I’ve been reading Jane's books since her first book and I can honestly say there’s never been one that I haven’t loved. I’m hooked from the first page and Worst Idea Ever was no exception!  
This is an easy read story of friendships, jealousy and revenge with lots of twists and turns and colourful characters at every step.  One of those books you just can’t put down!  Highly recommended.
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Georgia and Lydia have been best friends for over 20 years since meeting at age 19. So close they are like sisters but there’s something slowly coming between them. Georgia is a successful author and Lydia can’t get a book deal. When Georgia creates a fake account to try and help Lydia it snowballs into madness and things will start to change. 
I love Jane’s books and this was a brilliant read. Emotional, funny and a little bit dark. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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I feel so lucky to read an advance copy of Worst Idea Ever- Full of twists and turns. Friendship, relationship breakdowns, jealousy and deceit and so much more - I didn't want it to end. You never know who you can trust! 

Jane is fabulous at breaking down relationships picking at the good and the bad and making you think
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Another great read from Jane Fallon.
Lydia and George are best friends so close they consider their relationship comparable to being sisters. That is until deceit and jealousy rears it’s ugly head.
Jane Fallon writes about the intricacies of relationships in an effortless way , and leaves the reader wanting more. 
The writing is easy to read and I read it in one sitting, the characters are genuine if not always affable. The narrative is full of betrayal, suspicion and twists  keeping the readers interest. 

A great ,enjoyable and solid read .Highly recommended!

Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Michael Joseph UK.
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Georgia and Lydia are both illustrators except that Georgia has a book deal, and Lydia is working in a job she hates in publishing striving to become successful.  When Lydia starts an online business that struggles, Georgia wants to help her - but she also understands Lydia's not the kind to accept a handout.

Setting up a fake Twitter account, Georgia hopes to give her friend a confidence boost by posing as a potential customer. When Lydia starts confiding in her new internet buddy “Patricia” Georgia discovers she doesn't know her friend quite as well as she thought and although she knows that she should reveal her identity she is drawn in by the secrets that Lydia is revealing…secrets that could end both their friendship and Georgia’s marriage. 

AMAZING! I can’t tell you how much I adored this book and I want all my friends to read it so we can talk about it! It is my favourite book of the year so far. Jane Fallon never disappoints her readers with her true to life writing style – it’s like you’re having coffee with a friend and she is telling you this wonderful story about colleagues at work. It’s a very personal style of writing, and makes you feel included in the plot rather than just observing it. – you’re in the living room with the characters, not looking in through the window.

As for those characters, I couldn’t stand Lydia right from the start, initially I wanted to, but she just seemed consumed with jealously for her friend, so I was glad that Georgia had a bit of fire in her belly and didn’t take any of it lying down and stood up for herself.  I’d love to go for a girl’s night out with Georgia and Anna Marie (the friend who lives down the road!)
I also didn’t see the twist coming at the end of part one, which was a lovely surprise.

All-in-all a remarkable read – I want to scream about this book from the roof tops!!
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This has an interesting premise and is a very easy read but I wanted (and was expecting) more. I enjoyed the first part but once the characters work out what's going on, the story peters out a bit and just sort of plods on to a fairly tame conclusion. Surely after such jealousy and betrayal there would have been more fireworks, even revenge perhaps, something anyway? That said it was a enjoyable read but very much a nice read rather than a must read.
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Thank you to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book.

This book is centred around Georgia and Lydia, who have been best friends for years. Georgia is a children’s author, and Lydia has a regular day job but wants to become a children’s author. Lydia’s illustrations are brilliant but she has no one to celebrate them in the wider world. Georgia sets up a fake Twitter account in the name of Patricia, and starts to like everything Lydia posts to give her best friend the confidence boost she needs. Lydia then befriends Patricia and starts to confide in her secrets that she knows, about Georgia. This turns Georgia’s life upside down when she can’t get the full details, and she starts accusing everyone, making everything worse. Including her relationship with her wider circle of friends, and Nick, her husbands work friends. 

I adored this book. I’ve read everything from this author and they always have me laughing from the comedy aspect of the books. I also enjoy the way the stories are written, and these situations could definitely happen in real life, which makes the stories much more relatable. I really liked the characters in this book, especially Georgia, who comes across like many women, with many insecurities and worries. But I also see many women in the character of Lydia, who Instagram the hell out of their life. The book really drives home the cost of making one decision to help another, and the impact it has on not just one life, but all those closely surrounding you. The writing was flawless, and made this such an enjoyable read. It was funny, but had eye watering moments in it, and it made you really feel for the characters and the positions they’re in. A brilliant book from a brilliant author.
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Georgia and Lydia are so close, they're practically sisters. So when Lydia starts an online business that struggles, Georgia wants to help her - but Lydia's not the kind to accept a handout. Setting up a fake Twitter account, Georgia hopes to give her friend some anonymous moral support by posing as a potential customer. But then Lydia starts confiding in her new internet buddy and Georgia discovers she doesn't know her quite as well as she thought. Georgia knows she should reveal the truth - especially when Lydia starts talking about her - but she just can't help herself. Until Lydia reveals a secret that could not only end their friendship, but also blow-up Georgia's marriage. 

This has a great premise and it is well executed and makes for an entertaining, gripping read. First, we get to learn about Georgia and Lydia and their shared backstory, then comes the really great idea, that might not be that great! Is this obvious? Well yes it is and I saw the "twist" coming a mile away, but I still thoroughly enjoyed reading this and as I have already said, I found this to be a gripping read. Whilst the plot may not have been the most surprising, I really enjoyed seeing how Fallon got there, plus I really did like the premise so I was invested from the beginning. The plot is entertaining, gripping and packed with deceit, what more could you want. 

Georgia is a great character and I loved getting to know and following her as she goes on a journey, I hate to say that word but she really does go on a journey as the book progresses. Seeing how Georgia interacts with those around her was very interesting too. Lydia is a good character but is not as well developed and I thought there were some missing pieces to her, maybe that was intentional though. Altogether, Fallon's characters only added to my enjoyment. 

'Worst Idea Ever' is another terrific read from Fallon and I was immersed in the plot and characters. I highly recommend this. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin for an advance copy.
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Do you remember your mum telling you that eavesdroppers never here good about themselves. 
Well Georgia is about to find out how true this is. In this story for the modern age when Twitter is the new way to eavesdrop. 
Georgia means well when she sets up a fake profile to support a friend. Little does  she know what she’s started. 
I picked this book up yesterday morning and finished in the early hours of this morning. I could not put it done. 
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Jane Fallon does it again!
For fans of Jane Fallon, this does not disappoint. If new to her, this would be an excellent introduction.
A story of suspense, trust, friendship, loyalty and deceit. 
An innocent catfishing incident (no spoilers this is super early on- and yes apparently they can be innocent) unravels chaos, deceit and despair within Georgia's life. 
A cheating husband, loyal best friend, surrounding friends, embarrassing moments all lead to uncover the twists and turns throughout this book.
A perfect amount of everything lead to an exhilarating showdown. Fallon at her finest.
Loved it,
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This is an easy, enjoyable, page turner about friendship, jealousy and betrayal, by an author who writes really well about all these things.

Georgia is a successful illustrator, happily married with twins and who lives in a dream house in Primrose Hill. However, she feels unfulfilled as her success came very easily. Her best friend is Lydia, another illustrator, but one for whom success has never happened. Georgia, keen to support her childhood friend, sets up a false social media account and begins to befriend Lydia as a 'fan'. This is so obviously a recipe for disaster; indeed 'The Worst Idea Ever' but it's well told. I did find it slow in parts and a tad frustrating at getting to the point. However, it does and it's a solid 'Good Read'. Recommend.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the opportunity to preview.
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I'm a huge fan of Jane Fallon and this recent title was another excellent read. Worst Idea Ever follows the lives of 2 best friends - Georgia, a successful children's author and illustrator, wife and mother and Lydia, a single, Instagram-loving and struggling illustrator in a dead-end job. Lydia is feeling jaded in her publishing job and yearns to achieve the successes Georgia has and has the idea of starting an online illustration business to advertise her skill. Georgia is keen to boost her friend's confidence and sets up a fake online social media account to pose as a perspective buyer of Lydia's work - what could go wrong?
Georgia is initially delighted when Lydia engages with 'Patricia', and grasps the opportunity to hear Lydia's innermost thoughts and doubts but before long things go very wrong when Lydia discloses some secret information about Georgia to 'Patricia' which rocks Georgia to the core and throws her marriage into question.
I absolutely loved this book and Jane writes so very well about female friendships, betrayal and trust and the humour that runs through it all is relatable.
Highly recommended as are all of Jane's books and huge thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph and Netgalley UK for the advance review copy - an easy and highly enjoyable read.
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Worst Idea Ever has such as satisfying ending - it leaves you thankful that Jane Fallon doesn't wrap the story up where her characters ALL have a happy ending!

Georgia and Lydia have been best friends for years - Georgia in Lydia's eyes has it all - perfect job (author/illustrator), a perfect husband, and perfect children (boy and girl twins who have moved away to university.)
Lydia on social media has it all - perfect social life but no family ties and is struggling to make it as an illustrator.

Georgia thinks she is doing Lydia a favour by making up a fake Twitter account and commenting on Lydia's Etsy account. The story then takes flight and it has lots of twists and turns and I totally devoured it.

I truly loved this book!
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A Belter....
Georgia has what may be fairly considered to be the worst idea ever. An idea which emanates from the very best of places with the very best of intentions. When she puts this into practice, without giving it much or any aforethought, so begins a catalogue of mainly catastrophic and unfortunate events which go from bad to worse and escalate quickly. With a perfectly formed and credible cast of characters and a fast moving storyline this is a complete belter of a read from Fallon which shows her at the very top of her game. Just perfect. Bravo!
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Very good. Love how this author can make you believe that you have been reading one story but then twists it right in the middle so it turns it on its head and you are left questioning what you have just read. Shows how even though you think you know your friends and your friendship with them that it can all change in a single moment.
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Absolutely brilliant! The characterisation and plot is perfect, I read this in one sitting and I would highly recommend this.  

It’s a fascinating insight into the world of publishing but centres around the story of two best friends and a series of lies.

I have read some of Jane’s books before but this has reminded me of how good they are.  I will definitely be reading some more.
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