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I am a massive Fav of the author writing and the author is my favourite , I have read and have got all of the authors  other books and had high hopes for this book and it did not let me down, I read this book a couple of weeks ago and am still thinking about the main characters still.

* This Review Containers Spoilers about the book *

This Book tells the story of 2 Friends Lydia who's single and works in publishing and Georgia who is married to Nick who has got twins who are at Uni, Georgia is a successful illustrator of a book series for children called Wilbur.

Lydia is struggling to sell her art work that she does on Etsy so Georgia sets up a fake twitter account of a person called Patricia who chats to Lydia about art work on Etsy ,

Patricia & Lydia get really friendly on twitter and start exchanging DM, Lydia says to Patricia she has found out something & fells terrible about it 

what follows is an amazing story 

with thanks to NetGalley & the publisher for the arc of this book in exchange for this honest review
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Worst Day Ever is the story of Georgia and Lydia, who have been friends since university. Georgia is a successful children’s author and illustrator whereas Lydia works in publishing whilst dreaming of having her own work published. When Georgia sets up a fake Twitter account in order to show support to Lydia’s illustrations it results in her finding out a secret about her life which devastates her. I am a fan of Jane Fallon and have read many of her books including Getting Rid of Matthew, Faking Friends and Foursome. I have to say I did not enjoy Worst Day Ever as much as these. It has a really interesting premise and is a very easy read but for me it took too long to reach a conclusion and the pace of the story was too slow when Georgia is trying to establish whether the secret is true and what has actually happened. An easy enjoyable read nonetheless.
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I’m normally a huge fan of Jane Fallon but for me this wasn’t one of her best. Georgia and Nick lead a lovely, successful life that begins to unravel when a rumour surfaces from Georgia’s best friend Lydia about Nicks infidelity. The premise is a good one but it feels seedy and a little bit teenage drama. I struggle to believe adults, and the best and most loyal of friends, would possibly behave so appallingly over a man. This is possibly naivety on my part but it left me not enjoying the story as much as I’d have liked. The twist also became apparent to me relatively early. Maybe a winner for others but left me unsatisfied and slightly appalled!
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I love all of Jane Fallons books and this one is no exception. A fabulous story of friendship, jealousy, deceit and good intentions! A tale that really tests female friendships and resonates with most women with long term friends.
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When you start out doing something with the best of intentions – then can only watch as your life begins to unravel around you. A terrific read that keeps you hooked to the end and explores friendship in a modern and original way. Highly recommend.
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Jane Fallon delivers another fabulous book with Worst. Idea. Ever. Georgia and Lydia are best friends, so close they’re like sisters, and tell each other everything, or do they? When Lydia starts up an online business that is struggling, Georgia wants to help out. Knowing she won’t accept a handout, Georgia sets up an anonymous Twitter profile offering support making Lydia think she is a potential customer. But when Lydia starts confusing in this new Twitter friend, it seems Georgia may not know her that well after all. Georgia slowly becomes more intrigued by this side of her friend, especially when she starts talking about her until Lydia reveals a secret that could jeopardise everything!

I was hooked from the first chapter and found myself totally immersed in the novel. A fabulous five star read. Thank you to NetGalley, Penguin Michael Joseph UK and the author for the chance to review.
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This is the second book I have read by Jane Fallon. I was so excited when I got to read this book. I love Jane Fallon style of writing. The book had lots of twists I did not see coming. The story kept me hooked to the end because I wanted to know what happened with Georgina and Lydia. This story is about betraying, jealously and friendships. The story is about Georgina who writes children books and has a lovely life with her husband Nick. Then there is her friend Lydia who life not as great as Georgina but wishes she had what Georgina has. The story is about there friendship and something happened that makes Georgina life turn upside down. I really loved the characters especially Ignor the dog .
Looking forward to Jane next book. Thank you NetGalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for letting me read this book.
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I’ve read many of Jane Fallon’s books now and this is indicative of what I expect from one. Problem relationships, dramatic and intense emotional scenes, close friendships, intrigue and suspicion. 

Betrayal is stamped all over this story. From every character and in every way. Although the intentions of each character vary and some come from a better place than others, no one in this story is completely innocent. 
Georgia is genuine in trying to support her friend and give her confidence a little boost, but it soon turns into something much deeper and life changing information makes her question everything. It highlights the importance of knowing who does have your back. 
The characters are interesting in this book, but complex. I like Georgia and feel she made decisions for the right reasons but ultimately could have stopped things – that’s not to say I agree with Lydia and what she does. Georgia is likeable. Friendly and she didn’t act like a victim once, she fought and stood up for herself. 
Although I found the start to be a little slow at first, I didn’t feel engaged, but I persevered and I am so glad I did because there is a twist (of course) and I was more than a little surprised, I had no idea where it came from and it was really quite unexpected from the character. From that point I could see where things would go and that it would be dramatic to read the fall out. I enjoyed that we had other characters such as Anna Marie and Harry with their own storylines that felt like it added to the main story without adding confusion. In fact, I wanted to see a resolution to their story as much as Georgia’s. 

Having read this, I now see how the title works – although beforehand I wasn’t entirely sure of it. I think it sums up many of the characters actions in this book. I think it was slightly drawn out too, I was happy with the ending overall and that each character had received what they deserved. 
Overall, a great read, well-written, and kept me entertained.
Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Michael Joseph UK for the opportunity to review Worst Idea Ever by Jane Fallon.
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I have been a fan of Jane Fallon’s books for a long time now so when I read the blurb of ‘The Worst Idea Ever’ I was very excited to get stuck in! Once again Jane Fallon has completely pulled it out of the bag!

George and Lydia have been best friends for their whole lives, and after Lydia’s parents were killed in a car accident, the two girls became more like sisters than friends and shared everything, even the dream of being a successful artist. Years down the line, Georgia is a successful children’s book author with a series of books about a shopping obsessed wallaby named Wilbur. A beautiful house, a husband and twins. Lydia on the other hand is in a job that she hates, single and desperately trying to commission some of her work for validation to show that she is more than just an office worker. In an attempt to help her friend, Georgia makes a fake Twitter account under the alias ‘Patricia’ with the sole purpose of complimenting Lydia’s work. What Georgia didn’t foresee though was Lydia opening up to Patricia, and, even more shockingly, talking about her! After a lifetime of being best friends, Georgia soon realises that she doesn’t know Lydia as well as she thought she did. If at all.

I won’t say any more as I don’t want to give away spoilers! This was a fantastic story and Jane Fallon’s witty humour shines throughout its entirety. 10/10 would recommend!
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I’m a huge fan of Jane Fallon so when I saw this latest book it was always going to be on my list even before I read the synopsis.
Worst Idea Ever is all about female friendships. Lydia and Georgia have been friends for decades and class themselves as practically sisters! 
Georgia has it all. She is more successful in her career, has twins that are away at Uni, Nick, a husband that adores her and a gorgeous home. 
To try and boost Lydia’s confidence Georgia creates a fake profile and starts communicating with her as Patricia - a potential customer. 
When Lydia discloses some information to her new friend Patricia about Georgia and Nick she realises she doesn’t know her friend like she thought she did which causes Georgia to question everything. 
Needless to say I loved this book. I raced through it in just over a day.
Adult female friendships are complex  and I loved the way Jane explored this. I swapped and changed my opinion so many times. Feeling awful for Lydia/Georgia one minute then being cross at them the next. 
I liked the addition of Harry and Anne-Marie too.

Any book by Jane Fallon gets a big thumbs up from me. This one will give you a spectrum of emotions and ultimately waiting for the next book.

Thank you to the publisher, NetGalley and the author for gifting me an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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As a long time fan of Jane’s books, I was delighted to receive a copy of her new book from NetGalley. I have read and enjoyed all of Jane’s books but I think this is my favourite yet!

Georgia and Lydia have been best friends since uni. Georgia is a children’s author and illustrator and Lydia works for a publishing company. Georgia is married with teenage twins whilst Lydia is single. In fact, Georgia appears to have the perfect life....until she decides to validate Lydia’s own work by messaging her on Twitter under an alias. After Lydia continues the conversation with “Patricia”, Georgia decides to play along. What could possibly go wrong?

This book made my laugh out loud, cringe and shed a few tears too. I couldn’t put it down and am now looking forward to Jane’s next one.
Thank you NetGalley and Jane!
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Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Michael Joseph UK for the opportunity to review Worst Idea Ever by Jane Fallon. 

Best friends tell each other everything. 

Or do they? 

Worst Idea Ever tells the story of Georgia and Lydia who are best friends and so close they are like sisters. 

Georgia wants to help Lydia with her struggling online business but knows Lydia won't just accept her help. 

So she sets up a fake twitter account and poses as a potential customer to try and cheer Lydia up and create some interest in her business.  

It all starts going wrong when Lydia starts confiding in her new Twitter friend and reveals a secret about Georgia that could not only end their friendship but also destroy Georgia's marriage. 

What can Georgia save? Her friendship or her marriage? 

I loved this book, it drew me in from the start and was one I couldn't bear to stop reading. Page after page of twists and turns and just terrific writing. 

The storyline and characters were fantastic and so well thought out. It takes you through a range of emotions and I was shocked to feel sorry for a certain character by the end! 

I've read quite a few Jane Fallon books and I always enjoy them, this was definitely one of my favourites! I don't want to give away any spoilers so I won't reveal much more but would highly recommend this book. 

Worst Idea Ever by Jane Fallon is released on 29th April 2021 and available to pre order now.
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I find Jane Fallon’s books very hit and miss. Some are great - a real treat - but others descend into gossipy trash about women bringing each other down or about infidelity.  This was one of the not good Jane Fallon’s.  It made me feel a bit grubby reading it.  I think I’ll stop reading this author altogether.  She’s more miss than hit for me.  This book wasn’t for me and I don’t want to finish it. DNF at 30%.
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This was an epitome of a Jane Fallon book. A cheating husband, a neurotic wife, a suspicious friend, lots of intrigue and suspicion. The perfect recipe.
Fallon does betrayal superbly, and this book is full of it. What starts off with a friend innocently trying to boost her best friend’s flailing confidence turns quickly into duplicity and deception. There is quite a lot to untangle once the story gets going as no one knows who is telling the truth or who has your back.
The characters are really well developed; I want to be Georgina’s friend. She seemed so lovely and likeable, that is until she discovers the truth and the claws came out. She didn’t just sit back and let things happen to her; she fought back.
The twist at the end of Part one had been obvious the entire way through, although I hadn’t guessed Lydia’s main motive for what she was doing. Even though it is explained, it was hard to wrap your head around a friend so close to Georgina that she considered her a sister, doing what she was doing.
The off branches of the story, including Anna Marie and Harry, made the story feel well rounded. You were just as invested in them as you were with what happening with Georgia, Lydia and Nick.
I thought this book’s title was brilliant; it really sums up the entire story, Georgina’s idea to help a friend really did turn out to be the Worst Idea Ever!
I did think the story petered out a little bit towards the end, especially once Georgina knows what is going on. It reaches a peak at this point but then fell a little flat with everything, just sort of plodding on. I wanted a few more fireworks as a consequence for all of their actions.
Overall, a brilliant read, well-written, and it really kept me gripped. Once again, and I say this every year, I now have to wait impatiently for a year for Fallon’s next book!
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   Another great read from a terrific author.   Loved the characters and the storyline,   would recommend.
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I am big fan of Jane Fallon and this book was just as good as her rest. Liked the fact it’s about two friend a whom have a close relationship but there paths have different courses. A really good read.
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Jane Fallon is my go-to author for women’s fiction and this book is absolutely wonderful! An excellent tale of toxic female friendship!
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A big thank you to Penguin UK Micheal Joseph and Net galley for this ARC. I fell in love with this story and adore Jane's style of writing. 

Jane does it yet again! I literally could not put this book down, page after page of twists, The storyline will keep you gripped until the end. 

Jane's books are addictively brilliant. I have loved all the ones I have read and this one is no different. 

A perfect escapism read. I loved it. Now I’m awaiting the next book Jane Fallon writes.
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I love all Jane Fallon's books, they are so cleverly written, funny but with insights into our behaviour that makes me cringe in recognition too. I loved this book and how a simple, well meaning but impulsive act deteriorates into such a nightmare, wrecking relationships and exposing the underlying drivers of behaviour that we prefer to keep under wraps.
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Another wonderfully written Jane Fallon story, I always feel in safe hands! 
Lydia and Georgia have been best friends since university, telling each other everything and sharing their lives. But Georgia's life has gone a bit more smoothly and down a traditional path, married with children, nice house, good friends, her art has been turned into a successful children's book series. Lydia's art hasnt been picked up commercially and she's in a job she hates. 
Georgia decides to try and encourage Lydia through inventing Patricia, a twitter fan who is very taken by Lydia's art but then some truths about Georgia's cosy homelife are shared in private conversations between Lydia and Patricia, and the cat is out of the bag

A fun read, great for a change from the relentless crime thrillers that Ive been reading- highly recommended like all of Jane's books.
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