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Make Your Own Indoor Garden

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Easy plants to start with and a decent variety of plants (photograph and how to take care of them). How to make different terrariums and to take care of them.
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Thanks for the chance to read through this book in exchange for honest feedback. I really like that the title is so straightforward that I already know what to expect. I think that this book is a great primer for beginner plant owners. There is a lot that goes into owning and maintaining plants. Showing up to the garden department and buying whatever looks nice may not be the best way to start plant ownership. Books like these help guide the plant ownership process. It's accessible for beginners. It is decently laid out. Liked this one.
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I know basically nothing about gardening. I have a plant that I assume is Devil's Ivy that is taking over my kitchen, and thankfully not even my worst neglect has killed it. I kind of chose this book because I'd like to have more plants, but wanted some tips on how to properly take care of them. I was happy to see that this was seemingly made for me, as it details how to care for plants that don't need much attention. Things like enclosed terrariums, cacti, air plants, and even succulents. Perhaps, the next time I go to a garden center I will keep some tips in mind!
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Awesome work! I start my indoor garden a little time ago, and the first plants die, slowly and painfully, so I decided to investigated a little bit before try again. I read this book and 6 weeks later, the plants are alive, so ...I guess this work! Something I thinks will be helpful is having it at hand, that way if something weird appears, this will help.

Maybe other edition about a vegetable patch Will work great in other momento! (and yes, I’m a Little biased ‘cause I’m making one of this)
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Good beginner book about houseplants. Includes full color photos and details on some of the most popular types of indoor plants, including a bit about succulents and cacti and air plants. Also has sections on creating open or closed terrariums and kokedama. My favorite sections were those about what might be wrong with a plant and what plants will work best in what rooms. The book contains enough information for someone to be able to find some plants that will brighten and thrive in their home, while also limiting so as not to be overwhelming.
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Great topics. Very informative. I learned a ton on h9 to care for ,y new found love of plants in my home. I would recommend this for any beginner.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Make your own Indoor Garden is a starters guide to growing your own plants indoors. This book is ideal for beginners and has some great information on things such as soils, plant types, how to care for different plant types, best places to place them, how to populate your plants etc. I did find it sparse in information on populating plants and hoped for more information and photographs in this particular area. 
This book would be an ideal gift for someone looking to grow house plants or take up a new hobby.
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This would make a nice gift for someone who wants to start keeping houseplants or to introduce a hobby to someone because greeneries  make such a wonderful difference to a home both aesthetically and emotionally. During the lockdowns, besides baking, everyone seems to be gardening (if they are lucky to have a garden) and/or keeping indoor plants.

There is  just enough information to start off with, including the type of plants most likely to survive!

Beautiful photographs abound.
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This is such an aesthetically pleasing novice guide to houseplants!

I already have some plants and succulents (not enough, never enough), but I still love this guide! It covers all the basics: the easiest plants to own, which plants should go where, and how to avoid common issues.
There is also a lovely step-by-step guide for making your own terrariums, hanging plant display, or Kokedama! 

I think this book would make a lovely gift.
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What a handy little book! “Make Your Own Indoor Garden: How to Fill Your Home with Low Maintenance Greenery” by Sarah Durber is the perfect book for absolute beginners and those who are looking to dabble in the world of houseplants.

Durber provides readers with a series of low maintenance plants and details how much sun, water, and care each plant needs in order to thrive. She addresses potential issues new plant parents may face, how to propagate new plants, and frequently asked questions (such as what plant would go best in my bathroom?). I appreciated when she would note the more high-maintenance plants of her suggestions, and her instructions for terrariums and air plant displays left me feeling like I could care and keep these plants alive well after the initial planting (an element I feel is missing in many houseplant craft suggestions). 

This book is strictly focused on house plants and is definitely written for beginners, so experienced plant owners should pass this by (unless they’re looking for lovely pictures, which this book has in abundance). However, I do recommend this book for those who are looking to nurture their own green thumb and haven’t a clue where to begin as it is very accessible and encouraging.

I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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Make Your Own Indoor Garden is a tutorial and style guide to decorating with plants and helping them to thrive indoors. Due out 31st March 2021 from Pen & Sword on their White Owl imprint, it's 112 pages and will be available in paperback format. 

This is such a beautifully presented, encouraging, beginner accessible book. The author is upbeat and positive and the book is graphically very appealing and easy to understand. She starts with a few good selections - low maintenance plants which are attractive and can withstand a fair bit of neglect - to begin readers' collections. Further suggestions will expand the readers' home indoor greenery to a modest collection. All of the plants she recommends have many (many) variations in foliage and habit, so a fairly large collection can be built up with just the plants she recommends in the first chapter. 

The following chapters contain instructions for terraria (open and closed) and include a fair selection of plants which are suited to both. There's a chapter devoted to cacti and succulents (my favourites), troubleshooting problems and how to avoid many of them, hanging plants (with suggestions for culture and display), kokedama, air plants (tillandsia), propagation, siting your plants, plants and our well being, and improving air quality with plants. 

Four stars. There are beautiful photographs on nearly every page. The typeset is good contrast and easy to read. This would be a superlative acquisition for school or public library, for gifting, or for a beginning indoor gardener (especially people who claim they can't succeed with indoor plants). 

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes
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This is a good guide to houseplants for beginners with clear photos of the suggested plants. It’s comprehensive, including the conditions needed for each plant described, common problems, as well as ideas for indoor gardens, such as open and closed terrariums. I enjoyed reading it. My thanks to Netgalley and publisher Pen & Sword Books for providing a digital copy for me to review.
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I've always thought I was just "one of those people" who couldn't possibly keep a small plant alive for more than a few weeks, and that I was just condemned to never getting to enjoy what all those instagrammers seem to have - a bunch of luxurious plants hanging on their shelves and thriving everywhere in their apartment, seemingly effortlessly. This books is here to teach me otherwise - and it does the job well ! It's accessible, easy to read, beautifully illustrated, and the examples are useful and directly applicable to your own living situation. I would definitely recommend this, if not for you, then as a gift for a friend who'd be interested in keeping some cool looking plants alive !
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What a fantastic collection of tips and tricks for creating an indoor garden! I love the captivating visuals and the very straight forward advice! I can't wait for it to get published so that I can buy it and have a copy of this very useful book on my shelf. Highly recommended!
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The book is stunning, the photos, and how to make and designs your own Terrarium, this is a great reference book and information for your plants, easy to look at,  and very clear instructions, and it tells you so much information,  and everything you need to know, all the plant conditions, and the watering, etc and then other references about other indoor pants, like the jade plant, aloes, cactus, and many more,  great book if you are interested in plants, I would highly recommend,
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Everything about this book is bright and cheery, especially the photographs!  It's so aesthetically pleasing and sweet and written with an encouraging tone.  You just know the author's personality is as charming with Succulence as the delectable name of her plant shop.  Though a master gardener, this book has inspired me anew and I am going to begin with a few terrariums.  Plants and planting can seem daunting but really no more difficult than any other hobby and so very gratifying.  

The author details the benefits of indoor gardens (there are many!) with information on temperature, light needs, equipment, "ingredients", propagating, planting and maintenance.  There are plants which only require monthly watering.  There is an extraordinary variety of plants in the book (just look at the delightful containers!) including echeveria succulents, zebra cactus, bunny ear cactus, powder puff cactus, ferns, string of pearls, string of hearts, prayer plant (I really need to find this one) and air plant ideas.  In case you encounter problems there is trouble shooting, such as what happens if you water too little or too much.  I particularly enjoy the "which plant for which room?" chapter.  The copper watering can, though!

Growing houseplants does not take a so-called green thumb.  You can do it with zero experience.  This book is wonderful for those starting out but will inspire experts alike.  Anyone with an inkling of interest please do start with this.  I learned a lot!

My sincere thank you to Pen & Sword and NetGalley for allowing me the privilege of reading this remarkable is very enriching.
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This book was quite interesting and I learned quite a bit about houseplants but it felt incomplete because the author didn't talk about plants and pets. Some plants mentioned in the book (Philodendron, for example) may be toxic to pets (and small children) and wasn't mentioned. As a person with pets, I need to be absolutely sure which plants are safe and nontoxic.
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As a pretty new plant mom this book helped me figure out the best ways to care for my plants and so helped me fix some mistakes I've been making. After reading through this I have also discovered some plants that I would love to add to my collection soon. This is a great resource for anyone new to caring for houseplants.
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Interesting title and not what I was expecting as far as content. The basis is really how to have house plants and the easiest to keep alive. From succulents to vine type house plants, and an in depth look at terrariums.  

   What did I like? The terrariums were neat and something I’d never seen. Most of the book was about the hardiest and easiest to manage house plants. Like succulents or snake plants were a few. Sometimes air quality at my job is low so having plants around my house would be a great idea. Author shows knowledge about certain houseplants and indoor plants needs.

   Would I recommend or buy? Anyone who finds it hard to keep a plant alive could use this book! I made a list of houseplants I’d love to try following the examples in this book! I’d recommend for that purpose!

   I received a complimentary copy to read and voluntarily left a review! Four stars!
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I would have loved to have received this book as a housewarming gift when I first moved out on my own.  I can’t tell you how many plants I killed by over or under watering them.  

This short read has recommendations for easy-to-care-for indoor plants, step-by-step instructions for making indoor terrariums (both enclosed and open), showcases cacti and air plants as well as how to use all of these to decorate indoors.  

Watering, light and feeding requirements are also listed.  The pictures included are really lovely. I wish it had been a bit longer with a few more easy-care specific plants listed. That would have made this a 5-star for me.

A quick and easy read with tons of tips and tricks for the beginner indoor gardener. A great addition to any new home.
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