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Okay, so I really loved this book, the author is really with you. I've not read anything like this before, and having had NO kids of my own and not even expecting at the moment, I wanted to get some background on what it would be like from a mother's perspective, prep mainly before I decided to go for it with no actual pressure from myself. 

Really interestingly, the author had a lot of experience and having read this book and I REALLY enjoyed the activities that were in each section of the book, this is definitely one I would be looking to buy if/ when I concieve. The author knew her stuff, she had a lot of information to share and I really liked that, I felt comforted by her style of writing and how she talked with the reader rather than AT like so many books do for self help or educatory works.

She talks about so much that I wasn't aware of and celebrates new Mothers and I loved that so completely. I love that she discusses breast feeding which is the norm nowadays but also didn't make it feel like it was the only way, and also shared tips such as letting the baby suck your nipple, to encourage its appetite and take the first bit of breast milk which is supposed to be the best. This interested me and I wanted to know more and learn more and this book definitely gives it to you.

I'm so impressed, I'm going to find her other works on Hypnobirthing. 

Many thanks to Netgalley, the publishers and of course, Hollie de Cruz, I am so glad I got to read this free copy in return for my honest review!
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A helpful and hopefully guide to the often bewildering first weeks and months of motherhood. If you enjoyed her hypnobirthing book you’ll definitely enjoy this too.
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Love Hollie De Cruz's first book so was looking forward to reading this. Wish I'd read it when I was pregnant in preparation for motherhood ... loved some of the ideas such as having a belated baby bubble which I'd of loved given that my birth experience was traumatic. Also liked the ideas of challenging old fashioned views e.g. 'making a rod for your own back'
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