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Second book are always hard, but this one picks up so well and as in book it is filled with tension.
Monarchs is a fast and drama filled ending to this duology.
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I read the first 10%, and if it continues on the same, it will be a solid four stars for many of our readers who enjoy young adult books along the vein of magic. We would definitely include in our libraries. 

Interesting twist to mix sorority life with witchcraft. That certainly wasn’t my sorority experience. :-)
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The Monarchs picks up just a few weeks after The Ravens ended, where a lot of drama went down and in this novel Scarlett and Vivi are having to deal with what happened in the woods at the end of the first novel, and the fact that someone seems to be intentionally trying to destroy Kappa Rho Nu.

These was an enjoyable read. It definitely gave you that happily ever after vibe in the end which might not be everyone's favorite. I would recommend reading the 1st one fairly close to starting this one because you have to do some major recall from book one to really get what's going on. But overall, anyone who liked The Ravens will definitely like The Monarchs as well.
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Nice sequel to conclude the Ravens duology.  Grabbed me at the start but did slow down a bit.  Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book
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AHHH Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige truly are powerhouses and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to their abilities to write and create. I am usually iffy when it comes to duologies but in my opinion this is an absolute must read. I loved Ravens and I would say that I arguably loved The Monarchs the same if not more. I think it is totally worth the read, and I am truly jealous of those who have not read it yet as I would love to be able to experience this series again for the first time. I love Scarlett and Vivi as characters and was really thankful that this seemed to pick up a few weeks after where the first book left off. I think that this book has everything a reader could want from drama, revenge, mystery, suspense, and so much more. This is a series that I truly think is so much fun and I would love to transport to its world just for a bit longer. Overall such a fun read and I highly recommend.
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3.5 ⭐️ 

The Monarchs picks up a few weeks after the events of The Ravens.  Scarlett is trying to be the best President the Kappas has ever seen and is a little blinded as a result, focussing more on this and the approval of her mother and sister than what her fellow sorority sisters actually need.  Vivi is taking on too much in order to impress and as a result starts to meddle with unknown and dangerous magic.  Meanwhile other forces are at play with the Thetas trying to usurp the Kappas as the new dominating sorority on campus, strange things happening to the Ravens magic and a demon who could be anyone on the loose.

I very much enjoyed this second instalment but I’m not certain why it was called The Monarchs since they were barely mentioned and were not an actual focus of the book or the storyline.  I liked the relationship between Jackson and Scarlett, as well as the addition of the mysterious new student Xavier.  There was very little character development when it came to Vivi and Mason however, with him coming across as a bit ‘meh’ and literally too perfect to be real.  It also doesn’t seem believable that Scarlett would be 100% accepting of Vivi dating her ex-boyfriend, who she legitimately didn’t like for the initial part of the first book; you’d expect there would be at least a little drama. 

The book did also rollercoaster into the ending and it seemed a little rushed, with everything being tied quickly into a neat little happy every after bow.  There could easily have been enough material and character development for a third book in the series.  All being said, this was still a fun and entertaining read and I got through it quickly because I was desperate to know what happened - if Charmed had been based in a sorority house, this is probably what you’d have got!

Thank you so much to NetGalley and to Clarion Books for the opportunity to read an ARC in return for an honest review.
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The follow-up to #TheRavens, #TheMonarchs seamlessly picks up where The Ravens left off.  Once, Scarlett officially become the sorority President and selects Vivi to be Social Chair, strange things begin to happen culminating with the Ravens losing their magical powers.  To add to their dismay, the Monarchs, Raven alumnae are about to be on campus to celebrate the 150th year of their sorority/coven.  The story moves very quickly from one crisis to another.  As in the first book, the story is told by Scarlett and Vivi in alternating chapters.  Readers of both novels will likely hope that the authors would continue to tell the story of Scarlett and Vivi.   Thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to read #The Monarchs.
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This story was about witches and a sorority that transcended time basically. I thought this book was really clever in the way it was executed. I adored the main character and was rooting for her the whole time. I thought her sister needed an attitude check. Anyway the book was really good and I think others should read it.
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An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: 4.5/5 Stars

This is YA Witch Fiction at it's best!

I was a big fan of The Ravens, and was honestly hedging my expectations for what the second book would produce. I was not expecting the sequel to be better than the original, but that is what The Monarchs  has served. 

The second book starts off about where the first one ends, so if you weren't a fan of the witch/sorority/campus drama factors, this isn't the book for you. 

Right off the bat the stakes are much higher for our heroines Scarlett and Vivi, and their campus coven. This book kept the elements I loved from The Ravens (female friendships, orders of magic, secrets secrets secrets), and added a few new things I really appreciated. Family bonds, high expectations, trauma, and trust were some aspects that Morgan and Paige expanded upon in this installment. 

And, of course, there was more of the romance sub-plot, which the first one deeply lacked. I still couldn't care much for Mason, but JACKSON THO!!!

This book did not get full marks because I wanted more of the romance, (there was more than the first but still not enough) and the title. The Monarchs themselves appeared very little in this book, so the title was a bit misleading.
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A fun and entertaining sequel! I loved the writing and story so much! There were also some good twists and love having more than one POV!
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The Monarch is a continuation of The Ravens. The concept of the novel was very good and was interesting enough to keep me reading the story. However I found it hard to continue as the story went on as the main characters of Vivi and Summer. were underdeveloped. Although Vivi and Summer do show growth throughout the series they still end up seeming shallow and stereotypical sorority girls. The magic and the plot are what give this story the 3 stars I am giving.
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When I read The Ravens last year I really enjoyed it, especially  the  college atmosphere. What I didn’t enjoyed was the love triangle. I absolutely hate them with a passion. I am extremely glad The Monarchs was above the drama and more about friendship and sisterhood. I still enjoyed Scarlett more than Vivi. I loved the plot and the twist and turns. I know my students will enjoy The Monarchs. Thank you Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to receive a copy. I can’t wait to have a physical copy for my collection.
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Very excited about this sequel to The Ravens - but I don't want to give too much away. If you enjoyed The Raves, you are not going to want to miss this next installment. The Monarchs picks up right where the first book left off and takes the plot down a whole new road. Don't miss it!
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This was an excellent follow up to the Ravens. The authors have an excellent writing style that feels cohesive as a writing duo. The storyline was well paced and developed. If you enjoyed book 1, Definitely pick up the continuation of the story!
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Writing reviews for sequels is so difficult, especially when it’s an ARC, and the first book hasn’t been out that long, so I don’t want to spoil THE RAVENS for anyone, what I will say is that THE MONARCHS picks up just a couple weeks after The Ravens ended, where a lot of drama went down that changed the lives of the main characters forever, and in this novel Scarlett and Vivi are having to deal with the fallout from what happened in the woods at the end of the first novel, and the fact that someone or something seems to be intentionally trying to destroy Kappa Rho Nu.

I enjoyed it, and I think if you liked the first book, you will be pleased with the follow up! But it definitely isn’t a stand-alone, it requires a lot of remembering stuff from the first book and since I read that arc forever ago, it was difficult for me to get into at first.

4 ⭐️
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The best way to describe this sequel/duology/conclusion would be the tv shows Charmed and Supernatural had an unruly love child. I will not go into details because that might be spoilery, but tell me I am wrong after you finish the book. This was full of witches with magic, tons of danger, heartbreak and betrayal, as well as a lot of twists I never anticipated which was a pleasant surprise.

The Ravens was hands down one of my favorite reads last year, it was such a cool world we were introduced to, with a college sorority filled with witches practicing magic yet with the general public unaware. The series is listed as YA but I would easily call it NA since the characters are 18 and up and feel more like adults getting life started- and without all the petty high school dramatics. The Monarchs picks up roughly a semester after the The Ravens ended, with the coven attempting to recoup from devastating losses and the sisters trying to find their places again.

I will say that Scarlett is my girl, I love her and everything that she sacrifices and is capable of. Vivi on the other hand drove me a little insane in this book. I understand that she is young (at 18) and only been a witch for a few months, but after seeing what the quest for power and lack of communication did in the first book, this girl should make better choices! There were so many times I wanted to shake her for her stupid choices and had to talk myself down.

I found the ending to be the best part of the story with so much action and intrigue, but it felt rushed as well (I think this probably could have been spread out into a trilogy with how much was going on) and a little too HEA (not that I don't like HEA, it just felt a little rushed as well). Overall I enjoyed the book and the series in general and I hope that these authors want to write together again because I would be here for it!
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4.5/5 stars

The Ravens was one of my favorite reads of last year and The Monarchs may have topped that.  The sisters of Kappa are once again faced with a threat to their existence, but this time it is a little bit creepier.  I once again loved the setting at a southern college  (this one taking a slightly more "gothic" turn) and the look are sorority life (even if it isn't super accurate).
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The Ravens first semester in Kappa Rho Nu didn’t go as planned. Scarlett Winter is determined to be the president the sorority needs after the death of the last president, Dahlia. Freshman Vivi Devereaux wants to make her Big, Scarlett, proud. New rivals aren’t making things easy. With the pressure escalating of course every and anything that could go wrong does. Do Vivi & Scarlett have what it takes to save them all...again?

I enjoyed this book much more than the first one. I think it’s because the stolen guy drama wasn’t mixed in.  Though Vivi was still pretty annoying.  The magic use in these books is so silly and fun, using it to throw parties with glamours and basically be the best at everything, and I loved that we got to dive more into it all here.  

Some of the drama (like with Vivi and Mason) was very repetitive from book one to this book, with no character growth, and sometimes it all just felt like the same person talking even if it wasn’t.  This happened more with Vivi and Scarlett. 

The one thing I wish we got more of was The Monarchs.  It is the title of the book, and the story starts to allude to the reader getting more from them, unfortunately that never pans out.  I really would have loved it if The Ravens had to work together with the Monarchs in this one. 

Some new characters are introduced in this book (one that I ended up loving). That storyline felt like it was left a bit open ended. Maybe this won’t be a duology after all? I’d read a book 3! 

Overall a quick, fast paced and engaging read that I’d recommend to readers that enjoy YA books with witches and magic!

*Thank you to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s Book Group and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.
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I received an advanced copy from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.

I loved the first novel The Ravens and was very excited to read the sequel and the novel started out pretty good, however, as the novel went on some of it just got a bit ridiculous. The ending was good and sweet and far too easily and prettily tied up with a happily ever after bow, so that was a bit frustrating. The love story between Vivi and her partner did not ever seem all that real and very forced, whereas Scarlett's love story did feel more realistic. Also, the characters sounded different with how they spoke. I get that this novel is taking place in the south, however, I cannot remember Scarlett saying "ya'll" at ALL in the first novel and then she said it a lot in this novel. I almost feel like the authors forgot their characters?

The overall witchy story was pretty fantastic and the magic in the world was very fun, I just feel like this novel was not as strong as the first. I would still absolutely pick up another novel by these two authors again though!
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The Monarchs by Kass Morgan and Danielle Paige is the sequel to their previous novel The Ravens. In this installment we follow the main characters of Kappa Nu Rho sorority as they try to heal from the events of the past semester. 

I really enjoyed this sequel. I think that it delved more deeply into the characters than the previous book as well as adding in some new and interesting characters. I especially liked the character Xavier. His evolution over the course of the book really surprised me. I also became more invested in the love interests in this book. 

I think these authors write suspense and mystery really well. The plot kept me at the edge of my seat and wanting to keep reading the entire time so that I could find out what was really going on with the Theta sorority. 

The only issue I had with this book was a slight disconnect I had with the characters. Even though they were quite interesting and captivated me while reading, I felt that there was something missing. I think with a little more development I could have really loved them. 

Overall I enjoyed this novel and The Ravens series.
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