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A chilling and compelling read. Some parts were predictable but I really enjoyed reading this one. Good characters with a good plot.
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An intriguing and interesting book that did keep me guessing 
Good characters,good plot and good writing that made for an all round good read
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A good read, sinister and mysterious and held my interest well.  

The story centres around a commune from the past that was influenced by evil and ruined / cost many lives.  The children who escaped the commune are now grown up, albeit with physical and mental scars.  
One such survivor is Blue who suddenly is told one of the others has taken her own life and had pre organised for Blue to take custody of her ten year old daughter.

As we progress through the book we find out more about the past which gives us some clues about the present and all is not all that it seems.

I guessed the twists but this did not detract from the overall experience and I felt the author built up an excellent, atmospheric and dark setting which made a compelling tale. I wanted to untangle and discover the secrets held within  and that was the path we were, skilfully, led along.
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My first impression was that I had read a very similar book about a child from a frightening commune but this book did hold my interest.

Blue is a survivor from the Black House commune run in such a way that it has left her scarred both mentally and physically. 
Twenty years have passed and her old dorm mate commits suicide and leaves Blue the guardianship of her daughter. But what happened to Natasha and what was the truth behind the end of the commune.

I did enjoy this book and became quite immersed in the story.  I did guess most of the plot  particularly the end of the book,  but was carried happily to the end.
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At the age of ten Blue escaped from a controlling community when it was set ablaze, she had been there five years and although it terrified her it was the only life she had know, as an adult she has few acquaintances and her time at the community had such a mental impact it still affects everything she does. When she is contacted to inform her one of the other girls she was at the community with has committed suicide and left Blue custody of her daughter Blue has to face up to her past.

Whilst for me not a page turner this was certainly a chilling and compelling read, most particularly the flashbacks to community life. Blue was a very interesting character, very damaged yet strong. The turn of events were creepy, some predictable and some surprising but overall disturbing. 7/10
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#TheGirlsInside #NetGalley 
A must read. 
Joseph Carillo recruited young, lonely women to join his community and adopt his erratic views. Blue's mother was one of them. But when the Black House goes up in flames, Blue escapes to freedom and never stops running.Twenty years later, when Blue's old dormmate commits suicide, Blue receives a strange call. She has been awarded sole custody of Natasha's daughter. But things don't add up. The girls haven't spoken since the night of the fire.As Blue begins to dig into Natasha's life, her suspicions take her all the way back to that fateful night...
Thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for giving me an advanced copy.
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