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A fast paced and highly entertaining story, the first I read by this author.
I loved what I read and thoroughly enjoyed it.
It's well plotted, full of humor, the characters are quirky and interesting.
Can't wait to read other story by this author, highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this arc, all opinions are mine
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One of the things that drew me to this book was the quirky main character. A librarian of sorts during the day and a something else by night. The reason I say something else, because at first it's not clear, but as the story progresses you find out some of the back story.

Generally a good sense of character building, and the plot has some red herrings in there to keep you on your toes when reading.

Enjoyed the book, and will read the next one when I can. Recommend for readers who enjoy reading about characters with a bit of mystery about them, and a plot that keeps you hooked to the end.

This book was provided as a free ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, in return for a honest impartial review.
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In this story the main character is Top Kiernan the owner of Polymath an organisation run out of an old school. Top is a genius for recalling who said what quotes. Top (who is the Buzz Monkey) is a quirky, physically damaged and flawed chap who comes across as something of a lost soul.

The cast involved with the matter of a missing $1.5million dollars is extremely colourful including drug dealers, law enforcement officers and a violent Irishman. 

This tale flies along at a rapid pace, the body count rises and there are numerous twists. I can see there being more adventures with Top and co.

All in all a fun read. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the first in Sam Hill's fun and entertaining crime thriller series, featuring Top Kiernan, and a host of colourful, vibrant and offbeat characters, and set in Georgia. Tom is a adrenaline buzz junkie, totally addicted, who lives in a old 1930s school that he is still in the process of renovating, his bedroom is the basketball court, and he owns a rather large collection of spinning tops, almost all gifts, a tribute to the name he acquired at a volleyball match long ago. He operates his internet research company, Polymath, from the school, a front to disguise his work as a mercenary for Shaw's, although his last mission was problematic, involving a mother and daughter in Lima, Peru, which has left him haunted and suffering nightmares. He is postively itching for a new assignment from Shaw's, but they feel his need for the buzz has compromised his effectiveness and no longer wish to employ him.

It turns out that this is not such a big deal as Top, and his right hand man, the much feared Benny, whose deadly reputation and skills with razor blades strikes horror in the hearts of people, find themselves in the midst of danger coming from all directions. Dee Lane, a long time friend, and contraband smuggler has gone missing, and the rumour is that he has left a bag with one and half million dollars, belonging to the deranged, disturbed and volatile Atlanta drug lord, Raoul Menes, with Top. Menes has offering a reward for the return of the money, an act that incentivises a motley collection of characters and groups intent on getting hold of the cash by any means necessary, including murder, kidnapping, and torture. Forced to move his business, Top investigates, following Dee's trail, in a world of perilous secrets and hostile forces where it can be hard to identify friend from foe.

Top finds himself the target of a drug lord, the DEA, an ex-IRA assassin desperate for cash to retire, meth cooking rednecks, a CIA recruiter and other killers for hire. Sam Hill's plotting displays a sure touch, and his central protagonist, Top, makes for a charismatic anti-hero, at home in the chaos and mayhem that results when old friend Dee disappears, reveling and buzzing from the deadly danger he finds himself. Although when his workers and others he knows inadvertently find themselves get murdered or abducted, he pulls out all the stops to put things right and protect them. This is an engaging crime thriller, one for those times when you need something light, fun and a little crazy to read. Many thanks to Orion for an ARC.
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