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"Journey to Paradise" is a story of a woman with a secret which she is struggling to come to terms with.  Her husband decides that a change of scene to Singapore will help her to come to grips with her situation.  However, he is not really helping, especially when he has to spend increasingly long hours at work due to the political situation.

This is a book set in a community within a community where there is expected to be little mixing - an untenable situation which eventually led to the end of British Colonialism.  It is also about love, forgiveness and understanding.  This is an interesting read which casts some light on life in late 1940's Singapore.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publishers for the opportunity to review this book.
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4 stars

An interesting read, evocative of life in Singapore.  Our heroine, Miranda has had a tough time.  Her baby has died, sudden infant death, could be a trigger for some readers and in her pain she found herself  in a shameful and difficult situation.  Her husband Gerry has a new job  in  Singapore so they sell up and take the cruise ship down to this exotic island.  Miranda has a close friend near by but she finds it difficult to interact with the local ex-pat community.  She gets on well with her indigenous cook/maid.  Nick is a local doctor who works for a cash strapped local hospital come charity. He has his own nemesis in the matron nurse.  

There's lots of well crafted characters and historical context, the romance is fairly muted.  A good description of wives moral dilemnas when facing separation or divorce. 

This is a new author for me and I will look out for more of her work.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own..
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After losing her young son, Englishwoman Miranda’s husband and family decide it would be a good idea to start over fresh, in Singapore. Everyone tells her that she will adjust, and learn to love her time there. However, as more time passes, this start to change, and not necessarily for the better.

I DEVOURED this book. It was such a beautiful read. Miranda is such a likable character, one you feel connected to and you feel for. Additionally, I felt the story flowed very well. It was descriptive and well paced, and give enough location descriptions to really help you imagine the locations. 

The only thing I would critique (which is just a personal preference) is the speech patterns of the locals. I understand the need for it, however, for me it just made me feel slightly uncomfortable. There were a few moments where the speech pattern almost hindered my enjoyment. 

Overall, this book was a very lovely read. Honestly, I could see myself reading it again when I need a quick reset read I know I will enjoy.
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I feel in love with this book, the setting was post WWII where Mirander and Gerry set off for a new life in Singapore. This book did not let me down.

 I was transported to Singapore and felt the humid, oppressive climate. I felt as if I was actually there.

The story covered loss, grief, deceit, but along with that a balance of love and kindness too she received in the end of the story. The characters came a live from the pages.

This story was so well researched and it made for an exquisite read.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book historical fiction could be Romance section too
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Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

One requesting this book I wasn't really sure what to expect. Married couple Miranda and Gerry Lewis are both English and relocate to Singapore in 1941 for Gerry's job. Hoping this will be a fresh start for both of them, Miranda is still grieving after the death of their infant son and not coping very well, Henry was her world. Her Husband however, just wants her to get on with things and try for another baby but she isn't ready.

Whilst Gerry settles into his luxurious life in post war Singapore, Miranda is falling deeper into despair, still longing for her son, not settling into life in a foreign country and struggling to make friends. She would like to volunteer at the local hospital but her Husband thinks she should stay at home and keep house. Their relationship quickly deteriorates and Gerry goes out more spending time at work or in the bar and Miranda strikes up a relationship with the local Doctor who also has his own demons, he encourages her to work within the local community and she starts to find a new purpose.

The sights and sounds of Singapore are brought to life by the author, the descriptions were amazing. She also showed the stark contracts between the ex-pats and the locals and how different life for both sides was. 

I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely look out for the authors up coming books.
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I fell in love with this book almost immediately, the setting was post WWII where Mirander and her husband Gerry set off for a new life in Singapore.  This is one of my favourite era’s for historical fiction and this book did not let me down. 

The writing was beautiful, smooth and fluid.  I was transported to the jungle where I felt the humid, oppressive climate.  I could smell the mixture of spices and street cooking mixed with sulphur and waste, sweet jasmine and a post storm jungle.  This was all thanks to some very detailed and clever writing. 

The story covered loss, grief, deceit, but along with that was a balance of love and kindness too.  I really did feel for the main character, Mirander.  Two main points I loved about this story was that she had a lot more support than she thought she had.  Her childhood friend Georgina was fiercely supportive even when things started going wrong and she also didn’t give her mother-in-law enough credit either.  The other point being that it’s never too late to start over and find happiness if you just have the courage.

My favourite character was Mei ling. I could picture her so vividly.  Short, strong, obtuse at times, but so warm and caring too.  She had me in stitches with her wise words and sharp tongue. 

In a time where it was difficult to communicate and letters would take weeks to arrive you can see how isolated one could be.  This story was so well researched and it made for an exquisite read. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m so glad I signed up for this tour.  I would definitely recommend to all historical fiction fans.
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Miranda’s husband Gerry gets a new job in Singapore, so she drops everything in England to move out there with him. Struggling with the recent loss of her baby, Miranda doesn’t want to be an idle housewife, and searches for ways to contribute to the society and keep herself busy. 

She ends up meeting Nick, a children’s doctor at the hospital, where she decides to volunteer. Her relationship with Gerry struggles more and more, and she struggles to make friends with the other wives in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile her and Nick are becoming closer and closer. 

I really warmed to Miranda and the struggles she dealt with in her marriage and with the trauma of her baby loss, which was dealt with very sensitively. I loved watching Miranda’s relationship with Mei Ling blossom, and it was lovely to see her develop a close bond with someone. 

I knew I hated Gerry from the beginning, but my feelings were only validated more and more the further I got in! 

I got so much enjoyment out of reading this book - all the detail about Singapore itself fascinated me, as I am due to be moving out there soon with my boyfriend for his PhD program! Maybe I’ll end up finding myself a nice doctor instead 👀😂

Also the details in the book that were based on real events in Singaporean history, such as the riots following WWII, were really interesting to read and were included in the story so well as to not just throw it in as a token. I’m interested in reading up a bit more about these events after finishing the book! 

I am fairly new to historical fiction but everything I have read in the genre so far has been fantastic! Throw in the romance element and the relativity to my own move to Singapore and I was instantly sold!
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My original opinions of the characters wasn’t great, but I love how (most) of them evolved. By the end, I grew to like Miranda and Nick. While it was hard, I definitely think she make the best choice for her future. If I pitched the author a sequel idea, I would either like to see the future of Poppy, or the life of Georgina in America. All in all, I found this book a little disappointing.
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Miranda and Gerry have suffered the loss of their child, they are hoping with the move to Singapore that they will get over this tragedy.  Miranda has a hard time adjusting until she meets a young doctor who she helps with young children in a clinic.  She grows further from her husband, and closer to the doctor.  Will she find future happiness with either man?

This has been one of the best books I have read in awhile.  Very well written, I hated for the story to end.  I look forward to reading more from this author.
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This was such a good book. To be read by the beach or in the garden.  Let this story take you away for a few hours of reading bliss. Lovely cover too!
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This historical novel explores the life of a British ex pat woman in Singapore.  I received this book as an advanced reader copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book took me straight to Singapore with the characters, I really enjoyed seeing Miranda become such a strong women & take control. Beautiful story, great characters, worth a read.
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3.5 stars rounded to 4. An interesting historical fiction set in Singapore in the twilight of the British Empire. Good historical fiction is the next best thing to time travel and this does not disappoint. It evokes a changing world and well drawn characters who are struggling to find themselves, and each other, in that world.
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I really enjoyed the setting and timeline of this book and round it interesting to read about.

I couldn’t warm to any of the characters apart from Miranda and hated Gerry, such a awful person!!

A great read for any historical fiction fan.
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Miranda is moving to Singapore from post-war  England. Her husband has a new job in the Colonial Office and this is going to be a fresh start for both of them. Still in grief following the death of their baby son, Miranda is unsure if she'll be able to truly settle in Singapore and fit in with the other Colonial wives. And then there's the attractive doctor she can't stop thinking about...

I think this was the first book I've ever read that's set in Singapore, certainty during this time period, and I found the whole thing very interesting. The book did get off to a slightly slow start but after a few chapters I found it hard to put down and I rattled through it. I found the characters easy to get to know and the imagery of the landscape was wonderful!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to explore a new area of historical fiction as well as anyone who enjoys a good romance novel.
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What a journey I had 
I love historical fiction and Journey to Paradise was no exception. Set in the  post WWII times, this story is one that took me then and there. 
The writing style is beautiful and her descriptions are so vivid. I smelled the jungle, felt Singapore's heat and lived along Mei Ling and Miranda. I suffered along them and felt their pain 
Although this is a deep story of loss, betrayals and pain it is one of hope as well and it definitely shows that we all deserve second chances and finding love is never too late 
Totally recommend Journey to Paradise to all historical fiction lovers and not only
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We follow Miranda and Gerry post WW2 as they relocate to Singapore, due to Gerrys work. Miranda lost her baby and is well in need of a fresh start. 

Miranda and Gerry soon discover life in Singapore is very different and that life in Singapore isn't necessarily plain sailing. 

The descriptions of Singapore are so vivid you can really imagine it, and Miranda was so likeable! You really went through what she did. She immerses herself into the culture and is keen to learn and try new things, unlike many of the other brits. 

Nick, the doctor also is intensely likeable, despite his pining for his ex, and it really feels he cares about the locals and the children under his care. 

Gerry however... I can't say to much but that man boiled my blood. 

I really enjoyed the way the civil unrest at the time was sensitively covered and that it wasn't skirted over. 

There was the perfect amount of drama and romance and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read - a fantastic debut novel! Definitely recommend giving it a try if you like a bit of historical fiction!
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Post war Singapore and Miranda has relocated with her husband Gerry. After the loss of their son, Miranda understandingly fell to pieces so a new start is what they both had in mind.

After a six week voyage, Singapore is as magical as she had imagined but not everything was smelling of roses.

Miranda falls out with her neighbour after a misunderstanding and Gerry begins to leave for work earlier and earlier and gets home later and later.

Miranda wants to volunteer but Gerry feels this is unnecessary for a woman to do. It’s not until Miranda meets doctor Nick Wythenshaw that she realises she doesn’t have to put up with her lifestyle any longer.

What a beautifully romantic novel set in post war Singapore, at a time where women were expected to do as their husbands said, and to put up with their behaviour.

Miranda was a grieving mother but was told to put it behind her and move on. Gerry was a chauvinist pig in my opinion and a most unlikable character with his womanising ways. 

Nick was a real breath of fresh air and I enjoyed the part he played in this novel.

The way of life was so different to how it is now, I’d find it very difficult to keep my mouth shut, but then we live in a different time these days! I’d have not stood to be spoken to how she was. 

I’ve never been to Singapore but I loved the mixing of culture described and it seemed to be a real melting pot of religions and ways of life. I enjoyed the danger element of the political unrest and never realised the Singapore people felt Britain were to blame for the invasion by the Japanese during WW2.

A great debut and I look forward to reading more of her work.
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Set in 1940’s Singapore we follow the story of Miranda, a wife suffering from the loss of her child in a foreign country with frankly a not very supportive husband. We see her grow as a young woman, navigate the complex society of Singapore in a postwar setting and explore new friendships.

What I loved most about this novel was the setting, as Paula lived in Singapore for some time I really felt like I was transported there, the imagery was so vivid and beautiful.

The character development was incredible too, I started off being a bit miffed by Miranda’s willingness to succumb to being in a complicated and difficult marriage but as the novel went on I fell in love with her personal growth and determination to live her best life.

Overall I devoured this novel, I love a bit of historical fiction and this did not disappoint! For all you historical fiction lovers out there pick this up for sure.
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Wow. This book is wow. I read this book for a book tour. And I am not disappointed. I love the history of Singapore and how it's all connected. This is the first ever book that I have read about Singapore history. And how this has all connected with Miranda's life and also Nick's. I loved Miranda's character.
Also thank you NetGalley and Instabooktour for giving me an opportunity to read this book and an honest opinion.
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