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Another winner from Ley! 
"The Orange Grove" transported me from grey Dorset to the rich, vivid imagery of Seville. Romance woven with intrigue and a family secret all made for a book that kept me captivated from start to finish.
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Another evocative story by Rosanna Ley. All the smells and sounds of Seville are brought to life in this story. Rosanna's books are almost a travel guide as the descriptive language always make me want to visit the locations of the books. A perfect summer book.
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Really great atmospheric edgy of your seat read. This book had me up late reading wanting to discover all the secrets and find out what was going on. Really well written. Great job.
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Lovely book - all the sights, sounds and smells of Spain, but of Seville in particular. The tapas are mouthwatering and the description of the flamenco is riveting. It is dual timeline shared between mother and daughter, the storyline 30 years apart but so well written it doesn’t jar. Sympathetic characters and incredible detail took me from the cold and miserable to orange blossom perfume and sunny skies; a real treat. I think Susanna Ley is one of the most evocative writers, her books are as good as guide books!
Thanks to Quercia books and NetGalley for an ARC in return for an honest review.
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Thanks to #netgalley #rosannaley for letting me read this book prior to publication .

The book is set in Seville, in 1988 and again in 2018. Ella and her husband Felix were young, and living at his mother's while saving for a home of their own, when Ella decides they should have a holiday to Seville. Felix's mother a widower was not too impressed when they decided to go away. After the first day, Felix received a call from her to say she had fallen down the stairs, his first priority is his mother, Ella is put out and tells if he goes home, she will stay for the remainder of the holiday. While there on her own she meets Caleb, and falls head over heals in love with him.

30 years later, Ella's daughter decides to set up her own shop in her home town of Bridgeport to sell everything connected to oranges (how I wish this type of shop really existed in Norfolk,) to meet with potential suppliers, Holly asks Ella to accompany her on a trip to Seville, Felix persuades her also to go.

Products are sourced, new and old loves found, all in the streets of Seville.... now on my to travel to list.

Enjoy, escape to the sun, forget about COVID... I'm sure you can smell the oranges and orange blossom as you read this book!
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This was an absolutely wonderfully, atmospheric read set in 2 time lines in Seville.
Holly takes her mum back to Seville to search for some orange themed items to stock the new store she's planning. She knows her mum is holding secrets and wants to find out why she's so cagey about her previous visit.
You can just smell the orange blossom in the air, taste the wine, imagine the marmalade being made with the oranges. The scenery and history of the area are explored and you have such vivid imagery that you are transported right into the magical evenings full of dance and music.
The Italian men provide the love interest and there is also the darker element of the area.
I just loved everything about it and now really want to visit Seville.
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I asked to review this book on NetGalley as I am a fan of Ley's books.  I also have two unread ready to go.
This tells the story of Ella and her daughter Holly.  It has two dual time lines - Ella in 1988, when she goes on a trip to Seville with her husband and Holly in 2018. Although we also catch up with Ella 30 years later too.
It's a love story essentially with Seville at the heart of things.  Each woman faces her own trials and tribulations.
Would highly recommend.
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Rosanna Ley is one of the authors I always come back to, and this latest story did not disappoint. I was transported to beautiful Seville, somewhere I’ve never been but is now on my list of places to go when we can travel again. Rosanna once again created a wonderful story which made me feel like I was there. This book was a real dose of much needed sunshine with a group of characters who were both believable and likeable.
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Wow - this book transports you to Seville - the sights, the history, the sun and most of all the smells. For me particular memories are often evoked most strongly by a smell that is familiar. I feel like I have just returned from an amazing break in Spain, which was just what was need on cold, wet winter days in a pandemic! I must now visit Seville when we are allowed as the author describes the city in such detail you really feel like you are there. The story is maybe a little predictable but it is so comforting - a good ending and a great story to get you there, flicking between the modern day story and the story of a very special week in 1988. I loved all the characters and you really cared for and empathised with each I their own way. Another hit from this author who is a favourite of mine.
My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me access to a digital copy in return for an honest review.
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Rosanna Ley has not let her fans down .In times when international holiday travel is banned,a trip to Seville conjures up the smells and sights of  Spain. Pure escapism.
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When Holly and her mother, Ella, travel together to Seville on a buying trip for Holly's new business in her home town of Bridport, they discover more than orange based products. As well as a heartwarming story,  the outstanding feature of this novel is the descriptions of the setting in Seville. In these days when we have to stay at home, this book transports you to to Spain and this fascinating city.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

Another fabulous book from Rosanna.

The story, a family drama, at the heart is a mother daughter relationship. 

I loved how the history and culture was described, not to mention,  the orange scented goodness.

At a crossroad in her life, Holly wants to find out Seville, a place her mother loved.. it reveals secrets and along the way opens her heart. 

Recommend it.
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A lovely book. Gosh Iwant  to go to Seville.  A good story line, horide mother in law who turned out to be ok, odd husband, different father and a love element. But it was well writen. .Not all ways a fan of books that jump between years but it worked. . It had a proper ending which I loved
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You can always rely on Rosanna Ley to create a good story against a stunning background.

Quite poignant this one. A daughter finds out the truth behind her mum's love of Seville. A recipe gives  a clue to the past. Holly the daughter goes out to find her way, a new job, and finds a new relationship with her mum at the same time. Then the past comes back to share its secrets...

Rosanna  =a lovely story. I have since had to buy orange juice and lemon drizzle cake to get my citrus fix though.
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Another stunning book by Rosanna. This book contains smaller stories that are intertwined as we learn the characters own stories. At a time when we are unable to take holidays, this cleverly written book gives you a sense of being there among the orange trees in Seville.
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What a wonderful book! 
Holly decides to pack in her job and start a new career, running a shop that imports everything orange from Seville. She decides to pay a visit to this wonderful city to meet suppliers and asks her mother Ella to go with her. Ella is reluctant to return to Seville a city she last visited nearly 30 years ago. As the book unfolds, we learn why and how the future is shaped by events of the past. Not only in Spain but at home as well. 
I loved this book - partly because Seville is one of my favourite cities and I recognised so many of the places, and the spirit of the city in Rosanna's writing. As well as describing Seville, Rosanna also writes about the food, the history, the people, the flamenco! You are there, in a bar in Triana, you can smell the orange blossom. 

We all need to travel in our minds and our hearts at the moment, and Rosanna takes you right into the sunny, scented heart of Seville. If you want a romantic story with beautiful descriptions of place and food, this is for you. You will want to visit Seville! 
My only complaint is that there isn't a recipe for the Seville orange and almond cake - but I suppose it's a family secret.
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With thanks  to netgalley  and rosanna  ley  fir an early  copy in return  for an honest opinion. 
Having read all of this authors  books I was delighted  to read her new book, a family  saga that will take some sorting  out emotions run deep for Holly's mum can they work it out an excellent  read and highly  intriguing  really enjoyed  it.
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Holly is ready to quit her job and leave the noise and commotion of the city behind. She wants to realize her dream of moving home to Dorset to make the marmalade she so adored when she was younger. She needs to travel to Seville to source the oranges that will go into her products at Bitter Orange. Holly is shocked when her mother, who has always loved Seville, refuses to go along on the venture. Ella has kept some big secrets from Holly, and returning to Seville will bring them all to light. Will mother and daughter be able to face the past and find a way to a happier future?
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