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Thank you, Nicholas Brealy Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

This guidebook is a much needed one today as most of the popular guidebooks do not apply for every work situation and different kinds of leadership.

I love how direct and practical the content is. With three different sections with concise chapters, different work scenarios are given and explained for the different leaders. Love the relevant anecdotes and real experiences used for the explanations.

Take your time while reading this book. It's going to make huge changes in your work and make your team work better than it has ever done before.

We know it's the application parts that would be the most difficult. But the basics are explained quite well in a manner the reader will be excited to follow and apply. 

Go for this if you truly desire to become a leader who would become the leader you wanted to be.
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A solid primer on the societal and technological changes that have led us to now, how we relate to change, and how we can bring about change ourselves. As the book asserts, in the modern digital age, more of us can participate or lead than ever before. Thoughtful and encouraging, this got me thinking a lot about how to navigate change and anticipate future changes to come.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC.
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The most constant thing is change. The world around us is changing, technology influenced our personal and professional lives, the way of doing business changes. What is important for today's leader? Embrace the change, act with empathy, look forward to new things and keep positive attitude. There are a lot of interesting stories in the book that teach embracing change.
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The world has changed - have you changed with it?  This is an incredibly important question to ask yourself today, and I guarantee this book will challenge you to step into your own leadership style and give you a playbook for doing just that. CHANGEMAKER PLAYBOOK will surprise you with its insights and get you ready for the new post-COVID normal. I highly recommend this book for mid-career professionals who are looking to grow into their leadership style.

This book was a real blessing in disguise for me. It pulled together several thoughts I've been mulling around in my head for a while, the key one being: where do I fit in this "everyone is a brand" world? As an introvert and someone who prefers to lead through empathy and collaboration, I haven't seen myself as a change-maker before. But this book challenged me to think differently. It is filled with stories and examples that also helped me think about how I can manage others in this new world. I have staff that I want to empower, and CHANGEMAKER PLAYBOOK helped me see just how I can do that.

5 stars, I highly recommend this book. Thank you to Nicholas Brealey Publishing for the advanced reader copy; I loved it so much I ordered the book to read again.  This time I'll be taking copious notes in the margins!
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