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Having recently been promoted at work this book came at the perfect time!

I really liked the quotes and references from other books and research, it showed that this is an area that Fab has done some serious legwork and background reading into, taking the best bits along with her own experience and putting a modern spin on things.

There’s some great tips in here too. I was pleased to see that some of the changes I’ve made as I adjusted to working from home are things Fab recommended, and also tried some new things out, like the screen time function on my iPhone - this was genius and really stopped me from getting so easily distracted!

I really enjoyed Fab’s writing style, so much so I have ordered her other book ‘Make An Impact’; I felt as though she were a friend talking to me directly. Fab by name, fab by nature!
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This book could not have come at a better time, after 14 months of working from home I am burnt out! The line between working and resting have blurred and my evenings have now become time for catching up on work with a glass of wine in hand. 

Fab's book has really made me appreciate the importance of switching off and shown me that by doing this I'm actually more productive when I am at work. Even if you're not working from home or self-employed this book will help you! Couldn't recommend this enough, complete game-changer!
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I love this book. Fab is, quite frankly, fab! I'm definitely a workaholic, I feel guilty whenever I take time off and really struggle to switch off, and for some reason believe that because I'm working remotely I should be available 24/7, so when I saw that this book was being published on my birthday I saw it as a sign and decided I must read it! And I'm so glad I did. 

Fab Giovanetti, a recovering workaholic, talks us through a number of scenarios and actions to help us address our work-life balance, and I found I really related to what she was saying. From writing out your top values and what an ideal day looks like to working out why you worry about taking time off, Giovanetti covers everything to help you cope with this weird 'new normal' post-pandemic flexible working. 

Remote working is heavy. I've never worked so hard, I've never taken so much on and I've never found it so hard to take some time for me, but after reading this I know I can do better and be better. I'm 100% going to be using these action steps going forward and, honestly, I was sold from the moment Giovanetti told me to buy a new notebook. 

Thank you Fab (and Watkins Publishing!), I can't wait to take some of these learnings forward and reclaim my time off! 

(I also want to say I really love the cover, it's bold and striking and definitely grabbed my attention!)
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As a teacher I feel I’m always blurring work/ life and overworking which is why I chose this book. Although it’s mainly geared towards office workers, there were many tips and ideas I could use and adapt to really change the way I view work. I found myself agreeing with many of the scenarios described and gave actively taken things from this book that I believe will transform my approach to work. It was also written in a very engaging abs relatable way that made me fly through this book in just one evening. Give it a try- I’d be surprised if you don’t find at least one takeaway.
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This book came at the perfect time for me. After being furloughed for most of 2020 and returned to work a few months ag0 and vowed to myself that I would go back with a different mindset. I would implement a. work life balance. No going into the office on the weekend or staying until 9pm. How long did that last? About 2 weeks.

And then I read this book and I wish I had read it sooner. So helpful and informative. I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone returning to work.
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Reclaim Your Time Off by Fab Giovanetti

This book came at just the right time for me. I have a very busy job as a childcare solicitor, which throughout the pandemic has been done working from home. Even my Court Hearings are conducted via Microsoft Teams. 

There are times when my role is overwhelming and stressful and today, I needed to refocus and reclaim my own rules around my work. It’s Easter weekend and I found myself needing to log on and get on top of my tasks and commitments.

All too often I finish my working day late, even 8-10 hours is not enough to work through my tasks and for me to feel that I have achieved and had a productive day. 

This book was incredibly insightful. In parts I felt like I was reading about my own working day and it was refreshing to understand the impact of ‘time dysmorphia’ upon my day. I am all too guilty of assuming that I can achieve more than I sometimes do and this leaves me disheartened. 

I read this book in a day and I completely intend to read this again and complete some of the tasks and journal tasks and apply this to my own circumstances and reclaim my time. 

Thank you Fab, for putting out such a focussed and relatable publication. I thoroughly enjoyed this and will be recommending to friends and colleagues! This is absolutely a must read for everyone and should be compulsory reading!! 

I will be posting on my Instagram and goodreads once I have drafted the insta post and around publication day and I will update this with a link at that point.
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Do you struggle to keep your work and personal lives separate? Do you want to be more productive in less time at work? Has working remotely been a struggle for you - whether as an employee or manager? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to read this book! There is something for everyone, even those who already focus a lot on self-improvement, routines, etc.

I really liked all the useful tips I can directly (and easily apply). The book was very straight-forward but was fun and engaging to read. For such a quick read, this book can make a HUGE impact on your life!
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An interesting read with some great tips for time management.

Easy to understand with examples and actions to takeaway.
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