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In the Time of Covid

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In the Time of Covid is a well written, first hand account of a horrific event. It’s a deeply personal book that explains the facts, but more importantly it expresses the humanity associated with the pandemic. It’s an Incredibly interesting, quick and informative read on the COVID tragedy in the US.
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Not so much a diary, but a reflective account on how a medical centre in New Jersey responded to treating and managing COVID 19.
Co-written by men with skills in communicating it is a honest, detailed and human story of the first wave of this pandemic. The hospital interesting was built out of a response to Spanish Flu in 1918. Well, it certainly faced its own challenges in early 2020, March through April. It had to be innovative, united and logistically astute to maintain its care within its community. The story is familiar to those of us who have lived through these days and watched the news on TV.
However, it is always good to see healthcare in action and read of how Dr Jarrett based some of his responses on his early medical practice combating HIV/AIDS. The co-operation is clearly revealed within the staff team and the attempts to stay ahead of the disease. It is a little shocking how poorly we were prepared and the problems in the USA mirror the difficulties seen in U.K. hospitals.
I found the book fascinating and gave hints at those issues that puzzled and led to some frustration on my part.
I particularly liked the sense of real time responses; no concealing of mistakes locally and in political decisions. It was also good to see the positive aspects of private health care and the proper balance between care and profit which is explained in passing and reflected in the response to save lives.
I was amazed by the many staff who stepped up, the work across the board to segregate patients and the work in telemedicine providing support patients able to be managed at home. It is amazing to see innovation in construction, to expand the number of beds and create a safe working environment. To have explained why testing took so long initially and why it will never be 100% reliable. The struggle faced having enough PPE and medicines available. The hunt for ventilators and the folly of a national stockpile which wasn’t audited and why equipment was broken or obsolete.
Above everything else this book made me feel part of this hospital where heroes don’t wear capes. It also explained some of my anxieties going forward and the importance of keeping safe.
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I decided to read this book about Covid-19, to see if it would be different information, than what I was seeing on the media. I was surprised that this book was a quick read. The authors (Dr. Adam Jarrett & Paul Rosengren) explain things in layman terms. I will admit, that a little bit of what I read, did go over my head but I enjoy learning. I am thankful that I was able to read the digital copy for free on NetGalley. 

I found the following topics worth the read:

ISO Pods.
Negative pressure rooms.
Off-the shelf treatment.
The author’s explanation of the myth of using antibiotics for COVID-19.

A few times, references to studies were not mentioned. I was interested in learning more of why initial studies (of vaccines), were not tested for people with autoimmune disabilities. I was looking for a reference note to the study and I didn’t see it listed in the book. Unless it is mentioned in the actual physical copy of the book? Even with that constructive criticism, I would highly recommend this book to family and friends. I would give this book as a gift. 

Thank you to the healthcare workers and Holy Name for providing outstanding leadership

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In the time of COVID by Adam Jarrett and Paul Rosengren
Covid, this pandemic that has affected us all has also caused countless hospitals to overflow. Holy Name Hospital  ‘s story of trying to fight Covid-19 is an impressive 5 Star story with useful tips if someone got sick. Just remember, times are changing rapidly with the rollout of the vaccines in the US and overseas, so the medical treatment tips may be outdated by the time you read this. I loved this book! I got this as an ARC from NetGalley.
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This is a US centric look at how one hospital dealt with the beginning of the pandemic. 

Parts of it made me cry. The majority of it was matter a fact about precautions people should take to stop the spread. I loved the anecdotes about the specific people that did things to help the hospital.
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