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A Day at the Beach Hut

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An enjoyable quick read.

This book has a LOT of recipes, with very short stories interspersed.  I'm not really a cook so skipped over the recipes, but  I loved the short stories set around the Everdene beach huts, as the previous books in this series.

I just wish there had been more of the short stories and not so many recipes and anecdotes.  I did like the way the short stories all linked together by the end though, very satisfying!  I would have loved a full book about most of the characters, but especially Caroline and Radar.

A very summer-feeling, easy-reading, book.
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My thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book, in return for an honest review.

Take several people visiting Everdene’s beach huts and a cache of mouth-watering recipes, throw in a “beach holiday” booklist and summer sound track, and you have the perfect summer read. 
Veronica Henry has honed her craft and the characters visiting Everdene’s dunes, to perfection. One does not necessarily have to have read all the previous “beach hut” series, to enjoy this glimpse into beach hut life. Each short story features a different character, many of whom will be familiar to fans of the beach hut series. Each short story is accompanied by recipes for the reader to try. 

I really enjoyed this book. Especially as I enjoy cooking as well as reading. I cannot wait to try some of the featured recipes.
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I have read all of Victoria Henry's books and this one did not disappoint!  I must admit I prefer full length novels to short stories, but I did enjoy revisiting the Beach Huts, it was also nice to come across one of the characters from one of the previous stories – The Beach Hut Next Door.  I loved the food theme which ran through all of the stories, and liked the idea of the recipes from each story.  I also loved the movie and book suggestions.  As always Veronica’s stories were beautifully descriptive, and the characters likeable.  I liked that we came full circle with the characters in the stories. A lovely escape to the beach!  Many thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for an ARC of this book.
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This was a little different from what I normally read. It was a cross between a diary/journal , a cookbook and a series of short stories. As the short stories kind of follow on from one another it is best to read them in order. The recipes range from quite easy to quite complicated and are tied into the story and diary/journal entry. For example breakfast recipes follow after a journal/diary entry and a short story with a breakfast theme.
All the short stories have a feel good factor and if you have read and enjoyed any of the beach hut series I think you will enjoy these.
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I love Veronica Henry, and read all her books to date. And while this was as lovely as usual from her I found I missed having a “full” story, these short stories had Veronicas usual beautifully descriptive wording and her characters are always lovely to read about, we even met a character from The Beach Hut Next Door novel, Jenna, the ice cream girl so it was lovely to hear how she has got on but I’m not much a a good cook so the recipes wernt for me, I still enjoyed meeting the new characters however and look forward to meeting them again in a novel in the future. 
Many thanks to Netgalley and Orion for the advance copy for my unbiased reveiw.
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This is such a lovely book and I must say I flew through the stories in one after noon I couldn’t put it down!  I liked how each section had a short story with a selection of recipes that all fit into the theme.

I really enjoyed the recipes in the romantic meals for two and have already had the strawberry mules and roasted figs. So delicious! 

Great addition to the series with enjoyable stories and great recipes!

Will definitely have you feeling very summery!
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A most excellent read.. As a cook I loved it and the short stories in between the recipies were great and they all connected. Just a fab book about the magic of beach huts and you learnt something about an ace author. You just have to read it.
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Golden sands, shimmering seascapes, musical murmurs as the tides roll in and out, playfully painted beach huts and now a novel released this June just in time to guide you through your impending summer holiday. You will be bound to feel relaxed and raring to set off for your staycation summer vacation to replenish you. Whether you are glamping, camping, caravanning, relaxing in a beautiful B & B or going to a plush hotel with en suite facilities and a super spa, this novel will be invaluable to cater for any occasion and fill you with inspiration. There is everything, every little tip to make your holiday the best yet, even if you cannot go abroad. These are extraordinary times and sacrifices need to be made to keep us all safe. This is a gem of a book with suggestions for every occasion. Thankyou NetGalley and publishers Orion for my copy of these short stories sent in return for an honest review. I felt uplifted and enthusiastic when I had finished reading it. It lifted my trodden down spirit and injected me not with Pfizer, but with optimism and ideas for my first staycation holiday. I feel enthusiastic. This author is highly talented and well respected.  Her vivid stories and exciting plans for her subject matter never disappoint.
There are eight beautifully told, brand new heart-warming short stories based on super seaside holidays that can also fit in well for countryside venues. But if that is not enough for you, there are scores of tempting recipes, over 50 of them, to suit every occasion from beautiful breakfasts, to snacking attacks and tantalising treats, perfect picnics, super seafood ideas, visits to the ice cream van or the seashore cafe, fantastic family favourites, racy romantic main courses, naughty nightcaps and corking cocktails to finish off your delightful day.
There are even suggestions if you are staying put and watching marvellous movies or listening to perfect playlists to put you in the holiday mood or even great games to keep you amused. The list goes on and on. You will be ready for anything and determined to get the most out of your long awaited holiday. It has been a grim twelve months of lockdown, social distancing, sacrifices being made and everyone deserves a holiday to refresh themselves to make ready for whatever else may come our way later on when the seasons change and once again the cooler weather enlivens the cruel Covid19 virus.
So get your copy of this gem of a book. Read it and make your plans to keep your family safe while having a rip-roaring holiday. The small children will love making sandcastles and paddling in the warm dips in the sand; the teens will want to play seaside games and swim and you can relax and enjoy yourself, leaving behind your unpleasant memories and creating new memories to get you through the next year.
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I love Veronica Henry's novels and the sea and so was looking forward to reading these Beach Hut themed short stories. I really enjoyed the escapist short stories but I wish there were more of them ! The book is described as 'stories and recipes inspired by seaside life' but I wasn't expecting as many recipes ! An enjoyable, escape to the sea.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital ARC.
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With grateful thanks to netgalley and Veronica  Henry  for an arc in return for an honest opinion 
Having read most of this ladys books over the years I've never been disappointed  and this new book is no exception  it really  is a "FULL-THROTTLE TRUMPET-TOOTING EXTRAVAGANZA". 
An outstandingly  beautiful  array of fabtastic  mouthwatering  recipes  and related short stories  to wet our whistles,  what a fabulous  idea to entertwinie the two together.  Absolutely ❤  loved this gorgeous  book and can highly  recommend  A DEFINITE  5⭐+
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Oh what A perfect day at the beach hut this was.

A collection of short stories
Some fantastic recipes, a fab coleslaw along with Lamb and Chicken already on list of things to make.
A feel good summer playlist
Summer movies

This was a wonderful escapism.
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I loved this fun, uplifting feel good book. It really made me smile and at the moment is something that we all desperately need. Taking me away from the world we are living in to a place where everything was ok again. Thank you.
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This beautiful new book from Veronica Henry is something a bit different and I was captivated right from the introduction. The descriptions of that first glimpse of the sea and visiting an English seaside resort mimicked my own ideals and I immediately felt relaxed, just like I do when I visit the sea in person.

A Day at the Beach Hut is a selection of short stories all focused on different characters that frequent one of the beach huts at the fictional seaside resort of Everdene. They are all very different but contain topics that most of us will identify with. Intertwined through the stories are Veronica's own "Top Tens" of a variety of subjects such as holiday board games, party songs, favourite ice creams and summer reads. I really felt that we got to know the author a little bit more through these and her own experiences before and after the stories.

As if that wasn't enough to tempt you, there are numerous recipes relating to each story: breakfasts, picnics, treats and snacks, birthday cocktails, seafood suppers, family favourites, romantic dinners for two, and finally nightcaps. I will definitely be trying out the ginger scones, seasalt chocolate cookies, white chocolate raspberry pudding and lime pie. I've screen shot them for later.

Highly recommended for summer or a lazy weekend. I devoured this in a day.

Due for release 10 June 2021 on Orion Books. I read an advance copy from NetGalley.
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A Slice Of Pure Escapism....
A little slice of pure escapism from Veronica Henry in this compilation of eight short stories combined with a host of sunny recipes. Be transported beach side for a while while basking in some uplifting and original tales. A joyous read.
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I read this book in one sitting. It was the perfect beach read. It contains a number of interlinking stories set at the beach hut. interspaced with these stories are the perfect beach hut recipes to go with the simplicity of beach life. Turn off your phone, grab yourself a cool drink and enjoy this book. 

Thank you Netgalley for the free eBook in return for an honest review.
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An interesting book touching briefly on the people using the beach huts with some delicious recipes at the end of each story. I don’t usually read books of short stories but I enjoyed reading this one and will definitely be trying out some of the recipes. 

I have read and enjoyed Veronica Henry books before and can recommend this one to enjoy whether you are sat at the beach or relaxing in the garden.
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I am a big fan of Veronica's books so couldn't wait to delve into this one. It is a little different but no less just as good. There are eight short stories all involving the beach, there are also some wonderful beach inspired recipes that made my mouth water just reading them. I am definitely going to be making some very soon. This book is a perfect pick me up that I feel that every beach hut should have. It made me crave being near the sea and eating fish and chips from the wrapper huddled up in a beach hut. I would love to see more books like this as it is a rare treat to read something like this.
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