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Gerald Needs a Friend

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This is a beautiful book - especially for anyone with children who are a bit more sensitive and who like their own company. Gerald, although happy in his own routine, discovers just what friendship can do for his happiness 

Beautiful illustrations - I would have no qualms in recommending to anyone looking a children's book with a big heart ♥
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This is such a heartwarming tale. I asked my 3 year old what he thought of the book and he said ‘beautiful’. The illustrations kept him engaged throughout and there was just enough narrative to keep him interested but not too much that he became distracted. A lovely book.
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This really is a lovely book, with beautiful illustrations.
The book is very simple, and really teaches children how important friendship is and how you can have everything in the world, but without friendship you can feel lonely.
Great book!
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Gerald has a content life in beautifully detailed garden. He travels to the bustling town and perhaps begins to feel like something is a bit missing in his life. He meets other animals in the town. When he gets back home, he realizes that something could make his life better: inviting his friends to join him and share his beautiful space. 

This is a short children's book with a concise, simple message. There are also some really great drawings which accompany the story. I think that this would be a great book for young children.
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I love the illustrations in this book! They are absolutely adorable and I just want to look at them for minutes! Excellent work! And the characters and story are so lovely that every child would love to reread this again! Thank you for this book!!!
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So much to see and discuss in this jolly picture book.  Gerald is happy and contented in his own garden, with the same daily routine.  But one day, he meets Marcel the mouse at market and learns just how much joy friendship can bring to our lives.  Beautifully illustrated, this will be a lovely addition to young children's bookshelves.
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