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Rebuilding Alexandra Small

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I really really wanted to like this book, I wanted to root for Ali, kick her husband to the dirt, and tell her to stand up for herself. I think all of these things happened, but I wish they would have happened sooner in the book so we don't get what I feel was a rushed ending.
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I really liked this story of Alexandra Small. In the beginning, she has it al. A nice job, and married to a famous footballplayer. But things change when the lovely husband is cheating and she is loosing her job. The press is on her neck and bad story’s of Alexandra’s past are food for the public.

With her friend Izzy and solicitor David, she’s stays firm. It’s not so easy, because she is also an alcoholic (nearly seven years sober). But she managed and finds a new (unexpected friend) is tv show host Megan Macmillan.
I liked the characters and the way the story is building during the book. It has serious moments, especially when the history of Alexandra is told. But is als has a lot of humor.

An nice read and very recommendable.
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I will start with a confession - I went in not knowing exactly what to expect from this story. I usually have a clear idea what genre I'm going to be reading - chick lit, psychological thriller, science fiction, fantasy, you know how it goes. Here, though, I had no clue. Even from the blurb. I know what you're thinking, I thought it too. But having no clue turned out to be a good thing.

The story starts off introducing us to the titular Alexandra Small. She's a WAG, with a sweet husband, and they're undergoing fertility treatment. All fine and dandy. Till it's not. She hits rock bottom in every way you can imagine, while also trying to hold on to her seven years of sobriety. The rest of the book is about how Alexandra Small rebuilds her life, and in the process, rebuilds herself. 

This is chick lit with drama, a dark side, and some pitfalls of fame thrown in. If that sounds appealing, you will love this book! 

 Thank you to BooksGoSocial and Netgalley for the e-arc.
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The book is a hilarious take on some really grave issues of life. To be able to be yourself inspite of all your flaws is an achievement in itself. The author makes sure to bring that out to the notice of readers effortlessly. All in all, an easy and short read.
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Rebuilding Alexandra Small is a funny, honest and deep into human fragilities novel: it offers a clear view on modern relationships, struggles and ghosts from the past.
Alexandra may seem the typical fancy snob WAG but deep down she’s an insecure woman struggling with her past, her present and the perception of herself through media, her own and her closed ones's eyes.
The writing style is quite simple and easy, page after page is like reading a script of a rom-com: there are bitter moment, clichés, a lot of flashbacks and a happy/cliffhanger ending, but it flows smoothly. 
Mo Fanning has been capable of writing about real life problems with a sharp pen: from alcoholism to suicide, going through the media intrusion, break-ups, revenge, road to self-confidence and familiar disagreement.
I highly recommend this book, it has been a pleasure reading it.
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Rebuilding Alexandra Small, the newest book by Mo Fanning, takes the reader down many different avenues, all with the purpose of having our protagonist, Alexandra, find herself.  Through much heartache, many trials and tribulations and the never-ending question of whether Alexandra can count on those around her, the story is finally able to sort things out and answer all of the reader's questions.  Initially, I was not very attached to Alexandra, nor her footballer husband, but as the story continued I found myself hoping for a happy ending for everyone involved.  I won't say whether or not I received that, but I will say that I enjoyed this book and hope that it does well.  Thank you NetGalley for the advanced eCopy in exchange for an honest review.
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Alexandra is married to Jeb, a football player who qualifies her as a “WAG”. But her history comes back to haunt her when the relationship takes a downturn. Things she did at school, friends from way back and a battle with alcohol after some traumatic events as a teenager. Although this is a fast paced story treated with a measure of humour, the underlying issues Alexandra is dealing with are pretty serious. There is alcoholism, suicide, divorce, pregnancy and more. I was happy that things settle in the ending as the situation comes to a close.
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I really enjoyed this story. The humour shone through and it's incredibly tightly paced. fast moving but without ever managing to feel rushed.

Alexandra Small is a recovering alcoholic whose life looks to be going just great. At least to the outside world. When things start going wrong, the reader sees beneath this surface gloss into Alexandra's past and things she might regret (or want kept quiet). 

As she tries to rebuild her life, she changes track, choosing a simpler way of living and giving in to the feelings she uncovers for a new man in her life - the rather lovely lawyer Tomas.

Spoiler alert!

There's no huge crescendo kiss, no soaring strings and no walking off into the sunset moment, That seems to happen off the page, because at the end, we're allowed a glimpse at a scene set a year later showing us a new Alexandra. Someone whose life is now solid, stable and happy once more.

I adored this book. Everyone should read it!
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