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And Then She Ran

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This is a brilliant read.
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable.
Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously.
Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.
Recommend reading.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my own honest voluntary review.
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A great book that kept me hooked. A real page turner with some great twists. I do enjoy books by Karen Clarke.
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I was lucky to receive a copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  WOW!  This book is amazing!  First book I've read from Karen Clarke but it won't be my last!  I was so engrossed in this book that I didn't see the ending coming.  So good!  Anyone who loves a good psychological thriller will absolutely love this book and author.
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This book was a real slow burner. Although intruiging, right from the start, I just found it rather slow paced and, sadly, not the kind of book that I just couldn't wait to read. 
The story is set in a tiny Welsh village, and the scene setting is good, I felt that I had a really great idea of what the place was like. The characterisation was strong, and I found myself empathising with Grace throughout the book. 

There are a few twists and turns, and when I was three quarters of the way through the book, I found it getting more exciting and wanted to hurry to finish it. 

Overall, I would give this book 3 stars. 

My thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for sending me an Advance Copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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What a great couple of weeks it’s been for addictive , nail biting thrillers- they’ve all suddenly appeared in the spring sun like May blossom!

And this is another novel to add to the group.
I wasn’t surprised by the ‘who’ but I did want to know ‘why?’
Characters are credible, twists and discomfort abound, the story moves with great pace and I really enjoyed it.
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I enjoyed this book, having recently read The Perfect Nanny co-written by Karen Clarke I was interested in reading more of her work.
 I found the book a little slower than my usual reads. From the cover and synopsis I thought this would be a cracking thriller full of shocks and deceiving. Instead, I found it be more like a slow paced drama with a few red herrings plotted throughout, mostly towards the end.
 That isn't to say I didn't enjoy it. I really liked the characters and found myself routing for Grace, and later Morag. There were some beautiful and vivid descriptions of Snowdonia and the village near where they lived and it gave me a lovely feel.
 I'm definitely still interested in reading more from Clarke.
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And Then She Ran was a rollercoaster of a book!

Grace, in an attempt to escape Patrick who she describes as "not a good person", takes her daughter Lily and runs away from NYC to hide out with her recluse aunt Morag in a small town not far from where she grew up in the UK. She can't shake the feeling of being followed, but does not want to alarm her aunt so she keeps her suspicions and the weird things that have been happening to herself. 

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book. On more than one occasion I let out an audible "whaaaaaat"?! Just when I thought I had a handle on where things were going, it took another turn. The characters are incredibly likable (at least the ones you're supposed to like) and the villians make you question if they're really all that bad. I really felt for Morag throughout the story and I liked the relationship between her and Grace that we got to see unfold. This was a quick read that I found I couldn't put down because I needed to know what was going to happen next.

Thank you NetGalley and HQstories for the advance copy.
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Brilliant read! This book had loads of twists and was a real page turner. The characters were really interesting and I could picture the cottage so clearly. Fantastic, would highly recommend!
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A brilliant read full of intrigue, mystery and suspense! And then she ran had me enthralled from start to finish, loved the North Wales setting as have spent a lot of time up there and fell in love with lovely Morag, her cottage, way of life and supportive community just ideal for Grace on the run from America with her baby Lily. The storyline twists and turns leading you to unexpected events and not what you thought,as several storylines converge in a chilling dramatic way combining blasts from the past!
A sense of family,past assumptions,and previous lives lived combined with coercion and fear make for a chillingly good read! I would highly recommend.
Thank you netgalley for this early read.
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Thank you to @hqstories and @netgalley for this #gifted copy in exchange for an honest review. After reading The perfect nanny co-written by this author I was really excited for this book. I did really enjoy it and found it was mostly predictable but it did keep me interested. It was a quick read and for the most part fast paced. I did warm to the characters and loved the descriptions especially of Snowdon. I will definitely pick up more from this author.
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Wow , another great book from this author . I did guess part of the story but wow then another story hit you that I didn’t guess. Fast paced and full of intrigue. I highly recommend this book
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Grace flees from New York with her baby, Lily, to hide in a remote area in Wales with her Aunt. This story follows the secrets and horrors of Grace, her Aunt and even her mother. The story explores family relationships within a tense mystery. Well written, a good pace with interesting characters. Add to that a few twists and turns. A good read.
Three and a half stars!
Many thanks to Netgalley/Karen Clarke/HQ Digital for a digital copy of this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Thank you to NetGalley and HQ Publishing for the opportunity to read this advanced copy for my honest opinion.

"And Then She Ran" is a tense, high-stakes psychological thriller. 

Grace is living in New York working as a chef when she starts a relationship she should not have started. When she becomes pregnant and becomes a mother, she decides to keep her and her baby safe to flee America and go to Wales to live with her aunt. Throughout this story, I was questioning what exactly she was running from and is Grace and her baby being followed, did the baby's father find them?

I highly recommend this book if you like fast paced thrilling stories. 

This is the first book I have read by Author: Karen Clarke
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This was an addictive chilling read, i couldnt put it down, loved the twists. I thouht i had got the ending but no bam it went a different way and kept me guessing until the end...
Lots of emotion loved the characters they all played their part wll in th book.
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Grace struck a deal with the father of her baby, let her leave with their baby and she will keep what happened a secret forever. He agreed and then she ran... She thinks she's safe and hasn't been followed, but then she feels eyes watching her, sees headlights in the rear view mirror, and someone has cut the phone line. Has her baby's father found her and is making sure she keeps her word?

I really like this book. It was a nice, easy read. I definitely was not expecting the ending and all of the twists and turns it took. It's always nice when a book surprises me. It did have some slower parts, but it was an enjoyable book that I would absolutely recommend. 

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ Digital for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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And then She Ran...
Grace flees America with her tiny baby, leaving behind secrets that she promises to keep on the condition she gets to keep he baby.
What secrets is she keeping? Why is she so scared of her ex Patrick? Will her and Lily be safe with her Aunt Morag in a tiny Welsh village ?
An easy to read book, with a decent plot. Although I wasn’t surprised by any of the “twists” I did enjoy reading this. 
Grace’s love for her child was obvious, as were her tension and panic.
Morag is an interesting character who you can’t help but like as are the secondary male characters 
I would be interested to read more from this author as she has great potential 
Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book
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Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Publishing for the opportunity to read this advanced copy.

I would consider And Then She Ran I lighter mystery/ suspense novel.  This story did also touch upon family dynamics/ family drama, which I did very much enjoy.

Grace is living in New York working as a chef when she starts a relationship she should not have started.  When she becomes pregnant and becomes a mother, she decides to keep her and her baby safe to flee America and go to Wales to live with her aunt.  Throughout this story, the reader is questioning what exactly she was running from and is Grace and her baby being followed, did the baby's father find them?

I really enjoyed the relationship between Grace and her aunt.  Her aunt lived in a very isolated location and was very much self-reliant.  I really enjoyed getting some back story of these women, and what affected them in their past.

Shortly after Grace arrives strange things start to happen; she finds an ominous note, the phone lines are cut, and she feels like she is being followed.  What happened when she fled New York?  Is Grace the only one that is hiding something?  You can feel the despair and uneasiness that Grace has.  Always looking over her shoulder to make sure that she and her baby are safe.

I did find this to be a quick, enjoyable read.  I did wish there was more of an after, what happens next with these characters.  If you are looking for something on the lighter side of suspense, this one may be for you!
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I really enjoyed the fast pace of this story, straight into the characters, turmoil, scenery, intrigue and thrills.  A young woman fleeing from one continent to another with a very young baby, straight to a hidden cottage in the middle of the be with her estranged aunt.  A perfect one sitting book that will captivate.  Do not be put off by the “well, I saw that one coming” plot line, as there are others that creep up on you and make you reconsider what you have already read...
Most enjoyable, light enough to distract, but heavy enough to keep you turning the pages.
Thank you.
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC copy.

When Grace grabs 8 week old daughter Lily and dashes from New York she hopes ex partner Patrick will finally let her go. With a fractious relationship with her mother her aunt's remote farmhouse in Wales seems to be the best place to disappear and she books herself onto the first flight. After a shaky start Grace and Aunt Morag start to find some common ground and rub along nicely. That is until unexplainable events begin to happen and Grace has the inexplicable notion that she is being watched and followed. Has Patrick broken his promise and coming looking for her? And what will happen when he finds her?

Although I guessed where this was going quite early on it still threw out some good twists and turns. As well as being a good suspense/psychological thriller it also tells three different tales of the power of a mothers love and the length they will go to to protect their children. Would definitely recommend.
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I couldn't put this one down! I don't know where to begin with this thriller thrill ride. Twists and turns, surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Karen Clarke knows how to keep readers engaged.
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