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When Grace grabs 8 week old daughter Lily and dashes from New York she hopes ex partner Patrick will finally let her go. With a fractious relationship with her mother her aunt's remote farmhouse in Wales seems to be the best place to disappear and she books herself onto the first flight. After a shaky start Grace and Aunt Morag start to find some common ground and rub along nicely. That is until unexplainable events begin to happen and Grace has the inexplicable notion that she is being watched and followed. Has Patrick broken his promise and coming looking for her? And what will happen when he finds her?

Although I guessed where this was going quite early on it still threw out some good twists and turns. As well as being a good suspense/psychological thriller it also tells three different tales of the power of a mothers love and the length they will go to to protect their children. Would definitely recommend.
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I couldn't put this one down! I don't know where to begin with this thriller thrill ride. Twists and turns, surprises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Karen Clarke knows how to keep readers engaged.
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Following the story of a woman and baby fleeing to seek safety, this novel slowly uncovers layer upon layer of secrets. After a promising start, the level of detail and repetition sadly begins to slow down the narrative rather than building suspense. There are moments of simmering intrigue and our patience is rewarded with a number of twists, some predictable but others less so. Unfortunately much of the background is not finally revealed until very near the end, when all of a sudden multiple revelations rush to be crammed in. But overall, a great story and original concept. This is my first novel by this author but I would be interested to read more. 

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And Then She Ran follows Grace and her baby Lily fleeing New York. They go to stay with Grace’s aunt Morag in remote Wales, but Grace soon becomes aware of someone watching...

This book is well written and I was shocked by the twists towards the end, however it seemed very elongated. The reader spends a lot of time in Grace’s thoughts, worrying about Lily and being extremely paranoid, but annoyingly choosing to ignore physical signs of someone being in the house. It does start to feel repetitive and dragged out until the twists finally come over 75% of the way through. 

I’m glad I stuck with it because it did become very interesting and at the end I was hooked and didn’t want to put the book down. I just wish it was more gripping from the start. 

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Right away the book had me hooked, it was a quick start delving straight into the story. I was intrigued straight away! However I felt the middle dragged a bit, a lot of the same thing - mysterious things happening, someone following/watching, someone breaking in etc etc. But the end more than made up for it, with 3 twists!! All incredibly great. Although not all unpredictable, I had it a bit sussed out. Overall it was a really great read, if you love a twist this is the book for you. Brilliant.
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I found this book slightly slow to start then picked up a steady pace with the last few chapters being fast. 

Having read many thrillers/suspense type stories I wasn’t overly surprised with the outcome but there were some red herrings on the way! 

Overall I enjoyed it and found it an easy read. 

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Another great psychological thriller from Karen Clarke.  This one will keep you guessing until the very end.

Grace has fled New York with her eight week old daughter, Lily.  She is trying to keep her baby safe but what is Grace running from ?

Grace travels to a remote Welsh village and stays with her reclusive Aunt Morag.  They soon settle in to a little routine but Grace is still very reluctant to let Lily out of her sight, even if it is with Morag.  Then Grace starts to feel as if someone is watching her and she then finds a note on her bed ‘Keep her close. Anything could happen’. Could this be Grace’s life in New York catching up with her ?  Can Grace find out who is watching her before anything happens to herself or Lily ?

This is a great psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.  The setting of this book is absolutely lovely and I really felt the characters came alive off the pages.  This really is a great book with characters you will be backing all the way.

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I’d like to thank HQ and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘And Then She Ran’ by Karen Clarke in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Grace and her eight-week-old daughter Lily are on a flight from New York to Heathrow en route to Fenbrith in Wales where they’re staying with her aunt Megan.  Grace knows that Lily’s father Patrick will go to any lengths to track her down and take Lily back to New York and it’s not long before she becomes convinced someone’s watching her.  Can Grace keep her daughter safe and make a new life for them?  

‘And Then She Ran’ has an interesting plot with a few twists and turns but I found it a slow and fairly average read with a bit of mystery but very few thrills, although it became more interesting three-quarters of the way through.  I would class it to be more women’s fiction about a woman hiding away with her baby in a remote cottage who doesn’t even think to forewarn her aunt when unusual events occur.  I have no doubt that Ms Clarke is a more than capable author but I don’t think this novel does her justice.
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This book was easy to get straight into and flowed well. The plot was intriguing, which kept me gripped throughout. Each character had their own little mysterious history which provided endless twists and turns alongside the main story. The intensity grew gradually throughout the book, and then exploded during the last few chapters. 

I loved all the twists and turns, and thought this was a great book.
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And Then She Ran by Karen Clarke is definitely a fast paced story with plenty of red herrings and twists along the way. 
Grace and her baby Lily flee their family home in New York leaving husband Patrick. Grace and her 8 week old daughter find themselves in a cottage in Wales with Grace’s Aunt Morag. 
Thinking she is somewhere Patrick will not find her initially Grace starts to relax until she finds the note.
You don’t find out why Grace leaves Patrick initially the full story is dotted in through the chapters. I felt like it took a while to really get the story going, in some parts I felt my concentration dwindling. The last 15-20% of the book really made sticking with it worth it. If you enjoy a slower paced book this one is for you. 
Thank you to NetGalley, the Publisher and the author for gifting me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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And Then She Ran is a tense, high-stakes psychological thriller novel.

The story focuses on Grace, a new mother on the run from her baby's father. Grace is forced to flee her home, leaving behind her friends, her job, and all reminders of her old life. Caring solely about protecting Lily, her baby, it isn't long before Grace finds out that you can't outrun everything.

This book is engaging and interesting, well-paced throughout. The full picture behind Grace's sudden flight gets slowly revealed during the story but there are plenty of twists and turns too. This makes for an unpredictable, heart-in-your-mouth story.

Grace and her aunt Morag make an unlikely pair, yet their relationship is charming to read about. Grace is used to a fast-paced lifestyle in a big city, whereas Morag has chosen a solitary, self-sufficient life in rural Wales. Despite their initial differences, though, it soon becomes clear that Grace and Morag are drawn together by more than just their family ties. This book is about bringing people together and strengthening bonds, as much as it is about fleeing to start anew. 

This is a thriller novel but there are multiple themes running through the book. From mystery to romance, there's a little bit of everything in this story. It's enjoyable, easy-to-read, and definitely picks up the pace towards the end for a thrilling conclusion. 

Although the premise is intriguing, certain elements of the story feel a little far-fetched and unrealistic for my liking. While it does succeed in creating a sense of danger, some of the events don't seem very true to life. 

Despite this, And Then She Ran is a great page-turner with a unique premise.
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Thank you NetGalley for my advanced copy. 
I enjoyed this book at the beginning. There were lots of interesting characters, the setting was idilic and plenty of plot lines were set up. 
However, I felt the pace in the second half slowed down somewhat. It seemed that the same things were happening again and again.
I was almost going to give it 3*s but the last part of the book really saved it for me.
Whilst most stories will give you one great plot twist, there were three at the end of this. 
Two I had mostly guessed but the third one took me completely by surprise. 
If you can keep with it, this has a good ending.
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The fist flew past Grace’s face and smashed into the wall behind her, flicking a switch in her head. Grace bundled her eight-week-old daughter into her carry cot, opened the door and ran.
Her life in New York faded into the background – she needed to keep her baby safe. She needed to get as far away from Patrick as possible.
Now, staying in a remote cottage in Wales, Grace is trying to start again. But she can’t shake the uneasy feeling that she’s been followed.
And then she finds a note. Left on her bed. A tiny scrap of paper with scrawl in bright red pen.
Keep her close. Anything could happen.
She’s been found. Patrick wants his baby back.
But Grace will do everything to stop him.

This is yet another book that I have enjoyed by the author.  The book is a quick and easy read.

The book is a clever story and I was invested in the storyline, but  I felt that the twists and turns of the book came in the last 80% of the book and this disappointed me a little. 

However, I would still highly recommend this book and will look out for more by this author.
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A novel with lots of suspense. Grace flees New York with Lily, her 8 week old baby. She eventually goes to stay with her Aunt in Wales where she feels she is being followed. The story took a bit of time taking off, but once it did it became a page turner with a totally unexpected ending.
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Really good read,  I loved the setting,  the two stories intertwined and the clever twist at the end.   Gripping and enjoyable - I would recommend.  Thank you .
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What a fast paced and thrilling read! Great story, pace, and development! 

Grace and her newborn baby Lily arrive in Wales leaving New York and Lily’s father, Patrick, behind. Something big happened to have her run but he promised to leave her alone and let her leave.. But would he keep that promise? Her new location is remote and lovely but she starts getting the feeling of being watched. Strange things start happening at her aunts house and she sees a note that says KEEP HER CLOSE ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN... dun dun dunnnn...

You go through a series of surprises and explanations that all tie together in the end. It’s very entertaining and written with such a nice flow I couldn’t put it down. There isn’t too much detail I can say without giving things away! I became attached to Grace and Lily and wanted them to be protected. The character development was vivid and you felt the connections throughout the book. I highly recommend this one.  

Thank you to HQ and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for my honest review.
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I quite enjoyed reading this book but did find it a bit slow. The last 10% of the book is where it gets exciting and I really did not see the twist coming. Overall it's an easy read and quite enjoyable.
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This is a really well crafted story. The characters are well developed and you find yourself caring for the lead character Grace from the start. 
It follows Grace fleeing New York with baby Lily to her aunts secluded home in Wales. 
But she’s soon left wondering if her past has followed her, and starts fearing for her and the babies safety. 
With twists and turns at every corner it’s a delight to read and I will definitely be looking out for more books by Karen Clarke to devour in the future
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3.5 stars.

Graces flees life in New York to a remote village in Wales with her eight week old baby Lily.
As the story unfolds we learn what Grace is running from.

This is a relatively enjoyable thriller. There’s mystery surrounding Grace’s ex partner Patrick, her Aunt Morag who she has come to stay with, and her new friend Declan.
Grace is clearly on edge and tense throughout the book and there is a couple of twists that I think would be hard to predict!

As a huge thriller fan I have a lot to compare to and unfortunately this fell a little flat for me. I found the pace slow and we don’t really get to any excitement until about 80% into the book.
Though the ending is full of twists and is riveting so that increased my rating! 

Overall it’s an enjoyable read but not an edge of your seat kind of thriller, more of a slow burn.
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I really wanted to like this one, but it was a slow burn with not much happening. I was anticipating a mystery/thriller, but that only really happened in the last 15% of the book. The book was mainly a domestic women's fiction which is not my style. 

I also struggled with the main character Grace. She was very frustrating and didn't really do much to make me connect with her. I did however enjoy her Aunt Morag. 

Thanks Netgalley and publisher for the digital copy in exchange for my honest review!
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