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Nellie's Heartbreak by Rosie Clarke is another of Clark's novels centering on World War II in England.  In the case the subject is Nellie Pearce and the time is several years before the war breaks out. England is still recovering from the Great War. Society and the class system are in flux. Everything is changing. It is Nellie's 15th birthday and her last day of formal schooling. She arrives home to find a car and two ladies waiting for her. It appears her mother has arranged for her to go into service and she was to start today. No chance to say good-bye for her da and her granddad. Just whisked away. It turned out to be not a bad life. For some reason, the master's sister, Alice, had taken a liking to her and had helped get her settled and doing jobs she liked, mostly in the kitchen. One day she was exploring the wild garden behind the house when she came upon a slightly crazed man. It was Lucas, the master's son. The one who had been hurt. They talked for a few minutes, which apparently was longer than he spoke to anyone, and then she ran, afraid of trouble from being gone so long. There was no trouble. In fact, Lucas, requested that she sit for him to paint, and Alice arranged it.

This is Nellie's story for about 6 or 7 years, during which she made many friends, and grew fro a frightened 15 year old to a mature young woman, with a child and a man to love. Plenty happened in this time and it is an engrossing read. Nellie falls in love, twice; she learns why her mother has always hated her; and she loses both her granddad and her father. She matures into a responsible woman. She was a responsible girl, but grew with age. Clarke writes wonderful stories about the women left behind when war calls. This is another of them. I am always excited to read her stories. She is a gifted storyteller and she fills each with so much ordinary detail that the reader feels a part of the lifetime. I recommend it for good, clean fun. 

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A heartbreaking and engrossing story that kept me hooked.
I love Rosie Clarke's books and this one was no exception as it's poignant and well written.
Good character development, a vivid historical background, a well developed plot.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Nellie's Heartbreak is a wonderful story set just before and right at the beginning of WWII, although we don't read about much of the war.  Nellie proves to be a strong young woman, who loves helping people and cooking.  A wonderful read devoured in one sitting!
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Nellie’s Heartbreak by Rosie Clarke is a great WWII-era historical fiction saga that is the first in a new series set in Yorkshire. 

I really have enjoyed Ms. Clarke’s The Girls of Mulberry Lane series, so I was excited to see the first book in what I hope will be another successful series. 

This book is also set in WWII, but during the earlier years. It is set in Yorkshire, England and gives the feel of society balancing on the tightrope of “old” vs “new”. Here we meet our main female character, Nellie Peace. Nellie has not had an easy time of it in the past, and my heart went out to her many times. Looking for a place to belong, a home, love, and acceptance, she wants and hopes for what we all do. As basically a servant, she works in an estate, and through growing up, learns, makes mistakes, grows, and works hard. We follow along her flawed journey and quest to find love, happiness, and a purpose. 

I really liked Nellie. Is she perfect? Nope, but that is what makes her endearing and realistic. The emotions and difficulties she goes through as she matures and learns of life and love are sometimes hard, and sometimes have consequences, however through her fortitude, I was so glad that she was able to weed through the obstacles and wrong turns to find her talent, her passion, and a love worth waiting for. 

I will leave it there for the reader to find out the details. I am interested in what will happen next.

4.5/5 stars 

Thank you NG and Boldwood Books for this arc and in return I am submitting my unbiased and voluntary review and opinion.

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Nellie's friend, a tinker, had vowed to marry her when he was rich but her mother hated his family and Nellie never believed he would ever be able to make money. At the silver Jubilee party he danced with her. Their lives cross many times and you get to see how he works hard to better himself. 

Her mother never seemed to like Nellie, never smiled and never showed her any love. So when Nellie left school on her 15th birthday and before she could even have tea she was sent into service by her mother. It was never discussed she just had to leave! Nellie couldn't understand why her mother was so cold towards her. The secret comes out and its really sad. 

At the house Lucas, badly injured in an accident had become a recluse until Nellie came into his life and he wanted to paint her. They spend an hour each morning together while he paints her. The one bit of advice her mother gave was that gentry don’t marry girls like Nellie and her Ma had warned her about all men from an early age. But would she listen?

The house reminded me of Downton Abbey, which I love. They worked so hard downstairs. I enjoyed reading about Nellie's life at the house. I enjoyed watching her friendship develop with Miss Alice. I did feel sorry for her having to put Duty before love. 

It's sad that men thought they could do what they pleased and it's still going on even today. I was transported back in time and really enjoyed it. It's quite the rollercoaster read. I definitely will be looking out for more books from this author.  I absolutey loved it.
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I can always count on author Rosie Clarke for a great story! I have read several books by her and she never disappoints. This one takes place in Yorkshire, at the outbreak of World War Two. For some reason, Nellie's mother doesn't really seem to like her. When she becomes of age, she puts her to work as a servant at a big house. While working there, Nellie's life begins to change. The rest of the story is about Nellie's quest for love and happiness, and her discovery of her mother's secret. It is truly a saga of Nellie and how she finds happiness. I highly recommend this book!
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Nellie Peace has always felt that something was wrong with her, for her mother has never shown her any love.  The day she graduates from school on her 15th birthday, she finds out that her mother has hired her out for service in a grand house, far away.  She's not surprised, since her mother appears to hate her so.  She would have been more accepting of the post if her mother had given her any indication of her future, but her mother made all of the arrangements furtively.  Nellie is scared but soon finds that despite the work being hard, it is much easier than working for her mother at home.

Through no fault of her own, Nellie falls in love with the master's son Lucas.  She has been forewarned, that the upper classes don't marry into the lower classes, where her place is, but Nellie can't help who she loves.

Tom has always loved Nellie.  Though Nellie has been told that she is to have no contact whatsoever with Tom or his family, she finds herself being friendly towards Tom and giving him minimal encouragement as to a future relationship with him.

Where will Nellie's choices take her?

This is a standalone in a series.  Easy to read and get caught up in.  Reminiscent of Catherine Cookson.

I have kindly received a complimentary copy of #nelliesheartbreak from #netgalley and was under no obligation to post a review.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Rosie Clarke for allowing me to read this Arc.
Having read all of Rosie Clarke's books I knew I was going to be in for a treat. 
This book is an historical story based on Nellie. It starts when she is school leaving age of fifteen and goes right through to her twenties.
There are lots of emotions involved, anger, loss, sorrow, bitterness, but mostly there is love.
Definitely worth five stars.
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1935 a little village in the middle of Stonckton, fourteen years old Nellie Pearce would soon be leaving school, and on her fifteenth birthday she is sent away in service to Beaumont House, Miss Alice Harrington along with Mrs Jermyns come to take her to the house in Malham Way through no choice of her own. Tom Herries a tinkers lad vows one day to get rich and marry her, but at the house she meets Mr Lucas and falls for him. A heartbreaking story that takes us up to the war years and its a love story that will capture your heart. a real tear jerker.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for the arc of Nellie's Heartbreak by Rosie Clark.

Nellie's life is a series of tragedies but when love strikes her as a servant girl in a noble house close to home Nellie must make her own way in life. Travelling and experiencing life for what might be the first time Nellie's heartbreak doesn't end there.

This novel was tragic but compelling. As a reader I never felt overly sad for the character despite the fact that tragedies kept falling on her head. Nellie has the go-getter attitude of Rosie the Riveter without working with machines. She never gives up even when everything comes tumbling down around her ears.

An interesting read with many twists and turns that you cannot predict.
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I defy you to put this book down, once you start reading.  It just draws you in and you are longing to find out what happens to Nellie, She has gone into service mainly because her mother wanted rid of her. Once there Nellie develops a liking for Lucas the master’s son, however he is a rather selfish individual. On the other hand there is Tom who loves and wants to marry her. Nellie is put off mainly because her mother has a strong dislike for him and his family.  Nellie is loved by all in the big house, them upstairs too but will she find the love she so longs for.
Recommend it.
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An absolutely heartbreaking story

The story of Nellie brought tears to my eyes reading as she experienced such hurt from the love of her life. First her mother finds a job for her in domestic service at fifteen, then she falls in love with the Master's son Lucas.

Tom has been in love with Nellie ever since she was a child and she almost promised to marry him until she met Lucas. Lucas promises to love her and marry her, but he leaves her and she finds herself alone and pregnant in London. The story is a love triangle between Nellie, Lucas and Tom. Lucas is the love that keeps disappearing and resurfacing in Nellie's life. Tom is the steady one that loves Nellie and wants to marry her more than anything. It lends light to the difference between the classes Lucas is the rich son, Nellie is a kitchen worker at his dad's mansion, and Tom is the son of a poor man that sells items from a Tinker wagon.  Who will Nellie finally marry?

The story is of Nellie, Lucas, Tom and other characters that make the story. Of her time as a cooks assistant before she fell in love with Lucas. Her love of her father and her estranged relationship with her mother who withheld a horrible secret from her about her birth. Her friendship with the cook at Harrington house and her friendship with Lucas's aunt . It is also about her time in London and her friendship with Maude at the tea shop.

It is a story of Love, heartbreak and of happiness, compassion and forgiveness. A story of what is right, what is wrong and what needs to be.

I loved this story and am very glad I read it. I do recommend it.

Thanks to Rosie Clarke, Boldwood Books, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review an advance copy of the book.
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Rosie Clarke is the Queen of WW2 historical fiction. Her books are like a cosy fire on a cold day, warm and inviting. This book is no exception.  #Nellie’sHeartbreak tells the story of Nellie Pearce, a young girl forced to go into service the very  day she leaves school. It’s here at Beaumont House that Nellie learns to steer her own course through life, love and heartache. A wonderful wartime story with a few twists for Nellie  along the way make this a winner. Enjoy. #Nellie’sHeartbreak. #RosieClarke #NetGalley
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I have loved every single book by Rosie Clarke and this standalone book is no exception. Read it in two days and thoroughly enjoyed devouring each page would highly recommend.  Rosie manages to immerse you in the characters of the book from page one.
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Love all this authors books. I enjoyed meeting Nellie's and reading through her hardships, a great story of love and friendship despite the classes.
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This is the first book I have read by this author. I will admit it was a hard book to get into.  The story is told  by Nellie herself. It reads as an Auto biography. 
It begins where Nellie is describing her home life and how her mother treats her, more or less as a slave. During school days she had a friend Mary, she also knows Tom, He was the son of a traveling family. Nellie was forbidden to speak to him by her mother but did not know why. She leaves school on her 15th birthday as they did in those days. She arrives home to find 2 ladies waiting for her. They are to take her to a big house as her mother has found her a job as a servant.
The first day she is sent to the laundry which she hates as this is what she was made to do at home. Talking to Miss Alice the sister of the Lord of the Manor, she is moved to help the cook in the kitchens who takes her under her wing and become firm friends. She also meets Lucas, son of the Lord who is an artist.
We learn all the happenings of the manor. We follow Nellie to London when she leaves the manor and back to her home in Yorkshire.
 I can recommend this book.

With thanks to netgalley for the ATC in exchange for an honest review which is freely given
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Another wonderful Rosie Clark book.I was drawn right in the characters come alive I feel like I’m in their town living their story with them.Enjoyed from beginning to end.#netgalley #boldwoodbooks
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I have always loved Rosie Clarkes books as they draw you into the story and take on the life journey of the characters along with the ups and downs you live along side them.This is a lovely story that i have really enjoyed.5*
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Set in 1930s Yorkshire (which has got to be one of the most beautiful regions on the planet!), this book takes its readers through all sorts of emotions from gladness to sorrow to love to heartache to hope.  Rosie Clarke is a very gifted and skilled author and has a lovely way with words.  She includes historical details and places such as a mention of awe inspiring Fountains Abbey.

Nellie Peace is a young woman who, once finished school at the age of 15, is suddenly (and without her consent) taken to work at an estate.  She is no stranger to challenging work and hardship which she experienced at home, living with an adoring father and spiteful and mean-spirited mother.  But she learns to find her niche.  That's not the only thing she discovers...she finds love in Lucas, a moody artist who lives at the estate.  Part of the story is about negotiating the upstairs/downstairs aspects, the line between master and servant, as Nellie also becomes friends with Alice.  Nellie also discovers who her true friends are...and are not.  She also has a baby out of wedlock which was considered shameful in that era.  Throughout the book she lives through much heartache and sorrow.  I appreciate the reality this book depicts, though was surprised at the adult scenes.

Rosie Clarke lovers should read this.  So should others new to her.  Any Historical Fiction fan will find a lot to enjoy about this novel.

My sincere thank you to Boldwood Books and NetGalley for the privilege of reading the eARC of this wonderful book.
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What is it about rosie clarkes books? I always get sucked in. I loved this book. It had all my little heart craved, coming of age, love stories, forbidden love and betrayals. And it had very strong characters. I highly recommend this book.
Thank you to netgalley for letting me read this e arc in exchange for an honest opinion
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