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One Summer in Cornwall

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This was a perfect escapism read and am definitely going to look out for more
From this author. I hadn’t realised until I finished it that it was the sequel to the Cornish hotel by the sea so will have to go back and read that one now although it was also a perfect standalone read. 

This was a quick and easy read and read it in almost one sitting and was perfect for Easter holiday relaxation. 

I loved the descriptions of port medden and would love to visit one day. The characters were very relatable especially Hattie and Marcus and not forgetting the hilarious antidotes by the hero of the hour buddy the parrot. This was a story of love and loss and second chances and building bridges and how first impressions are not always as they seem and how easy it is for misunderstandings and wrong judgements to be made. 

This was a cosy read and felt like had been on a journey with these characters with every turn of the page. 

I would love their to be another book in this series.
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A lovely and sweet read, cute and easy a great book to cheer you up when your needing a pick me up. The characters engaging and interesting. A lovely gentle romance 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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The best way to describe this is like a hug in a book! It was a very easy and light-hearted story, and it took me just two sittings to read the whole thing because I was enjoying it so much. 

I picked this book up because I love Cornwall and I wanted to read about a story in that setting, and this book certainly didn't disappoint. I loved the descriptions of Port Medden and the little cottage - Fisherman's Rest - which is the main location for the story. 

My favourite element of the book was definitely the characters - I really warmed to both Hattie and Marcus, and not forgetting Buddy the parrot of course! 

A classic enemies-to-lovers romance story, which is guaranteed to warm your heart, and make you want to book a trip to Cornwall asap!
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DNF - apologies, the plot didn’t keep me engaged, though I’m giving it three stars regardless as the characters themselves were interesting and rounded. I found it an easy read, and I think it would be perfect for someone on the go or looking for a light, frothy book, but for me it didn’t grip
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I really enjoyed One Summer in Cornwall by Karen King. Easy to read I devoured it in one sitting. A great feel good read, enjoyed where it’s based, Cornwall, can picture the quaint cottage. Loved the cheeky parrot, he made me laugh at his antics.
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This was a really good read. Easy story to follow, charming setting and great characters. Really enjoyed it.
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A nice easy read. Enjoyed the location, wasn't 100% sure on Hattie at first but she grew on me the more the book went on
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Karen King writes about relationships in such a way that the reader feels totally part of what is happening. She has the knack of letting us into the hearts and minds of her characters. The meet, misunderstand, make mistakes and then have the main characters reach the perfect ending is a standard in the romance genre, but Karen manages to add a certain something to make her books stand above the pack.

Hattie, who has inherited a dilapidated cottage in Cornwall meets Marcus, her neighbour. Needless to say, from the outset, things are not off to the best start. Marcus misunderstands her motives and judges her accordingly. I enjoyed the journey along their rocky road and was sad when the book came to an end – but sad with a smile on my face.
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This book was very slow to start but once it picked up it was interesting and quite good overall 😌

* I thought the plot was good and interesting! 
* I also enjoyed Hattie and Marcus’ relationship - their banter and teasing was super cute ☺️
* Hattie was an awesome character - she was super badass and I liked her spirit and admired her bravery! ☺️

* I was quite slow to like Marcus and his 3rd person POV but liked it eventually and overall he was also a good character too 🙃
* It was quite repetitive at some parts and the ending few chapters were quite messy which I disliked. 

Overall I liked it, it was a lovely summer easy and sweet read 😌
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After being made redundant and being evicted from her flat in the space of a week, Hattie needs some time to rethink what she’s going to do next.  Her Uncle Albert, used to live at Fisherman’s Rest, a cottage in the Cornish town of Port Meddon, which in his Will he left half to Hattie and the other half to her dad. So the cottage seems, to Hattie the place to go to until she decides what to do next.

Hattie meets Marcus the neighbour who makes up his mind that she is a gold digger who only cares about money without knowing the real story so its a frosty start but they finally get to know each other and Harrie finds that she wants to stay and live in the cottage and not to sell after all but she will have to persuade her dad not to sell except to her.

 I love the parrot that is also part of the inheritance, it makes this a humorous story and I loved it all. Can we have a sequel please ?
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I loved this easy read book and felt like I'd escaped to Cornwall for the day it took to read it.  I would recommend to anyone looking for a summer read.
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A gem of a book. I found it hard to put this one down. The main characters were very engaging and amply supported by all the secondary ones. The location was also very interesting. I’ve never been to Cornwall but can imagine it from the descriptions. A gentle love story.
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This book may be 352 pages but I never wanted it to end. I felt a change of pace was needed when I picked this book up, after a few thrillers and a few books which were ok. Here, I was taken to a summer filled with love, loss and happiness. It is just what I needed and I may have even shed a tear or two. Ssshhhhh!!!

This is only my second outing with Karen, my first was her thriller which blew me away. So being my first romance by Karen, I had nothing to compare. She has created a story that is so beautiful. Yes, we may know how it is going to end, yes we may know there will be miscommunication and misdirection. But it is as I always say, the journey we go on is the most fun. This is never the same and the interpretation is always different.

We have Hattie, she inherited a cute dilapidated cottage in Cornwall with her Dad. Her Uncle Albert sadly passed but she hasn’t seen him since she was a child. Rocking up on her bike she needs this break. However, she meets Marcus, her neighbour and things are off to a rocky start. Thinking she is shallow and money-grabbing, he couldn’t be further from the truth if he tried. Although, I think Marcus is definitely what I needed!!! Shame he is not real – oh woe!

I loved the history of Fisherman’s Rest and the love that Hattie plunged into the cottage. From all the descriptions by Karen, I could picture the cottage and to be honest, I would be tempted to buy it!! It is always hard to let go of the past, and for Hattie, the cottage reminds her of happier times. My heart went out to her as she thought back to those times and to everything she has missed. Life really is too short!

It wouldn’t be a review without mentioning Buddy, the parrot. He might tell me to bugger off if I didn’t! He was a lively character in this tale! Always making me smile when he was there.

I really did love this book, I felt it was over way too quickly. I have to make a point of saying, this is book two in a series but you don’t need to have read the first one, I haven’t. The characters from the first book are mentioned but you don’t feel like you are missing out. However, I do want to get to know them!!

I will be back to read more romance by Karen. She can safely add me to her lists of fans! She has written a book that has made me smile through the pages and for me to not want a book to end, well kudos for that!
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I have devoured this book and have been torn between flying through the pages to find out if there will be the conclusion I hoped and wished for, and slowly drinking in every wonderful page, especially the beautiful setting of Port Meddon and the growing relationship between Hattie and Marcus.

I really liked Hattie from the beginning. She is a down-to-earth, easy going character who clearly has her heart in the right place. She prioritises friends and families, but she also has a deep passion for photography. She is a selfless character, who is desperate to settle and find a place that she can call home.

My favourite aspect of the style of the novel was definitely that though the writing was completely in third person, the writer uses her ability to ensure that we are able to get inside the head of both Marcus and Hattie. We are able to see their changing feelings towards each other and really develop a sympathy for their range of emotions, as well as seeing their reasoning for different decisions they make. Therefore, they are both equally likeable and relatable characters, which to me is unusual but also really clever.

I have found this book to be more far more dramatic, and much more of an emotional rollercoaster. The premise of the story isn’t really original, but the way it is written and the development of character clearly show Karen’s skills in this genre.

Overall, this has been an escapist, wonderful and uplifting read about making connections, being true to yourself, and the importance of home
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Lovely book set in a beautiful location with very likeable characters. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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A real feel good summery read perfect for this time of year! Based in picturesque cornwall, sun, sea, surfing and a great caring village community!
Hattie down on her luck after losing her boyfriend, job and home decides to move to cornwall and and stay in her Late uncles cottage that her and her dad have been left in his will.
The cottage is a real time warp and brings back memories for Hattie of carefree summer holidays with her parents as a  child,days of happiness before her life changed forever due to her parents divorce!
Whilst at the cottage Hattie learns to care for her uncles parrot with the help of her handsome enigmatic neighbour Marcus although the relationship between them is full of misunderstandings, as Hatties life changes she finds work, makes friends, falls in love and gets the cottage ready to sell but the pull of her new life, love and circumstances makes her realise what she really wants/needs.
A lovely if slightly predictable read.
Thank you netgalley for this early read.
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Hattie is having the week from hell, she is made redundant and looses her flat in the same week
Her uncle Albert left a cottage to her and her dad when he died so she decides to go to Cornwall to see what needs doing ready to sell it as her dad needs the money and she needs to find somewhere to live
Hattie meets Marcus the neighbour who makes up his mind that she is a gold digger who only cares about money without knowing the real story so its a frosty start but they finally get to know each other and Harrie finds that she wants to stay and live in the cottage and not to sell after all
A lovely easy read
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I have many happy memories of summer holidays in Cornwall and can easily see how Hattie could fall in love with Port Medden and her Uncle's cottage. I also ride a motorbike, but can't imagine anyone wanting to paint a portrait of me on mine. There is the tension with the mutual attraction between Hattie and Marcus and whether they will admit the depth of feelings that they have for each other. Hattie decides that she would love to stay in the cottage, although her father, who was also left a half share, desperately needs the money, and this is a central theme of the story all the way to the end.
Overall definitely a book to settle down with and read on a summer evening whilst dreaming that you too could be in the position of moving to such a beautiful area.
I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley, however this did not influence my review of the book.
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Absolutely loved this book, Hattie finds herself homeless and jobless so decides to go to the cottage left to her and her father by her late uncle knowing they need to sell the cottage she eventually falls in love with it and her neighbour.
Conflicted in what to do for the best she plods on with doing the cottage up all the while trying to figure out what life has in store for her once it's sold.
A frosty start with her new neighbour Marcus  becomes more friendly with the help of her newly acquired and rather rude parrot that talks like an old fisherman, love soon blossoms between Hattie and Marcus however torn apart by the fact that it would be a brief relationship.
Thankfully a happy ending in which Hattie and Buddy the parrot end up keeping her late uncle's cottage and give her the opportunity to stay with her new love Marcus
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Hattie’s life was not going well. No job and nowhere to live until she moves into her late uncle’s cottage in Cornwall, to update it before selling it, for which she will inherit half the proceeds.
I loved the story to this book but got very frustrated with Hattie for not speaking her mind. She knew exactly what she wanted and who she wanted but would just not speak up. I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to include spoilers. It is this kind of writing which makes it a good book!
The characters were great in this book, typical country folk knowing everyone’s business.
I would thoroughly recommend this book for a truly uplifting, feel good read.
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