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This was a fairly ok read and it kept my interest throughout.   I look forward to reading more books by this author in the future.
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3.5 stars

Aura and Nick have moved with their 2 young kids to the French countryside to renovate a chateau, quite a big project, but they needed to get away from London to get a fresh start.

They soon have a support network of expats they can rely on for support, especially Frank who has been helping them setting things up before they made the move, and Helen, who has come to help with the kids in exchange of accommodation and food.

Soon though, they realise they have a massive project ahead and Aura also gets tired of being filmed most of the time by a tv crew for a documentary. It is not long that Frank, a very much loved community member, is murdered at a party. But was he really the designated victim?

A book easy to binge read, with an interesting storyline told from different point of views. I found some things hard to believe, such as how a mom very attached to her kids would leave them with a stranger for the evening and felt some part of the story not really fully developed and could not really understand the point- such the first party held by Thea, not sure the point of it, or Frank being a perv..... Overall an enjoyable read though.
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC copy.

After reading The Chalet by Catherine Cooper I knew I would be in for a full ride of secrets, lies, twists and turns with The Chateau.

Aura and Nick move to a chateau in rural France with their two small sons for their fresh start. Accompanied by a film crew they settle in well and start making new friends. The longer they stay the the more strange things happen. It seems someone is playing games with them. Could it be one of their new friends or has their past from London caught up with them?

Told from the present with the backstory dripped in I was hooked. I guessed where it was going but not who it was. Brilliant read.
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For me, the characters were not engaging and I just couldn't care about them. I also found the writing a bit laboured, with one character telling another something the second character already knew, etc. I found it quite tedious.

I didn't finish this one - in fact, I only got a few chapters in. Maybe it improved after that.
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It's quite difficult to review psychological thrillers as there are so many and it becomes hard to say anything different. They all have similar story arcs and other than saying there was an unexpected twist, I don't find there is much else to say.

The Chateau is not a bad thriller. There are twists, and turns and perhaps an added layer that we find out late in the story. But I didn't really connect with the characters or care what happened to them. I don't think this is necessarily because it wasn't written well, I think I have just become a little jaded after reading so many thrillers.

For those who are not saturated with twisty tales, I'd recommend it. But sadly, no real surprises for me.
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this book keeps you guessing until nearly the end when every thing starts to falls in to place just when you thought things could not get any worse it does.i enjoyed reading this book and will keep my eye out for some more books from Catherine.
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Thanks netgalley for giving me a copy of this book to read.
Aura and Nick left England to buy a chateau in France, the reasons they left were a secret from their friends .
The chateau was in bad condition, they also had two photographers with them in the house for a tv programme which Aura hoped would bring in some money.
Aura was not coping very well, until Helen came to them as a nanny to help with the two boys.
Things got creepy in the house with lights going on and off, and a voice in the boys bedroom.
I never guessed the ending of this book, but on reflection I realised it all goes back to the reason they left England.
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Aura and Nick live in London with their two sons, Sorrel and Bay. After an incident at the school where Nick works they move to France to renovate a Chateau. Once there things go from bad to worse for Aura and Nick. Neither of them are likeable characters, but this is a very exciting book which i enjoyed very much.
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I really enjoyed Catherine Cooper’s first novel, The Chalet, which I read last year. Not because it was necessarily unique (it wasn’t, following many of the ‘standard’ domestic thriller twists and turns – though it did have a good final twist that meant I’d been kept guessing), but because it was so well written. I even went as far as to say it was one of the best books I’d read in a while. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to say the same thing for the Chateau.

What is it that makes it such a good book? The writing, which I’ve already mentioned. It’s clean and crisp and has a lovely flow to it. But, even more than that, her it was the characters. None of them were particularly nice, something which would normally put me off. But they were all so interesting in their flaws.

I can’t say I was rooting for them, but I was desperate to know what happened to them. And what happened was great. Another ending I didn’t see coming and a book that didn’t give me the standard ‘heroine wins out in the end’ finale that I’ve gotten so used to. I won’t say more for spoilers. But I will say that it’s definitely worth picking up a copy of The Chateau to find out what happens – if you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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THAT ENDING! OH MY GOODNESS! I'll be honest I didn't so much enjoy the first 3rd of this book, I found it a little bit slow, but I think that's just because I'm an inpatient reader! Enjoyed reading the last 2/3rds a lot - whizzed through it and it kept me guessing and turning the pages until it was nicely tied up!
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A good read
Not one of my favourite books
I did keep reading to the end
There are plenty of twists
Thanks NetGalley
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Aura and Nick have decided to make the move to France. Like many others, they want to start a new life by renovating their Chateau so they can have a guest house and Aura can run her counselling practice.. They are welcomed by the fellow ex pat community who offer to help but Aura seems very suspicious of them. Then comes a Halloween party at a nearby chateau and of course a murder.
After the narration switches from Aura to Nick you start to wonder how much of her narration was true.

A great thriller, lovely for cozy winter nights.
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At the exclusive Halloween party in Chateau Amaryllis, France, someone is murdered and it had to have been done by one of the guests... 
Aura and Nick have bought and moved to a nearby Chateau with their two young sons. They're hoping to renovate and open it to guests while Aura also plans to run a Counselling practice from there. Other local ex-pats help but Aura worries they are not as helpful and open as they seem, and it becomes obvious early on that Aura and Nick themselves are also after leaving London for a reason... 
Told primarily from Aura's point of view for most of the first half, we read along with her worries and suspicions; when we switch to Nick and some of the other characters narrating, we see another side of the story. What is closest to the truth? And how does this tie into the murder?
With the story spanning both before and after the party, this did hold my attention and I kept wanting to get back to the book, to find out what had gone on in the past and what was going on now, but I also was not rooting for any particular character due to the niggling issues with all of them (a deliberate narrative choice presumably). While not every aspect of this endeared itself to me, there were enough moments where I was genuinely surprised for me to have enjoyed it overall.
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I really enjoyed the Chalet, which is the previous release from this author. As a result I was keen to take part in this blog tour. I really like how the author writes and found myself wanting to lose myself in the pages of this gem.

I love the cover, it’s elegant and intriguing. It’s definitely one that will catch your eye and make you want to read more. This is a book that really hasn’t disappointed.

Aura, Nick and their family have bought a chateau to renovate and get away from events which took place in London. However, their secrets follow. I have found this a book which has been impossible to put down.

The characters in this book are questionable on occasions and I have found myself irritated by some of them. This has been completely different to the author’s previous book. Definitely one that has been impossible to put down.

I was hooked from the very beginning of this one, the author completely pulled me in and this has been one that I have impossible to put down, as a result I’ve devoured this book in just one sitting.

This is a very busy plot, filled with twists and suspense. I have been completely engaged and really enjoyed reading this.
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A young couple with their children move to France to a run down chateau with plans for renovations and B+B's. An eclectic group of ex-pat neighbours. Secrets start to emerge and then a twisty fast paced story.
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The Chateau was a good pacy read.

Nick and Aura move to France with their kids to start a new life and to put what happened in London behind them!

They hope to open their Chateau to visitors and to aid publicity Aura invites a camera crew to document their move and life in France.

Someone knows their secrets and its bound to come out but at what cost?!
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Nick and Aura have moved from the UK to France, to escape from some mystery event that has happened in their past. And quite honestly, the Chateau they buy is like something out of The Money Pit (I’m showing my age here!). I should start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this, BEFORE I say that the crumbling chateau was a pretty accurate metaphor for the state of their relationship. ANd try as I might, I found myself rooting for their sticky end, in whatever way it would come (I do so love to hate the main characters of a book!!). Nick and Aura are those stereotypical Brits who move to a foreign country without speaking the language, and never really learn how to speak it when they’re there - not that they’re given much of a chance. 

Their small ex-pat community is full of the rich, spoilt and slightly/ very depraved. 

Information about Nick and Aura is dished out in flashbacks, and I didn’t know who to feel the most sorry for. Oh hang on, I did. It was the children. To have parents like these *shakes head*. 

There are so many twists and turns that you won’t know who to trust - right up to the Big Ending, and oh! How I loved it! 

I think in the end, everyone got just what they deserved. 

Highly recommended! 
And many thanks (once again)to The Pigeonhole for continuing to help me with my NetGalley reading!
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'The Chateau' by Catherine Cooper is her second novel. The first being The Chalet which was a very impressive debut. When I was invited to the tour for this book too I was curious to see if this book was as good as her first. 
Aura and Nick are a married couple with two children, who have moved from England and settled in France. They have bought a Chateau that needs renovating and they have great ideas for the future. They have a film crew with them, shooting a show about British people buying property and fixing them up in France.The ex-pat community seem to be welcoming but their seems an undercurrent and a few unsettling things happen at the chateau too. 
A story told with a dual timeline. We begin as they arrive in France initially then we slip back to a few months before they moved to France. The story is narrated by Aura in the present day in France then we have Nick narrating the chapters from their life in England before they moved. We discover the reason for their move and the state of their marriage which is rocky at best. 
 These two character's aren't the most likeable. Catherine Cooper has written them so well. Their flaws make them so deliciously horrible and so easy to dislike. As this dark story unfolded I relished in the idea that they may get what they deserve. A book that kept me up with it's perfectly timed revelations that kept the suspense going so well. The intrigue of what would happen next for them created an almost nail-biting tension and a need to keep reading too.
 A book with a story worthy to be put next to The Chalet on the shelf. Catherine Cooper made me feel like I was in France with these two almost unsavoury characters and her ability to build the suspense and bring the twists has not diminished. The ending was perfect for me too! A dark, twisty and addictive page turner which I can highly recommend. 
 Thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours and Harper Collins for the gifted copy of the book.
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I absolutely loved this author’s debut novel so I was very excited to read this book. I was definitely not disappointed as once again the author has written an addictive book which was hugely enjoyable to read.

I was quickly drawn into the story and into the character’s brilliant sounding life in rural France. It’s a bit of a dream of mine to renovate an old house so I loved living precariously through the characters as they went through the process. The author does a great job of setting the scene in this book and the descriptions of rural France as well as the welcoming ex pat community sent a tingle down my spine. I felt like I’d love to live among this community (with the exception of the murder obviously). It definitely seemed like a charmed life and I enjoyed feeling a part of it as I read.

The story is told in two timelines, one following the couple as they arrive in France and the other flashing back to two months ago. I enjoyed following both timelines and watching secrets being revealed in one which helped me make sense of what was happening in the present day. Neither of the main characters were particularly likeable but that didn’t spoil the book for me as it helped me read without any prejudice. They seemed quite realistic characters and it was great to follow them throughout the book.

Overall i really enjoyed this book and would definitely be recommending it to others. As you can expect from this author there is a fantastic plot with some great misdirection and some jaw dropping twists that helped keep me guessing. The end twist was truly amazing and took me completely by surprise which I always love.

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Harper for my copy of this book via netgalley.
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Thank you to Netgalley, HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction, and Catherine Cooper for an ARC in return for an honest review.

I read 'The Chalet' by Catherine Cooper and loved it so I was excited to see she had written a new book. The Chateau follows a couple called Aura and Nick who move from England to France with their children. They do not discuss why they have moved but endeavour to start a new life abroad. However their past soon catches up with them.

This book is told from different characters points of view - it is easy to follow and understand. The beginning of the book is a little slow as it is setting the scene but quickly sets off on a thrilling adventure. This book is a psychological thriller, gripping and dark. I think anyone who enjoys reading thrillers will enjoy this.
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