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A great read!
This book flows effortlessly and keeps the reader engaged throughout demonstrating the skill of the author.
It covers dual timelines and I especially liked that we were introduced to the current situation before going back to the events that caused the move to France.
I thought it was going to be a straightforward relationship story (with a body) so some of the twists and turns really took me by surprise.
It kept me gripped until the end with no inclination to skim as I have been tempted to do with some other books.
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I recently read this authors last book The Chalet and absolutely loved it so was excited to read this one. It certainly didn’t disappoint. The whole storyline kept me hooked from start to finish and there were certainly a lot of twists and turns to keep my attention. Would highly recommend this book
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An absolute belter of a story, reels you in and keeps you hooked, its fast paced, creepy, thought-provoking and exciting. A simple hookup goes tragically wrong, the turn of events are undeniably unfortunate. A definite 5 stars from me. Loved the twists and turns.
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Catherine Cooper sure knows how to write horribly vile characters, this has them in abundance. From Aura the overly protective mother and her awful husband Nick, snooty but sleazy Thea with her extravagance that she loves to rub in peoples faces to clingy Frank and the strange Helen.

Put all these characters together add in a television crew, a chateau with strange goings on and a lavish Halloween party where a murder occurs and you already have a cracking read. But there is so much more to this than even that, Aura and Nick have fled to the Chateau for a new start. What is it they are running from? Helen being more Aura’s age than the young backpacker she seemed to be on her “happy to help” profile and just who or what is behind the things being done to scare her and the children?

This is a creepy read in more ways than one and the plot is cleverly constructed so that it starts with the party and then goes back and forth dropping clues along the way until it reaches in my opinion a very unexpected end with more than one victim and murderer. Not only was I blindsided by the who but the why too!

After really enjoying her previous book The Chalet I knew I would be in for a good read and I am happy to say it was even better than I expected and dare I say it my favourite of the two books.
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I absolutely loved The Chalet, the previous novel by Catherine Cooper, so was very excited to have the opportunity to read The Chateau - and it proved to be another gripping read that i didn’t want to put down. Cooper has proved yet again she is a fantastic storyteller who keeps the reader guessing right to the end.

Aura and Nick have left London and bought a dilapidated chateau in France that they plan to renovate - moving provides them with the opportunity to make a fresh start as they leave behind an initially unspecified scandal in London. They have even invited a film crew to follow their restoration journey and make it into a a tv show.. They begin to integrate themselves in the local expat community - a frankly motley crew - but then someone dies at a lavish Halloween party hosted by one of their friends and the expat community comes under the spotlight. Are Nick and Aura the only ones with secrets to hide?

The story is told by various characters and has dual timelines, beginning with the present in France before switching to events in London leading to the move.  There is a fabulous cast of supporting characters, all largely unlikeable but Cooper’s character development ensures they are all interesting in their own right. Aura and Nick are both flawed but relatable, and Cooper’s skill lies in ensuring that the reader’s sympathies constantly shift between the two as snippets of the story are revealed, whilst at the same time never entirely liking either of them..

its a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you await fresh revelations as the story unfolds. It all leads to a dramatic and shocking ending - and yet one that makes perfect sense once the truth is revealed. It is a book I raced through and confirmed that Cooper is now a must-read author for me.
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A brilliant read. Fast paced and beautifully written.  I completely lost myself in this story, Nick and Aura are interesting characters but it was enthralling to read what came next for them. You really didn't know hat was coming next which I loved about the book.  It was well constructed and kept me on the edge of my seat.
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3.5 rounded up

Nick and Aura Dorian have recently moved to France with their two young sons to get away from past events. They have bought an old chateau in a serious state of disrepair, and Aira has signed up with a reality show that will showcase their adjustment to living in a new country and renovating their Chateau.

This book is told in multiple points of view in different time frames. It's not too difficult to keep up with and you're told who is the main character and when it takes place at the beginning of each chapter. The characters are very unlikable (especially Aura) which made it difficult to stick with the story at first. It is a quick read though and I was interested in seeing how things turned out. It's a decent thriller that I think a lot of people will enjoy, but I don't think it's quite as good as the author's first book, The Chalet.

My appreciation to HarperCollins UK, author Catherine Cooper, and NetGalley for gifting me a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Welcome to The Chateau, the follow up to Catherine Cooper's hugely entertaining debut The Chalet which was one of my absolute favourite snowy thrillers from 2020).

This time the twisty action takes place in the heart of the French countryside (with a snowy interlude, I am happy to say), where young couple Aura and Nick have relocated with their two small boys to transform a crumbling chateau into a fancy B & B and wellness retreat - and to try to save their marriage. 

At the beginning of the story, we see everything through the eyes of Aura, meeting various new neighbours, a film crew who are there to document their progress restoring the chateau and a mysterious older woman who comes to stay as part of a volunteer scheme. To say they are a mixed bunch is an understatement, and there are some pretty suspicious characters among them - hurray! Although you know Aura and Nick are escaping some murky goings on back home in the UK from the hints she drops, you only start to learn exactly what went on when the story opens up into the very best kind of thriller - a tale from different points of view. As Nick adds his own narrative, and we also meet the character Ella, the action moves back and forth between the time before the move to France and the present, and the gaps slowly start to fill in.

The gloriously twisty story plays out with strange goings on in the chateau, and a slow dawning that the legacy of what Nick and Aura have left behind in the UK is going to haunt them in France, despite the picture-perfect fiction Aura is trying to create about their new lives in a rural idyll. It's not long before a murder shatters their lives and the secrets they have been trying to conceal are bound to be revealed. Someone knows why they have moved here and will not rest until they have their revenge.

As with the The Chalet, Catherine Cooper channels Agatha Christie by throwing together a cast of players who all seem to have something to hide, and this allows her to bring in a crateful of red herrings to distract you from the truth of what is really going on here. I think I suspected almost every single character of being guilty of murder along the way before discovering that their crimes lay in other sinful directions, which kept the entertainment factor high throughout. The tension rises beautifully as threads of desire, deception and vengeance weave into a compelling page turner, and you start to jump at shadows along with Aura, until the truth is revealed in a delectable twist and twist again ending that I did not see coming. And this one also leaves you with a proper chill, dear readers.

Although I can't go into the themes Cooper explores without giving away the game, I was very impressed by the way she raises some interesting questions about moral dilemmas, reputation, conspiracy theories, technology, and the influence of social media in the telling of this tale, which gives it surprising depth too.

This really is another cracking thriller from the pen of Catherine Cooper and I am very much looking forward to whatever her twisty imagination comes up with next. She has confirmed her place among my auto-read list!
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If you're in the mood for a vicarious holiday - The Chateau is perfect. Set in France, during a (albeit quite terrifying) ski trip, this thriller had me hooked. I didn't like the characters in a personable way - but I wasn't meant to, which made it all the more enjoyable for me. And that ending! A highly addictive read.
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I love that Catherine Cooper’s books involve France and skiing, they really set the scene and capture my imagination. 

Aura and Nick together with their sons have run away to France to try and forget the terrible events that threatened to ruin their marriage and their livelihood. They have bought a run-down chateau which they are renovating and hope to run as a Bed & Breakfast business. A live-in nanny helps them look after their two beautiful little boys, oh and a film company is capturing all their movements for a TV series.

I actually read this book over 24 hours because I became so involved with the characters, none of whom I actually liked, except for the two little boys who I fell in love with. It has an excellent plot, which is intelligently told and when a murder takes place it made me suspect everyone. The way everything slots into place at the end is outstanding.
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This is a multi-faceted story with lots of characters and lots going on over two separate timelines, so takes a little concentration, but the pay off is worth it!
Aura and Nick have moved to a run-down chateau with their young children Sorrell and Bay. Sounds idyllic, but as is often the case, everything is not quite as perfect as it seems! With strange things starting to happen at the chateau and the allusion to an incident back in London that was the reason for the move, the suspense is built really well. Then using both the present and past timelines, the story unfolds very well to a very interesting conclusion!
A definite page turner that kept me very intrigued!
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I really enjoyed the chalet and I was thrilled to be approved to read this one on netgalley.

Another fantastic setting in France - including a sneaky ski trip too- a dark twisty thriller to tantalise your tastebuds! 

The story starts in part one with Aura and Nick, young parents starting a life in France in their dilapidated chateau complete with a film crew filming their process.

Something happened back in London to cause their move, and as they try to move on they befriend the ex pats living locally and get invited to an eye opening party.

As the novel progresses to part two you go back to earlier in the year where the story starts to unfold. Told from multiple POV keeps turning story fresh and exciting. The topics covered are current to this day and age and Aura’s behaviour is quite shocking in some places. 

The story hits an almighty crescendo in part three where everything becomes clear with some clever twists which I didn’t see coming until the last moment. One in particular was very clever and heartbreaking at the same time.

Another fantastic read with lots of suspense and drama. I loved it and am keenly awaiting a third!
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I really enjoyed Catherine’s debut novel, The Chalet, when I read it last year so I was very much looking forward to this follow up, and I can tell you it didn’t disappoint.

The story is a dual timeline, narrated by a married couple, Aura and Nick, who have just purchased a ramshackle chateau in France to renovate. I’d say ‘happily married,’ except that wouldn’t be accurate. They have moved to France after some issues in the UK, the nature of which are gradually revealed through Nick’s narration of the past timeline and their marriage still seems a little shaky, or certainly it looks that way to Aura who is the narrator of the present tense timeline.

As well as the issues in their marriage, they have all the difficulties of integrating into a new community in a new country, and things are certainly a lot livelier and more interesting that a person might imagine life in a quiet rural area of France to be! There are plenty of surprising revelations gradually fed through the story in both the past and present timelines to keep the reader on the edge of their seat throughout.

The characters in the book are drawn in a very interesting way, because none of them are particularly likeable. This is quite a brave step by the author, because it is quite easy to lose the readers if you don’t love any of the characters, but she has given us enough intrigue to keep us hooked regardless. I had no idea really where the story was going, I didn’t see the ending coming and I think the denouement was a surprising and left field step by the author which really worked for me.

All in all, a gripping and entertaining thriller which will delight readers who enjoyed the author’s first book and new readers alike. Highly recommended.
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This gripped me right from the beginning, was such an easy read, plenty to keep me gripped throughout, didn’t predict the ending which is always a great book in my mind. Thankyou
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An enjoyable and twisty tale with some seriously unpleasant characters.  I enjoyed the structure of the book which started off going one way and then went a different way and finally a third way!  I didn't guess the ending and was surprised by one or two of the developments along the way.  Recommended.
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This is the story which shows you how moving to France to escape. Living in a Chateau and relying on an expat community for advice is not living the dream. Aura and Nick and 2 boys seem to have everything but a Halloween party murder brings their new life tumbling down.
This story starts at a good pace setting the scene and characters in France but then the middle of the book becomes a bit bogged down with so much back story and other characters who are so dislikable. There is a good twist at the end which may make your wait worthwhile.
I was given an arc of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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My thanks to HarperCollins U.K. Harper Fiction for an eARC via NetGalley of ‘The Chateau’ by Catherine Cooper in exchange for an honest review.

‘The Chateau’ is Catherine Cooper’s second thriller following last year’s highly successful ‘The Chalet’. 

The Prologue kicks off with a murder at a lavish Halloween party held at the fairytale-like Chateau Amaryllis. We then flash back to September. 

Aura and Nick Dorian have left their old lives behind and moved from London to Mozène, France with their two young children. They have purchased a run down chateau and have plans to renovate it and open a chambres d’hôtes. A film crew is with them shooting for ‘French Fancy’, a show about Brits undertaking  renovation projects in France. 

Nick and Aura are in a rocky place with respect to their marriage. They are not the most likeable characters: Aura is a New Age flake and Nick moans about everything. 

They meet helpful members of the local ex-pat community though a few unsettling things occur at the chateau. So what happened back in London to make them leave? In Part 2 the story moves back to London ten months earlier and this is revealed. There are a few other point of view chapters including some ominous fragments. Of course, there is also the mystery of the Halloween party body and others.

While some aspects of the plot were a bit bonkers, there was no doubt that ‘The Chateau’ was extremely entertaining. I also felt that Catherine Cooper did well in creating the atmosphere of rural France and the insular British ex-pat community. 

In addition, she took the plot in unexpected directions. All domestic noirs/psychological thrillers have twists but I have to admit that ‘The Chateau’ left me stunned.

So, well done! I look forward to more thrillers from the bold pen of Catherine Cooper.
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I LOVED The Chalet by this author and couldn't wait for this one. 
I'm afraid I was disappointed. 
I already know I struggle to like a book if I dislike the characters, and wow, there were unlikeable characters in SPADES! Stupid decisions, and their actions were so bad that it amazed me! 
There were some good twists, but the period of the book that was set on the school trip frustrated me so much, I wish it had gone back to The Chateau sooner. 
I'm glad I continued to read as the story finished well, but the middle of the book just let it down for me.
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A good thriller, though to me wasn’t as enjoyable as the writer’s previous book “The Chalet”.

The setting was richly described but I struggled to like any of the characters - it isn’t a necessity for me, but I find it does help if there is at least one person I can feel empathy for.

I must thank the publisher who invited me to read this book and Netgalley for providing a copy. This is my unpaid unbiased review.
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This was good and I loved the twists which were unexpected, the characters went so well in the location. Well written and keeps you locked into the story.
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