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There are some strong, hard chapters in the Daughters of War that face the horrific reality of living during this time head on but for the most part the story gently rambles along telling the story of the lives of three sisters with French parents who are brought up in England until after their Father's death when they move to live on their own at the family home in France.

It is beautifully descriptive but a bit bland / dull, a dissapointing read after the fast pace of previous Dinah Jefferies novels.

I was given a copy of Daughters of War by NetGalley and the publishers in return for an unbiased review.
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I love a historical fiction, and particularly enjoy novels set in World War 2 so was looking forward to reading this.  

This novel is quite different from other fiction based during this period.  It’s based in occupied rural France – the Dordogne, where for a form of life seems to be going on.  Its not life as in there are food shortages, Nazis based in the village, the resistance, and executions.  But for the three sisters – the Daughters of War in the title, life is difficult but their optimism shines through and you really believe during the novel that they are going to get through this.

This is credit to the author as the details are meticulously researched.  The descriptions of life, the countryside and surroundings are wonderful and really bring the sisters and villages life alive.  Some of the scenes are harrowing, and you really think oh god.  But there are other parts where the novel with the beautiful descriptions you almost forget that there is a war going on.   Then you are reminded, and you wonder how people got through it.

My only set back is as its part of a trilogy the novel just ends with lots of unanswered questions and I will have to wait until next year to find out what happens.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in return for my honest review.
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The war told from a setting in France was quite new to me, but I loved everything about this book. The strong female characters the hardship they faced, not only during the war but as children as well.
It was well written in a way that made me feel for the people involved, not only fighting but civilians as well  in a way that I didn't expect and for the innocence that was lost.I
I am so looking forward to  reading the next book.
Thank you netgalley
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If I told you I'm keenly awaiting the next book in the series, that probably goes some way to explaining how I felt about this one.

I read a lot of historical fiction. This one, like many, is set during the Second World War. But unlike many, this narrative is driven by women. Three sisters finding their way through a situation none of them could have imagined would happen. 

Each sister has her own character, fully explored and represented. There are scenes which some readers may find difficult - as you might expect in a book which describes the events of a war. But the effects of these acts of brutality echo through the plotline and drive the sisters forward, so overall I feel they were necessary and not over done. 

My only grumble was that I wanted to keep reading and find out what would happen next straight away!
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Thank you to Harper Collins and NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely loved this book. The mysteries and suspense always kept me on the edge of my seat. Despite being character driven, the plot shone through and kept me invested in the story. The three sisters’ love and devotion for each other was one of my favourite parts of this book. I was utterly invested in the characters. The fear of what would happen upon liberation is something I’ve not seen mentioned in many historical fiction books and I truly appreciate the author including it in this book.

I personally felt that the chapters were too short and the book too long. Some aspects could have been condensed better. But other than that, I have no issues with this book and would definitely pick up the next book in the series!
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I read this ARC for an honest review
All thoughts and opinions are mine

I love this author and was thrilled to be able to read this

This is epic
Loved the evocative language

If you are into historical fiction, you could do no better than read others by this author
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I'm afraid I found this hard-going and not very well written. I pushed on, but it's not a book I would recommend.
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Excellent read. A good historical novel set in France during the German occupation of WW2. It tells about three sisters all different in nature each of who get through the war in different ways. Well researched and written.
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I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author Dinah Jeffries. 
I am a big fan of WW2 historical fiction from all perspectives, and this story of the life of three sisters during occupied France had all the elements needed for an enjoyable read. Many of the events were based around real life events, and the research that had gone into the story was clear. However, it was very much focused on their lives and experiences as citizens away from the fighting, so bear that in mind if you are looking for a story with more action. 
Left feeling open-ended, but I understand there are going to be two more books in the series. We have to wait until August 2022! Good characters and lots of events / twists. 4 stars.
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I love Dinah Jeffries books. This is set in the Dordogne in France in 1944, during the Nazi occupation. It is the story of 3 sisters Helene, Elise and Florence.Helene is the eldest sister and tries to look after her sisters as much as she can.
They are also involved in the Resistance and Elise helps to pass messages on, then becomes more involved.
This is an excellent historical novel. Highly recommended.  Thanks to Netgalley for an A.R.C.
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I found it difficult to get into this book. Its very long descriptive passages are at times difficult to plough through, and slow down the narrative. 
I struggled with the ruthlessness and brutality encountered in the story, but that is a personal issue for me, and it is relevant to the situation. 
I didn't find myself invested enough in the women’s story to want to read the two remaining books in the trilogy. Just not for me, I’m sorry to say.
My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my advance copy of this book.
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A wonderfully written book telling us the stories of three sisters in the latter end of the second world war.  Based in Dordogne with the Germans around them, we live through the trials of life in occupied France.  Helene, Elise and Florence all have different stories but all linked together and cross over beautifully.  Dinah Jefferies writes in a way that moves gracefully through the story gliding you to the next stage and not afraid of showing you the horror that is there as well.  It wasn't until I reached the end that I realised that the story would continue, which I will look forward to.
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Daughters of War is the story of 3 sisters (Hélène, Elise and Florence) living in Dordogne during the german occupation. 
This book is a great page turner. I will definitely read the 2 other books in this trilogy.
Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for this ARC in exchange for an honest review
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A wonderful read. I couldn't put it down. The story of three sisters living under occupation in the Dordogne . I enjoyed the details of life and the surrounding countryside there. It brought to life the strains and fears of living in their situation. The sisters have very different attitudes to the French resistance but end up being involved. 
There is intrigue but also the characters are very well portrayed. I look forward to the second book in the trilogy.
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Daughters Of War by Dinah Jefferies is a historical fiction novel set in Dordogne in the second World War. The first book in a trilogy which focuses on three half French sisters who are determined to wait for the War ending with their friends in the village where they live.
The eldest of the three sisters is Hélène, the one who looks after her sisters, trying to ensure they stay safe. This is increasingly difficult as the Nazi occupation is becoming more dangerous by the day. Elise is the rebel, she runs a cafe and also helps the Resistance at the same time. She is determined to keep helping whatever it costs. Florence is the one with her head in the clouds. She spends her time cooking and is the gardener of the family and just wishes for France to be free again. One night the Allies knock on their door for help and Hélène knows she has to take a side. But secrets from their past threaten to tear down everything they cherish.
Dinah Jefferies is such a great storyteller. She can weave a story that's so immersive and emotional that if you don't shed a few tears when reading you are made of sterner stuff than I am. The fact that I am highly aware that this story and the situation the sisters found themselves in was almost an everyday thing during the war in France. The uncertainty that people lived with during this time must have been horrific for them. This is a book that was so thought-provoking, if I wasn't reading the book I was thinking about it, wondering what was next for these sisters.
 The descriptions of the surroundings, the village, houses and the people shows how expertly Dinah Jefferies can weave a story that is so vividly real that I could have been watching a programme it was that good.
 I must say, I am really looking forward to the next books as I am so invested in these three women and their lives. I am happy to think I can follow their personal journeys for two more books. 
 A story that could be real with the amount  of research I would say that Dinah Jefferies has undertaken to create this story. I highly recommend this historical saga story that can tug on your heartstrings and evoke such emotion.
 Thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours and Harper Collins for my copy of the book.
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When Dinah Jefferies brings a new book out.....My daily routine stops.........I find a warm spot in my garden, hoping the sun is shining and its warm outside and my kindle comes alive. Dinah's latest book Daughters of War did not disappoint, it was superb from start to finish and so beautifully written throughout. 
Dinah always has a way of all her books special and just a wonderful read. 

Daughters of War is set in 1944 in France in the Périgord Noir, area and is known as the Dordogne, France is now under German occupation. However, in an old stone cottage, on the edge of a beautiful French village, lives three sisters Hélène, Elise and Florence. They are longing for the war to end especially as it's becoming very difficult to survive as the Germans are all around them now. Hélène, is the eldest, and she is trying her hardest to steer her younger sisters to safety, Elise, is a rebel, and is determined to help the Resistance, whatever the cost. And Florence, is the dreamer, just yearns for a world where France is free. 

"Then, one dark night, the Allies come knocking for help. And Hélène knows that she cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. But secrets from their own mysterious past threaten to unravel everything they hold most dear" 

Will the three sisters survive the war?  

WoW...........Dinah has always been one of my favourite authors. and always writes her books with so much love and describes everything so well..........I never want the book to finish.

I highly recommend this new book and then i will recommend all her books. They are always superb!!! 

Big Thank you to Netgalley and HarperCollins UK for an ARC in exchange for an honest unbiased review
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A fantastic read. I couldn't put it down. I was so involved with the sisters living under occupation in the Dordogne . Heartbreaking  but also exciting  their very existence was threatened at every turn,, wondering and on guard not just against the Germans but also the collaborators who were also dangerous.  As the Allies got nearer to freeing them, there were the fears of what lay ahead.

I read a preview of Book 2 and cannot wait  for this to be available..

The research and accuracy of the period is superb and in fact as I finished the book,  i was left still with a very real worry about the sisters' future.

Thank you for this Arc .
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Not the normal blood and guts murder thriller genre, this is a much more gentle story about three sisters living in Nazi occupied France. A delightfully descriptive book which really brings to life the beautiful Dordogne region and the lives of three sisters dealing with working and living under German occupation and the Maquis. The risks are huge when they shelter a German deserter and an English spy. Lighthearted and a wonderful break from blood and gore, recommended.
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I really enjoyed this book. Set in the Dordogne in 1944, three sisters are doing their best to cope in Nazi occupied France. Helene works as a nurse and feels responsible for her 2 sisters as she is the eldest. Elise is heavily involved with the Resistance and in love with her fellow Maquis, Victor. The youngest, Florence, keeps house and does the garden. This is the first of a trilogy following the sisters to the end of the war and beyond. I recommend this as a good read. Thanks to NetGalley for a preview copy.
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Three sisters living in the Dordogne region of France in 1944. Helene - the eldest - tries to keep them safe. Elise - the rebel - is part of the Resistance and in love with one of its leaders. Florence - the youngster - naive and caring - is the homemaker. All will be fundamentally changed by the war and what it demands of them.

I found this book absorbing and so difficult at times to read - the traumas each suffered made it emotionally hard to read but worth the effort.

I look forward to part two of their story.
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