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Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies

Daughters of War is based in German occupied France during 1944. Told from the perspective of 3 sisters Helene, Elise & Florence who live on the outskirts of a village near Sarlat, this is an interesting, vivid tale of life during WWII.
There are a few distressing & brutal scenes but overall this is a fast paced, enjoyable read. The three sisters are wonderful characters and their personalities very distinct. This is the first book in a trilogy and I am already looking forward to catching up on what happens next. 
Despite enjoying this book I felt there were a lot of loose ends and hope they will be followed up in book 2.
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I really enjoyed Dinah Jeffries' other booked such as the Tea Planter's Wife so was excited to read this, especially as it is set with the backdrop of the second world war in France, an era that I find fascinating.
This book did not disappoint in any respect; the characters are vivid and believable, the pace kept me interested and the storyline was equally engaging and twisty.
I was so pleased to see that a sequel is planned as I want to follow the paths of the characters and it was a real bonus to be able to read a preview of the second book of the series at the end of this one.
A truly bittersweet story that pulls at the heartstrings whilst evoking a feeling of hope.
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Yet another very enjoyable book from this author. 3 sisters living in France in 1944.  Dinah Jefferies writing never disappoints. 
A story of hardship, living with the Nazi enemy and the resistance. 
The author has created good, strong characters, Helene, Elise and Florence.
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A second world war story of three sisters living in France during the war. The eldest Hèlène, a nurse and acting Mother. Elise the daredevil who joins the Resistance and Florence the youngest who is the cook, gardener and homemaker. In a small village in South West France the Germans are making their lives very difficult. The trials and tribulations they all have to suffer are truly awful.. There is love as well. 
Very well written I loved reading this. Can't wait for her next novel.
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This is the first book I have read by this author and I loved it. I will definitely read the other two books in this trilogy
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I found this book to be an enjoyable read. At times I left the women were done a disservice as it seemed that they  often needed the support of men. A few ends needed tying up but I assume that is due to this book being number one in a trilogy.
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Daughters of War by Dinah Jefferies

I love Dinah Jefferies books and this one could be my favourite so far. Even more delighted to realise that is the first in a trilogy. Win , win.
Set during Ww2 , it is the tale on 3 sisters Helene , Elise and Florence , each with their unique characters and personalities .
We get to share their life in France living together during a time where three young woman were often in precarious situations.
The story had everything you'd expect from the author, romance , tension, and heartbreak . I loved it and can't wait to hear more .
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Absolutely loved this book! 
Not my usual genre so it was so lovely to branch out.
Loved the 3 sisters, beautiful setting and all throughout WW2.
A great story with loss and love 💘
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Wow this was so good! This book hooked me right from the beginning and didn’t let go. It was one of those books that I couldn’t stop thinking about, and wondering what was going to happen next.
I loved everything about it, the setting, the characters, the plot. I’ve been on holiday to the Dordogne a couple of times, so I could imagine the landscape quite easily, especially when I recognised place names in the story. 
I really liked the three sisters, motherly Helene, feisty Elise and Florence the youngest and most naive sister. I enjoyed following their different stories and loved how their characters developed throughout the story, especially when secrets are revealed and they are drawn into extremely difficult situations.
I’ve read quite a few books set in World War Two, but had to stop because I found them too upsetting, especially books connected to the Holocaust. I was a bit cautious about reading this one, but I needn’t have worried as although there were some very tense moments there was only a couple of distressing scenes which were sensitively handled by the author. At times this book reminded me of Citadel by Kate Mosse, but in a good way as I love that audiobook and have listened to it twice.
This is my first book by Dinah Jefferies but will definitely not be my last, as I’ll be reading the rest of the trilogy. I need to find out what happens to the sisters! Highly recommended if you enjoy historical fiction, especially set in Europe during World War Two.
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A thoroughly enchanting and enjoyable novel, telling the stories of three sisters in France during the war.  It’s engrossing.  Telling the story of resistance, and love and life, I found it totally absorbing and felt transported to their world and their little village.

I am very much looking forward to the second novel
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Dinah Jeffries' The Red Tent is one of my favourite books, so I was really excited to receive this arc. A really beautiful tale of love, loss, courage and sisterly affection, I really enjoyed Daughters of War, and will be sure to recommend it to friends and family on its release.
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This was an enjoyable Second World War family drama set in Vichy France during the latter years of the War. The beautiful scenery of the Dordogne is wonderfully described and almost becomes another character in the book. The author has obviously done a lot of research about this area or visited in the past- the notes at the back revealed this as Daughters Of War was written during the Pandemic when no travel was possible.
It is about 3 sisters living in a rural house in a small village. With a French mother and an English father, Helene, Florence and Elise have somehow ended up in France whilst their widowed Mother is spending the War in England. Helene is the eldest and although only a few years older than her sisters in her mid 20s , she has taken on the role of mother figure.  She works as a  nurse for the local doctor, Elise has a cafe and is active in the resistance whilst Florence cooks and looks after their garden providing food at a difficult time when everything is rationed.
There is romance, danger and family intrigue in this story which was easy to read.  The wartime setting during the occupation means that some awful things happen and the author does not shirk from describing these. Florence has a particularly hard time, when events beyond her control threaten to overwhelm her. I liked the way the sisters all supported each other despite being very different characters.
I realised at the end that this is part of a trilogy of novels and I look forward to reading more about the Baudin sisters in the future. This was an enjoyable page turner which I definitely recommend.
Thanks to NetGalley and the Harper Collins for my arc in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the first Dinah Jeffries book that I have read & won’t be the last. This is the first in a series of three books I believe, the downside of which is this book doesn’t fully conclude, a few lose ends which I’m sure will be tied up in the following books! 

The book is written from the perspective of three sisters Helene, Elise & Florence who are living alone in France whilst it is under German control.  I am a fan of historical fiction, especially books set during WW2 & this didn’t disappoint. 

Thanks to netgalley & the publisher for an ARC of this book.
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A great read. This is a fantastic story set in France and it has everything you would want from a novel. The three sisters who are the main characters are fantastic and each of them have their own stories ,which are inspiring and heartbreaking. There is so much drama including friendships, secrets and lies, romance and when you add in the history of the war it makes for a fabulous read. I'm so pleased there are two more books in this series.
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A moving and atmospheric book, which had me drawn in straight away! The story of three sisters and their lives living in France during the second World War. Dinah as always, wrote with passion and understanding and made the characters and their troubles/lives very real.
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Have literally just finished this book and feel quite emotionally drained!  Three sisters in the beautiful Dordogne area of France during WW2.  Left to cope alone by their French mother, the eldest Helene feels responsible for her two younger sistersI Elise, the feisty one who is helping with the resistance and Florence the youngest, faye, country loving and a wonderful cook!  Beautifully written with so much pathos, I was there with the girls feeling every different emotion, I could envisage the beautiful countryside, feel the horror inflicted by the Nazis, the cameraderie between the villagers and also their terror!   I could not put it down and then when  I reached the conclusion I was mortified!  I needed to know more - what would happen to the three sisters now?  Would Florence reach safety?  Would Elise be OK?  What was Jack hiding?  So many unanswered questions!  Imagine my great relief when I read the acknowledgements!  This wonderful story is just the first in a trilogy!  Please, please  hurry and publish the second!
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I had such high hopes for this book and it certainly had a lot of potential. The three sisters, Helene, Elise and Florence are living in occupied France in 1944, inhabiting a small farm house on the outskirts of a small village in Dordogne. 

The sensible, eldest Helene, the rebellious middle child Elise and the innocent dreamer, youngest Florence. There are lots of vivid descriptions of the lush countryside and the idyllic surroundings but for me, the magic ends there.

The sisters face the horrors of war but the events read like Emotions for Dummies. When sensible Helene does something daring, the author spends far too much time pointing out that this is something Helene wouldn’t normally do. I get it, she’s branching out. 

Men appear in and out of their lives and over a course mere hours these supposedly independent living ladies form such strong attachments to these men that they are suddenly incapable of thinking about anything else. The author really did the sisters a disservice by reducing them to bags of emotions that can only be soothed by the presence of a man. 

Elise’s work with the Resistance is glossed over and played out outside the main narrative, she merely goes off on a mission and comes back with no more than a few words dedicated to her work. 

All in all, this had so much promise but fell flat on its face.

ARC courtesy of NetGalley
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Another moving well written book by Dinah Jeffries as usual I was drawn right in.Each character came alive there were so many emotions.Even as the story ended I wanted to spend more time in this world so happy it’s first in a series.Will be recommending.#netgalley#harpercollinukfiction
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A wonderful absorbing read. Set in France in the tail end of WWII, the story unfolds around three sisters, struggling to make sense of themselves and their place in life while under Nazi occupation. Helene, a nurse, is the caretaker of the family, looking out for her sisters’ welfare, often the sake of her own happiness, something their mother, safe in England and distant in more than geography, never seemed to do. Elise, the middle daughter, runs a letter drop for the resistance through her cafe, a danger that fills her with excitement made even more thrilling by her love for a local resistance fighter, Victor. The youngest sister, Florence, is young, naïve, a dreamer, and finds the most peace in her garden and creative ways to make their food stores stretch.  But the war won’t let them alone and the arrival of an English SEO, a German deserter, and a German translator sets all three of them on paths they would never have imagined. 

Told from the perspective of all three sisters, the story views the war and occupation from different angles and threads that make up the occupation. It’s filled with accurate details that leave no doubt about the horrors of war and told in such a compelling and nuanced manner the reader can’t look away. Threads of the past are deftly woven in as well to enhance the poignancy and complexity of the story. It’s a classy, classic Jeffries novel full of the usual evocative descriptions of place and the arresting colours and scents of the novel’s location. I look forward to the next book in the series.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for the opportunity to review. I enjoyed this book and would read the sequels. It gives insight into the lives of French people during the occupation and how they tried to go about their daily lives under terrible circumstances. It was very descriptive and the reader is plunged into the beauty and tranquillity of the Dordogne. However,beside the beauty there was dreadful brutality and there is a real feeling of underlying menace. Very readable if you like WW2 background.
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