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Navigating Loneliness

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There is a difference between solitude and loneliness some people like solitude (I’m one of them) but loneliness can be a silent killer to many.  Especially with what’s going on right now in the world with covid and quarantine/lockdown lots of people are suffering with loneliness.

If your one of those I fully recommend this book, improve your quality of life and gain skills to help you navigate through the difficult times.
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I really enjoyed this book and feel it has helped with everything it said it would!

- Understand the difference between solitude and loneliness
- Appreciate alone time and celebrate solitude
- Cope with isolation
- Connect with others
- Connect with yourself

I feel a lot more connected to friends and family, but also more content in my own company, knowing there is a difference between choosing solitude and feeling isolated.

A really useful book, especially in a post-COVID world where everyone feels more distant and disconnected.
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