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The Taken Girls

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Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy. I feel like I read an entirely different book than the other review. This book made no sense to me. Nothing about it was interesting or drew me in. I kept skipping ahead to see if it got better, but this book had zero interest for me.
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This book was good! I was intrigued from the beginning. The story just caught my attention and held on! 
Looking for a twist and turn read? Read this book!
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The Italian guest house is akin to the Mary Celeste. The arenas and their two daughters have simply vanished. Their is no sign of a struggle and all their belongings are in place. Four years later the daughters reappear, not having appeared to have aged one day. Their parents are nowhere to be seen. Retired CIA agent Marcus Handler is charged with trying to uncover the truth. This is an incredible story that left me gasping. Highly recommended
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Victoria and Elizabeth, have simply vanished.
The daughters are returned.
Four years later, the girls appear back at the family's holiday home. But they are the exact same ages they were at the time of their abduction. Their parents are still nowhere to be seen.Only one man can solve the mystery.
Marcus Handler, a retired CIA officer, is hired to investigate. He wants Victoria and Elizabeth's disappearance explained. But his hunt for answers leads Marcus to a disturbing truth and a reckoning with his own troubled past. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Aries for giving me an advanced copy.
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