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First off, I must admit that I have never read the real version of Anna Karenina. I had always been a bit too intimidated to attempt it. While I read this book with my elementary and middle school-aged children, I enjoyed it quite a lot too! It is a wonderful story and is easy to follow with beautiful illustrations. We will definitely be keeping an eye out for more "easy classics!"
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A really easy and enjoyable adaptation of the classic Anna Karenina. Throughly enjoyed this version and did not feel like i lacked even though it was published for kids! Beautiful illustrations as well. 

*Thank you to Netgalley  for giving me an arc for an honest review*
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I have never read Anna Karenina before and i must say i was definitely very intimidated by the book. So i must say that this edition was a joy to read and gave me enough background and information to understand and enjoy the story very well. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to get young people interested in the classics as it definitely keeps you interested throughout.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Anna Karenina is an adapted version of the classic novel by Leo Tolstoy. In this version for children, it is told of the classic version but broken down in to understandable language, parts and simplicity to keep young readers interested and able to follow the story.
I loved how they smoothed the ending at the translation into an accident rather than what the real ending portrayed. 
I really enjoyed this book and the illustrations were cute too. This was a quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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The Russian classic Anna Karenina has been adapted into a simple and illustrated adaptation! This was a condensed version of the original story with beautiful artwork that highlighted some of the key incidents and events. It's a fantastic read for those looking for a condensed edition. I wouldn't recommend little kids reading this book as it is a quite scandalous story but it is absolutely perfect for those of us who want to read Anna Karenina but are nervous to commit to its length! It was super easy to understand and follow! I hope to see more illustrated adaptions of classic literature!
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Thank you to Netgalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing for this ARC

This was a lovely adaptation of the novel. The illustrations are beautifully done. I thought the story is accessible to any reader, young and old. 
A great intro into Anna Karenina was very informative and left out the right bits for a young reader.
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This is great easy to read version of Anna Karenina. It makes understanding the relationships between the characters and the plot of the story much easier, even for adult readers. This version also includes lovely illustrations which makes for a great read.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing for an advance digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. I enjoyed this book. It was very helpful to have a short adapted version of this book. I wanted to know the story but do not have the time to read the huge original book. For that reason, I always appreciate these easy classic books.
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I absolutely love this book.  I love that there are young adults introduction to classics.  It is my most favorite.  I will read the original classic after reading this one. 
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What a sweet and helpful little book. 

For someone like me who’s not ready to jump into a Tolstoy and would like to know the basis of the story before watching the film, this was perfect. 

The illustrations were beautiful and cute. The detail in the story was just enough to let me know what happened while also keeping me interested to learn more in depth details if I wish. 

I really like that this book is accessible to any reader, young and old. 
I hope it sparks an interest in Anna Karenina and other Tolstoy books for other readers as it did me. I’m also interested to read more Easy-Read titles as they’re nice and short, but also endearing and informative.
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Anna Karenina (Easy Classics) is an adapted and illustrated edition of the Russian classic written by Leo Tolstoy. This book is part of the Easy Classics Epic Collection. 

Set in 1874, the story revolves around the Kareninas, Vronskys and Oblonskys – three important and respectable families of Russia. 

Anna seems to be living a happy life with her much older husband and son in St. Petersburg. But deep inside, she is terribly unhappy. She misses the lively city of Moscow, in which she grew up. The story is about how a chance encounter with a young officer Count Vronsky changes her life. 

Since it’s a retelling of a classic, we should not be judging the theme, premise and the character portrayal. 

The illustrations by Helen Panayi are bright and cheery. Also, the font size makes it an easy read. 

Though this picture book is meant for all ages, I feel it’s not appropriate for younger readers. Adultery and suicide, being few of the key themes, do not make this a child-friendly book. Also, the way relationships are handled in this classic do not send out a positive message about family and love. 

Matured readers may appreciate the adaptation, for it’s an easier way of reading the classic (the original is about 900 pages long!) Readers who are interested in reading classics, but are unnerved by their large number of pages might find this a good way to start. In that sense, the adaptation serves its purpose. 

Tolstoy’s original is considered as the greatest work of literature ever written. If you are wondering whether the adaptation, bring the original to life? Well, it’s a big no – for it lacks the essence and the magic. 

I received an ARC from Netgalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
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Anna Karenina lives a comfortable life with her husband Alexis Karenina and their son. But her older husband bores her, and she doesn't feel much attracted to him. She misses her life in the city and her friends, while she is stuck here with Alexis and entertaining 'his dusty old friends and their boring wives'. And when this very hot young man starts pursuing her, she can't help but get carried away. 

This book Anna Karenina is the one originally written by Leo Tolstoy and adapted by Gemma Barder and Illustrated by Helen Panayi. It is a short, easy to read story adapted from the original book for young audience. 

The language is, as stated, easy to read and understand. It is perfect for the non-native English speakers like me who want to read classics but the language is hard to understand. 

Given this, this book's blurb states that is 'easy-to-read level for all ages' but I don't think I am going to introduce this book to young kids. However easy-to-read this is, this book deals with themes like adultery and suicide. It doesn't matter how much this book has tried to tone this down for it to be suitable to kids, it can't be appropriate for them to read for kids unless the original story is substantially altered. 

However, I liked this book. I don't like the characters in it, but I like the book. I would recommend it to people who want to read classics but find the language hard. 

Thank you Netgalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing for providing the ARC of this book .
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Rating; 4/5 stars.

“Anna Karenina” adapted by Gemma Barder, with illustrations by Helen Panayi, is an adaptation of the classic tale by Leo Tolstoy for young readers, as part of the Easy Classics series. This is a faithful yet simple adaptation and is very well suited for children in the middle grades and up to enjoy. The cast of characters is narrowed down a bit to focus on the main personages, so that the story is not too overwhelming or hard to understand. In this way, the plot narrows in on the main relationships. I just wish that the climax had not been glossed over so quickly. I understand that it is tough to find a way to treat such sensitive subject matter, especially in an adaptation suited for children, but the climax of the novel is pretty much obliterated and ignored, and jumps to an epilogue to try to wrap the story up. With that in mind, this adaptation is still very well done, and I highly recommend it to young readers so that they are able to experience the story of “Anna Karenina” in a more easy-to-read format.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book on NetGalley and have provided an honest review.*
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I love Russian classics because they are pure literature. I've loved Anna Karenina the original book and finding this  version I was interested and curious to see how the author was going to adapt it for KIDS because if you've read the real version by Tolstoy, you know that the themes in the book are not for very young readers whatever the number of illustrations you might put in it such as adultery, an ugly divorce, suicide and some other difficult subjects. 

After reading this book, I would say it was really nice and well adapted but I still think that this story is not the right one to give to a child in order to read. Sorry but for me it's not suitable.
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Easy and fast to read, and I really applaud the attempt at getting Russian literature, and classics in general, into children's hands. However, I just wonder about how children will handle such an intense story with very mature topics, even watered down into this easy classics fashion.

Thank you Netgalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I'd like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book. I give it in exchange for an honest review.

Question: Who is the target audience for this book? Somewhere, in the universe, is there a mother who is thinking, "Man. I loved Anna Karenina. You know who I want to share this with? My second grader." I highly doubt it.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story of Anna Karenina, there are so many layers of conflict and inner turmoil that the title character deals with, and all of that is lost in this version. And aren't her emotions one of the main reasons for reading it? Also, the content of the story itself isn't something I would feel would be something worth broaching in a classroom. There's an affair, a marriage dissolving into bitterness and anger, and suicide. The target audience for this series is maybe age 10? I don't think infidelity and suicide are topics that kids are really searching for in their next read.

As a teacher, I wouldn't reach for this to become part of my curriculum. The pairing of such an intense story and the childish language is just so bizarre to me.
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Really easy story. I was always put off reading the classics as they are so old fashioned but this was a nice way to do that. I thought the cover was very striking and the art work was cute inside.
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I had zero intentions to read the original Anna karenina. After dealing with 1000 pages of war and peace, I could not go through with it. But then I stumbled upon this and was super excited to be able to read it. 

This was honestly really nice. It was dumbed down enough for me to understand and had illustrations which is always nice. I did not expect much, since it was almost written in a middle grade style, but no middle grade child should read this. It deals with some heavy topics I dont think they should meet this early, but its perfect for people who suck at understanding classics or just dont have the attention span for it (120 pages? This is basically a spark notes book with only the important stuff). While it claims to be suitable for all ages, I defitnely would not give this to 7 year olds. 

But now I feel inclined to read the original, so maybe ill go do that now….
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Anna Karenina is very unhappy in her life.  She is married to someone who is much older than her and doesn't share the same interests.  She feels very alone except for her son.  When she meets the handsome Vronsky she begins an affair that will change the course of her whole life.

I will probably never attempt to read the actual novel so this was the perfect way to enjoy a classic.  I can't say I love everything about the plot...Anna seems kind of dopey to me, but this retelling was very easy to read and the illustrations were cute.

I was provided this book to read in exchange for an honest opinion.  I'd like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC.

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Liked it. It was super easy to read and fast too. The grammar is very suitable for kids and the story was fascinating. I didn't know what to think of it in regards to children though.
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