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This book completely subverted my expectations. I was expecting a love story, and whilst that is what this is, it very much is not what it is too! I listened to the audiobook and have to say, the narration by Kristin Atherton was excellent. I adored her portrayal of Santi in particular. Catriona Silvey has conjured a book which feels fresh and innovative whilst exploring themes as old as time itself. I don't wish to give any spoilers so can't say much more than that. "Meet Me In Another Life" is a thoroughly enjoyable read and I particularly recommend the audio version.
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I absolutely loved this book. The characters of Santiago Romero Lopez and Thora. I listened to the audiobook which was brilliantly narrated. The recurring lives of Thora and  Santi were fascinating, each with their fixed yet slowly evolving traits and opinions. Throughout each life they would  meet and attempt to solve the conundrum of their continuing relationship through time, how and why their lives were entwined.  
When we find out how and why, it is a plot revelation, and adds further depth to the characters themselves and has us rooting for them to overcome their difficulty..
Compelling to the end, this is a tale of true friendship, self discovery, trust and determination. 
Thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to listen to this audiobook ahead of publication in exchange for an honest review
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Meet Me in Another Life was on my highly anticipated list for 2021 and I was lucky enough to receive it from Netgalley in return for an honest review. 

The two main characters, Thora and Santi, keep meeting each other over and over again in different lives. Sometime they'll be husband and wife, sometimes they'll be student and teacher, or siblings, or father and daughter. Over and over again they meet and have to discover the truth of their mysterious connection. 

This was very well written and each reincarnation seems new and different but also familiar which meant that over time I began to care for them. I really enjoyed it and I'm interested to see what Catriona Silvey comes out with next.
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Meet me in another life is the story of two people, Thora and Santi who meet one evening under a clock tower in Cologne. They live multiple lives and always meet each other at some point in each life, like they are drawn together. They start to remember their past lives and try to discover what it all means.
This is so beautifully narrated, Kristin Atherton’s ability to bring the characters to life with brilliant accents really brings life to the story. The premise of this story really got me interested and I couldn’t wait to listen.  It started off well but I as I listened it felt like the multiple lives were like little short stories with no connection to one another. I didn’t warm to the characters, I felt Thora was too cynical and Santi was a bit self absorbed. It left me feeling frustrated and wanting to get to the end, when they started to remember their past lives, my interest was peeked once more, but I just didn’t like where the story took us. That being said Catriona Silvey wrote so well and brought everything to life so vividly, I think it may just be that this just isn’t my kind of book.
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I was intrigued by the theme of this book and found it very thought provoking. Each chapter is the tale of a different life - some quite mundane but others so emotional they had me in tears. As the book progresses, it’s clear that there are elements in each life that remain the same, such as family members, a tattoo and the significance of a name. I had so many ideas about what was really going on to explain why these two characters kept meeting in different lives, but in the end, none were correct and the ending was a surprise. I think this would be a great book club read as there is so much to think about and discuss with this book.
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Santi and Thea are lovers....friends....collegues, siblings, students, teachers. Over and over they live different lives,but always been inextricably drawn to the same places and then together. But as the lives pass, some long, some fleeting they realise they are living many lives. And although they wonder how, the more important question is why?

It took me a little time to warm to this audiobook. The narrator Kristin Atherton is as excellent as always but it's a little slow to start then remains so throughout. But as we begin to learn their characters this becomes a benefit rather than an disadvantage. The story gradually unfurls, leading the reader to the truth and tragedy of their existence. 

A epic tale but not overblown into an overlong novel. Expect to fall in love with these characters. Expect to need tissues. And definitely expect to be thinking of this long after you've finished this tale.
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This was such an interesting and thought-provoking book. It tells the story of two strangers Thora and Santi, who first find each other under a clocktower in Cologne, and from then on, they meet each other again and again in all their different lives, sometimes as friends, lovers, or family. As they begin to realise what is happening to them, they must discover why before it’s too late.

Each chapter takes a turn telling the story from either Thora or Santi’s point of view, their personalities are different to begin with, but as they interact throughout the book they begin to change, absorbing each other’s beliefs.

During the first part of the book, it did start to feel slow and repetitive. Thora and Santi seemed to be having the same argument. However, once you get into part two it begins to pick up pace, delving deeper into what’s going on. The book is really well written, each character’s voice is distinguishable and their arcs believable. I tended to learn more towards liking one character than the other, but that’s what makes it so fascinating because I think others might feel differently. 

I enjoyed this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot I could relate to, the feeling of making the wrong life choices or what your purpose is. While I liked the ending and it made sense, I haven’t decided how I feel about it, I think it’s something I’m going to ponder on for a long time.

I don't normally listen to fiction audiobooks, but I liked this. I thought the narrator, Kristin Atherton was excellent, the voice acting of the characters helped me visualise them even more. I will now be on the look out for more books that she narrates.
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Thora and Santi meet in the German city of Cologne, known for its Love Locks Bridge and wonderful cathedral. They are in a bar and their meeting is courtesy of a mistake by the barmaid, each being delivered the other’s drink. It’s to be a fateful moment, for though Thora isn’t looking for a man she somehow finds herself taking Santi home with her. So starts this amazing adventure in which the pair are to meet again and again in different lives in what appears to be a never ending circle. 

The future meetings will always be in this same city, but their ages will be different from the first time and the relationships they share will change too. And though at first they have no sense that they’ve previously met, this begins to slowly change at some point as vague memories start to permeate. What's going on, why is this happening? 

In a story that reminded me of Audrey Niffenegger’s amazing book The Time Traveller’s Wife, not in construction but in feel, I quickly became totally absorbed by this tale. I really don’t want to go into the plot any more than I have because apart from enjoying the ever evolving relationship between the pair, the mystery that is created by their plight is very much the strength of the book. 

Along the way I grew close to Thora and Santi: Thora headstrong and spiky and Santi the pious and placid one. They have some interests in common but are very different people. The story is ever changing, ever evolving, even if the setting is largely the same. There are some recurring characters – a few – though their context is sometimes different too. That might sound confusing, but actually it really didn’t feel that way. I had no idea where this was all taking me and yet I was never less than fully engaged.

Eventually, the bigger picture emerges, questions are answered and loose ends tied off. I found it to be an emotional journey, and a hugely rewarding one at that. In part it’s a love story (more than one, actually) and to a greater extent it’s mystery that makes no sense… until it does. A fantastic adventure that I’ll be thinking about for ages to come, of that I’m absolutely certain.
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I’d like to thank NetGalley and Harper Collins UK for approving me for an ARC of this book.

I have to begin with a huge applause to Kristin Atherton for the fantastic narration. As a listener she drew me in and I felt that the voices she gave to Thora and Santi were brilliant. She captured their personality and made them recognisable. All the different accents were delivered flawlessly and her ability to portray the emotion and different aged voices was exceptional.

When I had finished this book I sat and pondered my review for a few days. What could I possible say about this story that showed how much I loved it. The entire concept was unique, well developed and unlike anything I had ever read before. The first part of the story we see Thora and Santi in may different lives, being many different things to each other. As a reader I was confused about what was going on but in a good way. I felt like one of the characters in their story trying to fit together the puzzle pieces and nothing could explain what was happening.

Once we hit part two things started to become clearer and I loved the way it was all heading. Santi and Thora tortured themselves and each other showing many different sides to them, I loved their imperfections and the ongoing debates. I often found myself siding with Santi but I think that is because I’m an optimist at heart.

The final part of the story was packed with emotion and drama that gave me the perfect finish. I was addicted to the story and stayed up very late to finally learn the reason behind Thora and Santi’s fate. As characters I loved them and felt fully invested in each of their stories. Out of the two I felt that Santi sometimes got the raw end of the deal, he seemed to have some very hard lives but kept the optimism that things would get better. The ending ultimately broke my heart and left me speechless.

As soon as I finished this epic story I went back through and reread a few chapters again. It was amazing to see all the little breadcrumbs that had been left behind and carried forward in each of the stories. When describing this book to my husband I related back to some movies that we’d both seen. This was Interstellar meets Inception meets The Time Traveller’s Wife; a story of life, our choices, fate and all the in between.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Harper Collins U.K. Audio for providing me with the audio version of Meet Me In Another Life by Catriona Silvey. 

This book is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery with love, drama, and adventure, that you gradually work through like peeling the layers of an onion until you reach the core. Told from the voices of the two key protagonists Santi and Thora, who unite, and circle around each other across multiple lives, until one life they realise that there is more to their lives than just this. 

The multiple stories of their lives are always drawn to Cologne, where they always find each other - as brother and sister, lovers, enemies, father and daughter, mentor and student and more. 

To say this book is a mystery is very true, and it deserves the reader’s patience as it cycles through their multiple lives - if you read/listen carefully there are Easter eggs dropped throughout the story that lead to ‘ah’ moments later. This concept is key to the book’s character and definitely a foundation for the growth of both Thora and Santi’s characters. Their arc is complex, enriching, joyful, heartbreaking and totally fascinating.

Without ruining this book for you, I would highly recommend it and I must say that the audio version is well told. The narrator portrays both characters in such an eloquent and appropriate manner, which for me was a joy to listen to. Trust me, there are certain narrators that I won’t listen to. This story is told  brillianty and walks the fine line to achieve exactly what it should - a unique storyline that is not overdone!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for giving me early access to this audiobook. 

I found the description of the book intriguing, and it kept me hooked up until about the 65% point. After that, it unfortunately turned into something I didn’t love so much. 

I liked the idea behind the book, and the questions it raised were compelling, however it didn’t really grab me as much as I thought it would.  It gave me Midnight Library vibes, but I liked the that one better.

Overall, I liked the writing, the base story and idea behind the story, just not the execution or what the story turned into in the end.

I do think people who live and breathe sci-fi will absolutely love this, it’s just not my favourite genre! 3.5 stars from me.
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Story of two people Santiago and Thora who are always connected despite living different lives, sometimes brother & sister, teacher & pupil, married etc. Kept me interested from the start and enjoyed the writing and narration.  Following the two characters through many lives you get a sense of wishing for a happy ending and stop the next life. Love and connection shines bright despite some of the more sorrowful events as life itself. If you like time travel you will love this book. Thank you #NetGalley for the audiobook to listen to.
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Thora and Santi meet on their first week of university where Santi dies falling off a roof, Thora feels they had an instant connection and cannot stop thinking about him, when Thor’s does she is re incarnated and meets Santi again and again in all her next lives. A really good and intriguing listen I really enjoyed this audio book.
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Big thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for approving my request to the audiobook.
I give this book a 4.3/5⭐. 

Requested this on whim and i went into it blindly. I was already hooked on the first chapter and i was not disappointed by the story! 

What is this book about in short?
This book is about how Thora, a skeptic who believe your future will always affected by the desicions you make in the present and Santiago, who sees and seek meaning in everything that happens and believe that everyone have their own purpose in life. Two people with different views in life keeps on meeting each other in every lifetimes sometimes as lovers, parent and child, siblings, friends, a caretaker and a patient and even enemy at one point. 

But the story gets wilder when both of them started to remember their past life and how only both of them remembers it. Thus making them question who they really are and what is going on with them. 

What i like:
1. The Characters
Thora and Santi are both a very well-written characters in my opinion because even with different settings and environment in their new life they somehow still them eventhough as the story goes they do have some character developments. We didn't get see much of other characters' arc in this book because of- well that is a big spoiler so yeah. But i don't have much feelings for the side characters in this book due to the reality of the world Thora and Santi's living. 

2. Writing Style
The writing style is quite easy to understand but also magical in a sense. I've saved a lot of good quotes in this book. It felt like the author really knows how to say a rational things but in a way that make you awe. 😂 

3. The Plot
This book have 3 part and half of the book we follow how Thora and Santi meets in every lifetimes. Their meeting in every lifetimes before getting their past memory is enjoyable but the real fun starts when they slowly remembering their past life. Boy oh boy, it gets quite dark for a sec there. I didn't see it coming. Different life and time travel, i didn't know this book is a scifi book but i was not disappointed! 

What i don't like:
1. The Ending
I felt like the end was rushed and very chaotic. Everything happens so fast and suddenly it ends. It's not even a happy ending(at least in my opinion) and kinda an open ending. I really thinks that the author could have make the ending a little be longer and smoothen it a little bit. 

All in all, i really enjoy my first scifi book. This book really have a unique concepts and the author really did a great job for her debut novel. 

But, THIS BOOK TOTALLY NOT A BEGINNER FRIENDLY BOOK. With its concept of different life making the book have a lot of different timelines. We follow both of them as a Uni students, kids, adults sometimes both of them have a huge age gap. Also there is always tiny bits of connection from the early chapter that you can make when you're in like 50/60% in to the books.
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Oh Thora and Santi, how you pulled me into your lives. Your many, many, many, many lives. Hook, line and sinker. 

There’s echos of The Time Traveller’s Wife, Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and Groundhog Day in this beautiful story, but it’s more. They are souls that are intertwined - across many different lives and universes, and you’re constantly trying to figure out why. They’re friends at uni, teacher and student, lovers, foster father and daughter, police partners and also enemies. The breadth of Silvey’s imagination for their many lives is just amazing. I loved how her leads question fate, religion, relationships, (and their own sanity!) But also, what makes you, you? Would we be different people if we made different decisions or our parents chose not to travel to a certain place. This gives our leads the chance to test this out. 

The emotions run high through this and I really didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to leave Thora and Santi behind. I’m not gonna lie - this one had me crying. Big fat, snotty tears and it’s made it to me all time favourite reads list and my rope read of the year so far. One I’ll also read again. 

Kudos should also be given to Atherton for her excellent narration. How she’s able to give Thora and Santi many different voices is simply amazing!! 

There is a twist (the big reveal) that I think some readers might not be happy about. I didn’t see it coming, and for me it didn’t ruin the story. In fact, it made the ending all the more heartbreaking. I don’t want to spoil it but I will say that the tenderness and love that they show to each other at the end is just..... wow!  Words fail me. So beautiful and heartbreaking. 

In short: buy this book. Read this book. You will love this book!
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The opening section of this book is pretty disorientating (deliberately, I think!).  I loved the characters of Thora and Santi from the start, and was somewhat disappointed when the storyline ended abruptly and we were taken into a different narrative.  But wait... it's a different scenario but with the same characters.  And then we get another, and another and another.  And they're all equally engaging, which delighted me.  

It's difficult to say much more about this book without giving away the 'point' of the repeated lives, although Silvey had me desperate to find out  - Are there parallel universes?  Time loops?  Are Sandi and Thora pawns in some greater plan?   If I'm honest, once the protagonists figured out what was going on, I did start to lose interest a little, although I'm certain that some readers would absolutely love the sci-fi twist of the final part.  And what an ending!

It's the sci-fi elements in the final section that take this novel a step further than other 'repeated lives' novels.  Anyone who has enjoyed novels such as 'The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August', 'The 7 1/2 lives of Evelyn Hardcastle' and 'The Time Traveller's Wife' should definitely give this book a go.

This audiobook version was narrated by Kristin Atherton.  Atherton's accents really brought the novel's characters to life, and I would recommend this format of the novel to others.
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I can only start to describe what an emotional wreck I am after finishing this beautiful masterpiece of a story. Going in it seems like any other romance story with a time defying twist, but this tale is so much more! How two people’s love transcends time and space, not just the usual romantic type of love you would assume, but every love imaginable that our souls revolve around.

Catriona Silvey's words take you from this life into the character's again and again and again. Letting your mind connect with and experience every word, emotion, and love they feel. I must admit that I have never read an adult fiction book that has moved me emotional in my soul, as much as this masterpiece of love through time. You can read each life cycle as its own story; then connect them all together to create a universe of existences that Catriona's writing makes you believe like you have lived them yourself.

Addictive to read with flowing and well written chapters and an outstandingly beautiful story. I cannot recommend this remarkable book enough to anyone who is seeking a love story like no other written before. Whether you listen to it on audiobook with the narrator fully enveloping you in the story; or there the page of the physical copy, this the 2021 adult fiction book to read.

A massive thank you to Netgallery, HarperCollins UK Audio and HarperVoyager for sending me an audiobook arc, and of the course to the author for writing a story that has touched my soul and my heart.
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What an astonishing, mesmerising read. This book moved me far more deeply than I expected to be moved, and somehow made me question who I thought I was, and what I might know about the world. It’s a rare and remarkable thing that a book allows you to do that. A work of science fiction driven by love and by rich, complex characters. My favourite kind! A must for readers of Becky Chambers and Clare North. 

(Please note I listened to the audiobook at the same time as reading the book - a little trick I learned to help me stay focussed!!!)
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Wow! This book is so deep. Thora and Santi are stuck- their lives keep colliding. Stuck in a reoccurring simulation or something just as weird. This book covers so many of their lives and how they try to work out what is happening. Science and faith are explored well in this book. Both Thora and Santi are so different yet have so much in common, they need each other. They have gone through so much together and they can’t stop until they figure out what’s really going on. An unexpected ending, but I felt it worked well. 
I listened to this book as an audio book and really enjoyed the narrators version of the book. Her voices added to the reality of the characters.
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Meet me in another life is a book that could be categorised in several genres. It covers friendship and love but also has elements of science fiction and fantasy. Thora and Santi meet again and again in many different versions of their lives. One decision can send you on a different path and the book explores whether the choice is yours, or predetermined. After the reader is taken on a journey exploring these different lives (which feel like a series of short stories) there is then a twist that changes the direction of the novel. 
This is not my usual choice of fiction but it raised many interesting issues that intrigued me. I did find it overlong, and can’t say I liked Thora’s cynical, sarcastic personality. I also found the narrator less engaging than others I’ve listened to.
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