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The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore

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I really enjoyed Felicity’s story as we have all been there putting ourself out to gain our crushes attention that doesn’t always turn out the way we hoped, I was curious to find out when Felicity moves back how things will turn out for her and Ryan and the secret of why she is holding back .

Fifteen years ago, Felicity Kerr threw caution to the wind and kissed her colleague Ryan Sullivan under the ancient wishing tree along the coast.

When Ryan failed to respond to her kiss, Felicity was mortified that she’d read his signals so horrendously wrong and left Lemmon Cove for good.

But now Felicity’s job brings her back to her hometown, and face to face with Ryan, who is leading a band of octogenarians rallying to save their beloved 300-year-old sycamore from being bulldozed by property developers.

The spark with Ryan is still there, but Felicity is guarding a secret and as much as she wants to join the protest by his side, she can’t help but hold back.

Will Felicity be able to mend her broken heart and find happiness with Ryan beside the sea?
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Loved this story which is only the second one of Jaimie’s that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. Following Fee who had followed her dreams to live in a city having leaving her home town following heartache. Returning only briefly following that day and under the cover of night. Years later she has no choice but to return. Misunderstandings of the past lead to happiness. Love it!
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Thank you to Netgalley and Jaime Admans for the advanced review copy of The Wishing Tree Beside The Shore. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the history and stories of saving the tree. Despite being on edge throughout the book waiting for him to find out her real job! Would recommend for an easy and light hearted romance.
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I think this is my first read by Jaimie and I absolutely adored it, such a lovely light happy read and it was so heart warming. The writing is superb, but to me it was so much more magical because I loved the Enid Blyton stories growing up, so I think it was so much more magical to me reading this. Thank you Jaimie for the emotional ride and nostalgia of happy innocent days.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Jaimie has become one of my favourite authors. 
I look forward to each and every release and read within a few days.

This book didn't disappoint.  As always the characters were amazing, funny, adorable, quirky and gorgeous.

This story had me smiling, laughing and at points almost crying for Fee and Ry.  Their story could melt even the icyist of souls.
Every page was a delight to read and I was so sad when the book ended.
I'm sitting here hoping for book 2 from the wishing tree.
Definitely a 5 star read
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Jaimie has done it again! This is such a sweet and funny book. One that will have you longing for community and a trip to the seaside.

This story has plenty of laugh out loud moments and thoughtful scenes as local residents share their stories of why they want to save a tree. The octogenarians are a continuous amusement source as they propose different ways to draw attention to the plight of the tree, particularly naked political gnomes!

“That sense of being happy where you are, a feeling of home…I left here to go looking for it, but never found it.”

The only slight annoyance for me in this book is the main character of Felicity. I eventually warmed to her, but my oh my, it took some time. For some reason she’s not instantly likeable. She comes across as selfish and whiny. Thankfully, as the book progresses, she seems to mature and becomes a more well-rounded character.

Overall, it was a wonderful mix of comedy, romance, drama, with an added sprinkle of childhood magic. It is a tale as old as time; lost love, friends to lovers and revisiting those feelings after a time apart.

Grab a cup of something warm, raid the biscuit tin and allow you heart to fly.
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I love Jaimie Admans books. I like the setting with the trying to save the old tree and land, and I liked the surrounding cast of characters.
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What can I say! I loved it finished the book within a few hours couldn’t put it down. As all of Jaimie Admans books I found myself walking along side the characters Felicity and Ryan. Definitely recommend everyone reads
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The wishing tree beside the shore is a light, fluffy and enchanting read.

Jaimie Admans created a good story, nothing not heard before or unpredictable but I adored the writing style and the wishful tree.

Felicity works in a property development office in London but she still hasn't had a chance to show her value until a day her boss tells her to go back to her home village to persuade the owner of a residential home to sell part of his property in order to build a seaside hotel. Felicity thinks that is her chance to get a promotion but when she comes to the place she is not sure anymore that's the job she wants to do. Lemmon Cove community gathered around the centenarian sycamore they wany to save, at the protest Felicity meets the funny and witty elderlies who live at the care home and the camping owner who is tied at the tree overlooking the sea is non other than his first love Ryan. Will she get the courage to tell everyone her real job?

Felicity and Ryan were separated for a long time with a broken heart and I liked to read how they mend their relationship under the magical gaze of the wishing sycamore. I would have preferred a little more incisive and resolved heroine but I can also understand Felicity fear to tell the truth and to risk to lose her new and old friends and her feeling part of the community.

Perfect for the Summer hot days where no one wants to think too hard.
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I devoured The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore by Jaimie Admans in one sitting, I loved it. I loved the community spirit and left me feeling that wishes can come true. A little bit of magic mixed in with friendship and love. Another great book by Jaimie.
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Jaime Admans books you can't go wrong with. Her writing style is both immersive and amusing , with character's that are well rounded and you can empathise with. 
      This book took me a little bit longer to get into, I didn't warm to character's right away , which is unusual. I'm glad I persevered though as by a few chapters in I was hooked. 
      The storyline revolves around a 300 year old tree that is under threat from developer's.   Felicity works for the company promoting the redevelopment project that has been hampered by protester's on the site. She grew up in Lemmon Cove and ends up returning to her Hometown to try and sabotage the protests .
      Ryan is Felicity's first crush. He's also in charge of the protest .Felicity is soon  torn between doing. The right thing for her Hometown or saving her job . We meet lots of interesting characters along the way and there are humorous moments aplenty. 
    The developing relationship between Ryan and Fliss is always overshadowed by the secrets she is keeping, the chemistry between the two increases as they work together to try and save the tree . Ryan has an interesting pet with a really humorous name , this made me smile every time she was mentioned. 
     This was an amusing and heartwarming read and true love always wins out in the end .
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I’ve read all of jaimie others books and to be honest they are all the same. The plots are identical and are now getting boring and predictable. The first page really put me off, the whole page is one sentence! Preserved though and it was okay. Probably won’t read any new books until the plots are changed.
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The descriptions in this book were beautiful and I definitely finished it wishing that I lived (or could spend a night) in a tree with a canopy, sea view and adorned with fairy lights. It sounded absolutely magical! Like, seriously I just want to sit in there now! Especially with all this rain, it would be quite soothing don't you think? Cocooned under a blanket, listening to the rain and the sea, a lantern a glow  in the fading evening light! Dreamy!!

Jaimie had me giggling out loud on numerous occasions with this book. From Ryan's pet sheep to the antics of the residents of the care home, there were a lot of funny moments. Felicity herself was rather comedic in her self depreciating ways too. It was uplifting and entertaining and I really got into everything that was going on. I love a good plan of action and helping to keep something going, like the strawberry patch and saving the tree. I love how Jaimie came up with all the ideas and stories and how much the tree meant to the people in the village. It really made the tree feel alive and like it was truly magic with how it bought people together. 

Ryan, I most certainly had a soft spot for from the start. He sounded so sweet and handsome and I loved how awkward he was too. He was a genuinely good guy and said all the right things. As I get older I love reading stories like this where the guy is just a nice guy. I'm not a fan of making it out like the guy always has to be mean to start with. I do believe there are wonderful people out there who may sound like they are 'too good to be true on paper,' but in reality they are exactly that too. It makes me happy.

'The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore,' is an entertaining summer read that will have you dreaming of treehouses and all the delicious strawberry treats you could eat!
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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book.

Another great book from Jaimie.

Felicity works for a land development company who are in the process of being a piece of land, little does she know it is in the place she left in a hurry some 15 years before.  When her manager finds out he sends her on a mission to persuade the owner to sell the land to them.  When she arrives she finds Ryan the boy she ran away from chained to a tree with the residents of the nearby care home protesting with him to try and stop the sale.  Will Felicity succeed in getting them to change their mind or will she realise that it is a bad idea to sell and help them to persuade them owner to change his mind.
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Thanks to HQ Digital and NetGalley, too
For my copy of this book, here’s my honest review:

What a fun read this proved to be
With lots of love for an ancient sycamore tree.
It has been there for 300 years or so
But hotel builders are determined it’ll go.

Fifteen years ago Felicity took a chance
And kissed Ryan, hoping for romance
He didn’t respond and away to London she ran
And has avoided seeing him again however she can.

Fighting their schemes are octogenarians and Ryan.
They’ve not many plans but they’re all really trying.
Felicity returns home with orders from her boss
Get rid of the protesters or your job will be your loss.

As memories of her home and its special place,
Fee finds meeting Ryan makes her heart race.
With dilemmas and lies, Fee has to decide just how
She can work for her boss and her home town now.

She loves the tree and what it stands for
But can she fight her boss without being shown the door?
How will her local friends react when they discover
Her original purpose, will their friendships recover?

It is a fun read, with plenty of dreams coming true
With a great plot, fab characters and laughter, too.
I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic book
And hope you will, too, when you take a good look!
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Once again Jaimie Admans gave me a wonderful reading time! Thank you! This particular book is super lovely, very charming with a touch of magic and fairy-tale side to it! Beautiful and exciting romance in this book too! "The wishing tree beside the shore" is a page-turner, very well written, full of events and I loved the settings and the characters in this book! I am so happy to have read it! If you are looking for a high quality chicklit book this book is for you!!!
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This was my first book by this author and won’t be my last. I was looking forward to reading this after several recommendations and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This was a beautiful and heartwarming read which really warmed my heart and got to the root of my core no pun intended. 

The characters were very relatable and loved how everyone pulled together to achieve a common goal. This story was about finding yourself and about lost love and friendships and making memories and  how everything happens for a reason and how good things come to those that wait.
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A typical boy meets girl, do they don’t they  romance book. A good mix of characters and scenery to visualise. Kept me entertained even if slightly predictable. Sometimes predictable is just whats needed and gives it a feel good factor.
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The Wishing Tree is funny, heartwarming, and has a second chance romance, which is one of the best. Felicity and Ryan are both a bit awkward in a way that makes you route for their happiness. There was many funny moments through out the story and the elderly residents might have been my favorites.
The story of saving the Wishing Tree was filled with touching moments that made the story well rounded. 
I found the characters of the boss in the story a bit over the top. I think the story could have been told with out creating such a unbelievable caricature. Personally, I don’t enjoy endless miscommunication. It felt the that went in a little too long for me. 

Overall, this is a sweet story and would recommend. 

Thank you Netgalley for the arc. This is my honest review.
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Lighthearted fun and a heart-warming tale for many to enjoy. A quick read that will keep you engaged while you enjoy the lives of others.
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