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The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore

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A great summer read. Loved the setting and you could feel yourself imaging you were there. A heart warming story of community, love and friendship. Great quirky characters who you couldn't help but laugh along with. 

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The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore
Jaimie Admans

This is a delightful read, with some classic romantic misunderstandings, unrequited or requited love moments in it, and throw in some delightful lively pensioners at the most idyllic Care Home, and you have a lemony, zesty formula for a cracking good book!

I was swept up immediately in the story of Felicity (aka Fliss, Fee) and what happened when she went “undercover” for her employers, the “boo hiss nasty” property company Landoperty Developments.   How could she know it would take her back to her family home in Lemmon Cove and bring back poignant memories of what happened underneath the Wishing Tree beside the Shore.  

No spoilers, but this is a delight!   All the characters are brought vividly to life, and especially the residents of Seaview Heights Care Home.   (This is one Care Home I want to stay in !).

I thoroughly recommend it - you will  be enthralled, gripped, fall in love and cry!   Ideally read either on a grim UK Spring day or lying in the sunshine when you can !
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Loved it!!! Such a cute and magical story. It's the perfect summer read. What could go wrong when Felicity is sent to her hometown to infiltrate a protest over land that her boss desperately wants to sell to hotel developers??? Finding her lost love is not what she expected. I knew it wouldn't end well as soon as Fee uttered the word chef. She should have told everyone the truth from the start. I was surprised the sycamore survived so long with all the carvings people put on it. Fee acted like she hated Ryan and never went home because of him, but as soon as she saw him she acted like a giddy teenager. They were both so touchy feely, even after fifteen years. The best character in the book was definitely Baaabra Steisand. Loved all the sheep puns. What was with all the old people and their naughty gnomes???!!! The weakest part of the book was the reason Ryan gives for brushing Fee off fifteen years ago. Would Ryan's father really expect that of him? The magical tree was more believable. I still loved the book. I was sad to see the story end. Would have loved to see where everyone was a year later.

Definitely recommend the book. Would love to find a magical sycamore tree to make a wish. Loved the story, characters and writing style. Love the about the author, which made me love her even more. There's definitely not enough time to read all the books that I want to read. Look forward to reading more books by the author.

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The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore by Jaime Admans. This is another book I’ve read through NetGalley, I picked this book mainly because I liked the cover and it sounded like something I would enjoy. This book is about Felicity Kerr who returns to her hometown of Lemmon Cove of which she left 15 years, running from the man she loved Ryan. Felicity returns home because she works for the company that are trying to build a hotel on a field that was once a strawberry field and where there is a 300 year old Sycamore tree. Felicity is sent to get the locals to leave the field so it can be sold to build the hotel, but the locals are unaware of this. I liked this book and I enjoyed it and the best word to describe it is it’s nice. The Wishing Tree beside the Shore is a beautiful and in every aspect it’s a very simplistic, predictable story. It’s a book full of love, with a sense of home is where the heart is and is set in a place where community matters. It’s an easy read however not one of those can’t put down books because I found the story very predictable and very familiar, like I’d read it before or something similar before and that took away for me the feeling of I can’t put this book down. It was very obvious from the beginning where this story was going to end, there were no surprises, for me for all the love and heart the story had it lack something for the reader to grab onto and for me miss that wow moment that make me want to pick a book up with anticipation. At the heart this book is a love story about a community coming together to save a very special tree. This is a good beach read or one where your sat in front of the tv, if you miss a bit it’s easy to get what’s happening when you dive back in. I’ll be honest I wouldn’t recommend this book to friends, unfortunately there’s just other books out there that I would recommend before this.
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I absolutely loved everything about this beautifully uplifting and heartwarming story: the gorgeous characters, the humour, the nineties references and of course, Lemmon Cove. Felicity grew up in a close-knit seaside community and longed to travel and see the world. She finds herself working in London as she'd always hoped, but she hates her job and city life is not what she'd imagined. Her heart was broken when the only man she ever loved did not return her feelings and, as much as she hates life in London, she's terrified at the thought of returning home and bumping into him again. 15 years later work forces her to return to her home town and all she can do is hope she can avoid seeing Ryan. 

This is such a beautiful story of love, hope, friendship and second chances. I can't wait to read more.
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First book I have read by Jaimie and shall be looking out for more. Relatable characters, fabulous plot which adds to make a charming book.
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This book was really cute and fun. I loved the ensemble cast, and I really loved that the story had a good mix of fun, flirting, and poignant moments.  This story is a bit more than a simple romance, and I enjoyed that the plot had layers.  The main characters were relatable, which is something I really look for in a romance book.  I need characters that I can empathize with, and characters that make me feel seen.  I completely understood the MC’s desire to flee after suffering an embarrassment, and I understood her hesitancy to open up again.  I did think the “slight” she suffered was a bit overblown, but it worked with the story.  Overall, this is a good spring or summer time read if you’re looking for a fun escape!
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I am a huge fan of Jaimie Adman's books. I was delighted to see that she had a new book.
This book has all of the magic that you would expect from one of her books. A wishing tree which might grant wishes, comedy and romance. You can't help but fall in love with this book.
The residents of the care home are fantastic, the gnomes are amusing, Baaabra the sheep is such a great character.
This is a book that will make you smile and feel happy. It's such a great book, you should definitely read it.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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Felicity is sent by her cut throat boss, back to her home village to derail protests blocking the building of a new hotel. She doesn't bargain on coming face to face with the one that got away or in being swayed by the magic of her little welsh village.
A lovely summer read, I was delighted to find that this was set just around the corner from where I live, and the descriptions did the area justice beautifully!
The addition of the sheep that thinks she s a dog is hilarious.
the snippets of childhood; strawberry picking, tree climbing, magic wishes and sandcastles, leaves you plonked right in a Welsh coastal village, feeling content and really believing in these events, the wishing tree and the wonderful community that surround it.
The flawed but lovable characters have you connecting with each of them in one way or another and immerses you in their stories.
A funny, clever and enchanting read, that reminds you to hang on to your dreams and live for today. 
Thank you to Jaimie Admans, HQ and Netgalley for the ARC copy.
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3.5⭐️ rounded up to 4⭐️

Thank you to HQ, Netgalley, and Jaimie Admans for a gifted copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The concept of this book is so lovely: saving a tree that has been around for three hundred years. We all know stories are never about saving just one thing. This one is a story of hope, people coming together, fighting for something that matters to them. There is a lot of laughter, awkward moments, deception, and uncertainty.

Felicity and Ryan are the ideal main characters. They’re flawed, secretive, quick to assume. Yet they are also unbelievably kind, caring to the point of risk, and willing to do for others.

If you are looking for a story about protesting to save a tree in an extremely funny way (gnome anyone? - read the book to find out) or the sweetest and slowest love story, give this one a try!!!
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What a wonderful book about love and friendships. When Felicity goes into work as usual little does she realise that her boss is going to send her on a spying mission back to her hometown. She left 15 years ago leaving behind the love of her life, her parents and sister. She has visited for birthdays and Christmas but only stayed for a day or two. She returns back to her dads house not really wanting to do the job but knowing that she needs the money. However upon her return she realises that the problem not only contains a special tree that hold lots of memories but the one man she has been avoiding. Trouble, laughter and mischief ensues.
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Jaimie Admans is one of my favourite authors. Every book Jaimie writes is an absolute joy to read. I love each and everyone and this book is completely the same. With love, romance, happiness, sadness, joy, and heartwarming moments. This book will sweep you into the story and you won't want to put it down. Loved it.
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Another absolutely wonderful book from Jaimie! Typical lovely friendly characters who you’d love to meet, an easy going story which you know will have a happy ending but you never know how you’re going to get there! A perfect book to curl up with and just read, ignore your work and your phone and relax! 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this ahead of the publishing date, I highly recommend it and can’t wait for her next book!! xx
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Thank you to NetGalley and HQ Digital for the opportunity to read and review an ARC of The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore.

Felicity works for a property development company and, with. a twist of fate, the latest proposal for a hotel development is in Felicity's home town of Lemmon Cove on the Gower peninsula.  Fliss's boss decides to send her undercover to infiltrate the protesters who are delaying the signing of the paperwork and trying to save a 300-year-old Sycamore tree.  However, as soon as she sets foot into the protesters camp and realises her teenage crush, Ryan,  is the man in charge, Fliss knows she wants to help the protesters and save the tree.

Although slow to begin with, The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore soon grabbed my attention, and I picked it up at every opportunity.  The characters were so passionate about saving the Sycamore tree and the land around it that I found myself wishing it was a real protest and hoping I could get involved!  The stories and memories that came from the carvings made in the trunk of the tree over the last few hundred years were romantic and magical and indicative that everyone needs some magic in their lives.

When I was younger, my favourite book was the Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton and The Wishing Tree reminded me so much of this I half expected fairies and goblins to appear up in the branches somewhere!  There were often moments in the book that made me laugh, particularly when Ryan's pet sheep amused everyone with her comical antics.

This is the first book by Jaimie Adams that I have read and I really enjoyed it.  I will definitely be adding her to my list of favourite authors.

This is a great feel-good read and I would recommend The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore to anyone who wants something to lose themselves in for a few hours.
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I love a book with an ensemble cast and The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore certainly met that requirement.  Told from the first-person perspective, this charming story delves into the heartache surrounding missed chances and lost love.
The story is filled with adorably funny moments as well as some poignant scenes as local residents share their stories of the beloved Sycamore.  The team of octogenarians are a steady source of amusement as they introduce various schemes to draw attention to the plight of the tree.  In particular, the naughty gnomes had me smiling to myself.  But it’s not just the humour, the story that affected me the most was of Godfrey and Henrietta and their fragile love, threatened by dementia.
Of course, the main theme is the cautious relationship between Ryan and Felicity.  With 15 years of hurt behind them, can they find a way back to their former relationship?  Not an easy ask when Felicity is actually working for the company that wants to fell the glorious tree, along with all the wonderful memories.
I was absorbed by this delightful story which took an in-depth look into how simple misunderstandings can have an effect that could span a lifetime.  Being brave enough to challenge those feelings takes courage that can be a step too far for a hurting heart.
If, like me, you like your endings to be happy, then try this lovely book and escape to South Wales for a visit to a magical tree.
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Loved it. A delightful visit to Wales. The couple, the seniors, the strawberry patch and the tree all combine to make a heart-warming tale. I am eager to read more by this author. She pulls at my heart strings and I thoroughly enjoy the tugging.
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I loved this magical story! It was magical in a good way, like a Disney movie, not like hocus pocus I could never believe that magic.

I immediately connected with Felicity a.k.a. Fliss a.k.a. Fee. Right from the start I was smiling and even laughing out loud. Just the way Felicity thinks and the stuff she comes up with, for instance:

“A monkey could do my job, but a monkey would consider itself better qualified.”

“Don’t I do my best everyday? Probably not, actually.”

These are just a couple of examples from at the start of the book when Felicity is still in London, before work has her traveling back to her hometown Lemmon Cove.

The whole story revolves around saving a big sycamore tree, known as the wishing tree and is full of magic. The town and its people, especially all the octogenarians involved in saving the tree and Felicity’s ‘one that got away’ Ryan are all just so wonderfully, charmingly weird. Felicity and Ryan also have a special bond and way of taking the Mickey out of every situation possible it seems and nearly not a day goes by without a whole lot of giggles and laughter. 

All the characters and stories surrounding this tree are sweet and uplifting and a good laugh. It is a real reminder of what is important in life and to make the most of it!
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I love a book that has me smiling from page one.  The type of story that has me goofy giggling out loud and that leaves me feeling good.  This book did exactly that and so much more.  A perfect read for a lazy summer day.
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Jaimie Admans has done it again. Such a unique, uplifting story. The childlike magic of the Wishing Tree and a host of loveable characters was just fabulous. Felicity and Ryan are just perfect, the one that got away. A second chance to reconnect, and try to save the Wishing Tree which means so much to many. I loved the connection to the Wishing Tree. I was filled with hope and didn't want to leave. The carvings and memories of the tree, it took me in its branches and I could believe in magic again. It brought back so many memories of soaring sycamore seeds, strawberry picking, climbing trees, and a real sense of community. Just so heartwarming. It would make a perfect film. Now i need to grow my own sycamore tree, we all need to believe in a bit of magic. 

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ for an ARC in exchange for an honest review 

Published 26th May 2021
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We all need a little magic sometimes! 

A magic tree, protesting pensioners and the one that got away. Jaimie Adman's latest book is extremely relatable for anybody who has ever had a tough boss, a job they dislike or just miss home and that special someone.

I enjoyed this book and would definitely read more of Jaimie's books in the future.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this book.
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