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In the Car Activity Book

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I love the bright colourful cover of this book. I think children would really enjoy this activity book but they would need to be able to read, unless there is someone next to them to assist them. It is full of activities to keep children occupied whilst in the car. With puzzles, games and things to draw, I think its a great addition for long car trips. The pages are full of colour and activities but defiantly for older children. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Great variety in this activity book to keep little ones entertained, I think this would cover a wide range of ages, obviously the younger they the harder some pages would be and vice versa. For those that are concerned about gender specific I would say this book has hit the mark on not leaning towards any gender stereotypes and so boy or girl won’t feel alienated if they have this book
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Such a great book sat in my amazon basket ready to purchase on may day because I know my daughter will really enjoy doing this in the car on the way to our holiday 
such a great range of activities, not one of those books they will get bored after 5 minutes of
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