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This is the third book in this contemporary crime thriller featuring Criminal Psychologist Olivia Rockwell and Homicide Detective Will Decker and this series just keeps on getting better! This time, the story starts on the fourth of July but it isn’t just the fireworks causing sparks, there’s another cold-hearted murderer in Fog Harbor. The victims are visiting prominent defence lawyer, Peter Fox, his wife and two of their three children. The youngest child, Thomas, escapes, but he saw the killer and what he did. . . . Can they catch the killer and protect Thomas?

There are plenty of potential suspects, including police officers, but the clues are confusing, Thomas is terrified and danger looms over them again. The characters are brought to life in the story, with strong personalities making it easy to decide how you’d relate to them. The relationship between Rockwell and Decker continues to develop, as does their relationship with their contemporaries. As an aside, I have to say that some of the so-called donuts sound horrid! Whilst this could be read as a standalone, there are a couple of investigations which are on-going through the series, which is why I’d suggest reading this series in order so you understand references to them.

This is a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat before being brought to a suspense-filled conclusion which has a few loose ends left dangling to make you want to read the next book in this series as soon as possible! I have no hesitation in highly recommending this series to anyone who enjoys superbly written, enthralling crime thrillers with great believable characters, intriguing plots and just a hint of possible romance.

 Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for my copy of this book which I have voluntarily read and honestly reviewed.
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Rockwell and Decker are back! A family is gruesomely killed leaving one, very scared witness behind. The youngest son of the couple managed to get away. He has some recollections about the killer but nothing concrete enough for the police to go on. They have to try though to get some information and go through the evidence to figure out the identity of the preparators. The case takes an even darker turn when police officers become suspects.

This was an interesting read that I enjoyed more than the previous title. The investigation was quite well detailed and unlike the second book, I enjoyed Decker and Will’s relationship this time. I was able to guess the identity of the Perp by mid-story but I couldn’t figure out the whole mystery until the end. I can’t wait for the next installment already.
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FABULOUS series, well written with great characters & filled with suspense throughout.  RECOMMEND fully & eagerly await the next in the series. Thanks to NetGalley & Bookouture for this ARC in return for my honest review.
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This is is the first Rockwell and Decker book i enjoyed it - little thomas made my heart warm and JB made me laugh - I like the relationship between will and olivia and i love their individuality. Though i fealt it was slow in places there were a few twists that kept it going and the suspense of who the murderer was and how  things unraveled. I am happy too read more.
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Another book in the Rockwell Decker series
A house is set on fire and a family is killed 
The only survivor is the youngest son 
Did he see what happened ?
This book is action packed with twist and turns
Thanks NetGalley
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Wow this is just fantastic!

When a whole family is murdered the only person that can help catch the killer is a traumatised child. He is the only survivor of this brutal slaying.

Will Decker is surprised by the child’s reaction to him and this leads the investigation in a particular direction.

Dr Olivia Rockwell has promised the child she will do all she can to keep him safe, but this puts her at odds with Decker. Although they want the same outcome their methods are different.

With the killer still at large can they solve the mystery together for the sake of the child?

Excellently written, it keeps you guessing all the way through.
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Olivia and Will make a good team of detectives,they are good characters. A complex,layered story with plenty of twists.
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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra          

One Child Alive is the third book in the Rockwell and Decker series. I have been reading this series by Ellery Kane from the first book and cannot give enough praise for this series. As psychological thrillers go…I am finding this story (and the series) totally captivating. The evolution of the relationship between prison psychologist Olivia Rockwell and Detective Will Decker is a slow burn from book 1 through book 3. I am finding that quite satisfying. Additionally, the growth of other recurring characters in this series has continued to further enhance my interest. 

One Child Alive begins with Olivia watching the fourth of July fireworks with her sister Emily (in fairness – Olivia is trying to drag Emily to the car to go home before the fireworks display is over) when she notices smoke coming out of a sports utility vehicle on the side of the road. This can’t be good! What ensues is Olivia trying to rescue the lone occupant, who turns out to already be dead by a single gunshot to the head. Decker hears the call over his radio so quickly goes to the crime scene. From here, another call comes out and another crime has been committed – at the home of the deceased. So what we have is the Fox family (husband, wife and two of their kids) dead, while the youngest child (Thomas) has run away after seeing his family killed. When found, he is frightened of Will, leaving only Olivia to comfort him. One must ask (okay – I asked myself) why would Thomas be afraid of Will?

The tangled web that ensues to uncover the killer (or killers) of the deaths of the Fox family is very much a tangled mess. It is slow going to identify all the potential suspects, especially as Peter Fox was a prominent Santa Barbara defense attorney – who undoubtedly has ruffled some feathers in his time. Why two crime scenes, why kill the whole family, why?  Left with lots of questions and lots of suspects – Will and Olivia begin to unravel the web of lies and deceit as they get ever closer to the truth of what (and more importantly why) this has happened. During the process, there is still danger for Thomas. This certainly added to my emotional response throughout the reading of this story. 

As the story progresses, we see the previous resolve to remain plutonic friends between Olivia and Will slowly evaporate – all I can say is – about time! But in all honesty – I have enjoyed that they were cautious and considerate of their working relationship and the fact that they each have mega baggage still to work through. And – what has happened is again – a step but a small step – but acknowledging that something is there seemed huge. 

Additionally, the relationship between Olivia and her sister was strained, but eventually they were able to work things out (see what talking to each other does ☺). Unfortunately, their pursuit to find out the truth about their father’s death in prison does not advance much in this novel. Guess that leaves the door open for another book. 

I got many chuckles from JB (still calling Will “City Boy”) as well as concern when he has a significant medical event. You could really see the concern Will has for his partner, regardless of their continual bantering between them. I came to appreciate JB’s tenacity as the story went on – caring for his partner the same as Will had done for JB. Though I must admit – I will never think of Twinkies in the same way again.

Most importantly, I was not able to unravel the mystery until the end, which is satisfying when I read stories in this genre. If you enjoy crime thrillers with many interesting characters and plot twists, then you will enjoy One Child Alive by Ellery Kane.  I shall be waiting for the next installment of the Rockwell and Decker series (with fingers crossed that there will be another).
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Oh, I enjoyed this one! It had me turning the pages, and I would have gobbled it up even faster if my life hadn't been so busy while I was writing it! It's definately a great read that could be enjoyed in just a few sittings. The author has a great way of phrasing things and painting a picture. I liked the main characters in the book and am curious how their relationship with each other will progress. The ending is definitely one of those ones that has you waiting on baited breath to find out how everything's going to shake out. 

I'd recommend to fans of the crime genre. Thank you to Netgalley, Bookouture and the author for an advanced reading copy.
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I was first introduced to Rockwell and Decker in Watch Her Vanish and I was happy to receive a copy of One Child Alive for review,  I had a great time with this book. It sucked me in from the first page and I had a hard time letting go. Action, twists and edge of your seat moments will have you glued to the pages of One Child Alive. Be prepared to be reading into the wee hours. 

This is a must read for fans of thrillers/mysteries.
I didn't get the chance to read the second book in the series, but I will  definitely be looking to read it.
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Review for 'One Child Alive' by Ellery A Kane. 

Read and reviewed via NetGalley for Ellery A Kane, Bookouture publishers and Bookouture anonymous 

Publication date 23rd June 2021.

This is the third book I have read by this author. It is also the third book in the 'Rockwell and Decker' series but it can be read as a standalone. I have previously read 'Watch Her Vanish' (book one in the series) and 'Her Perfect Bones' (book two in the series which I highly recommend. 

I was originally drawn to this book by its beautiful eye catching cover and its intriguing synopsis and title. The synopsis stated that this book is 'Perfect for fans of Melinda Leigh, Lisa Regan and Kendra Elliot.' I am a huge fan of all three of those authors so am looking forward to seeing if this lives up to this statement. I am also a huge fan of Ellery and if this is half as good as 'Watch Her Vanish' and 'Her Perfect Bones' it is sure to be an epic read. I must admit I was also biased due to the publisher being Bookouture. I have yet to read a book published by Bookouture  that I haven't enjoyed. Hopefully this won't be the first... Watch this space! (Written before I started reading the book).

This novel consists of a prologue, 75 chapters and an epilogue. The chapters are short to medium in length so possible to read 'just one more chapter' before bed...OK, I know yeah right, but still just in case!

This book is based in the USA 🇺🇸. 

This book is written in third person perspective and the main protagonists are Detective Will Decker and Criminal Psychologist Oliver Rockwell. The benefits of third person perspective with multiple protagonists are that it let's you see the bigger picture of what's going on and you get to know more characters more, what they are thinking and what they are doing. It feels like you get to see the whole picture and not miss out in anything.

Another very well written and gripping novel by Ellery Kane. The vivid descriptions fitted the settings perfectly. The cover and synopsis worked perfectly with the storyline. I loved the various settings and the scripts and reports which were well placed throughout giving us a view of what the outside world is seeing as well as some insight information from the police's side on some of the characters. 

The storyline itself was quite a unique one and filled with action, mystery, suspense crime, drama and a few sparks of what could be which kept me reading until late at night and on the edge of my seat. There were loads of red herrings throughout to keep the reader guessing. I never did guess who did what which is a huge achievement for any author for me as I have read so many crime novels it's getting harder and harder to surprise me. I enjoyed that the book ends on a sort of cliffhanger with Olivia as it entices the readers to look forward to the next book. 

I absolutely loved meeting all the characters again and some new ones too. They are all excellent strong characters and I enjoyed that there was a strong female lead in Olivia and I also really liked Will and JD's characters. I loved that there was some humour in between to lighten things up a little and I look forward to reading more about the characters. I also enjoyed watching the relationships develop even more between characters and am interested to see where they all lead in what promises to be another fantastic book in this gripping series. 

A huge congratulations to Ellery on yet another fantastic addition to this addictive series. I cannot wait for the next one!!! 

Overall an action packed and suspense filmed crime thriller that will keep you on edge and guessing throughout. 

Genres covered in this novel include Romance Novel, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Hardboiled, Noir Fiction, Psychological Fiction, Police Procedural, Crime Fiction and Medical Fiction amongst others.  

I would recommend this book to the fans of the above as well as fans of Ellery's 'Rockwell and Decker' series, Melinda Leigh, Lisa Regan and Kendra Elliot

376 pages.

This book is just £1.99 to purchase on kindle via Amazon or free on kindle unlimited which I think is an absolute bargain for this book!!! 

Rated 5/5 (I LOVED it ) on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon UK and Amazon US and on over 30 Facebook pages plus my blog on Facebook. 

Feel free to add me on Goodreads or follow me on my website or Facebook for more reviews 

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Thank you to the Publisher, Ellery Kane and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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“One, two, three. She counts the bodies dragged from the burning beach house, smoke rising from their cotton pajamas, and remembers a fourth; red hair, freckles, clinging to his mother’s legs, begging to watch the fireworks a while longer. ‘Where’s the little boy?’ she whispers.”

It is the fourth of July in the small town of Fog Harbor, California. While most families are enjoying the fireworks, the loud booms and oohs and ah’s from the locals drown out the gunshots of a prominent local family being murdered at a house right on the beach. A Mother and two of her three children are shot dead and their house is set on fire but where is the third child, little red-headed Thomas. They found the Father shot to death in a car some miles away and they also set his car on fire. Psychologist Olivia Rockwell follows his toys and footsteps only to find him hiding under a lifeguard stand. But how did he get away? And why does he scream when he sees the police officer, Detective Will Decker?

While there are many interesting characters in this novel, it is told only from Olivia and Deck’s points of view, so the finale is a total surprise. I would have loved to hear the child’s point of view, as well. I really enjoy mysteries where you have not a clue who the perpetrator is, and this book did not disappoint. Though there are several suspects: the husband’s lover, the rogue cop and the prisoner out for revenge, One Child Alive is unpredictable, fast-paced and exciting. There are many side plots such as Olivia and Decker’s burgeoning romance, Olivia’s relationship with her sister and the little boy who keeps running away. One of my favorite parts of the book is the banter between Decker and his partner JB. While JB was on leave most of this book, I found him a very likable character and hope to see more of him in future installments. Another thing I enjoyed is that most of the characters in Ellery Kane’s novel are flawed. They make poor decisions, wrong guesses and suffer consequences.

One Child Alive is the third installment of the Decker/Rockwell series, but my first book in this action packed police procedural. I do not think you need to read the first two books but might be helpful for some things they refer to. There are definitely back stories, including the murder of Olivia’s father and her relationship with her stepbrother that it would be good to have more information about. This book also bears a slight resemblance to the movie Witness, first aired in 1985. Also about a young boy who has witnessed a murder and cannot talk about it.
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I loved the previous books in this series but this one is my favorite so far as it kept me turning pages as fast as I could and I couldn’t put it down.
A gripping, complex and highly entertaining story, fast paced and full of twists and turns.
I was glad to catch up with Olivia and Will. The author created two very interesting and fleshed out characters and I like their character arc and how they are evolving.
Olivia is my favorite as she’s clever, strong willed and I loved how she felt for little Thomas and her bravery. Will is fleshed out, clever and a very interesting character (plus he’s got a cat and I also love his one-eyed cat).
On a general level all characters are interesting and well thought.
There’s a lot going on in the plot: plenty is happening and there’s no scarcity of suspects. There are some heartbreaking moments and the book never drags and always kept me on the edge.
The last part is very exciting and I suppose I forgot to breath. There’s hope for the future and I can’t wait to read the next story to read what will happen.
It’s strongly recommended.
Many thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Stunning. A heart pounding, absolutely mind bogglingly twisted, incredibly fast paced read. I raced through this one. Really brilliant. A story that will stay with me.
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This is my first Ellery Kane novel and I’m wondering what took me so long.  Even though this is the third in the series, it is easy to slip into the series and follow the plot, but I suspect the first books lay some of the groundwork.

The book is captivating, well plotted and intense.  A young boy survives when his family is murdered and he is the only witness.  Will he be able to help the police catch the culprit?

Olivia and Decker are a good team.  He’s a detective while she’s a psychologist. He takes the lead on this case, as Olivia is also looking into her father’s death.  And this one is gritty, but I like that the author balances it with Tommy, the surviving child.  He is adorable and brings a little innocence to the plot. Olivia and Decker’s relationship reminds me a little of the give and take from Moonlighting. 

The plot moves at a brisk and consistent pace with twists and turns.  There is no shortage of suspects and many obstacles to overcome to solve the case.

This might be one of my favorite crime books of the year.  I recommend it for those that like a diverse cast of characters and twists and turns along the way.
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This is the first book by Ellery A. Kane that I’ve read and I wish I’d read the previous two in this series. I will get them as I feel even though you can read it stand alone a lot of reference to previous unresolved issues are still being explored in this book. I’m super interested to read them now. The plot moves fast with a lot of sub plots that keep you on your toes when trying to be the one who figures it all out before it’s revealed by the author. Dr. Olivia Rockwell and Detective Will Decker are the two who the story is told through.  The most perfect family in Santa Barbara, the Foxes, isn’t so perfect. The massacre of the family, all but the youngest, has Will pulling long nights and since his partner has medical issues is forced to work with a detective who actually had a fight with the victim earlier in the evening and could be a suspect himself.  A search for answers by Olivia and her sister about their father has Olivia working with very dangerous criminals trying to find answers and the budding romance between Olivia and Will is starting to bloom big time. The multiple possible perpetrators keeps you guessing till revealed and there is always something happening in the personal lives of the characters to keep you interested and reading into the night. Thank you NetGalley, Ellery A. Kane and Bookoture for this book to give my honest opinion. I know you will like this story if you have any love for this genre books.
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The third book in the series of Rockwell & Decker, and they team up once again to solve yet another brutal murder.
Peter Fox, a public defense attorney and, lived a comfortable life with his wife, Hannah, and three kids. They were the picture of the perfect family. And this makes their murder particularly gruesome. The police are surprised and cannot figure out who would want to kill them.
Thomas Fox, the youngest member of the Fox family, survived the massacre. He is the witness who saw the entire murder happening in front of him. Traumatized and shocked by the events, Olivia and Decker save him. But he shivers the minute his eyes land on the uniform of the nearby police officer.

Olivia and Decker have a double challenge. They not only have to find the culprit but also have to save Thomas too. Because now the killer knows about the witness. They do not have many people whom they can trust.

Olivia is smart & instinctive and, her profession helps get her insight into the human mind. She is engrossed in solving her father’s case. The events around his incarceration were complicated and unclear. 
Decker is more case-centric and yet distracted by other events around him. He is moving as if he has to prove something to himself.

Their partnership has grown since the first book. Their relationship has brightened. But, on the professional front, they are not in sync.
Olivia’s presence is less than in the earlier books. Decker takes center stage and investigates the case with Olivia’s help.

Olivia's attention is divided between her father’s case and Fox’s multiple homicides. It forms a parallel story and continues from the first book. The readers can hope it will continue to the next book.

The mystery and intrigue stay unaffected by the subplot. A lack of suspect pool and motive makes it harder to investigate the case.
The finale of the book comes with a huge thrill part and, the epilogue ends with hope for the next book.

The series is a must-read but, readers should read Book 1 and 2 as the subplots are related to the earlier books.

One child alive is a suspense thriller with a twist ending.

My rating for the book is 4 stars.

Thank you, NetGalley and Bookouture, for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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One, two, three. She counts the bodies dragged from the burning beach house, smoke rising from their cotton pajamas, and remembers a fourth; red hair, freckles, clinging to his mother’s legs, begging to watch the fireworks a while longer. “Where’s the little boy?” she whispers…

The third installment in the Rockwell and Decker Series sees the duo investigating the murder of the picture-perfect Fox family while on summer vacation. Four-year-old Thomas is the only one who survived after fleeing from “the bad man”. Olivia promises to keep the terrified boy safe, but how can she do that when it seems the killer could be one of the very people who swore to protect and serve? 

Gripping, tense, twisty and compelling, this was another readable thriller from Ellery Kane. She keeps you guessing, offering a variety of suspects that are hard to narrow down to just one. And just when you think you have it figured out, she throws a twist your way to make you question what you thought you knew, making it one of those great thrillers where you don’t know who the perpetrator is until she decides to make the big reveal. 

The characters are so familiar now that I feel like I slot easily back into their lives, but the author succinctly catches us up and makes it easy for anyone who has never read the series before to also enjoy the book. Olivia and Will are great protagonists who are easy to like and root for. They make a great team and I think that Olivia working as a psychologist rather than for the Police gives this series an edge, something that makes it stand out from the other crime series with dual protagonists. 

One Child Alive is an exciting, fast-paced thriller that any fans of this genre will enjoy.
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Thank you to Bookouture for my copy of this book via netgalley and for letting me take part in this tour. While you could read this book as a standalone I think you would get a better experience if you read all three books. There’s quite a bit of background that leads up to this story.

Detective Will Decker and Doctor Olivia Rockwell are an excellent team. In the previous books you got to see more of Olivia’s profiles which I missed in this book. In this book it seemed like Olivia just got herself into trouble more than anything else. 

The pace of this book is quite slow to start with but it really ramps up about half way through. I found myself speeding through the last half as I just needed to know what was going to happen. 

Ellery is very good at keeping the killer hidden. I had no idea who the killer was except that I didn’t think it was any of the suspects Deck and JB had in their sights. They all seemed too obvious and nothing ever really fitted.

The side story of Olivia’s Dad is still intriguing me and I’m sure at some point (maybe the next book?) it will come to the forefront and I will devour that book as Ellery has kept me in suspense about this for too long!
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The 4th of July is supposed to be a day of celebrations but for the seemingly perfect Fox family, the day of independence ends in horror and bloodshed when four members of the family are brutally murdered. The fifth member, four year old Tommy is found, traumatised and sobbing in a nearby coast guard tower by Dr Olivia Rockwell who does her best to comfort the little boy. When Detective William Decker (Deck) arrives at the scene and tried to reassure Tommy by showing him his police badge, Olivia and Will are shocked by the young boy's hysterical reaction. 

During the ensuing, complex quadruple murder investigation Will learns that the Fox's marriage was not as perfect as it appeared to be and the shocking possibility that their killer could have been a police officer. As if he didn't have enough to deal with, Will also finds himself lumbered with obnoxious Graham Bauer as his partner and is also still struggling with his feelings for a certain, stubborn Dr Olivia Rockwell who keeps poking her civilian nose into his investigation. Graham Bauer is not a very likeable individual and my least favourite member of the police team but he did actually redeem himself a bit in this story. The problem was that I really like JB, I love the banter between him and Will when they work together, they are just like a old married couple and are one of my favourite fictional detective duos. The case was a frustrating maze of dead ends, red herrings and brick walls and as Will struggled to found the answers he needed, a ruthless killer was hiding in plain sight and waiting for the perfect opportunity to deal with the one witness who could identify them.

Meanwhile as well as helping the police try to get answers from little Tommy,poking her nose into Will's investigation and carrying out her therapy sessions at the prison, Olivia is still investigating the death of her father. She still doesn't believe the official version of events and has decided to use her position at the prison in her quest to uncover the truth, even if it means breaking a law or two. Despite knowing that her investigation is placing her life in danger, she is determined to uncover the identity of the mysterious figure known as the General. Throughout the story as well as having concerns about little Tommy's safety and well being, Olivia was also worried about the behaviour of her younger sister Emily and then there was the developments in her relationship with Deck.

Omg, this is fast paced, thrill ride during which the reader is hardly given the opportunity to draw in a breath as the story unfolded and you encountered more twists and turns than a roller coaster. A child in danger always adds intensity to a story especially when the child is as adorable as little Tommy and I spent a lot of the book with heightened feelings of anxiety for his safety and well-being. The final quarter of the book is a nerve shredding, nail biting, life threatening battle of wits and contains a unexpected, mind blowing twist. The author has created a fantastic cast of vivid, recurring characters, individuals who worm their way into your heart and ensure that you look forward to revisiting them in the future. Although this book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone, to enjoy the series to its full potential and due to Will and Olivia's continuing background stories,it is advisable to read the books in order. This is brilliant, addictive series and I can't wait to find out what the author has planned for Will and Olivia in book 3. Very very highly recommended and definitely going to be one of my favourite reads of this year.
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