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The Vet's Unexpected Hero

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Jackson is leading his first emergency and trying to show just what he can do in the hop of promotion when Lucy walks in and takes his breath away. Now he is facing his biggest challenge whilst also falling for the Vet who is determined to fight him at every opportunity.

I liked that Lucy was 'flawed' in that she had OCD and anxiety and I liked the way Jackson dealt with this, realising that these perceived flaws don't take away from the person. Their story was sweet and I found myself firmly in their team wanting them to get their happy ever after.
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Strangers to lovers premise
I enjoyed the story a lot and liked the characters
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A story focusing on Lucy, a vet who runs an animal shelter in the Florida Keys. She left her familial home to escape a controlling relationship and a family who don't offer the support she needs to further her independence.  Jackson is an  EMT whose commitment issues stem from his childhood. The setting is the build-up of a tropical storm to a hurricane forcing the couple into close physical proximity.

The scenes in the medical setting are atmospheric, but the animal shelter needs a greater focus.  Lucy and Jackson are complex characters. The setting ensures that the reader gets to understand them despite the brief time period.

 There's an undeniable attraction with a passionate outcome and the sought after emotional connection.

 I received a copy of this book from Mills and Boon via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Two virtual strangers are trapped together, with a menagerie of animals, to sit out a hurricane. As the elements batter their tiny refuge, Lucy and Jackson talk and explore their bruised emotional pasts. For him, abandonment and for her others trying to control her. After the storm passes our couple will need to know where they stand and who they are to each other.
A rather unbelievable plot and there is a lot packed into a short number of trapped hours. The emotional journey required for our couple to have a chance at a future is crammed into a night and leaves the reader rather wanting.
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This was an interesting romance, given that the heroine suffered from OCD problems and with a distrust of men in general.  The hero was a bit of a 'player' and not interested in long-term relationships.  Due to a hurricane arriving closer than expected to where the heroine has a vet clinic and animal sanctuary, the pair find themselves trapped together during the storm. They talk earnestly, and over the ensuing hours, they fall in love. Given the short passage of time this story covers, the story is actually well written. I suffer from OCD myself and recognised a lot of the symptoms and strategies written into the book, so it made it a bit uncomfortable for me to read at times, but that is a personal thing. I wasn't impressed by the heroine at first, but reading further into the book, I warmed to her as the true nature of her problem was revealed and she warmed to the hero.
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I received an ARC from Netgalley and Mills and Boon in return for an honest review. 

This was an interesting and rather different romance with its focus on a heroine who suffered from major OCD problems and whose background had left her distrusting men.  The hero was also suffering from his own demons and wasn't interested in forever relationships. He was a player.  Trapped together during a hurricane, they are forced to reveal themselves to each other and gradually fall in love.  It was well written with some wonderfully sensual scenes.  I found the heroine difficult to take to at first but the author skilfully revealed her true character.  

An enjoyable romance.
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