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The Honey-blood Beauty & Her Vampire 1

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I am curious to see where this series goes. It has an interesting concept but perhaps just a little slow.
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3.5 stars

In general I liked the first volume of this series. It is true that at the beginning the story is quite simple and cliché, but as it progresses it gives indications that there is some mystery plot and the end leaves you wanting more.

The story centers on a world in which vampires and humans live together, and among them there are different classes, the Pabulum, whose blood serves as food for vampires and the Honey Blood, a strange and special kind of Pabulum whose blood attracts any vampire until they become violent. Hence the Honey Bloods have the SP, special trained vampires, as bodyguards.

The main characters are Kagari, a Honey Blood, and Ryotaro, her SP. Between them there is the typical relationship that is seen in the romantic manga of Mistress-servant, Princess-bodyguard, in which she is in love with him and wants to let him know about her feelings, but he wants to keep a wall between them despite loving her. Between them there is a lot of unresolved sexual tension and many comic moments, but the interesting thing comes at the end, when it seems that there is some secret in the past of both that we do not know.

It is definitely a manga that entertains and in the end leaves you wanting more.
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I thought I would really enjoy this one and I expected to get that nostalgic feeling but I just ended up not enjoying my time-consuming this. I dnfed this at 50% because I generally had no motivation to pick this up. I found the characters to be boring and the plot as well. The premise sounded amazing and got me super excited so I am disappointed.

Kagari Tojyo is smart and beautiful... but what really draws a crowd is her rare "honey blood" -- a crowd of vampires, that is! Enter Ryotaro, her bodyguard and a vampire himself... with quite the perverted, sadistic streak! What's Kagari got to do to have a "normal" life?
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Romance manga featuring a sexy vampire bodyguard and his beautiful spoiled princess. In this world, humans and vampires co-exist. This delicate balancing act is threatened by the existence of humans with rare "honey blood" that can drive vampires into a frenzy. For public safety, the government assigns these people highly trained vampire bodyguards. Kagari Tojyo's bodyguard, Ryotaro, takes his duty seriously, demonstrating a possessive, though occasionally sadistic, bent towards her. Each clearly adores the other, but can they get past their designated roles? While full of the typical shojo tropes, the flirty banter and luscious art makes this an enjoyable read.
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Firstly I wanted to thanks for the opportunity to the publishers and netgalley and apologize that it took me so long review it.
I liked the world setting very much, the characters too. It wasn’t something that I’ve read before (and I read so many vampire stories) and for that I was glad. I liked the drawings very much too and I’m keen to know more about them and the story, bc somehow it felt very short. I suppose that the cliffhanger is for that, for you to want more but idk.
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Thank you Netgally and Kodansha Comics for letting me review this book.

I was very excited to read this manga and really thought that I would enjoy this bring back the nostalgia but I was wrong.

First, the main character is annoying, THE CHARACTERS ARE ANNOYING. I don't know all of them are really awkward and just annoying.

Second, I thought that it was jumping on to scenes and scenes.

The manga really had potential but I just think the execution didn't do well.
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Overall I really enjoyed this manga, I wish the plot was so much of a mystery though. I feel like it’ll be more clear during the next volume perhaps? Or maybe I zoomed through and missed it 😅 I enjoy the interactions,m between characters, and the humor added in. This manga was very well done, a great spin on a vampire tale. I really hope we see some more action as well as this story unfolds!
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This feels old.

Are vampires becoming a thing again? I’ve seen more stories with them coming out recently, and I don’t think this resurgence is going to last long. The Twilight craze burned whatever interest anyone had in paranormal creatures, and I don’t think it’s time for it to come back yet. It’s like when dystopian fiction was the big hit. That died so quickly, and bringing that back now wouldn’t be a good idea because I feel everyone is so burned out by it.

So this manga feels like it’s come out too late. If I was a teenager still in the throes of my Twilight craze, I would’ve gobbled it up. But now, it just feels tired. It doesn’t do anything new with the genre, nor does it subvert it. It actually feels like Twilight 2.0. A boring girl is lusted over a vampire because of her blood, and somehow there is a love triangle. I know shojo relies on a lot of tried and tested tropes, but give us something new. This doesn’t even feel like it’s trying.

I didn’t really enjoy this. The art was beautiful, but it needs more than that to make memorable.
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Thanks to #Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for making this book available to me.

We follow Kagari who has rare 'honey blood' which makes vampire go insane around her. She is protected by Ryotaro, her bodyguard who is also a vampire but have been trained mentally and physically to control his reaction to her. Unlike other vampires who are protecting honey-bloods, he refuses to feed on her neck and chooses to do it from her feet. (creep). Anyways, one day she hears some girls discussing how romantic and somewhat sexual it is for vampires to feed on the neck, she decided she wanted Ryotaro to feed on her neck. 
She asks him to feed on her neck but he refuses, slowly we learn more about his feelings for her and hers for him.
His task for protecting her is made more difficult by her ability to draw trouble wherever she goes.
I really enjoyed reading this and it was so funny!
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The Honey-blood Beauty & Her Vampire isn't usually what I read, but I was positively surprised. Kagari Tojyo is a beautiful girl, but what makes her special is her honey blood that vampires want like no tomorrow. Thus she has a bodyguard called Ryotaro, who is also a vampire and there's this perverted side to him, but nothing too bad. Obviously he's in love with her and she with him, but these two idiots are too oblivious to it. At first I though that this is once again your basic vampire romance, but the idiotic way of these two saves the day. The main couple is actually quite similar and their relationship is balanced which I like. Kagari isn't just a princess in need of saving. This first part just gets the wheels spinning and it seems there's plotting and whatnot in the air. I do like that the plot isn't clear yet and that this can go anywhere in a sense.

The art is OK, nothing amazing, but not bad either. There's lots of humor and humor faces, which can be a turnoff, but I liked that they made this series a goofball. I hope this short series keeps up the weirdness and doesn't fall into the basic stuff category. So, if you like spiced up characters, romance, vampires and idiotism, then this is for you!
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A promising introduction to a manga series that will certainly draw in any vampire lover. While story itself expected you to know much more than anyone should coming in to the first volume in a series, readers are sure to greatly enjoy the dynamic between Kagari and Ryotaro right from the beginning. This is one series that I will be interested to seeing how it plays out!
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Thank you to Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for the opportunity to read and review this manga. Trigger warnings for attempted rape. Reading this manga, I was a tad bored by the romance and I felt like I wasn't invested in the main characters. I can definitely tell that is would be awesome for a certain audience, but for me being exposed to several vampire stories throughout my life, I was bored. Because of these points for me personally, I had to give this manga a 3-3.5 out of 5 stars.
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Anything with a vampire, I am here for it! 
So, I was really excited to read The Honey-blood Beauty & Her Vampire Vol 1 by Toma Fuyuori. The artwork on the cover was really entriguing and the artwork inside was very competently done. It was well designed with an easy to read layout. So I certainly can't fault the art at all, although it was just compentently done and not unique in any way.
The story doesn't seem to follow a linear pattern and starts as though you already know the characters, setting and plot. I had to double check that this was actually a volume 1 and not one within a series. Even though it starts in this fashion, it is well told enough, and contained enough information, comedic touches, and of course, visual clues, to inform the reader of all that they need to know. I must highlight that this does seem to utilise comedy to entertain if not to vary the pacing of the story. The comedy was not always to my taste, and at times felt like 'dad jokes': there for effect rather than naturally occuring but at other times I was laughing out loud. So, it really felt hit and miss at times.
The story follows Kagari, who attends a special integrated school for humans and vampires. She has special blood for a human, 'Honey-blood' that attracts vampires even more than normal. She has a special police, or bodyguard/ childhood friend in Ryotarou, who is also a vampire, and protects her from other vampires 24/7. He is the only one privilaged enough to consume her blood, and must protect her from others but also perhaps from himself...?
This was certainly an immersive first volume, introduced the main and side characters well, entertained with comedy, action, and romance, and also promised mystery in subsequent volumes. I especially liked the chibi drawings, and took to Ryotarou as main character.
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4.5 stars

I am intrigued by the premise of this manga and enjoyed the characters and the art. The storyline didn't fully come into its own in just one volume, but I have the feeling it will be entrancing.
Mildly lascivious if you are interested or disinterested in that sort of thing.
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I enjoyed this first volume! I thought it set up the story really well and you got to see the dynamics between the two main characters. Her SP is very protective of her which is something I always enjoy but I can't wait to read the next volume in the series.
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I make the joke all the time that I am vampire trash—and I am, especially when it comes to manga. So, when I saw that Kodansha has the license to The Honey Blood Beauty and Her Vampire, I knew I had to review. That said, this is one campy vampire romp that may just land better in Japanese.

The Honey Blood Beauty and Her Vampire is created, written, and illustrated by mangaka Toma Fuyuori. This first volume is localized and published digitally in English by Kodansha, translated by Jessica Latherow, and feature lettering by Monika Hefedusova  – both of which are from animaru. If you're not familiar with the series, that's okay because this vampire lore is pretty out there.

The Honey Blood Beauty and Her Vampire Volume 1 is all about Kagari Tojyo, a teen girl who is smart and beautiful Pabulum with honey blood.  Pabulum in the world of this manga series are a designated food source for vampires, and honey bloods are the best among them. Read: best tasting, best smelling, best food, among them. then there are the SP who exist to protect them from hungry vampires while they're out in the world. Partnered up with honey bloods by the government to protect them, SP's are essentially bodyguards who receive the payment of the honey blood that they're protecting. Kagiri's SP is none other than the extremely popular and handsome Ryotaro.

Now, like most campy manga, Ryotaro is supposed to fit the role of "pervert" and the translation makes note to him as such, but truthfully I don't see it. While Ryotaro does make jokes about Kagiri and pretty much form a very overprotective shield around her, he isn't like other manga perverts, you know like Mineta from My Hero Academia. Instead, you get a guy who seems to just like messing with his charge and as a dynamic between the two it works.

That said, their interactions weighed down by weird translations that make me question what the context is in the Japanese. I'm not sure if it was poor word choice for context, or something else, but some pages, especially those pushing campier elements, were hard to understand. In fact, some of the word choices and abrupt shifts in tone (which can also be attributed to the mangaka not just the translator) make things that could be funny, cringey.

Even with that though, The Honey Blood Beauty and Her Vampire Volume 1 did make me root for them to become a romantic pair and not just a servant/master one. And overall, it delivers even if it's quickly done with Kagiri all of a sudden very intent on having Ryotaro drink more than just a mouthful of her blood.

Overall, The Honey Blood Beauty and Her Vampire Volume 1 isn't bad, it's just not great. Especially with the wealth of vampire romance manga out right now like Call of the Night from VIZ Media and The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions from Yen Press.
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I was immediately intrigued looking at the title and cover of this manga, and of course, I can readily admit I love a vampire troupe! And I must say I wasn’t disappointed with what this story presented. The first page of the manga had me immediately intrigued, as it had a dark-ish theme and was unexpected (for the start of a manga anyway!). I also found the plot developed really nicely across the book, allowing the reader to understand the world and learn about each character’s personality before bringing in the start of an overarching plot and ‘villain’ (although the word villain is used lightly here).

I found both Kargari and Ryotaro to be interesting and relatable characters in their own way; Kargari is afraid to admit her true feelings, and whilst she wants a normal life you can also tell she secretly loves the relationship she has with Ryotaro. On the other hand, Ryotaro is clearly scared of losing Kargari to a normal life and so both are constantly using humour and fake irritation to try and distract each other. The other main character you really get to see is introduced in the second half of the manga. This character is still very much developing and has shown a lot of promise of stirring up the plot and creating tension!

As a first volume, the story has been adapted really well to introduce so many concepts, feelings and drama whilst not feeling totally overwhelming to the reader. I also found that the small bonus comics at the end of the book created a soft ending and allowed a little more insight into the characters without affecting the overall plot of the book.
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The Honey-blood Beauty & Her Vampire is an interesting take on a story I've heard a few times over.
I liked the immersion into the story through classic manga tropes and expressions.

Kagari switch in "personalities" based on her comfortableness of flexing her status, are a really nice addition to her character. The appear to be confident behind both open and closed doors, while also shy, awkward, and unsure behind close doors made her very enjoyable to read.

Ryotaro, bad boy personality is the stuff of fangirl dreams. I loved it but also recognize the idea of possessiveness sometimes is clouded by actual possession and protectiveness... making some situations while amusing and enjoyable to read, would not translate into a healthy real world relationship.

But if you're like me, that's a guilty pleasure of paranormal romance stories sometimes. Different things factor in, like vampires hierarchy.

I enjoyed this and would leave to read more.

**Thank you to Kodansha and NetGallery for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. **
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This is my first time reading a manga and I gotta say, not as interesting as watching an anime. Then again, maybe I'm not the intended reader. Anyway, this is your typical manga paranormal romance where the hero is a vampire and the heroine a human who's both bratty and timid. There's your usual love triangle, jealousy and possessiveness, as well as sexual harassment that's romanticized and normalized.

Couldn't give more than 3 stars tbh.
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The plot of the manga is about a girl with special blood and her vampire bodyguard. It deals with their every day life and their relationship to each other. Both of them are in love with each other but do not express it.
The dynamic in this manga is kinda strange and low-key uncomfortable. The entire thing with him being very possessive turns me kind of off. But it does have some funny moments. I would not continue this story though because there are just better ones out there in the same genre.
It's like a 2.5/5
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