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Escape From the Ghetto

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This is a fascinating journey of a 13 year old Polish Jewish boy's escape from Lodz Ghetto in Poland to travel all across Europe to end up in the UK.

Chaim risks everything to escape the Nazis which obviously starts with him trying to escape the Ghetto that he and his family have put into, he was only planning on getting some food and coming back, but because of what happens he has no choice other than to run and escape.

This is a true story with so many risks to the young boys life and how quick witted and clever he was to stay alive.

This is a fascinating story which starts with a boy but ends up with a grown man who fights for his country. 

Really well written and because it's so well written you forget that it is a true story as there are so many perils set in his way. Well worth a read*
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An extraordinary tale!  The captivating true story of one boy's flight across Europe to escape the Nazis. A tale of extraordinary courage, incredible adventure, and the relentless pursuit of life in the face of impossible challenges. Definitely worth a read ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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