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Patricia Cornwell needs to retire Kay Scarpetta....NOW! She is done, she is repetiitive and lacks any actual suspense.
I have enjoyed many Scarpetta stories but I find I am now forcing myself to read them and get through. Even her supporting cast are starting to grate on me. I don't think you can continue to have a character such as this who consistently at risk of being killed off or fired and always survive and if it isnt her it's someone in her family. the plot itself was fine but felt more of a stretch because of who it was maybe and I think if it had been an unknown cast / ensemble it would have been something worth recommending. The writing is good and does reel you in.
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As always this was a great read, full off suspense. The characters are well written and you can put yourself in their shoes.
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I have been a Kay Scarpetta fan since my teens. i loved every story-line so when i saw this book my pathology senses started to tingle!
I read this in one day i was excited to star this and then when i started i just could not put it down.
The plot was great and gruesome with some good twists.
Patricia Cornwell is back and on top form.
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As always a fabulous read, fast paced, absorbing and thrilling, catching up with Kay and Benton is always like meeting up with old friends, Patricia Cornwall never disappoints
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It has been a long time since I read a Kay scarpetta and although it was good - it was missing the plot lines of the earlier ones! I found it hard to follow at times and I found myself rushing to get to the end!
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It was good to be back in the world of Kay Scarpetta. I read all of the previous series years ago. I did enjoy this but not as much as the previous books. I didn't find it gripped me as much and not a massive amount happened to keep me as interested as I thought I would be.
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As with the previous few Scarpetta books, I'm finding Kay's woe is me attitude frustrating. Everyone is out to hurt her feelings, whereas she doesn't care about anyone else's. 

25 books on I still find Scarpetta to be a good protagonist, however I didn't feel like the story flowed as well this time.

It was confusing at times, especially the Secret Service storyline, and I felt that Lucy's character was dragged back in a really strange, and disappointing way - the whole idea that Kay's entire extended family would move with her for work was weird and how she just magics up a job for everyone (as usual) was unsurprising. Maybe the introduction of some new characters would be a good thing 25 books in?!
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It wasn't until I read which number this is in the Scarpetta series that I realised just how long I have been reading books by this particular author. I must have missed a few because I was a wee bit surprised by the Marino and Kay's sister coupling. I know his almost obsessive need to protect and to be in Kay's orbit is a main driver, but her sister can be such ego driven being. Surely that counts as dysfunctional.

Is the obsessive close friendship only viewed as a positive, because Kay is unable to take a step back from it, as opposed to an outsider thinking Marino is on the precipice of something screwy in regards to his friend? Is that a book waiting to happen.

Kay has been more or less manipulated into the career move she has made recently. I think the full picture and repercussions of said move will be fodder for this and some books to come. I actually found Scarpetta's lack of response to the negative attitudes, blatant disregard for her position, was infuriating. Where was her outrage instead of just letting certain people just dance on her grave?

I'm not sure whether the last few years have anything to do with it, but it certainly seemed as if there was a lot going on in this book, perhaps to the detriment of the book. The serial killer plot, the White House situation, her professional status and the way her niece is dealing with a personal loss. Many sub-plots pulling in a lot of different directions, then again some of it felt a little like a build-up to a bigger plot.

It's certainly a gripping read, albeit it one that bounces from one goal post to the other. I am hoping in the next book Kay comes back willing to fight with a bit more vigor.
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Holy Shit! Scarpetta is back!!
This is right up there as one of my favourite books of the year!
Patricia Cornwell was my favourite author for so long and then her books seemed to change and I stopped enjoying them. I still bought them, just in case they were as good as I originally remembered but I've DNF'd a few of them over the past few years. I'd seen a couple of people say that this was her back on form but I was still skeptical when I came to read this. I shouldn't have worried. She's back on form and when Cornwell is on form she's one of the best authors out there. This was absolutely bloody brilliant. 
I spent most of this book on the edge of my seat, Cornwell has a way of taking you to the edge and leaving you dangling there and then pulling you back in. You question everything that is happening and you're scared for every bodies safety. 
My only complaint would be that the ending was tied up VERY quickly, it was like she had a deadline to meet and just said "right that's enough, we'll end it here" with everything being tied up in 2%.
I loved this so much that I've just arranged to re-read the series from the start with a couple of reading buddies.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Brilliant Scarpetta is back. I am a big fan of Patricia Cornwall-she is such a prolific talented writer. She is back on form with this book. Recommended.
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Autopsy has a very interesting premise - a dead girl by train tracks and a mysterious call to the White House that reveals a problem in space...

Scarpetta is back in Viriginia as the Chief Medical Examiner, and though she hasn't made many friends at work yet (though has collected a couple of enemies), she does have her own family around her and plenty of grit to keep going no matter what.

I enjoyed spending time with the characters and untangling the various plots. However, for me it got rounded off far too quickly at the end of the book. There's a personal/job sub-plot that simply evaporates, for example. Lots of promise and worth a read if you're enjoying the series, but tied up a little too quickly for my preference.
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As an avid fan of the earlier books in the Kay Scarpetta series I had been a little let down by the last few. I felt that they lacked the edge of the first ones and was intrigued to see what the change in the new book would be, if any.

Well this was almost straight away back to the gritty well written early days of Scarpetta novels and I found it hard to put down. I love the characters, especially Kay, and she has found her voice again in this novel. Set just after the first Covid wave we see Kay in a new job and living with a devastated niece Lucy, who has lost her small family in the pandemic.

Kay and Benton travel to the White House for a secret meeting and the vivid descriptions of the events there and the space station are riveting. Kay enlists her old partner Pete Marino to do some work in a case she is investigating and the duo spark well with each other, just as they had in the early books.

I look forward to reading more now and will be looking out for book #26. Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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It's been several years since I read one of Patricia Cornwell's books but it was easy to slip right back into the world of Dr. Kay Scarpetta.  Several mysteries to solve and plenty of personal interactions made this book a good reminder of why I always liked Cornwell's books.
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Patricia Cornwell is one of my favourite authors, and I have been reading her books for over 25 years, so I was really excited to get this book!  It is amazing and I loved it so much.  I was so happy to be back with Kay, Benton, Lucy and Marino, who are like family to me, since I have read so much about them over the years.  The storyline was very good and it kept me interested all the way through.  Kay and her family have been affected by covid, but there is not a lot of covid talk in the book, which I was glad of.  The story is set around the time of Lucy's birthday and Thanksgiving, so it had a warm, cosy feel to it, in between the harsher aspects of murder, crime scene investigation and forensics.  It reminded me of the earlier books, and it had that same atmosphere that we had in the olden days.  I love Kay and I can't wait for Patricia's next instalment, so I that I can be back with Kay again!  I hope it won't be too long to wait!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK and Patricia Cornwell for my arc of Autopsy in exchange for an honest review.

Out now!

The latest instalment in the Kay Scarpetta series is always highly anticipated and I was so excited to get my hands on it. I’m a little late reading it as I’m still running behind with my reviews after my operation and house move but it was well worth the wait.

The familiar cast of characters are back, Kay, Benton, Marino, Lucy and the story is back at the start centring Kay as the new chief medical examiner in Virginia but also bringing her into new circles with trips to the White House.

The storyline is interesting following the familiar pattern of Kay trying to make it in a world where people want to see her fail while also trying to get to the bottom of a murder and possible cover up.

The story was a definite improvement on the last couple of Scarpetta books but I’m a bit disappointed to see that the ‘everyone is out to get Kay’ theme is still running it’s making her difficult to like as much as I used to.

As usual the majority of the story wrapped up in the last 3-4% of the book but this time with little detail or information it felt quite rushed and I thought it could have been a bit longer in order to flesh out that side of things rather than the epilogue reading a bit like a summary.

I’ll definitely forever keep reading these books and feel like they’re going back in the right direction but it still didn’t quite live up to the originals.
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My thanks to HarperCollins U.K. for an eARC via NetGalley of ‘Autopsy’ by Patricia Cornwell in exchange for an honest review.

This is Book 25 in her highly popular Dr. Kay Scarpetta series of forensic thrillers. Since ‘Postmortem’ in 1990 these were published regularly though there’s been a 5-year gap since Book 24, ‘Chaos’, leading to an enthusiastic ‘She’s Back!’ in some publicity material. 

‘Autopsy’ is set in a post-pandemic USA with the recent civil and political unrest in evidence. I was a little concerned that I might feel lost though Cornwell provided background for readers new to the series or those like myself who needed a reminder.

In ‘Autopsy’ world-renowned forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta along with husband Benton have returned to Virginia. They are living in an eighteenth century property in Old Town, Alexandria, with her volatile niece, Lucy, living in a cottage on the grounds.

Kay has returned to her former role as Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Virginia. Her work is complicated by office politics, a secretary who resents Kay’s appointment, and the like. Those familiar with the series knows that Kay’s strident personality often ruffles feathers.

The main case features the discovery of a woman’s body alongside a railway track. The situation quickly becomes more complicated and incites fear in the local community as violent crimes are almost nonexistent in Old Town. 

The secondary case involves Kay’s role as a member of the National Emergency Contingency Coalition (aka Doomsday Commission). She is summoned to the White House to advise on a catastrophe in a top secret lab in outer space. The much satirised Space Force makes an appearance. There are also subplots involving Lucy as well as Kay’s long standing colleague Pete Marino, who is married to Kay’s sister. No further details to avoid spoilers.

While I faithfully read through to Book #21 as they were published, I had been finding the later titles a bit hit or miss. Still, within the first few pages of ‘Autopsy’, I was reminded of the energy of the early books and felt that Cornwell had her mojo back. This pleased me and I zoomed through it. 

There was a great deal for me to enjoy in ‘Autopsy’, even though its ending seemed a bit rushed. It felt like it was a return to form for the series and hopefully it won’t be too long before there are more cases for Dr. Scarpetta and company.
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Kay Scarpetta, a forensic pathologist returns to Virginia as the chief medical examiner. Virginia is where she first started all those years ago when she launched her career. She and her husband Benton Wesley, who is a forensic psychologist with the US Secret Service, have relocated to Old Town Alexandria where she’s based, five miles from the Pentagon. The book is really enjoyable and I honestly couldn't put it down. Patricia Cornwell manages to keep my interest throughout and I will most likely pick up instalment 26 when it's available.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from HarperCollins via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Oh thank goodness Kay is back! And she is back in good form dealing with murders and employees and all the things we loved and missed. This book is set after Thanksgiving 2021 and the lives of Kay and her family have been impacted by Covid. While the author doesn't shy away from the pandemic (and how could you with someone like Kay as your main character?) it doesn't intrude too much into the actual storyline. I was so glad to see the paranoia and far fetched connections that plagued many of the more recent books was gone. And I loved having my friends Lucy, Benson, and even Pete and Dorothy back. I hope this book marks the return of a favorite character for many more books to come.
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Wonderful to read another Dr. Scarpetta book! So nice to reconnect with Lucy and Pete Marino. Kay as the Chief Medical Examiner (and to a lesser extent her husband Benton) investigate the murder of a woman left beside railroad tracks. She has much more involvement which evolves later in the book. A great return to this fabulous series. Thanks to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK and the Author for allowing me to read and review this book.

There is no link to Barnes and Noble but I have posted my review there.
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Another great read from this author. Short sharp chapters credible story line,main characters already established but reminders given in story.
You don't'want to put it down. Thrilling read!
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