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There is a LOT going on in this book!  Several different plot lines to follow, so prepare yourself, as you'll need to keep everyone straight.  To start with, retired detectives and current private investigators/couple Matt and Liz are finishing up a case they could not resolve.  A fanciful sister of a friend of theirs has gone missing but they were unable to locate any trace of her.  Here sister is focused on the loss of her colorful spirit the last time they met and swears she didn't just take off on her own.  Matt and Liz are disappointed in the result, but there's no further avenues of inquiry that they can follow.

Their focus turns to Liz's cousin Christie, who is coming to stay.  She's a researcher for a famous blind author and travels the world so that he can write with the knowledge of someone who has captured the environments first hand for him.  She's currently researching the folklore and beauty of the Fens for what may be his final book, as he has taken severely ill.  She ends up staying longer when his illness keeps him hospitalized, and is thus able to get to know the locals.  She becomes close to a few, but develops a severe dislike of the manipulative owner of the local book shop, Gina.  Gina is manipulative and controlling to everyone, especially Delphi, Jane, and Tom, a trio whom Christie quickly grows fond of.  Unfortunately, no one else seems to grasp how terrible Gina is because they are all incredibly naïve, apparently.

Except there are two other characters that do agree with Christie about Gina - Tom's mother, Margaret and her old friend, Ian, a vicar from London.  He's back home to be with his ill sister, Evelyn, and is staying with Pip and Dominic, owners of Stone House and friends to all of the other characters.  Evelyn is also best friends with Margaret and are you confused as all get out yet??  Margaret isn't shy about her dislike of Gina, especially because Tom grows continually more irritated and impatient with her, due to Gina's influence.  Ian attempts to keep Christie calm about her animosity because there's only so much you can do when people don't want to see what's right in front of them.

And lastly, Matt and Liz have been unofficially looking into a cold case murder of a young adult female from several years ago.  Matt's thrilled because he misses 'real' cases that aren't mere spousal infidelity - the bulk of their PI work.  Liz enjoys this case also, but worries that Matt misses detective work much more than she does, as she knows past injuries will keep her from ever returning to the force.  It soon emerges that this case might be relevant to the other drama around town which complicates everything.

So if you can keep it all straight, it's an engrossing story, but I do think we could have done without some of the subplots and characters.  If there hadn't been so many connections, this could almost have been broken up into more than one story.  The complete lack of awareness that Gina's acolytes showed was quite frustrating, especially because unlike a cult leader tends to be, she's not breathtakingly attractive or enthralling in the least.  Thank goodness for Margaret, she was by the far the most interesting and hilarious character.  Bring her back, please!
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Book Four Matt Ballard private investigator is back with partner Liz Haynes.
Cannon Farm, Tanner's Fen are getting company her cousin Christie McFerran is bringing author Auden Meeres to stay as his new book setting for Marsh Light and Liz would be his favourite guide, not a well man and this could be his final novel both cousins are long over due a good catch up.
Matt is asked by his ex colleges to dig into Lindsay Harrison who found murders four years ago the case was never closed or solved as Liz says he is now working as a snout.
As always this author Miss Ellis never disappoints her readers, with her work, I loved every detail in this book chapter after chapter as we read into some new characters and get to grips with some gruesome stuff.
It get the big thumbs  up  from  me
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Thank you Netgalley and Joffe Books for the eARC.
This is my favorite book so far by Joy Ellis, I absolutely loved it.  Not only is it the setting that's so wonderfully portrayed, the highly likeable characters, the mysterious disappearance of a young woman, but also the character of Gina, the woman who seems to bring everyone under her spell.  Well, not everyone:  Christie, the main protagonist, is visiting on a research trip and right from the start she vehemently dislikes Gina.  She doesn't know why, she's generally someone who likes most people, but she can't shake the feeling.
This is not a police procedural, it's a mystery full of engaging characters and a terrific read that I guarantee the reader will not want to put down.
Highly recommended!
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I really enjoy that these books are so fluffy and easy to read!
Crime and murder galore but in such quaint language and settings
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5 stars

Matt and Liz are two retired detectives. Liz for medical reasons, but Matt misses the old days and the guys at the shop. They now run a private detective service. Liz hates the domestic part – especially following cheating spouses, but this new case is a missing person.

The atmosphere in this book is amazing. The lights at night on the fens and the eerie atmosphere is delicious. The characters in this book are very well fleshed out. I especially like Matt and Liz. They are a wonderful couple and I think they would be enjoyable to be around. I have no idea how Ms. Ellis manages to come up with such varied and great ideas for her books. She just wows me time after time. 

I can't wait for t he next book in any of her series.

I want to thank NetGalley and Joffe Books for forwarding to me a copy of this great book for me to read, enjoy and review. The opinions expressed here are my own.
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Mist Laden Fen Marshes....
What secrets do those mist laden Fen marshes hold? Engaging psychological suspense and the fourth book in the Detective Matt Ballard series. Character based storyline with a credible cast and a solid sense of place. An enjoyable read.
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Francis, has a missing  sister, Amy was like a butterfly flighty and wearing bright colors, not meeting for lunch was not the norm. They meet in secret, because of the bickering between her husband and Amy.  Coming to PI ‘s  of Liz and Matt to figure out what has happened. With a mysterious light over the marsh.  A series that is not a police protocol, the author has once again woven some interesting couples to meet and enjoy.   Given ARC. For Net Galley and Joffe for my voluntary review and my honest opinion
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Joy Ellis brings the Lincolnshire Fens to life: the magic, ancient folklores, mysterious lights and gases from the marshes.  The mood is evocative and characters authentic, but evil is lurking.  
MarshLight is unique, a departure from police procedural, and will have you gripped.  Expect the unexpected, you will not be disappointed.  I read it in a couple of sittings and loved it.
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Joy Ellis never fails to weave a story which is clever, complicated and which challenges the reader to work out “whodunnit”.  Characters and relationships are fundamental ingredients to the success of every Ellis book and this is no exception.  They seem so genuine and real, it is impossible to stop reading until you find out their fate.  It’s a good thing Ellis is such a prolific writer as I am reading every one as fast as she writes them!
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Oh my goodness, I don't know how Joy Ellis can keep writing such quality stories. The setting is wonderful, the characters are fully rounded and the plot is delicious. Matt and Liz are an endearing couple that I enjoy reading about and I hope Christie finds her way into further books. A very small appearance near the end from the fabulous character of Rory Wilkinson just completes the enjoyment.
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