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I think the premise and the discussions behind the book that the author brings up are really interesting and definitely something that needs to be brought up in more main stream media, however, for that to happen, I really believe that there needs to be accurate representations of the people that are being played.

I work with a lot of neurodivergent people in the setting of working alongside neurotypical people and U really didn’t think this was an accurate representation of this minority. 

I think the book was ok but it was hard for me to get around this problem.
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I really enjoyed The Sound of Violet. Shawn was a character from the moment he first spoke - straight talking and unknowingly hilarious and absolutely romantic. He was such a well written character and I was rooting for him all the way. I did get a bit nervous that I wouldn’t get a HEA but I’m so glad I did because I was rooting for Shawn all the way.

And I really liked Violet from the start too! There was just something so warm hearted about her even though she always kept her guard up and I’m glad Shawn was the one to thaw her heart by allowing her to feel loved. 

Both characters loved each other in the ways the other needed to be loved and there’s nothing I could want more from a love story.

I wish the plot and world building could have been a little bit more developed (especially with Shawn exhibiting synesthesia) but I was so invested in the two of them that I was hardly paying attention to anything else.

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The book is a good way of showing others a perspective on Autism and relationships. Although, I don't know much about autism, I like the idea of Allen Wolf presenting others with more information, such as the websites provided at the end. Not only does the book deal with human trafficking, but also to give the hope that with a little love and support a person can get out of a situation that they don't like. I look forward to the motion picture and hope it does Violet and Shawn's relationship justice.
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This is a nice little story with loveable characters, though the story itself does not tread much new ground. 

Shawn is autistic. His grandmother cares for him, and his parents rarely visit. He is close to his brother Colin, who works at a café. With his condition, Shawn struggles with relationships, and has had only one which was progressing, but his girlfriend tragically dies. Shawn works with a company as a programmer which has a dating app as its main product. This, he thinks, offers him an initial advantage in finding dates, but none of them seem to sustain even up to an hour. At an office party, Shawn meets with Violet and goes on a date with her - he does not realize she is a sex worker and she only later understands he is not a client. She finds him odd, yet considerate & caring, the kind which she rarely meets. 

Both Shawn with his naiveté, and Violet with her painful background are loveable characters. While, the story is largely on expected lines, the dialogues and events are good to read. 

An easy feel-good book to either end this year or start a new one!
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The synopsis of this book intrigued me. I had never read a book with a well written autistic character, and I really wanted to. But this book brings more of the same stereotypes about autistic characters that most of the media portrays. 
I wanted to like this book, but the portrayal of autism felt more catered to the audience than to reality.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for a free e-ARC of this book in exchange of a honest review. 

The Sound of Violet is a different love story revolving around Shawn, who is determined to find 'the one' and get married. His autism presents him with various challenges and affects his dating life but one day, he meets Violet and decides he wants to marry her but doesn't realise she is a prostitute. 

This is a quick read with characters you're bound to like, especially Shawn and his family. Shawn's perspective of the world is endearing and the story develops at a fast pace. It also touches on topics such as human trafficking and seeing beyond someone's past. Overall, it's a good book to read.
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Thank you Net Galley for a copy of The Sound of Violet.   This one was between Shawn and Violet.   Shawn is on the spectrum,  Violet is a prostitute.   This one I flew through. 4 stars!
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The storyline for The Sound of Violet was unique. It was unlike anything I've read before. I enjoyed the storyline and felt like I was understanding more about the characters with each chapter. As their relationship evolved, my feelings for the characters and where they were headed changed as well. 
To give a critique, it can be difficult to get through a book where the character has the same apprehension or inner dialogue across multiple chapters. I think the character development helped to ease the very slight monotony of how each main character felt about their situation, but I did find myself wanting them to learn to get over it. 
Overall, it was refreshing to read a story that was so unique and I appreciated the opportunity to read and review the book.
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Shawn is an autistic guy who desperately wants to find his soulmate which is how he ends up meeting Violet. Shawn is also funny, distracted, not good with hugs, jokes, or sarcasm, but also a thoughtful and smart guy. He has a big heart and wants desperately to find someone, even though it`s very hard since people think of him weird and awkward, especially when he blurts out random things which in his mind doesn’t feel as random. Shawn`s colleagues are somewhat annoying and kind of feel shallow and rude at times, Tammy however we get to know on a somewhat deeper level and I kind of like her. Violet or Olivia as we learn later in the story, is her real name is interesting, lonely, funny but also damaged beauty. Her life has not been easy on her and we get to learn how she got roped into becoming a prostitute and how she became insecure and sad. Ruth and Colin which are Shawn`s grandmother and brother, and all the family he has left – are very worried about Shawn and get bad vibe from Violet/Olivia. I get that Shawn goes quickly especially from dating to marrying, but sometimes I felt that they attacked and came too harsh, instead of trying to see reason and listen. But they opened their arms slowly too the possibility of them and saw how it was. I liked that even though Colin didn`t always understand Shawn and visa versa, they both tried and supported each other. Ruth is a good grandmother and I’m glad she sorts of started to date Douglas.
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Shawn wants nothing more than to find a woman to be his wife.  Shawn works as a programmer at Exclusiv, a dating app.  He goes on first date after first date, but his autism keeps him from forming a connection.  Shawn's grandma and brother help where they can, but Shawn is still dateless until a corporate party that Shawn's boss set up.   At the themed Pimp & Ho's party, Shawn meets Violet who he finds a connection with right away.  Shawn's social skills prevent him from seeing that Violet is an actual prostitute and he invites her on a date where things get weird.  Violet doesn't know what's going on with Shawn at first, but enjoys spending time with him .  Violet's pimp, however, doesn't approve of Violet and Shawn's progressing relationship.  Shawn's Grandmother and Brother see Violet for what she is as well and try to get Shawn to end the relationship.  Shawn and Violet's love will have to  overcome society's expectations for them.   

The Sound of Violet is a heartfelt and sweet romance.  Shawn and Violet are both well written and unique characters.  I had a good feel for Shawn right away as he talked about his dreams to get married and went on a series of awkward dates.  It was great to see Shawn portrayed as a regular person in society with a job and ambitions who just needed a little help with things.  Violet's story as a victim of human trafficking was distressing.  However, her ability to overcome, see the best in people and get the help she needed was inspiring.  When their relationship begins, Violet and Shawn see each other as a solution to their problems, Shawn will have someone to help take care of him and Violet will have someone to help her get out of prostitution.  Though unconventional, Shawn and Violet fight for each other to make their relationship work and be worthy in other people's eyes.  I thought Shawn's relationship with his grandma was the most interesting, especially his connection to church.  I felt like this set up some unrealistic expectations for Shawn.  It was great to see Shawn's grandmother's opinions change as she watched Shawn grow.  With a great pace, characters and heartwarming romance, The Sound of Violet is a great read. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed this. It have me all the feels, especially the last 30 minutes. I had tears streaming down my face!

I also had a good chuckle when Shawn was saying the wrong. My favourite was when he told the woman at the party she could easily sort out her ‘tache, it’s what I tell myself in the mirror everyday!

I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if I was in a book store, I wouldnttpick this up based on the cover on here. The blurb would make me buy it but the cover usually is the reason why I pick up the book to read the back. I think the book deserves its own cover separate to the movie. Also the cover has Seattle on and the book takes places in New York… give this book a beautiful violet cover it’s worthy of!
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Unbelievable and Sweet Love Story
This is a remarkable and poignant book. The one-liner is a young, autistic man who falls in love with a prostitute. The story is so much more. It is about love being out there if you look for it and are willing to work hard and sacrifice. I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying this book. While this book has been made into a movie, I can't imagine it being any better than the movie that played in my head when I read this fine book.  I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
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Shawn and Violet's story is not your typical romance story, it goes deeper, with characters that are very different from what you would normally read, they are well developed and the plotline flows perfectly. A computer programmer on the autistic spectrum and a prostitute find their story. This is story is coming to the screen and I would love to watch it unfold. The writing certainly gave enough description to imagine every scene. The story itself will make your heartache and will throw you in turmoil, between the characters' interactions, you will find healing and acceptance within this story. It might be a trigger for some readers, so be aware of it.
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The Sound of Violet started with a strong premise and interesting characters. However, the book became too heavy handed with religious overtones for me - if that's something you connect with, you'll probably really enjoy the book.
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I was initially intrigued by the book as it started out well, but the timing throughout the book was off. The writing felt choppy and I never felt invested in the story and/or characters even though the book covers important topics. Sadly, the references to God didn't feel quite authentic either. The movie should be released soon and I think it will make a better movie than book. I'm bummed that this one just wasn't for me.
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The Sound of Violet
By Allen Wolf

"There are colors we can't see. Beauty that's outside our visible spectrum. There's a lot about you that's not visible to me yet. But I can tell it's going to be beautiful."

For Shawn, a marriage with someone that will always love him is everything that he ever wanted. The only problem is, he always stuck on the first date. But one day, he meets the most beautiful woman, named Violet at his company party. From there, Shawn finally got a girlfriend and Violet might just be "the one" he looking for.

Violet is tired. When Shawn comes along, she thought that she might finally find her ticket out of her misery and will be living a great life. On top of that, Shawn doesn't seem to realize who she really is and care about her a lot. Will they both get what they wish for?

Shawn and Violet story is very insightful and such an eye opener reads. A wonderful book that raises awareness regarding Autism and Human Trafficking. The writing is engaging and easy to follow. Also, the character development is wonderful. A beautiful book about acceptance, chance and kindness. 

This is such a heartwarming and delightful book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Sound of Violet. Also, there will be a movie based on this book that is directed by the author himself. Would love to check it out 💖

Be sure to check trigger warning before diving into this book.

TW: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Violence

I willingly request this arc from Netgalley so the review is solely based on my honest opinion.
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The Sound of Violet is the story of Shawn Lambent, an autistic computer programmer and Violet ‘Olivia’ Black, a prostitute. Shawn is desperate to meet his soulmate and Violet is desperate to find her next mark to keep her pimp off her back.

WARNING: There are some triggers in this book in regards to child abuse, child abandonment, rape, violence, etc.

Told from both Shawn’s and Violet’s third-person perspective, the reader gets a glimpse into both of their thought processes and how differently they view the world.

Shawn is a high functioning autistic person who does computer programming for a company called Exclusiv, which is a dating app/service/website. He lives with his aging grandmother who helps him with many daily tasks such as picking out clothes, paying bills, etc. Shawn knows one day she will be gone. He fears it. So, Shawn is borderline obsessed with finding someone to share the rest of his life with. After a past relationship that ended in tragedy years ago, he’s finally ready to get back on the dating horse and find his true love.

Enter Violet.

At first Violet sees Shawn as an easy mark. He’s a little odd, but she finds his innocence and sometimes child-like wonder very endearing. Shawn gives her a sense of hope. If Shawn can find some value in her as a person, maybe she can find some value in herself. Violet can’t stand the idea of what Shawn would like at her like if he knew the truth of her life. But she can’t seem to leave him alone, despite constantly warning him off at first. Over time she builds a relationship with him, one she feels is completely built on lies. But this false reality rapidly unwinds and her real reality and false reality clash together.

So Shawn struggles with daily tasks, reading people, and being rather brutally honest. Shawn can also hear colours, with each one having a distinctive sound. It’s quite fascinating to read about. In fact, almost everything about Shawn’s perspective is fascinating. The author does a pretty good job of representing what I can only imagine it is like to be on the autism spectrum. I absolutely loved reading his perspective.

Violet is also an interesting perspective. It takes almost 85% of the book to figure out exactly how things came be so bad for her. I can’t say I liked her as much as I liked Shawn, but I still like her. You can’t help but feel bad about the terrible cards she’s been dealt in life. It’s not hard to figure out why she’s basically all but given up on her dream of freedom and becoming an actor.

I kinda of feel that all the secondary characters weren’t necessary. I mean the grandma and the brother are obviously needed to play the devil’s advocate and show just how narrowminded some religious people can be (I’m sure this wasn’t completely intentional, but the grandma IS heavy into her religion and keeps telling Shawn to date a good god-fearing woman, not prostitute trash. Shawn makes excellent points about what Jesus would do.) The grandmother eventually relents when she finally realizes what Shawn is trying to help Violet escape from, as a result of being an eavesdropper. Is that religion based? I don’t think so. I think she just realized she was judging this particular book by its cover…which she literally says in the first half of the book.

Aleesha and Natasha…I didn’t feel like they were completely necessary. I know why they are included, but I don’t think they were fully needed. However Anton, Tammy, Flynn and Jake were aa lot more necessary in some ways.

Speaking of religion. The beginning of this book is pretty tame, religion wise. But after 65-70% of the way through, the religion dial gets ramped up by several notches. At first you’re like “okay, cool Shawn and his grandma go to church and Shawn is actually learning some things there that he is applying to his life choices…okay.” Then it’s “oooo- snap granny, your grandson is right, and you are totally being not like Jesus.” But then you’re like “aaannddd Violet is finding religion and then is silently begging God to help fix the negative voice that’s playing in her head…ooookkkaaayyy.” It’s not hardcore Christian fiction, but it sure as heck loses it’s General fiction vibe. So just be aware of that.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one. It’s an inclusive book that helps give the les common point of view of someone on the autism spectrum and I found that absolutely fascinating. Violet’s story also shines some light on the truth and horror of human trafficking. While there were a few minor things I, personally, felt the book could do without, I really really enjoyed the journey overall. I can’t wait to see the movie!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end and I can't wait to watch the movie. The entire time I read this I pictured it as a movie with wonders colors and a really great story.

We meet Shawn who is in the spectrum and is looking for his future wife. Life is difficult as it is but adding being on the spectrum just makes it that much more difficult and interesting.. I really enjoyed reading about his journey and his innocence. There was something endearing about it. He meets Violet at a party and he really starts to enjoy her company.

They really bought out the best in each other and it was a pleasure to see their relationship blossom throughout the book. They really and genuinely help each other from their current situations. 

This is a must read and a must see.
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I enjoyed The Sound Of Violet. It was a bit if a different story from anything I have read. I didn't like Violet to begin with as I thought she was just using Shawn but she was Tring to escape her life from which she feels trapped.  Shawn was a very likable character and I just wanted things to go right for him as he just wanted to be happy. The storyline went at a good pace and I would consider reading more books by this author
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The Sound of Violet is a promising tale of an autistic person finding love. It is well written except for the main character's autism. As many stories do before, they portray a stereotypical and stigmatized version of being autistic. Shawn, the main character, works in the tech industry and is unable to socialize on the same level as neurotypical adults. He is going on multiple dates without knowing how to interact with the woman. While difficult social interactions are common among the autistic community the use of masking often allows autistic people to work with neurotypicals in professional settings. Shawn has an unrealistic level of incompetence that is seen throughout the book which is problematic since the book is formed around his autism. Being autistic does not make it impossible to be reasonable and Shawn is consistently illogical especially with his interaction with Violet. He is unaware that she is a sex worker because of his autism. However, this is not what it is like being autistic. Autism does not prevent you from understanding a person's job. He remains in the dark about her work for an unrealistic amount of time. The book compiles as many generalizations and stereotypes about autism and uses them as the foundation of the story. Shawn is seen as selfish, ignorant, naive, and impulsive which is not a problem in a character, but it is an issue when you are using his autism as the cause. Being autistic is not a disease or sickness and it does not make you act as Shawn does throughout the book. As an autistic adult, I have concluded that this book presents a character as autistic based on pop culture and not based on the experiences of actually autistic people.
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