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The Sound of Violet is a promising tale of an autistic person finding love. It is well written except for the main character's autism. As many stories do before, they portray a stereotypical and stigmatized version of being autistic. Shawn, the main character, works in the tech industry and is unable to socialize on the same level as neurotypical adults. He is going on multiple dates without knowing how to interact with the woman. While difficult social interactions are common among the autistic community the use of masking often allows autistic people to work with neurotypicals in professional settings. Shawn has an unrealistic level of incompetence that is seen throughout the book which is problematic since the book is formed around his autism. Being autistic does not make it impossible to be reasonable and Shawn is consistently illogical especially with his interaction with Violet. He is unaware that she is a sex worker because of his autism. However, this is not what it is like being autistic. Autism does not prevent you from understanding a person's job. He remains in the dark about her work for an unrealistic amount of time. The book compiles as many generalizations and stereotypes about autism and uses them as the foundation of the story. Shawn is seen as selfish, ignorant, naive, and impulsive which is not a problem in a character, but it is an issue when you are using his autism as the cause. Being autistic is not a disease or sickness and it does not make you act as Shawn does throughout the book. As an autistic adult, I have concluded that this book presents a character as autistic based on pop culture and not based on the experiences of actually autistic people.
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This was a difficult book to enjoy in places as it dealt with prostitution and how girls get sucked into it. However it was well written until near the end, which struck me as rushed and a bit "preachy". Enjoy the story and the actual ending, it is worth it.
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No hate to this author, but this book solidified my view on not reading romance books written by men. That being said, I went into this book with an open mind but became very disappointed very early on. For one, the pacing is so very off. He was head on straight up in love with her the second he saw her, which I get on his part, but it felt weird to read. I don't like insta-love autistic or not. I want a natural flowing relationship and I just didn't get that here, and the ending was very rushed and truthfully not that realistic.

I think that with this plot, the third person POV ruined it. It made it really hard to be engaging reading this. I also read this on the NETGALLEY shelf app, which prevented me from reading a few lines, so I'll never do that again. My overall experience reading this was just not that great. DUAL POV 1st person would've been better, I don't think this author writes THIRD PERSON in a way that's enjoyable.

This story had a slightly dark theme to it, but it had a few laughs, but don't expect a comedy show.

By the end of the book, I was definitely rooting for them not to be together. He was upfront and honest with her and she just wasn't. He told her the first date that he was dating to get married, and she never exactly told off his advances. I felt bad for the poor guy. Not to mention, she told him that she had "auditions" and had him tag along with her, I think that's the most messed up part of the story. Hero was literally outside while heroine (lack of a better word, because what she did wasn't willingly) getting raped. Literally WTF. She even had to sleep with the men before and after her wedding day. Not judging her whatsoever because it wasn't willingly, but I don't like my heroes/heroine being with other people after they meet.

With this story, I would've liked the heroine to be upfront in the beginning, and have the hero chase after her, it just would've been better for me. This story was not romantic, though it could've been if it was written a bit better. It was about 500 pages, but nothing really happened. I stuck it out for the hero though, I liked him, he was refreshing.
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I loved this book so much, it was an easy short read that made me feel happy and sad at the same time and that i really enjoyed.

I loved reading about Shawn's story, how he was dealing with his autism, how his life has been and how he finally found love. He's such a caring and loving character that really touched me.

His story with Violet was sweet and unique, from the beginning, you can feel how invested Shawn was and how they were able to relate to each other even though they're very different.

I appreciated the character development that most of the characters had, and i liked how the ending was well developed and we got to see more of violet and Shawn.

Some of the trigger warnings are human trafficking, mental health, abuse and other topics that might also be triggering.

Thank you so much NetGalley, the publisher and Allen Wolf for providing me with an ARC in exchange of a honest review
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This book had me all over the place. It was charming and warm and funny and sad and disturbing and many things. It was well written, the characters had depth and the world building was good too but somewhere it lost a bit of steam hence the 4 stars. I definitely recommend it especially if you want something different though. Not a lot of autistic main characters in romance novels out there.
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This book was good at highlighting the way the world is navigated and engaged with by someone with autism, and I wanted to really love it. It was beautifully told however there was something lacking for me and I found myself skimming over the narration and mainly focusing on the dialogue. I know this has been adapted into a movie and I look forward to watching it and hope maybe I’ll enjoy it more there.
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This book is a little bit difficult to categorize; it’s about love and life but with a high dose of reality. This is not the story of the perfect man who meets the perfect woman and they fall in love; because reality is not like that, we all have our problems and secrets and that’s why love is never easy.
This is the story of Shawn and Violet; Shawn is looking for her future wife, because he wants to love and to be loved. But, as you know finding love is not so easy and being autistic it doesn’t help. On the other side, there’s Violet, she doesn’t believe in love or destiny, she only wants to survive. They meet each other in a weird party and even if they didn’t have a first sight love, their chemistry together will be there since the beginning.
I liked how both characters are portrait, Shawn’s family scared that anyone could harm him or use him and on the other side, Violet’s dark vision of life and how she doesn’t know how to escape from her job being a prostitute.
I enjoyed this story, hoping that both characters will have a future together but not knowing how everything will continue for them.
I have to say that I didn’t enjoy much all the religious talk, I can understand that for Shawn and her grandmother it’s something important, but I would be happy without it too…
This is a story easy to read and to fall in love with; I can’t wait to watch the movie! Are you ready for “The Sound of Violet”?
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This is my first experience reading something by this author and I have to say 'Wow'! This is one of those books that the story stays with you long after you have finished. Such great character development, the story was written with such insight and empathy, it makes it's way straight to your heart. Shawn and Violet are such amazing characters, you can't help but fall in love with them. Theirs is a union that is so special and unique, your heart literally aches for them. Shawn just wants to find the right person and get married, but his autism causes him to be misunderstood by the women he tries to date and it never works out. Violet is stuck in a life she would never have chosen for herself and when her and Shawn meet, there's some misunderstanding on Shawn's part, but they really seem to click. They both get the chance to see and experience what real love is and Violet sees and understands Shawn in ways no one ever has before. Such a truly beautiful and heartwrenching story and so full of emotion.
Truly an amazing story! I most definitely recommend!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing a complimentary copy. This is my honest and voluntary opinion.
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The Sound of Violet by Allen Wolf is centered around Shawn, who has autism, that wants to fall in love. He meets Violet, but he does not realize that she is a prostitute. Their love story is a journey full of eye opening events in the world of someone who has autism and someone who is trying to survive and look for a better life for themselves. The author done an awesome job touching on the sensitive subjects within this book. This book is one I know I'll read again.

⚠️ Trigger Warnings ⚠️
Human Trafficking

*I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley*
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3.75 stars— THE SOUND OF VIOLET is a contemporary, adult, stand alone story focusing on twenty-four year old computer programmer Shawn Lambent, and prostitute Violet ‘Olivia’ Black. 

WARNING: Due to the nature of the story line premise there may be triggers for more sensitive readers.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Shawn and Violet) THE SOUND OF VIOLET focuses on one man’s desire for love and to be loved. Twenty-four year old, computer programmer Shawn Lambent, is a young man on the autism spectrum, who ‘sees’ sounds in color. Shawn Lambent develops apps for a dating website, and wishes to one day find his own happily ever after. Meeting Violet Black gives Shawn a hope for the future but Shawn is unaware of Violet’s lifestyle, a lifestyle of which she struggles to leave. As Shawn quickly falls for Violet Black  not all is well in Violet’s life, and our heroine must battle the man in charge. What ensues is the building relationship between Shawn and Violet, and the potential fall-out as Violet’s life begins to spiral out of control.

Shawn Lambent wants to find love. Having lived with his aging and ailing grandmother most of his life, Shawn fears one day, living alone, and in this, actively searches for someone to love. As a high functioning young man with autism, Shawn struggles with some of the basic day to day life skills, skills that come easy for the average person.  Violet Black is a victim who has found herself in a precarious situation.  Struggling to get herself free, Violet knows that her life is no longer under her control. ‘Dating’ Shawn Lambent, Violet sees a way out of her life but getting out will be dangerous for everyone involved.

The relationship between Shawn and Violet is predicated on a series of lies. Shawn has no idea that he has fallen in love with a prostitute, and Violet is reluctant  to reveal the truth believing she has found an easy mark.

The secondary and supporting characters are colorful and energetic, reflecting the overall feel of the story line message. We are introduced to Shawn’s grandmother, and his brother Colin, both desperate to protect our story line hero; Violet’s fellow prostitutes Aleesha and Natasha who are caught in a vicious cycle, their pimp Anton; as well as Shawn’s co-workers Tammy and Flynn, and their boss Jake.

THE SOUND OF VIOLET is labelled hilarious and dramatic but I struggled to find anything funny or ‘hilarious’ about the story line content. Allen Wolf addresses autism, discrimination, sexual trafficking, abuse, power and control, and in this the story line is dramatic and intense. There are also several references to religion and religious beliefs, sometimes quoting bible verses in times of stress. As the book has been adapted into a major motion picture, perhaps the tone of the  ‘film version’ plays out differently than the book. The premise is imaginative and spirited but often reads like a movie script.





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Once I heard the concept, I was excited to read “The Sound of Violet”.

This story of young romance reveals the journey of two unlikely soulmates and their valiant efforts to overcome their own love disadvantages. Mr. Allen Wolf challenges the notion that true love comes easy. His main character, a brilliant autistic algorithm engineer, has his heart set on one thing—finding true love. His role with a matchmaking company puts him in just the ideal spot to meet just the wrong person. Smitten, he must decide what to do when his love’s hidden life story gets dumped out at the family dinner table. True love doesn’t come without a fight.

Wolf dives into the underbelly world of sex trafficking throughout the story. It was traumatic for me to read several of the scenes. I would ask anyone with an abusive history to tread carefully before delving wholeheartedly into this story. Individuals may not be in a place to read some details. 

Forgiveness and becoming whole are complicated issues of the heart. I appreciate Wolfe doesn’t allude to anything else being true.
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Was I hooked by that book? Yes. It gave me a new perspective on autism and human trafficking, and I appreciate that. 

Shawn is autistic and hyper focused on finding a wife, someone who can take care of him, for the day his grandmother won't be with them anymore. He meets Violet at a work party and believes that she is the answer to all his prayers. But Violet is a prostitute. She finds Shawn's attention amusing at first, but soon he is starting to look more and more like a way out of this life that she hadn't chosen.

It was such a bizarre situation between Shawn and Violet, really surreal. It was hard to predict how their story will end. Shawn's family gave him a hard time about Violet, but in the end they stood by him and helped to find a way for them to be together. 

Shawn's sometimes childlike view of Violet and the world in general was very endearing, but also frustrating at times. At the same time, he was very self-aware and he actively worked to improve some of his preferences due to his autism to be able to have a relationship with Violet. He also had to think about his motivations and what it really means to love someone. Violet managed to bring something extra to Shawn's life despite her miserable circumstances.

The writing felt a bit blunt at times, but the plot moved along evenly and quite quickly. The author focused on the very complex and difficult issues of human trafficking. I found it very interesting, but it's probably not everybody's cup of tea.

Overall, I really liked the story and I liked Shawn and Violet. The title is beautiful, and it gained meaning every time I read about how Shawn hears colors.

Thank you to the author and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Twenty years ago or so, one could browse the shelves of a large Christian bookstore and find novels of every genre imaginable. Whether a legal thriller, war story, or a coming-of-age comedy, there was a spectrum of stories written with respect to the readers' most deeply-held beliefs. In an age of ebooks and online retail, when so many bookstores have closed, that experience feels like a distant memory.
Though set in a very contemporary New York City, Allen Wolf's THE SOUND OF VIOLET reminds me of that now-lost time. This book, I have no doubt, would have been celebrated in those stores and found a large, audience among their shoppers. I can easily see end-cap isle promotions and even posters on the windows.
That said, this is not a typical work Christian fiction. Wolf unafraid of taking the story in directions that are, at times, extremely uncomfortable. Even in moments that feel dangerous or risqué, the reader is ultimately in safe hands. THE SOUND OF VIOLET is the story of co-protagonists in difficult circumstances. Shaun is extremely autistic. Violet is trapped by a sex trafficker. Shaun doesn't understand the circumstances of Violet's life and pursues her to be his wife. Inside their chaotic relationship is a beautiful theme about how one's future is far more important than their past.
Wolf is a Hollywood filmmaker who brings an eye for visual storytelling into this narrative. The narrative is immersive and sensory. Flashbacks and backstory abound to help the reader understand who the co-protagonists are at their core and what they want out of life. Unlike so many works of Christian fiction, the characters aren't sanitized and perfect. They have flaws. Confronting those flaws is ultimately what makes it obvious that each of them is the other's answered prayer.
While it's been nearly two decades since I browsed a bookstore looking for Christian fiction, this is a title I believe I would have bought back then. For me, it stands alongside the best of the category.
One nice bonus, as a filmmaker, Wolf has already made the movie and it will be released soon.
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The synopsis drew me to The Sound of Violet with its unique characters and situation. Second chances, forgiveness and relevant topics of autism and human trafficking you’ll want to grab a box of chocolates and enjoy this heartwarming romance.

Shawn has autism and works for a dating app. He lives with his aging grandma, who encourages him to date after his grandfather dies. While Shawn can take care of himself, he still needs help from his wardrobe to keeping a budget, etc. He isn’t very good at social cues and typically says what he thinks, which isn’t always helpful on blind dates.

When a fellow employee wagers Shawn can’t get a date at an office mixer, he asks a woman he sees at the bar out and arranges for them to have dinner at his apartment. Violet is a prostitute hired for the party and thinks he is propositioning her….

The story that unfolds offered a mix of humor, awkward and sweet moments while giving readers a glimpse at autism and prostitution. From family to fellow girls on the street, this story had it all.

Shawn hears colors, is envious of his co-worker and doesn’t understand why women don’t call him back when they say they will. I adored him and how the author shared the different dimension of autism which can be unique do each individual. Shawn attends church with his grandmother and it’s his faith that guides him in his relationship with Violet.

It was easy to see how Shawn missed the social cues about their relationship. Violet hasn’t been wooed before, so the attention Shawn offers is sweet and truth be told, she is desperate to change her circumstances. When grandma and Shawn’s brother, along with Violet’s pimp, realize what is going on, they interfere, but Shawn is determined.

The drama is kept low and replaced with suspense as Shawn tries to save Violet. I adored the simplicity of his thinking and how he loved. Faith, redemption, change and a sweet young man made this story heartfelt. Triggers include sexual assault, human trafficking and physical abuse.

The Sound of Violet is sweet and informative story. This tug at your heart romance and their circumstances will pull you in emotionally. The movie releases in 2022 and I saw a sneak peek of the trailer. Grab the book now because you will want to watch the movie. 🍿
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What an incredible story this is! Shawn is smart, works hard and is extremely well organised, but most of all, he is desperate for a girlfriend. He works in what should be the perfect setting, a dating agency, where he has access to women’s profiles. But Shawn is autistic and has no filter about his thoughts, which tumble from his mouth uncontrollably. He can come across as abrasive, insulting and rude. Not the best qualities that a woman is looking for in a man. Dates often end within minutes of meeting him, with a second date never happening.

Shawn has a brother who looks out for him, although his brother has his own place. Shawn lived with his grandparents, but after the death of his granddad, he sees it as another reason to find a wife. After all, when his grandmother dies, he needs someone to look after him.

It is a long time since a character moved into my heart, but that is where Shawn is still living. He made me laugh so many times. Although Shawn is unable to judge situations, he heightened my emotions. I saw more than I have ever before, the huge blackness of not being able to ‘read people’, and it felt terrifying.

There are so many fabulous characters in this story, his protective brother, Colin, his grandma and of course, the very vibrant Violet. There are so many tragic lives in this story, but it is so uplifting in so many ways.

I am overjoyed, that the book has been made into a film, which will be released in 2022. I really can’t wait. The characters playing the parts are perfect, and the dialogue is like it is in the story, from the clip I have seen. Do look it up on YouTube. The link is below the author information.

I wish to thank Don Fitzgerald. Publicist of Morning Star Pictures, for an invitation to read and review this book via Net Galley.
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Shawn has wedding photos in his room, on his phone and around his desk at work. He is desperate to find 'the one'. His openness and lack of tact due to his neurodiversity   has all his dates running for the hils after an hour. Until he meets Violet, a sex worker. She knows Shawn doesn't understand what she does for a living but she is drawn to him as he is the only person who has ever been kind to her.

The Sound of Violet is a heart-breaking story of family breakdown but at the same time it also highlights the love of family through Shawn's garndmaother who would do anything to protect him and his brother Colin who teaches Shawn how to act in front of people.
When Shawn was around people he had to continually think about his words and his mannerisms. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for him in social situations.

Both Shawn and Violet had the common connection of people judging them before they got to know them.
Wolf highlights the real problem of human trafficking and how young girls are trpped into the sex-trade with no means of escape.

The writing is simplistic and the authors history with sceenplays is evident as the scenes and actions are highly visual. I could picture this on the screen as I was ready. It had a cinematic feel to it.

I was expecting The Sound of Violet to be a story about an autistic man looking for love but it was much more than that. It was a story about kindness, acceptance and healing. I can't wait to see it on the screen!
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I want to start off by thanking NetGalley and to the publisher for providing me an ARC copy of the novel. 
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Sound of Violet is one of those books that I wasn't too sure If I would love but the description of the book sounded intriguing and decided to give it a shot. I have read very few books that deal with a main hero with a disability and even less about human trafficking. In short I had no idea how much I would love this book!!!!

Shawn and Violets story is unique, sweet and full of heart. Shawn has always wanted to get married but due to him being autistic (although high functioning) it's hard for him to go on dates and find someone who could understand him. Violet, on the other hand, is living a life she never envisioned for herself where her choices were taken away from her and have to live in a nightmare. When they meet, Shawn is immediately drawn to her and with a major misunderstanding (on Shawns part) and in a way deception at first they both start to date (sorta) and thats where the story picks up. I don't want to say more as I feel it will rob you of the emotional impact, but rest assure my heart hurt so much in more than one occasion. 

Both Shawn and Violet, although live completely different lives, share similar emotions and compliment each other so well. She begins to see how wonderful Shawn is. How loving, caring and loyal he is. Shawn was able to learn what is truly means to love, forgive and care for someone. 

I feel a little teary just thinking about the things that women or men go thru when they sadly fall under human trafficking and this story brings awareness to this issue. If you want to read a beautiful love story full of heart please do yourself a favor and pick this up. I know this story may not be for everyone but its worth a try. Its a clean romance and I absolutely loved that. Shawn and Violets story will be one I remember for a long time.
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I’d like to thank Morning Star Publishing and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘The Sound of Violet’ by Allen Wolf in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Shawn is in his mid-twenties and longs to go on dates and eventually get married, but he has autism and his dates don’t last for long.  He works for an elite dating app called ‘Exclusiv’ and at a company party he meets Violet who tells him she’s an actress.  He escorts her as she goes to ‘auditions’ little realising her occupation or that her minder, Anton, is close by.  Shawn thinks he’s falling in love with Violet but can love conquer all when he learns the truth about her?

‘The Sound Of Violet’ is the heart-warming story of a young man who’s seeking a soulmate.  It’s a delightful story, beautifully written and told with humour and empathy, that’s made me sympathise at Shawn’s naivety as his heart is captured by a street-wise girl.  The story touches on the subjects of autism, religion and Violet’s childhood but in a considerate and caring manner.  I so wanted them to work things out so the ending was perfect, a tender conclusion to a lovely story.
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One of favorite reads of 2021. At first I thought it would be just a romcom, because the first chapters are kinda funny, we are still getting to know the characters, but couldn't be farther from what it really is.
The sound of Violet is the first book I read that had an autistic main character, and Allen Wolf was amazing in the way he wrote all the bad, but also all the good that comes with being neurodivergent. 
This book brought up a lot of important topics, bringing awareness to how common sex trafficking is, how women get gaslit to this world and can't go back. 
All this is amazingly talked about while we follow a very heartwarming romance, which makes us laugh, cry, and makes us really care about all the characters.
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I liked this book.  It delves into some tough topics, but you manage to really care about the characters.  At some point, it would drag, but overall, a good book.
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