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This was an interesting read from the begining with an unusual stance from the typical romance books.  Nothing main characters Shawn and Violet you feel a warmth and empathy for and only hope that everything will be alright in the end.

It gives you a view of how people can get into the situation of solicitation and also the day to day social issues of living with Autism.

A book which can be read easily in a few days as you want to know what will happen next.  Kept my interest throughout with following Shawn and the many problems or misunderstandings he encounters.

This was a free copy (ARC) via netgalley for my review. ALl views are honest and of my own
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Many thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Shawn, who is high functioning Autistic, is desperately looking for his future wife. When he meets, Violet, he thinks that he has found "the one". However, he isn't able to pick up on the social cues that Violet is really a prostitute. 

A sweet love story develops with two people looking to escape stereotypes and find a future where they can be loved for being who they are. Pros: this book brings a lot of awareness to Autism and sex trafficking. Cons: there was a strong religious element and it was definitely too preachy and bible based for my tastes.
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Wow! What interesting themes throughout the book, with a focus on both autism and prostitution. I thought it was a great read, with great characters, though touching on themes which may be a trigger or too much for some people. Overall, though, this is an intriguing, entertaining and emotionally charged read which is going to be made into a film - I can just picture it! Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to NetGalley and to the publisher for providing me an ARC copy of the novel and for asking me to take part on the Virtual Blog Tour of its launch.

I had never read any of the author’s books, but it is evident from his biography that he is a multi-talented individual with an ample career in filmmaking, screenwriting, and also creating games. I hope to be able to catch up on some of his other skills soon because reading about his work has piqued my curiosity.

The description of the book offers enough information for future readers to be able to get a good sense of what to expect. If I had to add to this, I would say that it made me think of Pretty Woman. That is, if we transform the male protagonist —a very charming and classy millionaire (or billionaire)— into a not quite so wealthy, but equally charming (more, in my opinion) young man, who loves weddings, dreams of a happy marriage, and whose autism might not be evident at first, but it affects his social interactions and his everyday life in not-always-subtle ways. And although the female character is a young prostitute as well, there is more realism and more darkness behind her circumstances. So, although there is certainly plenty of comedy and amusing scenes and episodes, there is also a darker reality explored by this novel. 

This is eminently a work of fiction and an entertaining and ‘alternative’ romantic story, but there are some themes the novel delves in which deserve a special mention. I have talked about the protagonist’s high-functioning autism, and although I don’t think people familiar with Asperger’s and autism will discover anything new here, there is a lightness of touch in the way we learn about some of Shawn’s experiences (like his synaesthesia, that makes him literally ‘hear’ colours, or his almost painful sensitivity to touch and any intense stimulus of his senses) which will suit people who worry about information dumps or over-the-top descriptions, while bringing to life what it must be like, not only to be Shawn, but also to meet him or live with him. We meet his grandmother and his brother, both great characters (I love Ruth the most, but Colin is a nice guy as well), and learn about his parents’ role (or lack of it). Through Violet, the author explores issues like human trafficking and also child abuse and trauma, and although this is not a tough and harsh documentary look at any of those subjects, it helps anchor it more firmly in reality, and makes it a  far less idealised and rosy story than many in the genre. People looking for a totally clean, non-traumatic, and violence-free read should look elsewhere, but most readers happy with the description are unlikely to feel offended by its content, with the provisos mentioned before. The book also discusses the world of dating apps, second chances, bereavement, religious belief, prejudice... and family relationships feature prominently in its plot. 
I have mentioned a few of the characters of the book, and the novel has plenty of others, some whom we don’t get to know that well (like Anton, the pimp, a pretty devious guy as you can imagine; Jake, Shawn’s boss, who hides depths not evident at first; and also some of Shawn and Violet’s coworkers), but those who play an important role in the story are usually given enough space to leave a mark in the reader. And the protagonists are both very memorable in their distinct ways. Not that they are perfect, by any means. As Colin reminds Shawn sometimes, he has a tendency to think about his own needs first of all, forgetting what those around him might experience or feel. And Violet at first wants to use Shawn, but soon becomes charmed by him, and her relationship with him helps her find the strength she needs to fight her low self-esteem, her trauma, and her circumstances.
The novel’s style is easy to read, it flows well, and it does feel very similar to watching a movie (yes, there is a movie and it looks good, despite the change of setting, as the film is set in Seattle rather than New York), because it is a page-turner written in a scene or episodic format, where the action moves quickly from one situation to the next, following a chronological order. It is written in the third person, but readers have access to the thoughts and feelings of, mostly, the main protagonists, though occasionally and briefly we get to see things from one of the other character’s points of view, and that helps to offer its reader a wider and more rounded perspective. 
As for the ending, it suits perfectly his unusual romantic comedy plus (if I had to give it fit it into a category) genre, and I think most people will be happy with the way events unfold, although some parts of it felt a bit rushed and required more suspension of disbelief than the rest of the novel. But the ending proper is lovely, for sure. And it seems that the author is planing to write more about the characters in a next novel, so don’t worry if you’ve become fond of the characters and wish for more. It’s likely to come.
So, would I recommend this novel? Yes, to anybody who is looking for a romantic comedy that goes a little beyond the usual and has a hard edge. Readers should be aware that some of the topics discussed are darker than is expected in the standard examples of the genre, but it is perfect for those who don’t mind a touch of realism and grit and are looking for a dynamic and heart-warming book, full of lovable characters, and an atypical romance with a fabulous ending.
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What a beautiful surprise!!
When I chose this book from the NetGalley catalogue I never thought it would be this good.
Shawn is an autistic boy who loves in Manhattan. He has some difficulties, especially reading people. That's why when he meets Violet he doesn't realize she is actually a prostitute.
Shawn is convinced she is the love of his life and will do anything to prove it.
You will fall in love with Shawn and Violet. But also the rest of the characters are developed throughout the novel in a very consistent way.
As I have said before, this book has been a surprise. I couldn't put it down, honestly. I connected with the characters, with the story,everything!!
Please, read this book. It will fascinate you.
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I loved this book. And I genuinely can't wait to see the movie.

It was good to see both autism and prostitution being discussed in a book and with such sensitivity, I am in awe. And I really liked the plot too, there's a newness and vulnerability in it yet not enough to make you sob.

Frankly, this book touched a part me, and hence the 5 stars. I loved Violet and Shawn, such a brilliant characters both with their own demons, that they are shown fighting over the course of the book.

Ruth and Colin are lovely too. Especially the scenes when they saw Olivia for what she truly was, those were so heartwarming.

It's a pretty chaste, slow burn romance with unique and enchanting main characters and I genuinely admired the pace at which it flows.

Thank you so much Netgalley, the publisher and Allen Wolf for providing me with an ARC in exchange of honest opinion.
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"The Sound of Violet": 3⭐

(Unpaid Review: thank you to @netgalley, @allenwolf and the publishers for allowing me to read this eArc copy in exchange for a review.)

One thing I want to talk about already is: autism! Not much books have autism representation and IT'S. SO. IMPORTANT! 👏 For that, it already won! This is a novel romance between a man named Shawn and a woman named Violet. 

There's prostitution and also very grapphic scenes, so be attentive with that. There was a bit of a character development lacking but overall, it's a really good mental health novel and perfect for new people to discover it!
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The Sound of Violet
by Allen Wolf
Desperate to find his soulmate, Shawn goes on one awkward date after another until he encounters the alluring Violet. He starts dating her, but his autism keeps him from realizing that she’s actually a prostitute. Shawn thinks he’s found a possible wife, while Violet believes she’s discovered her ticket to a brand new life. This hilarious and dramatic award-winning story takes all kinds of twists and turns and has been adapted into a major motion picture.

This was a sweet, delightful read.  I found it as unusual as it sounds it worked beautifully. I would now love to see the film.
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This was such an amazing and hilarious book to read. I always enjoy a book that's page turning which is exactly what this book is about and i cannot wait to see the movie when it's out because the book was so amazing
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Special thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this lovely novel. I am leaving an honest review.

I have had the pleasure over the last few months to read this slowly and with an appreciation for autism awareness.

This is my first time reading a story about a character with autism who isn’t a silly teen. So it was definitely refreshing to see it from a different perspective. Shawn is a handsome young man but he feels like he isn’t really a man just yet. He wants what everyone wants love, a wife, a family but first he needs to find the one. He meets Violet on a whim and thinks she is the most beautiful woman he’s seen and he thinks he’s finally found the one. Violet thinks she’s finally found he meal ticket 🎫 and a way out of her harsh situation. Shawn starts to date Violet and she thinks he has hired her. 

As time moves on this story touches on her past and why she has decided to take up Shawn on his offer. What you don’t expect is for them to fall in love. I really enjoyed this read for the writing style but what kept me was the awesome character development. I would recommend this to a free who needs a good slow burn romance. 

*Trigger warnings*
-human trafficking 
-mental health 
- trauma 

As always happy reading everyone 🥰
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The Sound of Violet centers on Shawn, a young male adult with high functioning autism looking for his one true love. At a company party, he meets Violet, whom he invited for a date without realizing that she is working as a prostitute. And through Shawn, Violet saw a glimpse of a hopeful future.

I loved how Shawn and Violet’s relationship develops over time; it’s heart-achingly sweet, and their dynamic is just engaging. There are moments in the book that are very emotional but are not dramatic if you know what I mean. I also adore Shawn’s brother, Collin. I loved his ever-supportive nature towards Shawn. The grandma’s character confused me a bit because she was very likable initially but had a 180 degrees character change that I didn’t get.

Overall, I find this book highly compelling and very enlightening, even though the writing was very simplistic. It talks about such heavy topics – autism and human trafficking. It gives its readers a front-row seat into these worlds that we don’t usually see mixed together. It was in-depth but done with sensitivity. The scenes were fast-paced and read like a screenplay. I truly enjoyed this quick read. Now, I’m excited about the film!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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This book wowed me. It talks about some tough topics and it somehow managed to still help you fall even more in love with the characters for it. I loved this book. I can’t wait for a physical copy of it.
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I truly enjoyed The Sound of Violet - a sweet unexpected romance!

It is quirky-in that I wasn’t sure my expectations of how it will twist and turn! Loved the character development! 

I wasn’t expecting it to be as touching and humorous considering it dealt with some heavy topics of sex trafficking and autism!

I can’t wait to see the movie and how similar or different from my thoughts of what chapters will look like and any differences from the book!
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Shawn has always wanted to find the One, and even works as a coder for a dating website to try and help meet this objective. His dream is to get married, but his dating progress has been poor, in part due to the difficulties caused by his autism. When he meets Violet at a party, he is taken with her and quite sure that she would be the perfect girlfriend for him. The only trouble is that Violet is actually a prostitute.

I liked this story well enough - I wanted to see what was going to happen next and I had my fingers crossed that Shawn would get his happily ever after - but I felt that the novel was written in too simple a style for it to really grab me. I didn't get much sense of the characters's personalities, which made it difficult for me to see how the connection between Shawn and Violet developed. Some elements of the story felt much too rushed and convenient. I would have liked just a bit more depth to what is otherwise a good story.

With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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All Shawn wants is to meet someone, fall in love and get married, but he never seems to get past the first date. When he meets Violet he thinks he has a girlfriend and doesn't realise who she really is.
His brother and grandmother are trying to protect him, but will he marry Violet anyway?
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Hello, Reader's Its me, Samantha, welcome back today I'm going to be sharing an inspiring story with you called The Sound Of Violet by Allen Wolf.

This novel is about a man named Shawn who has high functioning autism. We come to see his struggle threw finding love and dealing with social issues. In the beginning, we see him go on a few dates and having difficulty reading the room. Later at a work party, he meets a woman named violet and is instantly drawn to her. Shawn gets told that she is an actress and tags along on her "auditions"  later, the truth comes out.  Throughout the novel, we see their relationship grow and blossom as well as the trouble and tribulations they face.

There are Pros and Cons to this novel.

• Character development
• Inside look to autism and prostitution
• A better understanding of the world.
• Good plot and background

• May be triggering to some.
• Minor punctuation errors.
• Mentions controversial topics.

Overall I would rate this novel a 4/5 stars       ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This Book is a good discovery if you're looking for a mental health fiction novel. I do urge if you have issues with drug mention, description of abuse, prostitution to read with caution. Read with a trusted partner, friend, family member.

Be safe and stay well !
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One of my best reads of 2021! Shawn is autistic and dreams about meeting “the one”, however he has a hard time getting passed the first date. Until he meets Violet, a prostitute who mistakes his invitation to dinner as him wanting to hire her.  To say that reading this book became addictive is a huge understatement.  I would stupidly pick the book up only intending to read a couple of chapters to fill in the odd half hour but I would become so wrapped up in the story that I would still be sat there well over an hour and several chapters later.  My book wasn’t exactly glued to my hand but it might as well have been because it travelled everywhere with me.  I just couldn’t bear to miss a single second of the story.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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A different kind of romance: comedic but dead serious

The immediate difference that sets Wolf’s writing apart from your typical romance novel would be the characters.  The main character being a male on the spectrum and the woman of his interest being a prostitute (though he’s unaware of that fact).  The result is a fun, inspiring, and mind-penetrating read. Even after finishing the novel, my brain was still processing the situations and moral challenges that Wolf brings to light in his clever, plot twisting way.  So if you enjoy romance (the real deal, not just mushy scenes) and a bit of a challenge to grow as a person yourself, you will absolutely enjoy this book.
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This is fantastic book and I can’t wait to watch the film. The book is lovely written and tackles hard subjects like human trafficking. You instantly warm to the characters especially Shawn and Violent. Shawn is autistic and sees life differently which is lovely and he wants to get married but finds it hard to find the right woman until he meets Violent but her life is not perfect and feels she not worthy of nice life or Shawn. I recommend this book. Brilliant. I really like the front cover which drawn me to the book. Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.
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Allen Wolf did a fantastic job bringing awareness to autism and human trafficking. This book is going to stay with readers long after they've finished. Both heart breaking and haunting I think people will enjoy the realness of this story without being too sad to continue.
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