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Little Girl Taken (Detective Madison Harper Book 3)

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A great thriller with Detective MadisonHarper as the main character.  This time investigating the case of a missing woman’s and an abandoned baby.
The story kept me gripped and I liked the progression of the characters.
Can’t wait for book four.
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This was nonstop action. On Detective Madison Harpers  first day back on the job, she sees a wrecked car. While investigating, she finds a baby in the car. The story takes off from there and keeps building. I was on the edge of my seat for most of it. Just could not put the book down.
 And the personal parts about Nate were so emotional. I just love his character.
 A great addition to the series.
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A superb thrilling tale that takes the reader for a surprising roller coaster. One surprise after the other and all those twists and turns seamlessly blend together to make sense.
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This series started on such a great note and has been getting better with each new installment.

Madison was on her way to her first day at work when she came across what first appeared like the scene of an accident. However, she was puzzled to only find a baby in the car with no sign of the driver . The scene clearly shows that the driver was hurt even though the baby wasn’t. So where is the driver? What exactly happened?

I really like the characters in this series. I enjoyed seeing Madison go back to work. She’s a great detective with good instincts and a keeness on results. Despite the past issues with her wrongful conviction, Madison is not one of those detectives we commonly see in police procedural. You know the complicated ones, battling all sorts of demons and harbouring all kinds of secrets? Madison is a relatable cop. She’s a single mother who enjoys her job. I absolutely love Nate and Madison’s son, Owen.

This was a tough case to crack especially when the suspects started getting eliminated either physically or by the evidence. I couldn’t guess the identity of the Perp or the motives. It was even hard to guess the exact crime which made it such an captivating read.

The ending turned out to be very emotional, something I haven’t come across much in this genre. It was unexpected and quite a powerful, memorable ending. There are hints about the next installment, atleast as far as Nate’s investigation and I can’t wait.

Another brilliant, captivating, heart-pounding read. This is one series that you definitely need to read in the correct order so as to enjoy the characters. Highly recommended.
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Little girl Taken is the 3rd Detective Madison Harper book.  I have not read the first two books, but i was able to follow along without any problems.  

Madison Harper is still getting used to life outside of prison and having her now teenage son living with her when she gets rehired at the Lost Creek Police department.   Her first case is a missing persons.  A young waitress didn’t turn up for her shift at a local diner, and her baby is found in an abandoned car.  Madison seeks to find out what happened to Kacie, where she finds more questions than answers.

The story grabbed me right away, and keep be reading long into the night.   The plot moved along quickly and there were plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing.  Madison is strong, complex, well developed character.  I look forward to reading the first two books in the series so I can be all caught up and ready for book 4.

Many thanks to Bookouture, Wendy Dranfield, and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this thrilling book..  #LittleGirlTaken #NetGalley
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TRIGGER WARNING: this book deals with teen suicide and rape
Detective Madison Harper is on her way to her first day back as a cop after her conviction and imprisonment for murder when she discovers a crashed car with a baby on the backseat. There is blood in the front seat but no sign of the baby's mother. A frantic search ensues but more than one person disappeared that night...
Little Girl Taken is the third book by Wendy Dranfield to feature Madison Harper (I have previously reviewed the second book in the series, Cry For Help).
Madison is anxious about her return to policing but doesn't have time to dwell on her emotions as she launches straight into a case. Her search for the baby's mother discovers links with a past crime and a novelist. Madison's personal and professional lives blur as her friend Nate Monroe is again targeted by his nemesis. Her boss wants her to arrest Nate but her loyalty is split so she helps him as much as she can. She also has to deal with working alongside the detective who arrested her.
Meanwhile, Madison is struggling to cope with her reunion with her son Owen after her years in prsion. Her bitterness towards the social worker is compounded when the woman is involved in trying to foster the baby from the crash. Madison is a curious mix of vulnerable and feisty that makes her a more relatable character.
The book begins with two girls committing suicide and it takes a while before the connection between this event and the main plot is established. There are some references to rape and descriptions of murder victims but these are not graphic. It is the emotional repercussions that are fully described and engage with the reader. The story arc for Nate concerning his murdered girlfriend does not conclude although he does find some resolution.
Little Girl Taken is a gripping, race against time thriller, with vulnerable yet determined lead characters.
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Fast paced thriller with interesting,individual characters. Lots of twists and surprises before a good conclusion.
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Talk about gripping and heart-pounding! This is one of those books that has some heart breaking things happen that are unimaginable to live through. I did think the storyline was very interesting and kept me wanting to know what in the world had happened. I really like how Wendy Dranfield makes her characters people you can root for and like. Their relationships and interactions are real and not forced! Madison, Nate and Cody are amazing characters! I can’t wait to get my hands on Book 4!
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BRILLIANT compulsive read with great characters (including Brody of coarse), high suspense & intrigue involving 2  different cases. I have read her previous books in this series & RECOMMEND all totally & eagerly await #4  Thanks to NetGalley & Bookouture for this ARC in return for my honest review.
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Madison is back at work as a police officer, and trying to make up for lost time with her son, Owen. Just those two things alone are enough to keep most people busy but Madison is thrown into a case which involves the disappearance of a young mother. 

Twists and turns abound here. Nate is back in this book as well, and when a close friend of his is murdered, and he gets the blame, both Madison and Nate know they are going to be very busy for quite some time to come!

This author has a way of putting things that really works for me. Her books are frequently gruesome and you need a strong stomach for some scenes in her books, but she is an excellent author and one I am looking forward to continuing to read books from.

I have read all the books in this series and even though you can read this book as a standalone, it is a good idea to start at the beginning. Can't wait to read the next one!

4.5 stars from me.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture.
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Madison puts together the answers to continual questions about what is really going on with her case. A nice addition to the series
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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Wow one of the most thrilling and addictive page turned I've read in a while. Just amazing. A heart pounding rollercoaster of a read.
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About Little Girl Taken: Rain rattles through the trees as she leans into the car, careful not to touch anything. Two pretty blue eyes stare back through the dark, wide with relief, or maybe fear. A baby girl, wrapped up in a pink snowsuit, reaches out a tiny hand. Her mother is nowhere to be found…

An abandoned baby is the last thing Detective Madison Harper expects to find as she drives to her first day back at work since the case that ripped her life apart. But as she cradles the shivering child close, all her instincts tell her there’s something more sinister at play. Then she finds a lone sneaker down a muddy trail nearby, the laces spattered with blood…

In a town as small as Lost Creek, Colorado, the baby and the shoe are quickly identified as belonging to Kacie Larson, a waitress at the local diner who quietly stashed away her tips to make a better life for her daughter. A mother herself, Madison can’t believe that Kacie would just abandon her child, but she also can’t convince her new team. Not for the first time, Madison feels she must go it alone to get the job done.

But when a body is pulled from a nearby lake, and it’s not Kacie, the case takes an agonizing turn. Is this missing mother really who she says she is? Is there a chance she’s still alive? Madison barely has time to think before the sweet little girl she rescued is snatched on a crowded street. Gone, in the blink of an eye.

To break this case and earn her place back on the force, Madison must learn to trust her team, and herself again—and fast. If she doesn’t find this twisted individual in time, a little girl could die…

A pulse-pounding, absolutely gripping and totally addictive page-turner that will have you racing through the pages and reeling at the twists. Perfect for fans of Melinda Leigh, Lisa Regan and Kendra Elliot, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on!

My Thoughts: I was hoping that this novel, the third in Wendy Dranfield's series featuring detective Madison Harper, would be equally as good as the first two instalments and to my great delight, it was!

Madison is back at work after a long departure, as is Nate who has been staying at his friend, Rex's house. Madison has been reinstated as a detective at Lost Creek Police Department, and Nate is resuming his role as a private investigator. Madison comes across an abandoned, wailing baby in a wrecked car, dressed in a pink snowsuit. Trouble is afoot for Nate; a body has been found at Rex's place and Nate is a suspect...

Wendy Dranfield has once again penned a remarkable tale with so many twists that I could not put it down. The multilayered plot is enthralling and the subplots are all woven together superbly creating a compulsive police procedural. With the tension levels on the upwards ratchet, there's tonnes of action and drama as well as secrets galore. Truly brilliant.

Disclosure: Thank you to Bookouture via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of Little Girl Taken by Wendy Dranfield for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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I swear this series is getting better and better! It's the third in the Detective Madison Harper series, while it can be read as a standalone I would suggest reading at least the previous book Cry For Help just to get more on the background on the characters.
Madison has got her job back as a detective but it will not be easy for her, after so many years away and suspicions about her still swirling. It doesn't help that on her first day back she finds a crashed car with a baby in the back. Where is the baby's mother and will Madison be able to find her alive? She enlists the help of her friend and PI Nate to help her crack the case.
As always with Wendy's books, she puts her characters through it! It's Nate's turn in this book when his friend Rex turns up dead, bringing with him some revelations about his Father Connor, the man he's been trying to track down for years.
This novel really hit me hard in the emotions and after I put it down, I honestly couldn't stop thinking about the ending.
Little Girl Taken is a well written and fast-paced thriller full of plenty of shocks and surprises along the way to keep you guessing. I'm very much looking forward to the next book in this series!
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Another brilliant book in this series. You really get to like the main characters more and more with each book. Sad storyline of how young people who are abused can fall through the system and how the perpetrators can turn things around in their favour.  Can’t wait for next one.
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I absolutely loved the first book in this series and became a fan of the characters and the author before I even came close to finishing the first book! Action-packed, riveting, and compelling - you will fly through each of the books in this series eagerly and you will feel exhausted by the time you are done from all of the emotional whiplash you will experience! The characters are great, they are memorable and prominent. There are parts that are so sad, right from the opening pages of the prologue. There are also sensitive parts that left me feeling drained, but there is so much other action going on that those scenes were not overdone. Lots of whodunit to I know whodunit, to I absolutely did not know whodunit.
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Absolutely brilliant and a totally compelling read. This book has all the elements to ensure I was completely hooked from start to finish. The story has dark and scary elements, excellent backstory and depth of characters and plenty of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. It also raises lots of questions and is very thought provoking in a number of ways.
The main characters are very likeable and have their own vulnerabilities and issues and the narrative was very well written. I stayed up late to finish this as I needed to know how it ended and read it in the space of a day. Definitely recommend.
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My advice:  
If you haven’t read the Detective Madison Harper series, you need to start now!  I do recommend reading the series in order as there is so much backstory you need to know.
Little Girl Taken is the third book in the series.  The first two books were terrific and this one is also.   
I do have to say the character of Father Connor is getting a bit old….it made the story drag a bit for me but not enough to give a lower rating. Honestly, I’m ready to see the end of him.
I’m so excited to see how Madison’s and Nate relationship goes forward.  
So many twists and turns, mystery and suspense…..
I really enjoy Wendy Dranfields writing style.  I can’t wait for the next book!
Many thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and author, Wendy Dranfield, for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Thank you to Bookouture for my copy of this book via netgalley and for letting me take part in this tour. This is the third book in this series but could be read as a standalone. I absolutely LOVED the first two books in this series and I have been eagerly waiting for this book since I finished them.

I don’t know how Wendy does it. This book is better than the first two and as I said I loved those. This book had 2 stories. The main story of the missing girl Kacie and the continued story of Nate and Father Conner.

Kacie’s story is an extremely sad and engrossing one. This poor girl has been through so much. I felt so much sympathy for her. I just wanted to mother her. She has been let down time and time again. The case kept me on edge until the very end. There were some good twists with this one which I very nearly got but not quite. Wendy did an excellent job of keeping you hooked. 

The case of Nate and Father Conner was also very interesting. This story has been ongoing through the series but there is enough information given for you to be invested in this storyline. I was very happy with how this played out and think that the outcome was the right one. 

I was addicted to this book from page 1 and I cannot wait to see what Maddison has in store in the next book!
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I'm obsessed with this series! I absolutely love everything about it!

I generally do not like PI stories, and I also think most series lose at least some steam after the second book....but that is not a problem here!

I absolutely love the two main characters. They are flawed but so likable, and their relationship is so perfectly plutonic on the outside but so much deeper than that in reality. It's one of my favorite dynamics and so hard to master! So many authors give up and go with the romance, but I love that Dranfield continues down the Mulder and Scully route. It's just awesome, and it allows for the whole story to be focused on the crime plot rather than going off on a romantic tangent. 

I also absolutely love the stories Dranfield comes up with, they're distinct and different from both each other and everything else that's coming out. I'll admit I was initially put off by the fact that there was a podcast aspect since it seems everyone is doing podcast based things now, but Dranfield manages to make that angle different by giving the host a sad backstory and a suspicious situation. So well done!
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