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This is the kind of escapism read I want for a summer day.  Audrey Knox is the most successful action film actress in Hollywood.  She has cultivated and enjoys her nice actress status since breaking into films at sixteen.  Harlow Thorne is at the top of her pop musical career.  Consistently up for Grammy's and selling out concerts.  Two famous people at the top of their fields is a familiar trope.  The fact that both hard are working, dependable, loyal and incredibly likable just adds to the enjoyment of the book.  

Harlow has risen up from a rougher family life and that plays into the drama in the book.  Her only constant is brother Casper.  I really did like both characters.  I particularly like how supportive they were of each other's emotions.  Audrey is a standout in showing caring.  I am fine with the non realistic nature of the pairing of these two and like their chemistry.  The crisis moment is fairly short and brother Casper's redemption and career recovery is mildly unrealistic.  I would have enjoyed a little humor or a comeuppance of Audrey's ex.

This is my second Jackie D novel both with high stars.  And I will continue to look for her work.  Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books, Inc. for an ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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Audrey been a actress since she was sixteen and she one of the successful actress in Hollywood. Harlow is a singer who is successful in her own right. 

Audrey and Harlow meet and have instant chemistry but they are both cautious getting involved with each other. As they grow closer despite their busy schedule they found something in each other they didn’t know was missing. 

I like this read the main characters were great didn’t like that Harlow brother Casper causing trouble then him getting redeem to quickly in my opinion I will have let him suffer the consequences. 

I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.
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This is a sweet casual read that did not disappoint. I’m a fan of easy-to-read trope-y books every now and again and this falls into that category. It’s fun and succinctly written and the relationship between the two main characters is easy to root for. 

The plot follows Audrey- a successful Hollywood actress and superstar musician Harlow as they fall for each other and navigate their careers and the chaos that surrounds them. 

The plot in this novel isn’t ground-breaking or original, but it is fast passed and interesting and there is enough character development of both Audrey and Harlow as well as the side characters to move the story along. 

Some of the side points were a little annoying but overall, I enjoyed this book. 

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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From the first page I knew I was going to enjoy this book and the story, once I started I found it difficult to put down.
VIP is an absolute beaut of a book.
Harlow and Audrey are great characters with a an instant chemistry, their story is an easy and sexy read, one I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Author Jackie D is on to a winner with this one 

Would I recommend.....I think you know that's a yes
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Loved this book and I couldn’t put it down.

Famous actresses and signers is one of my favourites tropes and this book didn’t disappoint.

The writer does a really good work showing how two different people become famous and how their backgrounds cannot be more different. Both main characters are really likeable and Audrey's the classic sweetheart, a little bit more flawed than usual as she struggles a bit with confidence, especially in her romantic relationships. Whilst Harlow is the deeper character with deeper issues and tougher past.

Great journey to find love and forgiveness.

This is my first book by this author and looking forward to read more from her.
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this is sweet story. I liked every character in it did not expect much from it, maybe that's why i liked it as much as I did. Not to say this was not well written, because it was. however, there's nothing out of the norm. its just pleasant read. 

someone mentioned that the author could've played with the ex card more, and i do agree it would've been so much more had there been some type of drama.
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I loved this story. It was a fun light read with a little drama at the end. I did get my happy ending.
I highly recommend this book. Read it now!
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Harlow  a musical performer who works hard and has done well has never had a serious relationship, she bounces around.  She has had a crush on Audrey, a talented actress forever.
They soon have a chance to meet and are drawn to each other but both are being cautious.  Audrey just out of a relationship is unsure but is attracted to Harlow.
As they work through their busy schedules they find time to be together and get to know each other more.
Just as every thing seems to be going well Harlow comes face to face with betrayal and trust of someone she knew always had her back. This setback causes her to push Audrey away because she feels she can't give anything to their relationship.
This is a story of love, hurt, betrayal and finding your way back...but is it too late for them?
You will not be disappointed in this recent story by Jackie D.
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This is the first book I've read from this author and I am now ready to look up her other work! This book is fun and sexy. It's a Hollywood romance that draws you in from the start. The reveals that Harlow and Audrey have been crushing on each other, from afar, fro years is so sweet that it gives extra oompf and fire to their relationship. I really enjoyed the way their relationship builds and how warm and sweet they are to each other while simultaneously wanting to rip each other's clothes off.

Highly recommend
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3.5 stars 

This book made for an easy casual read on a busy day. It’s short simple and cute. 

Unfortunately that’s also the reason for my 1.5 star down rate. The book was too simple. 

Aubrey is an actor and Harlow is a singer. When they meet there’s an instant chemistry. Later in the book Casper’s brother makes some mistakes than ultimately relate to conflict in the main relationship 

Admittedly Aubrey and Harlow do have undeniable represented chemistry but there wasn’t any build up or anything special. Even their conflict was boring and the reconciliation was blueprinted by the classic cliche best friend interference and serenade trope. The reconciliation was a bit half assed 

In the beginning of the book we have small appearances from Aubrey’s ex which could’ve been a source of entertainment in this book but it seemed as though the author forgot they existed. Which was a bit weird since she was the Kickstarter.

Also something that I realized seconds after finishing the book was- it’s not funny. There’s no humor in this book. Not a single thing that struck me as humor. Regardless of subjectivity. 

Casper’s ending also left me annoyed. How could someone who caused so much trouble get a good job in a field he was previously shown to be untrustworthy in?

Seems like the author wrote an unrealistic fairytale to be honest. Aubrey and Harlows achievements at their age and their ending was totally far fetched- not that I’m opposed to walking the line of realism, this is a work of fiction after all. But in this book it felt a bit overdone. 

Now this book can be described as a light read and if that’s what you want, a sweet, easy, cliche light read. Then I do recommend.

But if you’re looking for something with entertainment, depth and characters you relate to and can grow to love. Then no I do not recommend.
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