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No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook

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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* not something id get a lot of use of in my kitchen but pretty cool cookbook with some really amazing sounding recipes!
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Five Stars. I’m not actually vegan - or even vegetarian - but I have been making an effort to eat more healthily, more plant based. So I’m always excited to review a new cookbook like The No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook. I really love the environmental aspect, both the no-waste part, and the plant-based recipes, which have a lower impact on the environment. But these are also really great recipes. Thanks to this book, there are so many delicious recipes that have been added to my repertoire already -- Miso Caramel, Sour Cream Onion Scones, Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup, most of Chapter 6 (lol) -- and so many more that I can't wait to try.  I also love that so many of these recipes don't rely on processed foods and vegan meat replacements. This book will definitely have a permanent place on my cookbook shelf. Thanks again to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group/Harvard Common Press for the opportunity to read and review The No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook.
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Although I’m not vegan, I am veggie and trying to reduce my environmental impact. This was such a handy book and would be a great gift for the environmentally conscious
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Steen's no-waste cookbook focuses on the importance of using ever ingredient to the fullest. Inspired by helping the planet and animals, this is a no muss cookbook with a variety of recipes. I enjoyed that some of these recipes were full of such different and unique ingredients and flavor profiles. I would have never thought of miso caramel or sweet and sour carrots or orange habanero jam. Definitely a great recipe book for those looking to eat a plant based, fresh, produce reliant diet and find out ways to help the planet in the process!
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As a vegan I feel so much better, more energetic,stronger,etc with eating this type of diet.
Plant-based foods have a dramatically lower negative impact on the environment than meats and animal products, as hundreds of studies have revealed. If you are a vegan and eat plant-based foods only, chances are you know this already. If you are a vegetarian or an omnivore, you probably have heard that this is one of the many reasons—quite aside from the ample health benefits of eating more plants and plant products—for adding more plant-based meals to your weekly routine.
I highly recommend this book and look forward to adding many of it's delicious sounding recipes to my lifestyle.
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Pub Date 10 Aug 2021
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
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I really, really, liked the concept of this cookbook. More than 100 recipes, each accompanied by a Planet Saver Tip, that teach you novel and delicious ways to use the parts of foods you would normally throw away, like carrot tops, banana peels, and sourdough discard. Every recipe I tested was tasty, the miso caramel sauce in particular now holds a permanent spot in my fridge! The parts of this book that are cookbook are quite good, but beyond that initial concept things started to fall apart for me.
While many of the Planet Saver Tips are actually really good advice for prolonging the shelf life of produce, etc, some feel like Steen was grabbing at straws. One, for instance, was just about the kind of waffle maker she likes. Many recipes also call for specialty ingredients (read: unsustainably packaged in plastic), or for ingredients that are just kind of pricey. Both the vegan and zero waste movements struggle with presenting themselves as affordable options for the majority of people, and this book isn't doing much to combat that.
Lastly, the overall message just fell short of the mark for me, with too much emphasis being placed on individual responsibility. Reducing household food waste is important, of course, but individual action is never going to save us. Eat your vegetable scraps, yes, but more importantly eat the rich. 3/5⭐
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Veganism is immensely popular today in Australia with the city of Melbourne, a renown cultural capital, having many specialist restaurants. Having a vegan (and vegetarian) in the family, combined with a love of cooking, garners some insight into this handy cookbook. With health benefits and environmental impact, notably our carbon footprint, this is a timely publication. The No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook by Celine Steen has a hundred waste free meals, from soups, sides, main courses, sweet desserts and of course salads. There are also handy tips for shopping and eating local produce. With great photos and easy to follow recipes, the cookbook is a must have for cooking enthusiasts. A most enticing addition to culinary tomes with a four-star rating. With much thanks to The Overlook Press and the author for an uncorrected proof copy for review purposes.
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No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook by Celine Steen
100 Plant-Based Recipes and 100 Kitchen-Tested Tips for Waste-Free Meatless Cooking

Though this book is probably not one I would buy for my bookshelves, I did enjoy looking through it and thinking about the recipes and ideas shared within its pages. I was able to “taste” some of the recipes easily without having to make them though I am not sure I would combine the ingredients together as the auth or did…trying to wrap my mind around pomegranates, cranberries, pomegranate molasses and halvah was…interesting. Anyway…

What I liked: 
* The photos that were provided
* The Planet Saver Tips with each of the 100 recipes
* The preface and list of suggested equipment
* The recommendation to buy enough but not too much
* The suggestions for using more of the produce purchased 
* The idea of composting at home or contributing to community composting
* The labeling of: Soy Free (SF), Gluten Free (GF), and Fast Forward(FF) under thirty minute recipes
* The Chapter Choices: 
  - Breakfast
  - Main Courses
  - Sides
  - Soups & Stews
  - Desserts & Snacks
* Some of the fusion food ideas 
What I didn’t like: 
* No nutritional information provided
* Ingredients I cannot find locally
* Flavor profiles that did not appeal to me

Did I like this book? In some ways
Would I buy this book for myself or someone else? Probably not BUT I might borrow it from a library

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing – Harvard Common Books for the ARC – This is my honest review.

3-4 Stars
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As a vegetarian I'm always checking out new cookbooks for recipe inspo and environmental concern is something im passionate about as well so naturally I just loved this book. Definitely recommend for any veggie plant lovers!
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I'm not a vegan but an trying to include more plant-based recipes in my diet so I read a fair number of these cook books. With this one, I especially like the focus on waste reduction, on using every part of the plant and throwing out as little as possible. So I found the tips nearly as helpful as the recipes themselves.
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No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook is a fantastic cookbook that features a variety of mouthwatering vegan recipes. The best part is probably the tips provided for decreasing waste and planning meals better. 

Thank you Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley for providing this ARC.
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I loved all the tips for saving the planet all over the book. The recipes are very beautiful and all neatly organized. However, something that bothered me about this book was how unaccessible many of the ingredients are. Some I didn't even know about - which could be a good thing, I admit -, while others are, from my experience, very expensive and simply not something I can grab from my fridge or pantry whenever, if ever. While I appreciate the no-waste variant of vegan recipes, I think making it accessible should be one of the most important parts of it.
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I made limiting my food waste my number one New Year’s Resolution this year. My resolution was to eat all the fresh produce I have left at the end of the week rather than throwing it out. The No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook goes at least 99 steps further on the no waste ladder. Using banana peels in pie is a non-starter for me. However, there are many less severe ways to reduce your food waste.

Many of the recipes are engineered to use the leftover vegetable pieces from other recipes. Almost all of the recipes include ingredient substitutions so you can use up what you have on hand. That action will save the environment and some money.

The recipes have an international feel. Breakfast, desserts and snacks are included along with main and side dishes. All the recipes are vegan. Most are gluten-free too.

I have only the usual two complaints about this cookbook. There are not enough pictures of the finished dishes. Strangely enough, there are several of the ingredients, which are kind of useless in my opinion. There is also no nutritional information or allergen warnings within the book.

I love the idea of no waste cooking. The 102 Plant Saver Tips throughout the book were interesting and useful. However, ultimately this is a cookbook. With limited pictures and no nutritional info, The No-Waste Save-the-Planet Vegan Cookbook receives just 3 stars from me.

Thanks to Harvard Common Press and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I loved the idea of this book - a vegan book that also focused on no-waste principles.  However, it just isn’t for me.  The recipes just didn’t sound appealing, the ingredients lists were long and weren’t necessary of my usual kitchen cupboard fare.

I’m not vegan, but try to eat vegan meals regularly and this may be why the book didn’t appeal to me, I think I prefer a more basic, ‘regular menu’ type of cook book.  Therefore, don’t let my review put you off as there is so much positive feedback that this was clearly a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”.
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Plant based eating has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, due both to the boom in veganism and an increase in omnivores like me seeking to reduce their overall meat intake for the sake of the environment. 

I wouldn't describe this as an entry level book into plant based eating. Some of the recipes are quite complex,  at least for a reluctant cook like me. The author also calls for some fairly obscure ingredients, at least for the uninitiated. However,  if you do manage to track down a supply of agave nectar and pomegranate molasses (tip: in the UK, just take a trip to Waitrose or Sainsburys), then these ingredients appear in a number of recipes and so certainly won't go to waste. 

As you might expect from the title,  Celine Steen excels at suggesting how the leftovers from one meal can be incorporated into other recipes. The book is also scattered with one hundred hints and tips covering how to extend the shelf life of the food you buy, substitution ideas if there are ingredients in the recipe that you don't have or don't like,  and more. 

Recommended for the slightly more experienced cook (!!) looking to reduce or eliminate the amount of meat in their diet. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Harvard Common Press for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I liked the premise of this book; whilst we are a family of meat-eaters, we've been cutting back on the meat we consume and trying to lessen our environmental impact but attempting to be low-waste. I was keen to read this recipe book, finding that often vegan recipes are beautifully flavoursome as they don't rely on meat to bring flavour. 

The book has a good set of introductions, it explains basic things that are useful to have and explains how to be no-waste, as well as why this is important in our current climate.  I love that the pictures are captioned with the recipe and page you can find that recipe on- I hate when a book has a picture of delicious food but no clue where to find it! 

Unfortunately, that's where the book ended being useful for me.. Firstly, it's an American book and is very clearly American in how it reads- from how ingredients are labelled to things that aren't readily available, or are called something different here in Britain.  The recipes are very wordy and contain lots of 'specialist' ingredients, which puts me off as I don't think it's 'no waste' to have jars of half-opened pastes and products languishing in the back of my cupboards. 

Perhaps, well established vegans may find this book useful - some of the recipes certainly sound delicious. It's just not a book for those tiptoeing into being vegan, in my opinion.
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I really enjoyed how most of the recipes were quite easy to do. Sometimes we see vegan recipes that have complicated ingredients or are really expensive, but this one was amazing.
I am truly going to try some and I will also try to save the planet while doing so.
I am amazed and it is a great guide to everybody who wants to start the vegan progress
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Great book that may take a few people time to get use to. I love the concept of this book however I could see where some might not be able to appreciate what the author is trying to accomplish.
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A very interesting cookbook with very bold green flavours. I wanted to like it, I quite enjoy the principle, but the recipes didn't inspire me very much. It's very hard to judge as there weren't that many pictures and I do very much depend on them to be inspired to cook. The flavour combinations were not very much to my likings. While I enjoy sourdough very much, I dislike congee, kimchi, jackfruit, tempeh, the use of pineapple in savoury dishes and carrot tops and I feel like those were used a good number of times. This is very subjective though, and I think fans of Korean cooking and very natural green flavours should enjoy this book.
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As a vegetarian who is dipping a toe into vegan eating, this book is a delight. The recipes are all beautiful and do not compromise on taste. I can see myself using this increasingly in the future
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