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World War Two saga full of drama from page one. Great characters,especially Connie whose life we follow.Romance,mysteries tears and laughter. An enjoyable read.
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Thank you so much to the publisher, author and netgalley for this #GIFTED PR copy of the book. All opinions are my own. 

Okay, wow. Let me begin by saying that this is my second time reading this author and unfortunately the first time didn’t grab me like I wished it would have. Needless to say, I was happy to give them another try but didn’t have too-high-a-hopes for a knockout read. However! Let this be a lesson that one “not-so-fabulous” book does not a bad author make but this one was AMAZING! 
I was hooked from ground zero and gripped to the page. The romance and character development  is marvellous. The characters are 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. I loved them! 
Basically, read the book.
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I’ll Be Seeing You by Rosie Archer is the 2nd book in The Picture House Girls series.  I do suggest reading The Picture House Girls before embarking on I’ll Be Seeing You.  We go back to April of 1943 in Gosport, England where Connie Baxter and her friends work at the Criterion.  I thought the story contained good writing with developed, realistic characters.  The book moved along at a good pace.  I thought the author captured the time period especially with her movie and book references.  There is also talk about the black outs, rationing, and bombings.  The men and women during this time period had to be strong to endure what they did.  You never knew if a soldier would return home or if you would make it home from work.  You could go out to walk your dog and get struck by a bomb.  Of course, there are those who will take advantage of the war.  Black market goods were a hot commodity (racketeering was alive and well) along with acquiring petrol illegally and making “cigarettes”.  The author gave readers a rich atmosphere, so we were immersed in the time period.  I’ll Be Seeing You is an emotional novel with love, grief, heartache, joy, and anger.  I liked how the characters found joy during these hard times by going to the cinema, reading the latest novel, having a girl’s night out, or taking dancing lessons.  I’ll Be Seeing You is a warmhearted historical novel that shows us what everyday people dealt with during the war in Gosport.
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If you love WW2 sagas then this is the book for you. Rosie Archer has written this very well and you are able to feel drawn into the story. This covers all aspects of the war so if you didn't know what sort of things were going on in that period you should read this. 5 stars

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this eARC
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I have become addicted to WW2 England historical fiction. I'll Be Seeing You was great read to feed my addiction. Rosie Archer is a new author to me. I don't know how I was unaware of her books. That will be rectified. 

The story centers around Connie and her friends. The author takes the reader back in time to the struggles of the war. We dodged bombs. We took shelter in Anderson Shelters and community shelters. We struggled to move among the damage left after a night of terror. And we hid in a bottle of liquor trying to escape. 

I'll Be Seeing You was a working class story. I gained insight into the struggles of my family that lived through it. As students we glanced over the struggles of the people. This story fills in many of the areas that aren't talked about. This story brings to light how some of the citizens dealt with survival. This story showed that there were strength in numbers.
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While the picture moved across the screen in the Criterion cinema, Connie was keeping watch over her friend Queenie, whose waters had just broken while they were watching the film. Now in the back room, with a midwife and Len, Queenie’s husband by their side, Connie rushed out into the darkness and amid the bombs exploding in the distance to get an ambulance for her friend. It was touch and go after Queenie made it to hospital, but the twins, Bette and Paulie, were safe and well.

Connie loved her work at the cinema as well as living with her Aunt Gertie since her own mother had been killed when a bomb demolished their house. But when Gertie’s daughter Marlene arrived home and started work at Connie’s boyfriend, Ace’s club, trouble loomed. Marlene and Connie might look alike, but there it ended – chalk and cheese and what Marlene wanted, she usually got. Connie loved Ace, and he loved her – but was he as false as her friends knew him to be?

I’ll Be Seeing You by Rosie Archer is another heartwarming historical novel set in 1943 as the bombs were falling all around London and beyond, and Hitler was doing his best to obliterate the place. The strength and determination of the people around to keep on going, through heartache and loss, deprivation and hunger, was inspiring. Connie, Gertie and Queenie were wonderful characters, so was Jerome and Cat! Tom and Shirley provided another side to what happened behind the scenes. I enjoy this author’s historical novels very much and recommend this one highly.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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I have usually enjoyed this author, and am drawn to books set in this period of history.  But for some reason I had a hard time getting into this story.  I didn't finish it, so perhaps it would have gotten better....
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Thanks go to the publisher and Net-Galley for the complimentary digital copy of I’ll be Seeing You by Rosie Archer. I voluntarily agreed to read and review this novel. My opinions are my own, and nothing has influenced my rating.

I’ll be Seeing You is a well written historical novel with engaging characters and an enthralling plot. The pacing pulled me into the story from the beginning and kept me enmeshed until the end. I enjoyed the history of cinema during WWII. I can vaguely remember going to the movies as a very young child, watching the organ rising from below, the cartoons, and news reels playing on the big screen. 

Connie Baxter is the main protagonist, and I enjoyed her character a great deal. She has a bit of a whimsical side, especially at the start. She shows a great deal of growth, giving her more depth. She’s a loyal, willing to help her friend, Queenie, deal with grave life decisions. I also loved her relationship with her aunt.

Ace, the man in her life is not the hero in this tale. I found him a fascinating character, even though he’s not really a good man. Ace does have a great deal of kindness, so it’s hard to not develop a soft spot for him.

What I liked the most about this story was that it shows how ordinary people deal with the horrors of war. It shows how life goes on, even when the world is falling apart. While the moral compass in these characters is not stellar, their flaws make the plot believable.

If you enjoy historical fiction with a fantastic array of characters, and a plot that takes you back to a different time than you have lived, then you will enjoy I’ll be Seeing You as much as I did. Rosie Archer adds plenty of tidbits of what it must have been like to live during WWII. Happy reading!
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I like the Picture House Girls and liked this one.
I was happy to catch up with Connie and the other characters, there's plenty going on in their life.
It's an excellent historical fiction, a good description of life during wartimes.
The plot flows, the characters are relatable and fleshed out.
I can't wait to read another book by this author.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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The follow up to The Picture House Girls and equally as addictive.  Rosie Archer has become one of my favourite historical fiction authors.  I love her style of writing, storylines and character development. It was fantastic to catch up with Connie, Gertie, Tom and the rest of the characters from the previous book. You're drawn into a world during the Second World War where life was hard and unpredictable.  This book has a few dark twists and turns but is also heartwarming. I adore Connie and I can't wait to see what the next book holds for her and Tom.
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I'll be Seeing You by Rosie Archer.

   Set in 1943 ,  this book follows 3 women Connie  , Queenie and Gertie who work in their  local picture house ( cinema ). at a time when watching a film was the highlight of many lives enabling them to forget for an hour or two the horrors of War going on outside.
When reading this book I realised it wasn't a standalone novel and the author had already wrote about these characters. This didn't really detract from my enjoyment as I felt she explained their lives in a way that allowed you to feel you already knew the story line.
Along the way we share the highs and lows , the friendships , problems with families and loves ,  lost and found.
Once again Rosie Archer has brought this time alive . A fantastic read.
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It was great to catch up with everyone from the Criterion Picture House again. Connie and Gertie get a surprise visitor who turns Connie’s life upside down yet again. Queenie and Len settle down into family life. After getting rid of a useless manager it seems the new one isn’t any better. This is another well written book and you get more into all the great characters from book one. I hope Rosie has more books to come in this great series.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

I really enjoyed reading this book overall. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction (specifically stories that take place during World War II)! I really think that the author did a nice job of showing what life was like in England during the war. I found the characters to be realistic, as well as the problems that they faced in the story. I also liked how they were all involved together with a problem with the theater where many of them worked, in addition to their own personal problems. I would definitely be interested in reading a sequel to this book if one comes out!
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This is the second book in “The Criterion Girls” series, however, I felt that all of the history from the previous book was covered and I didn’t feel I had missed anything by not reading book 1. It gives an insight as to what life was like during World War 2 with ration books, air raids, bombings and also some black market dealings. The characters were all believable. A nice easy read for holiday.
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I was hooked… I wiped tears away tears… If you love a really good wartime saga, then this is definitely the book for you I absolutely loved this book
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

It’s 1943, and the war’s end isn’t in sight. This is the story of three women, Queenie, Connie & Gertie, who are firm friends and work in the local picture house. Things are hard, a trip to the pictures is a way for people to cheer themselves up, hoping what they see in screen would be a reality soon.

After what happened last year, it appears that Connie has what every girl wants, Ace, someone who loves her, a way of living that most envy, friends and a job she loves doing. But, what you see, isn’t what you get, as Connie is finding out more ways than one.

To add to her problems, her cousin Marlene, whose always been nasty to her, returns home. As old/new secrets are revealed, revealing jealousies that could shatter Connie's world once more, it dawns on her, that Ace, isn’t who she wants to be with, they are totally different, and want different things. Queenie, too has her hands full, in more ways than one.

Loved the first book and loved this one too.
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Another wonderful saga by Rose Archer part two in the series.As usual I was drawn into the stories the characters the time the place.Will be recommending the book the author.@netgalley#quercusbooks
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This is the second book in a series, i believe. My bad for not knowing that. But anyway I rally liked this book. The Main characters were relatable and It is always interesting to read about the english patriotism during ww2. Thank you to netgalley for letting me read this e arc in exchange for an honest opinion
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Another brilliant book by Rosie Archer with great characters that draw you into the story making you feel there by their side.5*
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This was a very enjoyable WWII read set in Gosport, England and centered around the characters in the Criterion Picture House. Connie Baxter had been promoted to head usherette after her friend, Queenie, had to stay home with the imminent birth of her twins. That birth itself is fraught with difficulties and Connie has to find medical help during a bombing, saving Queenie’s life. The book conveys well the WWII atmosphere of wartime bombings of the city, the work of the Air Raid Precautions (ARP) units and how everyday residents had to hurry to shelters to save their lives. One character, Tom, a local dance instructor, joins ARP and is heavily involved in saving lives.  The close communities of the picture house, Gertie’s home where Connie resided after her own home was destroyed and her mother killed, and the local ARP are well-portrayed and full of human warmth despite obstacles.

There are many twists and turns of plot in the book including Connie’s relationship with fiance Ace, who turns out to be unreliable personally and begins a relationship with Gertie’s daughter Marlene.  Ace also is revealed to be a shady character. All of these story events kept my interest and gave a good flavor of the fraught wartime era.

I very much enjoyed the book (thanks to #netgalley, and hope the author will write a sequel.
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