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Tacos for Two had really great potential but just didn't deliver for me. The You've Got Mail premise is cute but very over-done. I would have liked to see a little twist or a few little twists for that matter. The characters were also very "meh" in that I didn't find myself cheering either one of them on. They seemed a little one dimensional and I really didn't care if they ended up together or not. 

The side plot was also very confusing with the brother and dad. I feel like less of that could have been included and more time spent on the development of the main characters' relationship.

Overall, it was a decent read. I enjoyed the food truck theme and the talk of yummy food.
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I wasn't able to read this properly. The font was too small and every time I tried to enlarge it, the page would change. Thank you to NetGalley and the author for an e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a pretty cute and enjoyable romance. Jude and Rory were a lot of fun and I liked the story. I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this author.
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I really enjoyed Tacos for Two; despite a fairly Hallmark-like plot and style of writing, the characters were warm and lovable. You’ve Got Mail is a classic, and this book’s similar storyline is also charming.
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I really wanted to enjoy this and I feel like it had real potential, but I just wasn’t interested. 
The back and forth between StrongerMan99 and ColorMeTurquoise was fun, but found myself constantly wanting to skim the rest just to get back to that cause the rest just wasn’t grabbing me.

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Overall, I enjoyed this book. Although the storyline has been done before- (main characters have connected online but wind up also meeting in real life and don't know for a very long time, that they are one and the same) -it is well done, and it's fun to watch Rory and Jude in both places. The witty repartee is great, and the cooking competition is lively. The town characters and supporting cast are well written as well.

Where there was a bit of a breakdown for me is that I never fully understood just why Rory's cooking skills (or lack thereof) were such a secret. Why couldn't she just be an awesome business person who wanted to carry on her aunt's legacy? I did find myself wanting to lecture her a tiny bit at times on being honest about what she really wanted, instead of trying to meet everyone else's expectations. However - there is plenty to enjoy here, including the way both main characters grew and developed. The author provides an explanation of why the characters respond the way they do, and the resolution is great.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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I loved this book just a brilliant read loved every page. The writing style the characters. The story setting. I love these types of book you enjoy. I loved the romance as well. I love these rom com they to great characters with plenty of chemistry. They worked together a very good feel warm Book you enjoy.
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Rory has finally found someone worth talking to on a dating app, and she has no idea who he is. The platform takes steps to get to know each other before revealing personal details, so she doesn’t even know his name. Meanwhile, the food truck she inherited from her aunt is struggling and needs a big win in a local competition to stay afloat. Little does she know that her biggest competition is the mystery man she’s chatting with online.

I thought this concept was pretty cute. I really enjoyed the dual POVs and the food truck competition! Rory’s cousin Hannah was such a treat, and Jude’s family was a LOT. I flew through this feel good romance, though I wished that we got more into the grief of Rory losing her aunt. 

Overall, a fun time and a perfect excuse for Taco Tuesday!
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Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. It was a fun and light read. Set around a food truck competition, with an online dating spin too, it was a good premise. It was well written and developed good characters. It held my attention to the end as I was keen to see the outcome for the characters. Enjoyable!
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rivals to lovers is great but rivals in real life who are falling in love online and don’t know each other’s real identity?? EXCELLENCE. 

Tacos For Two was a fun and cute read and i’m just hoping it goes viral on booktok so i can fangirl about jude quoting PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

WARNING!! don’t read this book if you’re hungry because it’ll make your mouth water just by reading all the recipes🥲

Many thanks to NetGalley and Revell for sharing a copy of the book in exchange of a honest review.
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I absolutely love flirting texts and chat rooms and all that stuff, it always makes me laugh and in this book it worked so well.

I think our female MC and male MC just came off a little immature at times, the communication issues and misunderstandings just seemed too much sometimes and made a bigger deal for dramatic effect. 

I loved the food truck concept, the contest, and all the side characters were fun. I loved them cooking together and wish there and been more! The romance was stronger during the “online” parts and not so much in person. The epilogue sped up things quite a bit. I wish it hadn’t jumped so far ahead with marriage and a baby, that seemed really fast, but I did enjoy the HEA and seeing them all together at the end.
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The plot is interesting and fun. 
The supporting characters are great, and while I didn't love the main characters, particularly Rory, at the beginning, they grew on me by the end. I liked the banter when Rory and Jude texted, but they were most dynamic when they were with their friends/family. The end of the book was great. 
I expected a little more of a spiritual angle from a Christian publisher, but overall, this is a clean, sweet read.

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Tacos for Two • Betsy St. Amant
Rory owns a food truck but ironically she can’t cook. She is struggling to keep the food truck going that her late Aunt passed down to her. When Jude a soon to be lawyer at his fathers law firm asks for some cooking lessons and offers to pay a fair amount, Rory couldn’t turn him down. But when the Modest annual food truck festival arrives Rory is faced with some obstacles as her gets mono and finds out her former student is now the main competition. 
Both owners are desperate to win but that’s not all that’s going on. Both are falling for the people they met online through a dating website. 
Will there be tacos for everyone or will everything go up in smoke?
I really wanted to like this book but honestly I just couldn’t get into it. Some parts I of the book struggled to get through. The storyline was cute but I feel that realistically these two wouldn’t work out in the end. Rory just always assumed the worst of Jude and I don’t know how he could get past that. 
One of the things I did like was the online aspect of the relationship that was nice to see. 
Sometimes I think there was almost too much going on that made it hard to follow along with. 

Thank you to @NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review 
#Tacosfortwo #NetGalley
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Tacos for Two is about Rory and Jude and their rival food trucks. Even though she doesn’t cook, Rory’s aunt left her a food truck, and it is struggling. Jude wants to leave the family law firm to open his own food truck. Their town is hosting a food truck festival, and they both want the prize money. While they are in person rivals, Rory and Jude also happen to be communicating anonymously through a dating app. 

This just kinda fell flat for me. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. I didn’t really connect with Rory or Jude, but I did think the food truck setting was fun. 

Thanks to @NetGalley and Revell for my ARC!
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Anyways… two people falling in love online? BANGER. A food truck competition? BANGER. Finding out the person you’ve been talking to online is the person you hate irl and is competing against you? BANGER.
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This might just be my new go-to romance. Is it predictable at times? Yeah, but I find most romances predictable. Was it a blast to read? Absolutely. If you love tacos, food trucks, and/or multiple pov romances check this book out!! There are also a decent amount of “You’ve Got Mail” references for any fans. 

Both Jude and Rory were flawed in their own ways and it was interesting watching them work through those flaws from their own and each other’s points of view. This book made me want to look for more multiple pov romances. 

I do wonder some about how Jude and Rory’s relationship would play our IRL and not in ✨ideal story land✨. Rory tends to make a lot of assumptions about Jude & Jude is not the best at thinking before acting. They do kind of reconcile those things as the story progresses, but I would be hesitant to say they are the perfect couple.  

That said, I loved almost all of the side characters, and even the ones I didn’t like had character arcs that made them redeemable. Hannah & Alton were definitely my two favorites. 

I also think I ate about 20 tacos over the time I read this ARC. So, WARNING: do not read if you do not want to crave tacos 24/7.
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What??! shut up this is so cute!! 

The cover sold me!! But the the food truck competition sold me. This story is perfect. If you loved YOU GOT MAIL, you will love this story too! This is a CLEAN romance but the story is absolutely fantastic!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic novel. The setting, the food truck, was really lovely and atmospheric. I may or may not have cooked up some Mexican foods while I was reading this book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a romcom, but wants a change of setting and characters.
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this book was so good! It definitely had me craving food and I could not get over the sweet romance between Rory and Jude. This one was a must ready and Betsy has been added to my one-clicks!
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I know they say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but when the cover has an adorable food truck and tacos on it, how am I not going to love it? Tacos for two was such a perfect read for a fall weekend.

The book is very similar to another fall favorite movie “You’ve Got Mail” in that two rival business owners compete while also in an online relationship with each other. They obviously don’t know it’s the other person, but their witty banter and barbs at each other is just so fun. They even make several You’ve Got Mail references in their online chats. 

It was fun to watch Rory and Jude to discover their love of cooking. My husband and I love to cook and try new recipes. I mentioned several times to Patrick that I want to make pozole like they do in the book! Please include recipes in your next book, @betsystamanthaddox! 

This was a total winner for me. If you love epistolary novels and tacos, this is 100% for you! I love enemies to lovers and food trucks.
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