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Such an enjoyable, fun and modern romance. I loved the dialogue throughout, and especially the banter between Rory and Jude and their online personas. There’s a ton of personal growth, which was refreshing.
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Synopsis: In a modern retelling of You’ve Got Mail, Rory Perez and Jude Worthington butt heads over food trucks and cilantro, while ColorMeTurquoise and StrongerMan99 fall text-first in love. Their relationships are extremely messy and sparks are always flying, but you know what they say—all’s fair in love and food truck contests.

I had high hopes for my first official foray into the world of romantic comedy...and, unfortunately, they weren’t quite met. 
Tacos for Two is a great book—technically speaking. It had a solid plot, no typos or errors, quality writing, smooth pacing (you’ll find that pacing means the world to me), and a happily-ever-after. If it had been marketed as a simple inspirational contemporary romance, it would’ve certainly fit the bill. However, I really didn’t catch on to the comedic aspect. I’m sure for You’ve Got Mail fans, there were plenty of references and similarities (most of which I caught, even though I’ve never seen the full movie) that would’ve had them chuckling under their breath. As for comedy that would bust a gut or please every reader? Not really. It was more of a comedy of errors...or just a funny idea that someone who can’t cook would run a food truck...than anything else.
I also think that, as far as romance goes, I enjoyed the banter between ColorMeTurquoise and StrongerMan99 far more than I did the interactions between Rory and Jude—even if all of StrongerMan99’s texts did seem a little unlike a guy to me. There was way too much conflict and doubt between Rory and Jude for it to have been resolved so quickly—especially considering how they further complicated things over and over again.
That said, at least we had a happy ending. I know it’s a guarantee in romances these days, but with the amount of drama in this book? I had my doubts, y’all. Plus the epilogue? You gotta love those!
On that note, though, once I reached the end, I realized a few things had never really been explored or answered. For example, we never actually learn to Thomas was, or how Grady came to work for Rory’s aunt Sophia, or exactly how different her childhood was. All of these things seemed to have shaped Rory in such a definite way, so I would’ve liked more than just a passing mention of them.
The most unsatisfactory aspect of Tacos for Two, for me, was the lack of a strong message. I feel like there was this outstanding potential for a story of forgiveness and loving your enemies...but despite a few casual comments, none of that was really put into action, if that makes sense. I didn’t walk away from this story with anything more than well, they could have… Not to mention that there was absolutely no Christian content whatsoever, and on top of that, drinking and alcoholism is portrayed in a very grey manner, so to speak. 
As for the characters...I loved Grady and Hannah and Nicole—all three of them were dears. Mayor Whit and Madison, Jude’s father and brother...these characters all had strong personalities and interesting stories that entwined with Jude’s. But as for Jude and Rory themselves? W-e-l-l, about that.
For me, there was very little about Rory and Jude’s characters—both of them—that I could connect with or relate to, which made it difficult for me to put up with all their drama. Er, I mean, understand their thoughts and actions. There wasn’t much loveable about them either. Jude could be a bit arrogant, presuming, inconsiderate, and oblivious at times; while Rory was proud, impulsive, resentful, and easily offended. Now, I understand that characters can’t be perfect. *looks at her own* Yep. Definitely can’t be perfect. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t have some redeeming qualities, which, aside from some ambition and persistence, these two didn’t really have.
Let it be noted that I give Scarlett O’Hara prompts for being ambitious and persistent. That’s really not saying much.
So, all in all, did I enjoy the story? Yeah, I guess I did, because it was interesting. I mean, I finished it, didn’t I? That ought to count for something. Would I read it again? Nope. Would I recommend it? Well, depends. Like I said, You’ve Got Mail fans and readers of clean fiction would gobble this up. Me? Eh, it wasn’t my style. Maybe I’m not cut out for romantic comedy after all.

Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher, publicist, or author, including NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Thank you Net Galley for the ARC. This book wasn't it for me. I liked the premise of a modern retelling of You've Got Mail, arguably the best rom com of all time. This story involves a taco truck and two unlikely people who meet on a dating site without finding out any significant details (what the person looks like, what they do). Unfortunately, it was a bit too formulatic and didn't hold my attention, so I gave up at the 20% mark. I am sure many will enjoy this story, it's just wasn't one that I enjoyed.
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What happens when the person you are talking to on the anonymous dating app turns out to be your biggest frenemy and competition in a local food truck competition? That is just what happens in this delightful romance Tacos for Two. Does it seem perhaps a bit cheesy and predictable? Sure. Does it sound like the perfect plot for a Hallmark movie? Absolutely. Still, I love cheesy, I love Hallmark movies and I love tacos... so needless to say, I found this book to be super entertaining and fun! It was a uniquely done take on enemies to love, and of course the whole food truck concept made it even more fun... although I must say I certainly did find myself craving some tacos as I read. The characters were imperfect and as such a bit frustrating in their reactions at time, but I enjoyed their banter throughout the story and enjoyed seeing their romance grown. Overall, I found this to be a super cute romance and one that fans of clean romantic comedies are sure to enjoy!

**I received a complimentary copy for consideration. All thoughts are my own.
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When a story takes place in small-town Texas, my little Lone Star heart is happy. Tacos for Two is a sweet romcom that will leave you craving tacos, nachos, and Tex-Mex flavors. It took me a while to start cheering for Rory, but I was a fan of Jude from the beginning. I enjoyed the online romance aspect along with the “enemies” banter between Rory and Jude. The story leads up to a food truck festival and now I’m wanting some food truck snacks soon!
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Author Betsy St. Amant continues with her food related novels and I’m glad she is. I for one am a fan of her writing. Her stories make me smile while I’m feeling all kinds of emotions for the characters.

Suggestive of the movie You’ve Got Mail, Tacos for Two includes an anonymous online dating site where it’s easy to hide. But St. Amant didn’t copy the movie and her book went in ways I didn’t expect. Jude and Rory have great banter that kept me laughing, as did the situations they found themselves in.

Seriously, if you enjoy a good rom-com then you must read Tacos for Two.

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
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🔊Song Pairing: Spicy - Ty Dolla $ign

💭What I thought would happen:

I definitely thought there would be two things in this book, tacos and love, very intuitive I know...

📖What actually happens: 

Rory is a bit lost in life. She runs a taco truck but the irony of ironies is that she cannot cook, she doesn’t like spicy and she hates cilantro which is referenced far too many times and was never funny the initial time stated.

Jude is an over entitled guy who just happens to love tacos so much that he decides to say to hell with the 7+ years of education to be a lawyer right before taking his bar exam to open up a food truck. Jude decides to approach Rory for cooking lessons since he loves her tacos so much, but figures he has no reason to tell her that he plans on opening a rival taco truck.

The big twist in this book, Jude and Rory have taken up a secret online flirtation in a You’ve Got Mail fashion where they don’t know what each other looks like but are enamored by each other’s likes, dislikes and overall personalities.


Jude is the absolute worst male love interest I have ever read. He is the epitome of white privilege, the product of nepotism at its finest and has the emotional capacity of a teaspoon. Where in his thick skull did he think asking Rory for cooking lessons to learn her recipes and then open up a rival business, Nacho Taco and DOES NOT SELL NACHOS, is a good idea while denying that he did anything wrong. 

Every time Rory gets upset with him over the issue he concludes she’s overemotional and high strung…what a jerk. Nothing charming and in no way redeemable. Also, his dating app name is Strongerman99, if i was Rory I would have never started chatting with a guy with a handle like that.

The 10,000 reference to You’ve Got Mail was unnecessary as it was blatantly apparent that the story line was stolen from this film. I figure this is the way the author is citing her sources so as not to get dinged for plagiarism...

The epilogue had me dry heaving like a cat with a fur ball. I expected more from this book with the most delicious cover and title.
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If you like You’ve Got Mail, this is the book for you! It screams You’ve Got a Mail vibes. This is a cute romantic story told in the point of view of Rory and Jude. I loved both characters. Especially Jude, who is trying to break away from his family legacy and not follow the family tradition of becoming a lawyer. Jude is the ultimate book boyfriend. You can’t help but root for him throughout the entire story. Also, I was cheering Rory on. She’s so committed to her family. You can’t help but love her. If you love enemies turned into lovers, this book is for you!
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Literally stole my heart away. When i tell you this is a BANGER, i mean it. I mean, what more could you ask for? Falling for someone online? BANGER. Helping in a family food truck and hating this lawyer family? BANGER. One of the lawyer's son wants out of the business? BANGER.  He goes to her for help to get his own food truck started? BANGER. They know have to compete against each other? BANGER. They don't like each other? BANGER. OH and the person they be talking online to happen to be each other? FUCKING BANGER
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If you liked the movie,”You’ve Got Mail,” you will obviously identify it as the inspiration for Betsy St. Amant’s new book, “Tacos for Two.” Rory Perez has inherited a food truck, but she can’t cook. That in itself is a bizarre starting point. She has been communicating with Jude Strong (anonymously) through an online dating site. Jude happens to be a great cook. A major difference between the book and the previously mentioned movie is that the romantic connection between the leading characters in the book is undeveloped. The character development and the overall pace of the story itself were also a bit slow.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.
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Tacos for Two is a fun romance that has elements of online dating, enemies to lovers, and opposites attract. This is a quick light read that's perfect for fans of Simmer Down and You've Got Mail.

There was some things in this book that I thought were hyper focused on such as the cilantro and Oreos. I know that those were some key things that our main characters really loved or really hated but I felt like some of that focus could have besides to help me feel why I should me root for them to be together by seeing more messages or in person banter.
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This book is like cilantro - I'm quite apathetic about it. I heard that people either HATE or LOVE cilantro, but I just... don't have strong opinions on it? And this book quite gives me the same vibes. 
The main characters met on a text-based dating app. While they're enemies irl, they're besties online. The texts they sent to each other are quite cute, their irl interactions less so. And to me the book didn't really let the chemistry spark or their relationship to develope. 
This book is quite food-centered, Rory has inherited her aunt's taco place and that's how the story started. Not only is the plot food-centered, the characters' whole personalities depend on food too: while Rory's whole personality is hating cilantro, Jude's whole personality is loving oreos - this is something the book will remind you, again and again.
Conclusion: Tepid romance, not really impressed, I will feorget about this book in a week time.
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[Received an ARC]

Rating 4/5
Plot 4/5
Spice 2.5/5
Character Development 4/5

"Tacos for Two" by Betsy St. Amant is a fun and lighthearted romantic story the centers around Rory Perez, a food truck owner that can't cook, and Jude Strong who hates working at his toxic father's law firm. The two have been chatting for the past month through an online dating app however they have not met. Jude is passionate about cooking and decides to enter a competition at a food truck festival. If he fails he must go back to his father's law firm. Rory's chef falls ill before the festival and with no other chef available, she realizes that she has to cook. Jude discovers that his competition is the woman he's been talking to online. 

If you enjoyed the iconic film, "You’ve Got Mail," you'll definitely enjoy this book because it is filled with several iconic references. Jude and Rory both love watching films and constantly message movie lines in their online dating chat which is really cute because they have great chemistry and banter. There is also an enemies-to-lovers trope and I loved how feisty Jude and Rory were to one another.
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This book was firmly in 'ok' territory for me. There is nothing particularly new about the character or the plot.  The story progression was rather predictable.
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Tacos for Two 
by: Betsy St. Amant

     The aroma of yellow peppers, onion, cumin, and cayenne arising from Salsa Street food truck will draw you to Modest, Texas. You'll stay not only for tacos and tamales, but also for Rory and Jude's romantic connection paired with food festival competition. Author Betsy St. Amant blends humor, warmth, and "Sleepless in Seattle style" online dating in her perfect recipe for a lively yet tender romantic comedy. 
     Rory works in her inherited food truck selling authentic tacos and other Mexican dishes, carrying on the legacy of her beloved Aunt Sophie's recipes and memory. Jude, a lawyer with aspirations of a cooking career, honors the culinary heritage of his mother figure, Maria. They both use the Love at First Chat dating messenger app, adding even more savory spice to their lives of balancing careers and family situations.
     The cuisine, characters, and storyline in this delectable book are as bold and vibrant as Rory's signature colors of turquoise, gold, silver, and peach. Every day here is a Texas Taco Tuesday, so get ready to place your order, with extra cilantro and followed by an Oreo!
Thank you to Net Galley and Revell for the advance reader's copy and opportunity to provide my unbiased review.
#TacosforTwo #NetGalley
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Tacos for two by Betsy St. Amant


This book was so adorable. It was cute and funny, with the family drama WE LOVE. I think the enemies to lovers trope in this book was very well executed and definitely enjoyable to read!!

The passing of this book was also very good. Sometimes I find that romance books can either be way to fast or WAY to slow and I believe this had a really good in between. 

I found this book so hilarious because the main character who owns the food truck, Rory cannot cook 🤣 The plot was really interesting and good. I mean rivals/enemies to lovers, I’m sorry but I had to mention it again. The rivals part is just, **chefs kiss.**

WARNING: This book will make you VERY hungry read with caution!

Overall it was adorable and funny, and I loved it!
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“But please know… I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.” 

Tacos + anonymous online dating + food truck competition = a recipe for disaster? 

Rory is now the owner of Salsa Street’s food truck after inheriting it from her late aunt, but the only problem is that she doesn’t know how to cook. Struggling financially to keep it open, the only way to save it is to enter the annual food truck competition. Jude is miserable working at his family’s law firm. He wants nothing to do with law, but everything to do with cooking. He makes a deal with his father: if he wins the food truck competition, he’s free to leave the firm and pursue his dreams. 

When Jude asks Rory for cooking lessons, she hesitantly accepts but later feels betrayed after learning he has his own food truck and is now apart of the competition. Things start to get complicated when they both find out that they’ve been falling for each other through an anonymous dating app. Will the feelings still be there when they find out who they’ve been actually talking to? Will Rory be able to save her food truck?

I’m a little torn because there wasn’t that much romance between the two characters. Rory and Jude had more chemistry when they talked anonymously. I did enjoy this book though because of the You’ve Got Mail references but there was just so many scenes with Jude’s family drama, Rory kept jumping into conclusions and making assumptions which kinda annoyed me, and so many miscommunications. But all the food talk made it all better 😋

- dual POV
- opposites attract 
- rivals to lovers 
- food truck owners  
- tacos & oreos 
- food competitions
- You’ve Got Mail 
- anonymous internet romance
- family businesses x dynamics 
- fake dating 
- To Sir, with Love & Simmer Down & Tweet Cute vibes

cw: death of family member, parent abandonment, cancer, mentions of racism, anxiety, manipulation & lies, verbal assault, betrayals 

Thank you to Netgalley and Revell for an advanced copy! Tacos for Two is now available!
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Flirty, Fresh, Fun And Entertaining!

Betsy St. Amant gives clever winks to the movie You’ve Got Mail in this adorable mash up of enemies-turned-lovers and the online dating world. This book will delight both contemporary romance readers as well as rom-com lovers with laugh-out-loud banter between two people who’s chemistry is sparking!

Warning: You’ll want tacos, and probably, nachos after reading this story.

I absolutely loved the magnetism between Rory and Jude, right from the start. The clever mix of their online relationship, turned unknown-in-person relationship pulls all of the appeal of You’ve Got Mail into the story, but St. Amant makes the story her own. Rory is feisty and likable (despite her occasional woes) and Jude came across as a strong, lovable guy that’s easy to fall for.

The supporting characters were also well loved by me, especially Hannah and Grady. I enjoyed the quick pace of the story and the contemporary aspect focusing on Mexican culinary and food trucks; two things everyone loves!

An underlying story lent personal growth, particularly for Rory as she works to figure out what is best for her in life and maintain continuance of her family legacy. Jude grew as well, pursuing his dreams at all costs, and facing the inevitable fallout with his family over his decision. The blend of these things balanced with the flirty texts and messages, as well as the fireworks in person, created a story that was both addictive and entertaining.

Overall, a great read that I enjoyed and would recommend to readers who like books by Bethany Turner, Melissa Ferguson and Nicole Deese. Tacos for Two is clean, lighthearted and does not contain many faith-based elements.

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. All thoughts below are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.
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"If Rory Perez could find a way to wad all the cilantro in the entire world into a ball and hurl it into outer space, it still wouldn't be far enough removed for her preference."  I was drawn in from this opening line...and I concur!  It's a funny twist that the woman who hates cilantro inherited a taco truck....and she can't cook!  

Jude and Rory have a lot of fun flirting and messaging each other in a dating app.  They quote "You've Got Mail" quite a bit, never realizing how closely their own lives will play this out.  While they enjoy their anonymous online relationship, their in-person relationship is a lot more antagonistic.  Both see the other as a real threat to getting what they want in life. 

I enjoyed both parts of their relationship except for one thing.  Rory was so quick to assume the worst at every turn.  It was almost unbearable.  Thankfully she does learn and grow as does Jude. 

This was a fun story and a quick read.  It did make me want to go visit a taco truck!  I am already looking forward to the next book.
Thank you to Revell for providing me with a free e-copy of this book.  All opinions are my own.
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Tacos for Two by Betsy St. Amant is a delightful Romantic Comedy!  The story has many marvelous similarities to You’ve Got Mail, one of my favorite movies of all time!    Rory Perez and Jude Strong know each other in “real” life and through a dating app.  Rory is the proud owner of a food truck she inherited, but she is not much of a cook.  Jude has been through law school, but really wants to get away from the family business by not taking the Bar, and having his own food truck. When Rory and Jude meet in real life, they definitely are not impressed with the other.  

This charming story had me rooting for Rory and Jude.  The author does an amazing job showing both character’s perspectives and letting you walk(or run) a mile in their shoes to see their perspective.  I was so invested in their friendship and growing relationship.   I loved their texts.   The author wrote terrific secondary characters that were interesting, funny, and added greatly  to the story. 

Tacos for Two is a story about forgiveness, redemption and making peace with who you are. The author has created wonderful characters that you will enjoy getting to know.   It is a tasty romantic comedy that will leave you satisfied.  (sort of a like a good taco)  

I was given a copy by Revell and NetGalley and not required to write a positive review.
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