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Yes, yes, YES! Betsy St. Amant has crafted a delicious and fun romance with Tacos for Two! Fresh concept with familiar romantic tropes make for a very enjoyable read.
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I was unable to read this book.  The digital version was not compatible with my Kobo ereader.  I was disappointed.                                             Not sure if there is a solution.
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This was a really cute and cosy romance, that focuses heavily on food, so be prepared to feel extremely hungry for mexican dishes in particular!
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I love a book featuring food, and this cosy romance featuring a plethora of Mexican dishes was full of food and flavour 

I just wish the relationship between Roy and Jude had the same spice as the food did. Even the comparison to You've Got Mail didn't bring some life into it for me.
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Tacos for Two is a fun and delicious rom-com.

Readers, be warned this book will make you want to order some of your favourite dishes from your local Mexican restaurant. I love any book that has delicious food talk in it, and this book really does have some yummy food descriptions! I really enjoyed that instead of having the book take place in a restaurant, Betsy decided to do something a little different and used food trucks as the primary setting in this book. It was fascinating to explore and hang out at different food truck sites and see how that world looks.

The characters in this book are lovely. Rory is fun and smart and a bit of a hot mess in the kitchen. I can totally relate to all the kitchen disasters that tend to happen when Rory is cooking. When I tried to cook a cake in a cup for 8 minutes, I destroyed my microwave. The cooking scenes were my favourite, probably because they had me laughing all the time. The secondary characters are delightful and add that extra bit of charm to the story.

The one thing that fell a bit short with me was the romance between Rory and Jude. I enjoyed the texting banter between these two at the beginning of the book. It was fun and witty and excited me to see what would happen when these two characters actually meet. Unfortunately, that spark that existed in their texting exchanges didn’t carry into their in-person interactions. There just wasn't chemistry between them, and I was left wanting more from their growing relationship. Their relationship just wasn't believable. 

Overall, Tacos for Two is a fun and light rom-com and great for any reader who loves to read books with fabulous food talk.
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I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Tacos for Two was a really cute romcom to jump into. From the very beginning, I liked getting to know Rory and Jude. Especially when food was involved. Ever since they started talking to a certain someone online, I quickly figured out how things were going to go down once the drama started. I just patiently waited for the puzzles pieces to fall into place so that these two could figure it out for themselves.

These two definitely have their ups and downs. I enjoyed the bantering and all the bonding that happened between them. I was also pretty intrigued by the food festival competition, but it was pretty easy to spot who would lose. Even with things being a bit predictable, I still devoured each and every page that came my way.

In the end, the epilogue was freaking adorable. It definitely made me happy and I'm glad that I got the chance to jump into this beautiful book. Now I just really need a taco or two.
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Food  romance is the best kind of romance in my opinion. It was such a fun read and I loved the online relationship between Rory and Jude but their in person relationship was really lacking flavour and spice. I found myself getting annoyed quite frequently.
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This was such a cute book! 
Who doesn't love a good enemies to lovers romance?! This one was done perfectly, and never felt forced. The pace and fun of Rory and Jude's online relationship was impeccable. I loved getting lost in their message exchanges and watching their love bloom. They are both great characters, but SPEAKING OF CHARACTERS, the support cast was just so so darn likable too! Because of the plethora of great characters, I was invested from the beginning, Even through all of the hiccups, miscommunications, and drama... I never felt too exasperated to keep rooting for the happy ending (which is often what turns me off of cutesy romance books). A unique set of circumstances combined with age old troupes that we all love; Consider it a modern You've Got Mail. The only complaint I have it that I was constantly hungry. I don't need any extra excuses to want to eat tacos!
I received a copy of this book digitally via NetGalley. I read and reviewed this book voluntarily, and all opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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Thank you for the chance to review this book. I loved this one, it was so incredibly cute. It immediately grabbed my attention and I flew through it to find out what would happen with the characters and their story. I absolutely loved it.
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Romcom and food? Yes please! A quick fun read! There were some chapters I felt like it was too long but overall, I enjoyed this book.
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I always enjoy rom com novels that center around food. I think books that have a specific culture (in this case Mexican American) do well when food is included given that food is such a large part of culture and family. I enjoyed the online romance bits as well, it reminded me of the novel Tweet Cute, and lends well to readers of this generation. While I overall thought the story was light hearted and it did keep me engaged, I wish the characters had a but more depth to their backstory. I felt it was surface level and I really wanted to to dig deeper.
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Thank you Netgalley and Revell Books for the gifted book!

A modern day Texas food truck twist on You've Got Mail, this is a fun closed door romance that will definitely have you craving some street tacos. I found it so hilarious that food truck owner Rory inherited a food truck and cannot cook. And that her biggest rival turns out to be wannabe lawyer turned food truck owner and the man she is cyber dating. Their interactions and random run-ins were so funny and I loved the side characters, especially Hannah, Rory's down-syndrome cousin. Plus the constant fight between Jude (our male lead) and literally anyone else over his obsession with cilantro was such a funny and relatable detail.
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This totally could be a it's not you its me situation.... but this was FAR too long and FAR too detailed about the boring bits for me. I read this in the last few weeks of pregnancy and while in the hospital after giving birth - but it just could not hold my attention at all. By the end I was flipping through pages as quickly as I could! These two needed to just COMMUNICATE and their issues were not as massive as they seemed to think. 

I'm all for a You've Got Mail story - but this one was not my favorite! I much preferred Lauren Layne's recent release - short, sweet, clean and too the point. 

Probably a 2.5 star!
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Absolutely loved this one and cannot wait for more from this author! What I loved:
- the online dating app and showing the chats between the two throughout
- THE FOOD!! This book left me starving and craving tacos
- the chemistry between Rory and Jule
- the slow burn. Not much steam to this one, but it wasn't needed
- the family drama for Jule and his relationship with his brother and father
- Rory's complicated family history and her need to keep the food truck
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Betsy St. Amant has wirtten another easy-to-read novel called Taco's for Two. Rory and Jude met eachother online, but can't meet eachother in real life. But then is there a competition in which they both participate. Failure is no option for both.

The characters Rory and Jude are well-written. It really felt like they became your friends and their romance was really fun to follow. The author also described their online relationship well.

It's definitely a must-read for any reader who loves contemporary romance.

I voluntarily received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.
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Tacos for Two 
Tacos + anonymous online dating + food truck competition = a recipe for disaster? 

Rory is now the owner of Salsa Street’s food truck after inheriting it from her late aunt, but the only problem is that she doesn’t know how to cook. Struggling financially to keep it open, the only way to save it is to enter the annual food truck competition. Jude is miserable working at his family’s law firm. He wants nothing to do with law, but everything to do with cooking. He makes a deal with his father: if he wins the food truck competition, he’s free to leave the firm and pursue his dreams.
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First sentence: If Rory Perez could find a way to wad all the cilantro in the entire world into a ball and hurl it into outer space, it still wouldn't be far enough removed for her preference.

If You've Got Mail is your all-time favorite, favorite movie AND you live for Taco Tuesday, then Betsy St. Amant's newest book, Tacos for Two, was written just for you. (Probably). 

ColorMeTurquoise and StrongerMan99 are falling hard and fast for one another. These two have been chatting via Direct Messages on a dating app, "Love at First Chat." They've never met, but, they share a few things in common. One of which is they both love the movie You've Got Mail. 

Rory Perez and Jude Strong are thrown together a little too often for her liking. Rory inherited a food truck, a taco truck, from her aunt. It isn't that she doesn't love tacos, she does, but she doesn't love cooking. (She doesn't even like cooking, not even a little bit). Jude Strong HATES his family business--a law firm. His big dream is to own his own food truck--and tacos, well, tacos would be his first choice. To him, owning his own food truck would mean some freedom and independence... These two food trucks are about to be in direct competition with each other. And, well, conflicts are bound to happen. Can this small Texas town be big enough for two thriving taco trucks?

This romance is 1000% predictable. That isn't necessarily problematic. Again, if you love the movie If You've Got Mail (or one of the earlier films from which it derives--In the Good Old Summertime OR Shop Around The Corner), I think that predictability wouldn't be a deal breaker. This book does seem more derivative than many other Christian romances. 

I didn't have trouble suspending my disbelief for most of the book. However, when it came to Rory's party planning/designing, well, she lost me a bit. I had a hard time imagining a sophisticated, elegant, beautiful party where the guests are wearing formal wear when tacos and nachos are on the menu and the decorations include balloons.
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Tacos for Two by Betsy St. Amant is a fun, sweet romance. Rory inherits a taco truck and all that comes with it. Jude is in the family business but he really only wants tacos. This story is such a fun read and I think it is the perfect beach or summer read. I think readers of rom com will adore this book. It is sweet and fun, clean romance. I hope there are more books in this series. I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher with no obligations. These opinions are entirely my own.
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I really enjoyed reading this fun romance. It was a quick fun  read. I always enjoy a fun enemies to lovers romance and Tacos for Two definitely delivered. The interactions between Rory and Jude. I will definitely be reading this again.
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This was a fun combo of two of my favourite things: rom coms and food!  It did also have an aspect of finding one's self as it looks at the hopes and dreams of the main characters, Rory and Jude.
Speaking of, I thought the characters were really written and had great traits that played off one another really well.  They were likable and relatable, which is always great in a book.
If you're looking for a light hearted and quick read, be sure to pick this one up but don't do it on an empty stomach!  You've been warned, ha!
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