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This was such a cute modern day retelling of You’ve Got Mail. I love all of the references to the movies and looking back You’ve Got Mail was a bit ahead of its time. I did have a really hard time forgiving what Jude did to Rory. It happens fairly early in the book so I had a hard time seeing Jude as a good guy for Rory for the majority of the book. I honestly think it was really shady and unforgivable what he did to her. If you’re able to look past that though it’s a cute food truck love story. The exploration of do what you love vs do what you’re expected to do kept me interested to see where they would both end up. Both Jude and Rory have family obligations to continue with the jobs they’re currently in and for different reasons. If you love You’ve Got Mail, this is definitely a read for you!

Thank you to NetGalley, Betsy St. Amant and Revell for allowing me to read and review an ARC of Tacos for Two.
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An enemies to lovers clean romance about two wanna be chefs in a small town food truck competition who are also unknowingly flirting on an anonymous dating app. Rory's running her Aunt's food truck after her death, but couldn't be the least interested in food. Jude is stuck in a family law firm with a puppeteering father and all he wants to do is cook his "mother figures" recipes and sharing them with the world. Both need the prize money to succeed, but both have been deceived by some lies they each have told. 

Don't read while hungry! This was cute and sweet. Jude was swoon-worthy and you wanted to root for Rory. I didnt get why they kept comparing her to some girl. Did that ever get resolved or did I miss it? It is heavily based off "You've Got Mail." If you like sweet stories tied up in a nice bow this books is for you! I enjoyed it, but wasn't overly in love with this book. It was a bit predictable and too perfect. Overall 3.5
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Tacos for Two is a fun romance told from Rory and Jude's perspectives, two rival food truck owners who also happen to have anonymously connected through an online dating service.

I liked the food aspect of the book and the cast of characters. In particular, Grady, Nicole and Hannah were all charming and supportive of Rory. I may have liked them even more than the main characters! I found it hard to connect with Rory in the beginning, but her character did have some great development throughout the book. Same for Jude, who was also at a career crossroads like Rory.

However, the one thing missing from Tacos for Two for me was more development and depth to the relationship between Rory and Jude. I loved their chat room conversations and all the You've Got Mail references, but in person, I didn't feel the chemistry or connection they had behind the screens. This is also a clean romance.

Overall, if you enjoy sweet romances centred around food (specifically tacos), check out Tacos for Two.

Thank you to Revell and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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'I always wanted it to be you' - perhaps one of the most well-known lines to those who enjoy romantic movies.... it's part of what drew me into this book... a You've Got Mail-type story line, the food truck scene and amazing Mexican food (seriously, don't read this one when you are hungry or you will find yourself craving some tacos, refried beans and tamales). 

The book had a great start. Cute, getting to know each-other, flirty messaging through a dating app, and some frenemy-style banter in real life. I enjoyed both Rory and Jude at this point, both of them trying to do well by themselves and their families. The second part of the book, I am not sure I enjoyed as much. There were some storylines that didn't necessarily add much to the romance and I feel overcomplicated the story to where it became a bit rushed in the end. I had some issues with Rory becoming a more and more judgmental character. I guess some of it can be explained by the pressure she experiences, but I had a more difficult time rooting for her throughout the latter part of the book. 

I will say, for those of you who love You've Got Mail, this is a must. It has so many references and nods to the original, while still providing an original new storyline. All in all I quite liked it, but feel like sometimes less could be more with this one.
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Tacos for Two is a delightful tale with a You've Got Mail vibe. I love that texts and messages between Rory and Jude quoted the movie. Rory is a spitfire who loves her family dearly. Jude is a disgruntled member of his family. The two of them show a very different side to their online counterparts than in person. Of course they don't know who the other really is and that's where the fun begins. If you want a light-hearted story with family insights and yummy food talk, you'll love Tacos for Two. Not to give anything away, but the heart of the story lies in a sweet Hannah. Read to find out who she is and why she's a blessing. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This was a fun, food-filled romance between two rival food truck owners who unbeknownst to them are also falling in love anonymously through a dating app. I loved the banter and the delicious food descriptions, this was an easy to read, feel good love story recommended for fans of Simmer down. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my review copy!
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I was really looking forward to reading Tacos for Two, and it hooked me straight away with the dating app chat between Jude and Rory. This was a great feature of the storyline!

And then it became more about this odd dramatic storyline of sibling rivalry where the motives never made sense and plot line questions you weren’t ever asking yourself about were all wrapped up at the end. 

The characters didn’t really have personalities other than loving the colour turquoise and drinking lavender tea (both mentioned multiple times, never to advance the storyline) and it wasn’t a feel good romance at all. I wasn’t cheering any of the characters on at any point.
The cover is super cute though, and it was a relatively easy read!
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This started off cute but then quickly went downhill to the point where I could not wait to reach the end of this book.

Firstly, this book is way too long. There is so much unnecessary scenes that could be cut out because the story dragged at times. 

Secondly, Rory annoyed me the more I read. She kept making assumptions and jumping to conclusions based on her figments of imagination. None of her assumptions of Jude were based on anything concrete. It was a cause for a frustrating read because Jude wouldn't know why she behaved the way she did and honestly neither did I. 

Thirdly, I hope this was worked on for the final copy of the book but most of the text messages did not indicate whose message it was so trying to figure out who was saying what took more brain power than what I was willing to expend on this story. 

The chemistry between Jude and Rory was minimal mainly because they didn't actually spend a lot of time together in the story. The most time they spent was with the cooking lesson and even that was average, nothing to indicate the spark.
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This is the "You've Got Mail" Trope- two people meet and basically fall in love online but in real life, they are competing for something only to fall in love in person as well. Add in food trucks, food truck festival, and high stakes to a big cash prize. This has a little bit of everything in it, I love the food truck theme, with our H, Jude, wanting to win to break free from his father's law firm job, and our h, Rory, who just wants financial stability and to help pay for her cousin's special needs assisted living. It's funny, witty, hot and awesome!
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This book was such a fun, sweet read! Betsy St. Amant did a masterful job of giving us two wounded characters and letting us watch them on their journeys to healing and wholeness. This book checked all my boxes: sweet romance, witty dialogue, high stakes, and, of course, tacos! I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys satisfying, happily ever after romance with lively characters. My teenage daughter already can't wait for it to come out so she can read it!!
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Thank you NetGalley and Revell for the ARC of this book for an honest review. 

This book has major You've Got Mail vibes written all over it! 

This was a light hearted rom-com novel that had lots of potential. I thought it was good but I did not love it. I enjoyed the storyline but was a little annoyed by the main characters. I think they lacked a bit of chemistry between the two. Overall, I would not reread this book but it was a fun read.
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This book was fine, just not for me. It was a light fluffy read, but there are certainly better options out there.
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Thanks to Revell and NetGalley for an e-arc of Tacos for Two!  I love You've Got Mail, so I was immediately attracted to the premise of this book: two strangers get to know (and start to fall for) each other online, while they unknowingly compete against each other in real life.  It's a good set up, but this time it just fell flat for me.  I did not care for Rory at all.  I understand people have trust issues, but she jumped to the wrong conclusion about 50 times too many for me.  I did like Jude for the most part, but SPOILER WARNING I couldn't get past him clearly using Rory and her cooking expertise to open his own food truck.  I mean, what else would you call it?  But the author sort of brushed in under the rug of "misunderstanding" and "Rory not trusting".  That kind of irked me the whole time.  Also, the first half of the book had almost no mention of faith or religion, but the second half was littered with it all of the sudden and it didn't feel authentic.  It just felt weird.  Overall, it was just ok.  I finished it, but it's nothing to write home about (or bookstagram about lol).
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I went into reading this book assuming that it would have more depth than a traditionally romcom and this is what I got. It's a book you want to curl up with and relax with. It was cute and entertaining and I enjoyed it.

My favourite character was a side character called Hannah. She was smart and knew her self worth, making her a good example for others. While I liked the main characters, there was times I just had to shake my head at the heroine and wonder if she didn't need a little counselling to get over her trust issues.

I got this book in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed it - read it in an afternoon and came away feeling like it was a good use of my time. I've also ordered it for my library.
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I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for mu honest review. Thanks to NetGalley and Revell for making that happen.

Generally speaking, I love You've Got Mail and I love books based on the premise. However, this one didn't quite do it for me. The competition between Rory and Jude felt forced and honestly was more because of Jude's dad and brother. While there are certainly manipulative people in the world, it felt like Hollis Strong was a mustache twirling villain - exaggerated and unnecessarily mean. But I suppose that they needed an external force to get the ship going.

Even Rory and Jude's relationship was rocky at best. I wasn't entirely sold on it as it happened on page, and honestly just felt like everything was tied up too neatly at the end. But overall, it wasn't a bad book. Just very solidly middle of the road for me.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Revell for the advanced copy of this book! 

Tacos for Two was such a sweet, easy and enjoyable read that has opened me to a new author that I am sure to read more from. The enemies to lovers trope worked really well here, and I really loved both Rory and Jude and was really rooting for them.

This book was more than just a romance, as it dove into the complexity of life choices, and family drama that added a nice level to the story.
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In a modern update of 'Shop Around the Corner,' we follow the lives of Jude and Rory in small town Texas.  Jude is a lawyer who is unhappy with his projected future...he wants to cook.  Rory has inherited a food truck that she doesn't feel qualified to run.  They meet each other on an online dating app, but then they also meet each other in real life when Jude asks Rory for cooking assistance.  Following along the plot lines of 'You've Got Mail,' and "Shop Around the Corner,' Rory and Jude explore their friendship and potential relationship through various lenses as the story progresses.  This is a cute, light read that will leave you wanting tacos!
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A fun, hearty romcom inspired by "You Got Mail". 

⭐⭐⭐ 1/2 rating. 
I definitely picked this book up for its fun and vibrant cover, it instantly caught my eye but ended up really enjoying the story. 

The story has two POVs and centers around Rory and Jude. 

Rory has inherited a Mexican food truck from her Aunt BUT Rory hates cooking. She has a passion for event planning but wants to make her Aunt proud by making the food truck successful, whilst supporting her cousin with special and her head chef. Money is tight but the annual food truck festival is coming up and this year there is a cash prize competition for the best truck to win! 

And Jude Strong, a soon-to-be lawyer who hates working under his father and brother's shadow and wants to find some passion in his life by getting his own food truck. He strikes a deal with his father, if he wins he can leave the law firm, if he loses then he has to take the bar. 

Both Rory and Jude become locked in a battle of the food trucks, with the only thing keeping them both sane is the anonymous dating site they are both on... 

I enjoyed this book, I LOVED the You Got Mail references and part of the storyline that was taken as inspiration as it is one of my all-time favourite films.  The food talk always had me hungry, however, I found it a little slow in places and Rory could be a little annoying!
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I recently read Betsy's book "The Key to Love" so when I saw "Tacos for Two" I knew it would be another great read. I enjoy Betsy's writing style.

Rory inherited her aunt's food truck but it's not doing too great. Winning the upcoming competition should allow her to pay off some debt and have a bit leftover. 

The book kinda disappointed me in that Rory didn't love owning the truck and didn't really know how to cook. I'm not sure why anyone would leave a food truck to someone if they didn't enjoy it. You would think that having helped her aunt run the food truck, she'd have learned at least the basics of making tacos. Maybe not be great at it, but she wouldn't be clueless. That part just struck me as weird. 

I loved the tension between Rory and Jude and also the relationship between Rory's chef and his wife.

Overall, a good read and likely a book I'll read again.
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My Thoughts:  
One of my absolute favorite movies is You’ve Got Mail. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s a story featuring love letters, secret identity, and one of the best enemies to lovers plots ever created. So when Tacos for Two was introduced to me as a story inspired by my favorite movie, I was sold. And I was NOT disappointed. 
Not only is there PLENTY of You’ve Got Mail vibes to excite any fan, but Amant managed to put her own spin on it. She shakes things up, veering from the movie plot, and making a beloved story even better. 
I do want to point out the casual mentions of alcohol. As a dry Baptist, I find it off-putting for Christian characters to drink. That being said, the characters weren’t drunk. But back to the gushing … 
The pair had great chemistry together! These two knew how to fight and how to fall in love. 
The secondary characters were just as charming. Hannah was by far my favorite. It’s always refreshing to see characters “out of the norm” and Hannah, I believe, had Down Syndrome. 
This really is a lighthearted read and one that I’ll likely read again. 
Rating and Recommendations: I’m giving Tacos for Two 5 stars. I highly recommend it to those looking for Christian Contemporary Romance. 

~ I received a copy from Revell. All thoughts are my own. I was not compensated for this review or required to give a favorable one.
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