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Looking for the Durrells

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Penny is very brave and sets off on her own adventure, to do something she always wanted to do and search for the Durrells. Can she find what she is looking for? Will her sadness from the past get in the way? Brilliant read from start to finish.
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This was a feel good, easy read but I found it more light and breezy to read as opposed to gripping. 
It was easy to pick and put down, a good holiday read.
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The main setting in Corfu which Penny visits after her father passed away , is interesting describing the scenery and her reasoning for going there. Her father used to read the Durrell's story to her when she was younger, and unfortunately  they never made the trip to Corfu together. I know the story of the Durrells from the book, but found some of her repetitive references to them become rather tedious. She enjoyed her holiday there as she befriended some of the locals, but thought the characters could have had more depth to them.
Interesting that she started to fall in love with Dimitris, but the book had a very abrupt ending.. I enjoyed parts of this book, but found some too drawn out. Thank you to Netgalley for an A.R.C.
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I liked exploring Corfu with Penny but the love story part was not for me. I thought it was be more about Penny and Penny not Penny +1 :)

Nice book at the same time, nicely written and felt warm, a good book for the beach!
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

I loved this book, it had me hooked from the beginning.  

The way the stories of Tess and Nic, Rich and the other characters  were linked together was fabulous.

The description of Corfu, had me wishing I was there. Now it’s a country I want to visit. 

The ending had me wanting to know what happens next. Whether  Penny stays? Do Tess and Nic actually get on and whether the relationship continues? and whether Rich and Lily got together?

Maybe there could be another book to answer my questions.

Fabulous first book.
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I think this is an entertaining rom-com and enjoyed the references to the Durrels and the lovely descriptions of Corfù.
It's a nice rom-com with something more as the author is very respectful of the Durrels and there's plenty of information and references.
As for the lighter side it was quite enjoyable and I liked Penny.
It's a nice novel that made me travel to Corfù and enjoy some escapism moments.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Setting off for Corfu after a horrible year, Penny explores the places she has read about in Gerald Durrells books and finds herself drawn into the lives of the locals.

A great summer escape.
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Penny has always wanted to visit Corfu, ever since reading Gerald Durrell's books. 6 months after the death of her beloved father and the breakdown of her engagement, she goes. Beautifully written, describing the stunning scenery, the book transports the reader to the lovely island of Corfu. Penny is instantly attracted to Dimitris, a local fisherman, despite his quiet introverted personality. Enthralling and hard to put down, as a frequent visitor to Corfu, I loved it.
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This book is about Penny, who has some life changing events - splitting up with her boyfriend and also her Dad dying so she jets off to Corfu for a bit of a pilgrimage to her favourite authors when she was growing up - The Durralls. This book was a lovely summer read . . . one to get lost on a beach with. It had a lot of local knowledge about Corfu and you can tell that tha author has really done the research needed.. I'm not really familiar with The Durralls so maybe if i was a bit more of a fan then i would have really loved it . . . that's not to say it wasn't good i think that was just an angle that i was missing myself. it was very easy reading and i enjoyed it very much.
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Penny has lost her Dad to cancer and wants to relive their special memories in Greece. 
They used to read the Durrells so she goes in search of them in Greece. 

Will she find what she is looking for?

Nice escapism to Greece.
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A nice easy holiday read. Reminding us of warm beaches in the sunshine. Some lovely characters. But, it seemed to end rather abruptly!
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Unfortunately this book is not for me, if you want a travel book that fives a picture postcard in depth description then this is the book for you.  I found it quite repetitive and felt that this was used as a "filler".  Having watched the Durrells on TV I was looking forward to reading this but was quite disappointed.

I have scored this 3 stars as I didn't finish it.
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Penny and her father have an interest in the Durrells and their time on Corfu and when her father dies, she fulfils a dream of his to go to Corfu. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything shout the Durrells as it is all explained. I loved the descriptions of Corfu and in a time of a shortage of foreign holidays, it was lovely to be transported to sunshine and good food and warmth. 
You feel like you are wandering round the Greek island and feeling the same passions as Penny. 
My only criticism would be that the ending was rather abrupt but maybe there is a second book on the horizon?
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A lovely descriptive book set in Corfu.  The descriptions made it feel like you were really there whilst reading.  A great, easy-to-read book (no guessing games.)
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Penny is fulfilling a long ago dream, visiting Corfu after the death of her father, and a break up of a relationship. It's a book full, perhaps too full, of descriptions, but nevertheless I enjoyed the feeling of being back in Corfu, with the heat, the scent and the people. Her wish is to visit all the places that the Durrells lived or worked in.
Do you remember the TV advertisement for Renault? Penny reminded me of 'Nicole' dashing aobut in her little car, stopping for coffee and tasty local dishes.
A pleasant book. thank you to NetGalley for a review copy.
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I loved this book,I haven’t read the durrells in Corfu,but I wished I had,this book is a great read,it made you feel like you was there with penny and you can picture the places she been.hope she doesn’t and stays.a great book week done
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Brilliant… gripping and addictive, it will pull you in from the first page… A must-read.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Recommend it
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A great heart warming beachy read.   Set in Corfu, with vivid descriptions of Greek cuisine that leave your mouth watering. Penny is grieving for her father and decides to embark on an extended trip to Corfu. There she meets a plethora of characters who are just what her soul needed.  The book was also just what I needed - it was a  salve to my frazzled COVID brain and made me feel a wanderlust for the Greek Island life.. It will have you hot footing it to the nearest travel agent.  

Just for the record you don't have to know who the Durrells are, the book gives you enough info to get by.
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I absolutely loved this book! My Family & Other Animals was the book I studied for my English Lit O level way back when , and I always so wanted to visit Corfu, but life decreed otherwise. Therefore the TV series ,although somewhat ‘tweaked ‘ from the book ,was a delight, but this book even more so . Fantastic read, and thoroughly enjoyed !
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I binge-watched The Durrells during lockdown last year and really enjoyed it for the warm, easy-watching experience that it was. So when I spotted this book on NetGalley, the title intrigued me and I requested a copy. 
Sadly, I really struggled to get invested in this book. I kept pushing, hoping that it would pick up, but it never did. The characters didn't speak to me on any meaningful level, which is something that really ruins the reading experience. I did start to feel a small emotional connection to Penny and Tess in the last 40 pages or so, but it was a case of too little too late. 
I can see that there was a clear attempt to immerse the reader in the Corfu setting, but for me the author tried a little too hard. The descriptions were so detailed and over-full of emotive adjectives that they actually had the opposite effect than they were supposed to - I found them to be overdone and hard to follow, and I ultimately struggled to picture what was being written about in my mind. Similarly, the writing style in general felt quite meandering - this may well have been done on purpose to reflect the loose and freeing journey that everyone was on, but it didn't work for me and left me feeling that not much was really resolved in the end. 
I did enjoy the references to the Durrells, both as a real-life family, and a media entity in the books and TV show. The author was very respectful of the family legacy and had obviously invested time and energy into properly researching the topic. 
I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that this book will appeal to, but I had to work too hard to push through it, so it's not for me.
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