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Despite this being a pretty fast paced read for me I was bored throughout. 
Overall this felt unrealistic. Usually I can let that go, to an extent, but here I just couldn't. Between the parents not even questioning anything for 18 years, the police barely mentioned or doing anything. 
I was just left with so many questions, mainly about how this was even possible. Especially 18 years. 
The Paranormal element by the end was pointless. It was supposed to make you question things I guess. But since the plot itself was pretty obvious it didn't add much for me.
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I see that everyone who read this really loved it. Unfortunately for me it was not so good. I just could not seem to get into this one. It fell a bit short of what I thought it was going to be.

Thank you #NetGalley for this ARC. I'm so so sorry.
3/5 and the 3 is because I finished it. I just didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
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My Sweet Girl by Amanda Jayatissa is a tense and fast paced thriller. The narrator, Palmoa, was brought up in an orphanage in Sri Lanka before being adopted by an  American couple, the Evans'.  Her new life goes well at first but by the time she's thirty, her relationship with her adoptive parents is almost non existent, she has lost her job and her only friend is her roommate Arun, at least until he begins to blackmail her when he reads a letter that reveals a dark  secret from her Sri Lankan childhood.  Her first instinct is to flee after calling the police, but she later finds out that when they arrived at her flat, not only had the body disappeared, there was no sign of the incident whatsoever. Is Paloma's secret safe, or is this the beginning of a terrifying  ordeal.  
This is a fast paced book with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader hooked. There is a dual time line , with the current day storyline set in San Francisco alternating with chapters set in Paloma's Sri Lankan childhood. Paloma is something of an unreliable narrator which adds to the intrigue of the book.  While I guessed the ending very early on, it did not hamper my enjoyment of the unfolding story. I particularly liked the chapters set in Sri Lanka and how the author was able to incorporate her heritage into the book. 
I read a review copy courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.
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A very different, interesting tale of Paloma, a Sri Lankan girl who is chosen by an American couple and taken to America and adopted by them. The story is in two time lines - one the early years of Paloma and then Paloma fully grown. She has a lot of issues and mixes drink and drugs which seems to confuse her as to what is going on. People are disappearing and she doesn't seem to know what is real and what isn't.
Many thanks to Netgalley/Amanda Jayatissa/Hodder & Stoughton for a digital copy of this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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A fascinating, dual-timeline thriller about a Sri Lankan orphan adopted by an affluent American couple, and how the ghosts from her past, both literally and figuratively, continue to haunt her. While a definite page-turner, the story dragged out for so long that I’d already guessed both twists—the dreadful secret Paloma was hiding, as well as the truth behind Mohini. And despite being thoroughly enjoyable, there were unaddressed plot holes, including, <spoiler>how passport authorities in two countries were so easily fooled</spoiler>. 

I also wasn’t exactly sure what happened in the last scene. 

Overall, though, I’d certainly read this author again!

(Review copy from NetGalley)
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Dark, sinister and twisty. All the good things for a mystery. I had a good time with this one, it's definitely a lot more intense than anything I've read lately. The dual timelines of showing Paloma's time in the orphanage and how it's come back around to haunt her in the present is really effective. 

It owes a lot to its unreliable narrator which is both what kept it interesting and where it falls down. She is so incredibly frutrating that even though it makes sense as pieces fall into place, it still doesn't make her narrative that easy to read. I know it was a little predicatable for some people but thankfully I was taken by surprise. Regardless even without the mystery, there's a lot of interesting things going in here. It did go way past the farfetched mark but that doesn't bother me so much as long as it's done in an interesting or entertaining way.

I got through this in one sitting so that's good for something. Might make for a good read over a relaxed weekend! Thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for the ARC.
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I was utterly blown away by this sharp, enthralling, deeply emotional novel that was filled with twists that kept me guessing right until the end. I couldn't believe how it ended. I sat that there for hours just contemplating the novel and was still thinking about it days later, even when I had started reading something else. It was also beautifully written as well as fast paced, which is no mean feat! Would thoroughly recommend this novel to all lovers of gripping psychological suspense.
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I love a good book with an unreliable narrator. This was no exception. Terrific writing, twists, turns and a lot of fun! Did not see the end coming but boy did I enjoy it!
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

What a fabulous debt. Full of intrigue and suspense. Lots of twists and turns. REcommended.
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What a gripping thriller. 

This was a very disturbing but good read. 

Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish and could not get enough of. 

This is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller!!
Absolutely loved the characters, the plot, the tension -  impossible to put it down.
Certainly recommended!
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My Sweet Girl is a darkly twisted story that keeps the reader on their toes from beginning to end. There were parts that meandered somewhat, but the pace picked up and I became gripped. Whilst the twist wasn't obvious for most of the book, I did start to have an inkling, but even so it was still not obvious which way things were going to go.

This was an ambitious story, executed, on the whole, pretty well.

An enjoyable and original take on a psychological thriller.
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Perfectly adequate thriller, just maybe not for me. 

I was able to see the 'twist' way too early on for me to feel any satisfaction from the reveal, the many micro-aggressions and internalized self hate also rubbed me the wrong way. 

What I will say is that the potential that the author has makes me want to see more from her in the future.
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This is an enjoyable read although the story is rather far fetched and not very believable there is enough  mystery to keep you focused on the book and to finish it .The author scatters clues throughout which make it a challenge to try and tie the various story threads together and see where they lead 
The author has a clear prose style which via enjoyable to read 
I didn’t feel that the psychiatric disorder was well described and I didn’t find it believable but I did like the therapist character 
I enjoyed the start of the book set in a Sri Lankan orphanage most as this felt the most authentic part of the story .By the time the body was discovered I felt the attitude started to unravel and become a bit far fetched
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Loved the srilankan representation. The paranormal elements were quite creepy though hard-core horror readers might not be overly impressed. 
Though I couldn't guess the very little twists that were there, when it did happen I was not surprised or thrilled by it. 
This book was frankly a bit weird. But I enjoyed the humorous & matter if fact writing style. 
I am not a fan of unreliable characters & I couldn't care for any of the characters in the story. I also found the plot to be average. 
The author has tied up all the loose ends in the end so that was satisfactory. 
Overall a decent read.
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This book is set in San Fransisco and Sri Lanka and covers two timelines.

This was a very different book to what I have read a very original idea with Paloma being a very interesting character with a lot of depth.

Enjoyable read
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This was such a brilliant read. The kind of read that I could brag about reading. Which, of course, I absolutely did. The storytelling was intricate, layers of fear, myth, logic, and feistiness embody this novel. The cultural aspect of the novel is one of the best parts, but I think my favourite is the uniqueness of the main character and their introspection. There was an element of unreliable narrator, and yet as a reader I knew that there was still something going on, even as the main character tries to rationalise the strange circumstances. This book is so excellently written it's difficult to put into words how glorious it is. I wouldn't change a thing about this read and I'm happy with my use of time reading it.
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I had been looking forward to reading this novel, as I had read some complementary reviews, and I liked the concept of dual timelines, but I found it hard to persevere. Whilst the novel has an interesting protagonist (Paloma, a young Californian woman originally adopted from a Sri Lankan orphanage) and a successful structure (by way of alternating chapters that switch between Paloma’s years in the orphanage and her current life in San Francisco, alienated from her adopted family and sinking into depression and addiction), the poor quality of writing put me off. No doubt there are young women who swear constantly, but is it necessary for readers to be exposed to printed profanities constantly, or would the novel gain by these being alluded to, rather than spelt out in full? This would also make the twist revolving around the disappearance of Paloma’s flatmate Arun stand out much more, as it should. Overall, I liked the concept of this novel but not its eventual execution and I felt this novel would have benefited from some careful cutting and editing to bring the serious themes and issues it raises into even sharper relief. I would like to thank the publishers and NetGalley for the free ARC provided in return for this honest and unbiased review, even though I could not give five stars.
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A mind game of a book!

Paloma was an interesting character trying to get out from her parents influence. AT age 30 she still feels the pain and so when she has a man called Arun rent her spare room they become friends of a sort. Until he finds out her secret and all hell breaks loose.

Mind well and truly  *****ed
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3.5 - 4 stars

My Sweet Girl is a really good debut told over two time lines, the plot was refreshingly different, the author kept the tension and intrigue running well throughout the book and there were lots of clever twists to keep me guessing.

It did take me a while to settle into this book, whilst I loved the orphanage setting and story I was initially irritated by the Paloma's narration of the present day, added to the fact that she is an unlikeable character, I almost gave up. Thankfully the back story compelled me to keep going, once I got into the flow this became less annoying and I ended up really enjoying this tragic, dark, spooky and twisty read with it's fabulously unreliable narrator.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and give my honest opinion of this book
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Paloma grows up in an orphanage in Sri Lanka she gets adopted and move to America with her newly adopted parents. It soon becomes clear that now grown, Paloma has disappointed her parents, has no friends, no job, and no boyfriend/girlfriend. Just what happened all those years ago in Sri Lanka? What does Paloma have to hide and run from. Arun her roommate seems to have found out and is blackmailing her about it, the next day he ends up dead, but after the police being called there is no body to be found!? What is happening has she imagined it? Or is it her past catching up with her. Didn't see the twists at the end coming.Loved this book. Many thanks NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this.
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