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This was incredibly interesting. Using the internet for income on many levels and with different avenues, as well as coming from a difficult background. Finding success after what she went through was incredible. I admire Jessica Wilde immensely after this.
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Some life decisions have both tremendously good and awfully bad consequences.

Meet Samantha, Tiffany and Jessica – the three personas of the one person who is Jessica Wilde. And this woman is a rather complicated soul. Going Wilde is a rags to riches kind of story but it’s a bumpy ride.

Wilde starts out life abandoned before being adopted. When her adopted parents split up, staying with her adopted mother isn’t the easiest. She spirals into a reckless adolescence before discovering camming. Now this was a new term to me but I knew the concept and I had mixed emotions for her decision. She is desperate to provide for her family but how desperate can one person be?

The “like” button is the crack of social media.

Wilde talks of her switch from camming to Insta. The whole concept of portraying a perfect life – I’ll admit, I’m guilty of that. Posting photos with a cheery narrative whilst in the background I’ve spent most the day at war with the world. But then some days that mask slips and the narrative hints at something else. But Wilde never lets the mask slip.

Despite the camming and sultry Insta profile, Wilde talks extensively about her desire for a real connection. For someone to want the real her, not the one on the camera.

Normally my memoir reading takes me to someone famous; admittedly this woman has a massive following (over 900,000 followers on Insta) but not someone I’d heard of. The blurb for Going Wilde piqued my interest and I was glued to my kindle, would Jessica find peace and love?
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Going Wilde by Jessica Wilde is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late September.

A woman takes on a different persona on cam & Instagram out of wanting to come up out of poverty and raise her daughter. Wilde is a natural storyteller with memories of grit, grace, decadence, and redemption of an early life laced in trauma, and who craves stability and real, honest affection; all while swimming up above the illusive tide of social media, wanting more for herself than just what's on the surface, and seeking fewer logs in her life to turn over and find grubs.
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Attention grabbing cover!  This is a well written book that tells the honest struggles of trying to grow up and have good self esteem but also shows the people we see and follow on social media and other websites, are definitely not always who they pretend to be. There's often a lot more going on behind the scenes ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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The cover instantly caught my eye as well. This is about
Social media gave Jessica Wilde a way out of poverty and hardship. Homeless at sixteen, married and broke at nineteen, she forged a new life as a “cam girl,” eventually creating an alter ego who became an Instagram celebrity.
I love biographies especially about someone who has overcome adversity in their life to go on and do great things. I found her story to be very relatable, heartfelt, and inspiring.
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Full disclosure: I was a camgirl once. It isn't easy. I definitely didn't make a living from it, but I loved hearing Wilde share her story. I could relate to a lot of what she says regarding social media being a highlight reel. Although I'm an author, I also spend a lot of time on social media and would like to become an influencer, so this book providing a great deal of insight. I read it in one sitting. Wilde is raw, real, and riveting. Don't pass this one up.
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I honestly don't remember requesting this ARC, but I'm still grateful that Rogue Press allowed me to read this memoir in exchange for an honest review. 

Jessica Wilde (nee Tiffany) works throughout this piece to escape poverty and build a better life for herself and her daughter. After a series of rock bottom moments, she discovers through an acquaintance the world of being a cam girl (or "camming"). The whole premise of taking the reins of your own sexuality and using it for your own gain was a take I was interested in reading as it isn't one you see in book (or at least memoir) form very often.  However, I did have some pretty big issues with the book that lead me to not enjoy my time spent reading it. 

One of the biggest issues I had with the book was the way that Jessica treats others. While she does admit how badly she treats others in the whole narrative of her life, she does it over and over again and it becomes very, for lack of a better phrase, "woe is me" after a while. There is some self-reflection, particularly near the end of the book, but it seems like she never truly learns her lesson, so to speak, of how to treat people.

The second thing I had an issue with was simply the fact that this book showcases how much power and, well, influence that influencers have on the population. It's frustrating to read about someone who is living a carefully constructed narrative, making loads of money, and still not seeming entirely grateful for what they've got. It was quest after quest for the perfect partner (as a hopeless romantic myself, I get that) with some good old fashioned vanity and plastic surgery thrown in. She does, admittedly, talk about how everything that she posts online is highly curated and not her real day to day life but it falls flat and seems disingenuous at times when in the next breath it's a story about flying halfway across the world to participate in a video shoot based on something you made up. 

I would also warn other readers that there is mention of sexual assault and abuse, so if that is a topic you are sensitive of I would skip this read. 

Thank you again to NetGalley and Rogue Press for allowing me access to the ARC.
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Moving her life admirably out of the poverty hell and becoming an influencer was what snared me. For anyone to manage to get out of poverty is a huge achievement and I wanted to read about this inspirational woman.

Unfortunately Jessica treats people poorly (which at least she admits to) and this makes the book feel a little bit like you are complicit in the poor treatment.

She is definitely inspirational but I just couldn't get past her conscious unfair treatment of others.
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I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review thanks to NetGalley. I did enjoy this autobiography of Jessica Wilde. I actually knew of her and follow her on Instagram, but I obviously didn’t know she was in the process of writing a book. I knew she was a cam girl but I didn’t know her life story. I only gave it 3 stars because I really didn’t care for her “victim, woe-is-me” attitude throughout the book. And how she’s a bit obsessed with finding some dream guy. I get she’s a hopeless romantic, but I think it’d be even better if she was actually secure with just being independent and really focusing on her little family and herself. A lot of Trigger Warnings for sexual assault. Had a nice ending to it though. This novel releases October 15,2021.

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Going into this, I was not familiar with Jessica Wilde, but the cover and book description was enough to intrigue me. The book charts Jessica's fight to climb out of poverty and create a better life for herself and her young daughter; first through camming, and later modelling, while navigating the fickle waters of social media. The narrative is well-paced, with each chapter leaving you wanting more, so it's certainly something you could sit down and read over a day or two, and I will admit I was somewhat surprised by how well written it is overall. It's worth noting that there are multiple mentions of abuse and sexual assault, so some readers may find this quite difficult to read. Fans of Jessica's will no doubt enjoy finding out more about her past and current life, and anyone with an interest in social media and/or influencers can learn a few things from this memoir.

I rated this 4/5, only because I felt it seemed slightly unfinished, like Jessica still had more to say - though I suppose this sets up the possibility of a follow up in 5 or 10 years time.
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I knew nothing about Jessica Wilde before I read this book. I had heard about cam girls and camming through a couple of novels I’d read over the last year, but had never read about someone doing it in real life. Wilde has ,ace her fair share of mistakes, mostly in the relationship department, but I can commend her ambition for a better life for herself and her child. I did have a lot of sympathy for her ex husband, whom she treated shabbily, and she fully admits to that in the book. It’s an interesting read about a lifestyle and building  her brand on Instagram and YouTube.
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I was thoroughly impressed with Jessica's book.  My expectations before starting did include her journey to becoming a "cam girl" and its pros and cons.  But the level of honesty and the life experiences shared in this book kept the pages turning until I reached the end in one sitting.  Going Wilde was more engrossing than some of the fiction I've read while being much more relatable as the stories and experiences are real.  Highly recommended!
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The story was raw and authentic - Jessica was super honest about her vulnerabilities and what life is like behind the camera. To be honest I did not know much about her before reading the book (the cover and title caught my attention), and it was a different type of book for me, but I didn't mind it. The books is heavy - there is a lot of TW for sexual assault throughout. Jessica has had a difficult life and while at times the writing came across a little "woe is me," I think her fan base and audience would enjoy the book and getting to know her better.
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This was a surprisingly well written autobiography by an influencer, I was pleasantly surprised by how fast I kept turning the pages. A nice book! Thank you for my ARC
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This was a surprisingly well written autobiography. Either Wilde had a great ghost writer or she's an excellent writer, which would be all the more impressive since she describes a real lack of childhood education. The book covers her sad, neglected and abusive childhood, terrible events in her teens, her early pregnancy and marriage, dysfunctional relationships with her mother and men, and her rise to fame in camming, the tattoo world, modeling and Instagram.

I really related to aspects of her terrible victimization as a child and teen, as I lived through similar abuses despite the differences in details. Wilde is very honest about everything she's been through and about her own weaknesses. I found it refreshing that she doesn't paint herself as some kind of perfect person. I was surprised at how she wrote about some people though, particularly her adoptive mother. I can't see that relationship surviving after this book is published. She doesn't name names with most of the men shes writes about and they'll be happy for that, as she paints most of them in pretty poor lights too, though she is pretty kind when writing about her first husband and the love that got away.

I wish the book would have photos, both of her "before" and during her rise to fame. She is known for her looks, after all, and it would have been an added plus to see the transformation she describes. It also felt like the story ended before it should have, that it would have been better written after another ten years when things like what to do after Instagram and finding the partner she yearns for would have come to fruition. It really feels like Act One. That said, this is an interesting read that really gives you insight into the woman behind the name.

Note: On Goodreads, this book is incorrectly grouped with another author named Jessica Wilde. The publication team needs to set up her own Goodreads author page so it can be connected to the correct author.

I read a digital ARC of this book for review.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.
I wasn't sure how good this book would really be but it's actually really good. I was hoping it wouldn't be shallow and immature but it certainly wasn't. Jessica Wilde writes with such honest and openness. She doesn't blame anyone but herself for her many mistakes she's made in life. She definitely falls in "love" or what she thinks is love, and then has to unravel herself from these bad relationships. Over the course of her book, she does some growing up and learns a bit from past mistakes, although she does make the same ones for quite a while. No judgement from me, as long as she and her daughter are safe and she learns what not to do.  
I can't even imagine how difficult it is to be born from a teen mom who reluctantly adopts out her daughter to a could who she seems perfect for her baby. And the for Jessica's adoptive parents to have a child of their own so Jessica gets shoved to the side and doesn't really fit in with this family anymore. Then her adoptive parents divorce and she bounces between her mom's home and her dad and stepmom's family, where she continues to not fit in. 
This is a well written book that tells the honest struggles of trying to grow up and have good self esteem but also shows the people we see and follow on social media and other websites, are definitely not always who they pretend to be. There's often a lot more going on behind the scenes and what we see isn't the most authentic side of these people.
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I really enjoyed this book! It was open, and vulnerable, which I really enjoyed! Jessica’s writing is very digestible and easy to read! Overall, one of my favorite autobiographies!
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Okay this book is a lot to take in. However I really appreciate the authenticity and openness she writes with. It gives you a look at the whole person not just the celebrity you think you know.
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